Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 1/31/07 - Canada; Thursday 2/1/07 - U.S.A.


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Chelsea: Was that a wing? Are we going down?

Nick: No, I just sneezed, okay? I'm sorry.

Chelsea: When are we gonna be in Toronto?

Nick: I don't know. We should be there soon.

Chelsea: What are you reading?

Nick: It's just this article on the molecular structure of molecules.

Chelsea: Bridal guide? Does this always make you this pale and sweaty or -- oh, my God, Nick. Are you sick? You cannot be sick. We have to bring this money to Shawn and Belle. We're a team, remember?

Nick: I'm fine.

Chelsea: No, you're not. Oh, my God. Your heart is beating, like, really fast. Are you in love?

Belle: Looks like she slept through the night. Thanks to super dad.

Shawn D.: Oh, yeah. I'm just a regular dragon slayer, right?

Belle: Well, I am expecting a fire-breathing reptile to walk through that door any minute.

Shawn D.: You talking about the cop that was out there looking around the alley?

Belle: No, I'm talking about Philip. I'm sure he's hired his own private army to find us by now.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, the freighter leaves tonight. So all we got to do is wait for whoever's bringing us the money.

Belle: I still don't know who that is.

Shawn D.: I just know that it's gonna be somebody that we trust.

Belle: We need to get some baby food.

Shawn D.: I still got a few bucks left.

Belle: All right, well, I'll start getting all of our stuff together.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I should probably get dressed. Have you seen my shirt, by any chance?

Belle: Oh, here it is. Thanks.

Shawn D.: Yeah, thanks for finding my shirt.

Belle: For making Claire feel safe. It's the way my dad always made me feel.

Shawn D.: I'm not your dad, Belle.

Belle: Maybe not yet.

Shawn D.: Come on. All I did was I went to the pharmacy to get some teething medication. The real test is coming, and I don't know if we're gonna pass.

Philip: Hey, toy cop, how about you uncuff me and save yourself a lawsuit?

Willow: Officer Carson, something to drink?

Officer: After listening to the poor little rich boy whine all night, water's not gonna cut it, sweetheart. You should teach your boyfriend some manners.

Philip: She's not my girlfriend! She's the reason I'm cuffed to this chair.

Willow: What?! I am -- this isn't my fault.

Philip: All you had to do was keep an eye on Fallon. That's the guy you want. He --

Officer: Hid the knife in your bag. Yeah, yeah.

Philip: While his accomplice tried to distract me.

Officer: Tell it to your lawyers.

Philip: Don't worry. I will.

Officer: Carson. Yes, sir. I'm right across the hall, funny guy.

Philip: Hey, cut this thing off.

Willow: And get arrested? No, thanks.

Philip: If those two brats get to Shawn and Belle with their getaway money, and they leave Toronto with my baby --

Willow: Your dad is freaking Victor Kiriakis. Once he gets here with his lawyers, the airport manager will be falling over himself.

Philip: I've been waiting all night for my father to get here! Cut this thing off before that cop gets here.

Willow: I'm not breaking the law. Send me to Toronto. I will stall Shawn and Belle until you get there.

Philip: How much? How much did Bo and Hope pay you to look the other way while Nick planted that knife on me?

Willow: What? Nothing.

Philip: Whose side are you really on, Willow?

Willow: Yours and mine. I told you. After what Shawn did to me, I want to see the look on his face when he realizes he has lost everything. So don't worry. I am on your side.

Philip: Yeah? You better be. Because if I find out otherwise...

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Nick: You think I'm in love?

Chelsea: Maybe.

Nick: With who?

Chelsea: I don't know, Nick, but you were reading this.

Nick: Oh, and because I was reading bridal guide that all of a sudden means I'm in love?

Chelsea: Something made you look like a sick duck. Is it a fellow lab geek? Does she have big glasses and big buck teeth?

Nick: What?!

Chelsea: Okay, maybe it's not someone you work with, but it's definitely someone you don't want me to know about. Another man? An older woman?

Nick: Older woman? What are you talking about?

Chelsea: Ew, Nick, that is disgusting. Well, how much older? A few years wouldn't be that bad.

Nick: Would you please just drop it?

Chelsea: Why should I? You know everything about Dr. Shane Patton, and I don't even know your mystery woman's name.

Nick: Marge.

Chelsea: Marge. How old is she, 60?

Nick: She's ageless.

Chelsea: Marge. As in Margot?

Nick: As in Simpson.

Chelsea: Oh, you're cute and funny. Yeah. Okay, so there's no girl. So then why were you reading this?

Nick: For the articles.

Chelsea: Liar.

Nick: All right. All right. I'm a white-knuckle flier. I'll read anything to avoid thinking about planes crashing.

Chelsea: You are afraid of flying?

Nick: Terrified.

Chelsea: I don't buy it.

Nick: Why is that so hard to believe?

Chelsea: Because you're Nick Fallon. Nothing gets under your skin.

Nick: You'd be surprised.

Chelsea: Oh, my God.

Nick: Hey, hey.

Chelsea: I freaking hate this.

Nick: It's okay. Calm down.

Chelsea: We're gonna crash.

Nick: Think of it this way. We're way safer in this plane than we would be in a car. It's all right. Just breathe.

Chelsea: What happened to your white knuckles?

Nick: I'm cured! It's a miracle!

Chelsea: You're a liar. Come on, Nick. Why were you reading this?

Nick: I didn't want you to think I was sitting here looking at you like a creep.

Chelsea: Were you?

Nick: No! I was just resting my eyes... on your face.

Philip: Where are you going?

Willow: I don't like being threatened.

Philip: I was just giving you fair warning, in case you were thinking of helping Shawn.

Willow: I hate the guy, believe it or not, and I am sick of trying to convince you.

Philip: Hey, hey! You can't leave me here!

Willow: Oh, yes, I can. I am not handcuffed to a chair.

Philip: You want an apology? Fine. Fine, I'm sorry!

Willow: I lied about Shawn in court. I was the one that told you Nick and Chelsea were going to bring them money. I have been a big help to you. And if you don't start showing me a little bit of respect, I can be a big help to the cops.

Philip: Are you threatening me?

Willow: Just giving you fair warning. This is stupid. We should be working together. We both want to see Shawn hurt.

Philip: Meaning...I should send you to Toronto to find Shawn and Belle?

Willow: So I can stall them until you get there. What is wrong with that?

Philip: Only one thing. For me to give you money, I'd have to trust you, and I don't.

Willow: Later, loser.

Officer: Hey, man. Your father's here with a whole bunch of lawyers.

Philip: Let me guess. He's not happy.

Officer: He accused me of undue force.

Victor: Out!

Officer: There was no undue force.

Victor: You, too. This is an outrage. I promise you, son, people are gonna pay.

Philip: No. Shawn is going to pay, and I'm gonna collect the debt, not you.

Shawn D.: Look, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to be straight with you here.

Belle: Yeah. Being straight means giving up?

Shawn D.: I never said that.

Belle: Well, you said that this is our test, and you didn't think that we could pass it. That's giving up.

Shawn D.: What I meant was that I am not your dad.

Belle: You are both men who can be counted on. You proved that last night.

Shawn D.: All I did was go out and get some teething medication. I have never flown through a snowstorm to save somebody's life. I have never taken on the DiMeras. I have never done any of the amazing things that your dad has done.

Belle: I just --

Shawn D.: I know that you want me to take his place.

Belle: I don't want you to be him. I want you to be yourself.

Shawn D.: I am myself. This is me, all right? Shawn Brady. I have made more mistakes in the last year than your dad has made in 20. And if I could be like your dad, I would, but I can't.

Belle: How do you know that?

Shawn D.: Belle, your dad is a strong man.

Belle: So are you.

Shawn D.: Yeah, but your dad never blamed other people when things went wrong. I dumped everything on Mimi. He never lost his temper and drove a car into somebody's house or pretended that he was working for somebody that was honest when he knew the whole time the guy was a total crook.

Belle: So why fight, right? Is that what you're saying, if Philip were to walk through that door right now, you would just hand your daughter over to him?

Shawn D.: No, okay? If he comes near you or Claire, I'm gonna kill him, or I'm gonna die trying.

Belle: I always did have your number.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, why don't you teach me some time?

Belle: Just did.

Shawn D.: I can take care of you and Claire.

Belle: I know. [Door closes]

Merle: Shawn. Something is going down.

Shawn D.: What is it? What is it, Philip?

Merle: Who's Philip? What are you talking about?

Shawn D.: What are you talking about?

Merle: I got a tip. I got to check it out, see what it's about, but my advice to you is start packing.

Belle: She's still sleeping. Is it Philip?

Shawn D.: No, he said he heard something in the streets, something about that he wanted us to go pack. I'm gonna go to the store. I'm gonna get some diapers, and I'm gonna get some food, okay?

Belle: No, you can't leave me. We have to wait until we know what is happening.

Shawn D.: I will tell you. You remember that test I was telling you about earlier? All right, that has just begun.

Victor: Your mission is to bring Claire home. Forget about Shawn.

Philip: He stole my daughter.

Victor: Yes, your daughter, the person that you live for. Nothing is more important than getting her back, not even revenge.

Philip: I can do both.

Victor: The same way you could get Claire immunized so we could take her out of the country?

Philip: Belle tricked me.

Victor: Everyone seems to be tricking you these days -- Belle, Shawn, Chelsea, even that scientist kid. You know why? Because you're distracted by Shawn. Now, walk away from this fight.

Philip: When did you ever show an enemy mercy?

Victor: Never. And for that reason, there were times I didn't get what I wanted.

Philip: Shawn Brady kidnaped my daughter, and he is going to pay!

Victor: I don't care what you do after you get Claire back.

Philip: You don't care? That says it all, doesn't it? This isn't your fight. It's mine.

Victor: I know that.

Philip: Do you? Then why did you bribe Willow to lie in court? Why did you pay off that judge?

Victor: You're recovering from serious injuries.

Philip: No, because you knew I was going to fail. That's what you always think.

Victor: Philip.

Philip: You know what I liked about being a marine? The confidence my superiors had in me. They assumed I could complete any mission, and they were right. So guess what, Dad? I'm gonna complete this one, too.

Victor: I can't let you.

Philip: I'm not asking your permission.

Victor: You walk through that door, you're on your own -- no company jet, no legal protection. You got to trust me on this, Philip, or you'll never see Claire again.

Chelsea: Look, it's a quiz. Let's do it.

Nick: What?

Chelsea: Take it with me.

Nick: Okay. And find out what kind of bride I'm gonna be? I mean, I definitely want it to be a surprise, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Come on, Nick. It's called bridal guide. Couples take it together to see if they have enough stuff in common "to build a lasting marriage." Don't you want to see if we're a good match?

Nick: I mean, I guess it will help pass the time.

Chelsea: Okay. So the possible answers are "yes," "no," and "maybe." First question -- "are you smarter than the average bear?"

Nick: Yeah. Bears are really stupid.

Chelsea: Okay. A "yes" for you, and... "maybe" for me. Question two -- "are you kind and generous toward your friends?" Definitely "yes" for you. And, um... am I kind and generous? [Chuckles] This quiz needs an "occasionally" column.

Nick: Circle "yes."

Chelsea: Really?

Nick: Yeah, really.

Chelsea: Next question -- "are you comfortable around the opposite sex?"

Nick: Amazingly so.

Chelsea: Are you kidding? Nick, you sweat and you trip and you stumble over your words. You're a mess. No, definitely not for you. Definitely "yes" for me. And... that's it.

Nick: We're done?

Chelsea: Are you kidding me? Okay, now we add up the scores, which is the funniest part. So, we'll do yours first, since I am kind and generous towards my friends. Okay, so 6 plus 2 is 9.

Nick: 8.

Chelsea: Right. Plus 10 is 18. Plus 5... plus 9... plus 7...

Nick: 39.

Chelsea: That can't be right.

Nick: No, yeah, it's the 2 and the 7 carry up.

Chelsea: That puts you into the "young and inexperienced" category. Nick, you're a virgin?

Chelsea: Oh, my God, Nick. It all makes sense.

Chelsea: Nick, these things are never wrong.

Nick: Are you ever wrong? Take them because they are written by actual shrinks, not some stupid office intern.

Nick: They got jobs at bridal magazine writing trash articles like this?

Chelsea: Nick, would you please try to lower your voice because people are starting to stare.

Nick: I am being very quiet.

Chelsea: Are you a virgin?

Nick: No are you satisfied?

Chelsea: Was it Marge, the older woman? Was she your first experience?

Merle: Word on the street -- this place is getting raided.

Merle: Everyone, grab everything you don't want the cops to take. We're getting out of here now.

Shawn D.: They don't have to go. The police are after us.

Merle: I don't take chances.

Shawn D.: Look, we'll leave, but I need you to stay here and wait for the person who's bringing us the money.

Merle: When I keep it clean, which I rarely do.

Shawn D.: If we don't get that money, we don't get on the freighter.

Merle: You got a problem with a freighter. I got a problem with jail. You're on your own. Come on, who needs a hand?

Belle: You are not entirely on your own.

Philip: You would do that, take away all the Kiriakis resources just to get your way?

Victor: I'll do anything to get Claire back. But if you make this trip to Toronto about revenge, you won't.

Philip: I'm not making it about revenge. Shawn Brady needs to be taught a lesson.

Victor: As long as that's front and center in your mind, he's got the advantage. You're gonna be busy having tantrums while he's planning his next move.

Philip: You always have to win.

Victor: I always have to protect my son, especially when he's being foolish.

Philip: I can take care of myself.

Victor: But you can't take care of Claire, not when you're chasing after Shawn. You're obsessed.

Philip: So? Why is that a bad thing?

Victor: Because it keeps you from thinking like a soldier. You learned a lot of good lessons in the marines, son. Don't throw them away now that you need them the most.

We will return for the second half of "Days of our Lives" in just a moment.

Chelsea: Come on, Nick. Put this stupid game away and answer my question.

Nick: Okay, first of all, it's not a stupid game. It's Sudoko. Second of all, I'm involved in a really high-stakes tournament.

Chelsea: Wow.

Nick: Yeah, so I got to e-mail and scan my answers in as I'd really appreciate it if you could --

Chelsea: Shut up. Got it.

Nick: Thank you.

Chelsea: Nick, do you swear you're not a virgin?

Nick: Yes.

Chelsea: Okay, so then what's the big deal if you tell me who you lost it to?

Nick: It was so long ago I can't remember.

Chelsea: Okay. Now I know you're lying.

Nick: I'm not -- you know what? Forget it. Never mind.

Chelsea: Come on, Nick. Just tell me her first name.

Nick: No.

Chelsea: Maybe you're a virgin, and you don't know it.

Nick: Chelsea, people know whether they're virgins or not.

Chelsea: And you're not. You're sure.

Nick: Yes, I'm sure.

Chelsea: Okay, you're not a virgin. By a little or by a lot?

Nick: Are you asking me how many times I've... you know?

Chelsea: You are so a virgin!

Nick: What?!

Chelsea: Yes! You want to know how I know? Because virgins, they can't call sex "sex." They refer to it as "you know." You want to know why? Because the word "sex" or anything even pertaining to the subject whatsoever freaks them out, makes them uncomfortable.

Nick: Oh, thank you, Dr. Freud.

Chelsea: You know what, Nick? It's fine because the more experience you have, the more you'll be able to call sex "sex" and not "you know," you know? You know, I could believe that you had sex once... maybe even twice. If you'd just tell me her name.

Nick: It's none of your business.

Chelsea: Come on, Nick! It's not like I would ever even meet her. Unless I already have. Oh, my God. It's someone I already know.

Nick: Oh, give me a break.

Chelsea: Oh, my gosh, was it Abby? You had sex with Abby.

Nick: She's my cousin!

Chelsea: It happens.

Nick: Not with me it doesn't.

Chelsea: Stephanie. Ew, was it Stephanie?

Nick: You know what, Chelsea? Let's talk about you, okay? Are you a virgin? Let's add up your score.

Chelsea: No, Nick, you don't need to do that.

Nick: Why?

Chelsea: Because, um, my score will, well, intimidate you.

Nick: Oh, really? And why is that?

Chelsea: 'Cause I've been around, okay? Let's just leave it at that.

Nick: Let's not.

Philip: You're right, Dad. I haven't been thinking like a soldier. I don't have a plan, a strategy. I haven't been focused on getting Claire back.

Victor: Revenge distracts the mind. It started distracting yours the minute you found out that Shawn was Claire's biological father.

Philip: I had to fight him for Belle, and I lost. I'm not losing Claire.

Victor: They put you through a lot of pain, son.

Philip: They weren't the only ones.

Victor: But now you have the advantage.

Philip: How do you figure?

Victor: They expect you to come in loud, out of control, making a lot of noise when you get to Toronto.

Philip: To trip the alarm.

Victor: Instead, you're gonna come in cold and quiet.

Philip: No publicized search for Claire.

Victor: If they don't know that you're there --

Philip: I can study the territory, anticipate their next move.

Victor: Now you're thinking like a soldier.

Philip: I need to hire some private cops and look at the airport and harbor. I need to find the go-to person for the fake passports.

Victor: You can do that or you can just ask me where Shawn and Belle are hiding.

[Claire crying]

Merle: Quick and quiet. Over that way.

Officer: Police department. Open up.

Merle: All right, this is it.

[Belle singing]

Officer: Open up or we'll use force!

Belle: Shawn?

Merle: Get that baby quiet.

Shawn D.: Belle!

Officer: It's locked.

Merle: Baby quiet. Okay, this is it.

Belle: She's scared, and she's hungry. Okay, it's okay.

Shawn D.: Keep singing to her.

Merle: Shawn, they're breaking the door down.

Shawn D.: Papa's gonna buy you a valentine go, Belle, go.

Belle: Where are you going?

Shawn D.: Take Claire and go.

Officer: Almost.

Shawn D.: Hey. So what's the noise? I'm trying to sleep.

Officer: Stand back, buddy oh, jeez.

Nick: 16 plus 3.

Chelsea: You really don't have to finish adding it up. I will tell you anything you want to know, okay?

Nick: Anything?

Chelsea: Yeah. What do I care?

Nick: All right. First question -- are you a virgin?

Chelsea: Please.

Nick: Really?

Chelsea: What, that surprises you?

Nick: Kind of. No, I mean... I guess not. All right, well, how many guys have you..."you knowed"? One, two, three, four. Five, six? Seven. Nine, 10. That's the final count, 10?

Chelsea: Well, I'm all out of fingers, and I don't feel like taking my shoes off to use my toes, so, yes.

Nick: Uh... that seems like an awful lot of guys.

Chelsea: I want to go freshen up before we land.

Nick: It seems like I would have heard something.

Chelsea: Nick, move.

Nick: Whoa, whoa, okay. Just tell me one guy. Anybody I've hung out with?

Chelsea: Yeah, you know, um, Einstein gave me his number once, but I threw it away.

Nick: Oh, come on, Chelsea. Somebody with that much experience should have no problem naming names.

Chelsea: Sorry, Nick. I don't kiss and tell.

Nick: I that look your eyes. You're lying.

Chelsea: I am not.

Nick: Yes, you are! All right, come on, prove it. One guy. Just tell me one.

Chelsea: Why should I?

Nick: If you don't, I'm gonna start adding up your score, and then we'll really find out.

Chelsea: Okay. Fine. Okay, first there was Larry.

Nick: Larry.

Chelsea: And then Moe.

Nick: Moe.

Chelsea: And then Curly.

Nick: Ha ha ha. I'm gonna bet my last dollar that you are a virgin.

Chelsea: You know what, Nick? I will make you a deal. I will tell you the name of one guy that I slept with if you give me the name of your one and only.

Nick: Forget it.

Chelsea: That doesn't seem very fair.

Nick: You know what, Chelsea? I really want to finish this Sudoko, so I'd really appreciate it if you could just let me do this. Don't talk to me until we get to Toronto.

Philip: You know where Shawn and Belle are hiding?

Victor: The Toronto police wouldn't give me the location, but they assured me they'll be raiding it this morning.

Philip: Where did they find them?

Victor: You had the foresight to report Belle's wedding ring as stolen, so when she tried to sell it --

Philip: She tried to pawn the ring I gave her?

Victor: She didn't get any money. The jeweler recognized it from the hot sheet.

Philip: You told them the charge was kidnaping, right?

Victor: They won't know about the kidnaping until you get to Toronto and show them the court order giving you custody of Claire.

Philip: Yeah, but theft isn't nearly serious a charge. They could post bail before I get there.

Victor: With what? They're down to their last few dollars.

Philip: I'm calling the Toronto P.D. They need to know Shawn and Belle abducted Claire.

Victor: Do you really want the Toronto P.D. talking to Bo and Roman and hearing their side of the story.

Philip: I hadn't thought of that.

Victor: Listen, son. You're right. This is your fight. Now, go get your little girl.

Philip: I can't believe this mess is almost over.

Officer: Mr. Kiriakis, your lawyers need you to sign this statement saying that you had no part in concealing a weapon in your carry on.

Willow: Hey, hey, hey. It's Mr. K. Heard you joined the party.

Victor: What are you doing here?

Willow: Philip's taking me to Toronto. I get to see him take Shawn down ringside. Revenge is like ice cream, isn't it?

Officer: Move aside.

Shawn D.: Hey, that's slander. I'm gonna sue you for that. You know that, right?

Officer: Cuff him.

Shawn D.: Come on, let me just sleep right here. I want to sleep. Let me take a nap.

Officer: Come out! Show yourself!

Shawn D.: Who's your daddy? Who? Who is your daddy? Don't keep secrets between friends. It's not nice.

Officer: Someone must have tipped them off. The place is empty.

Shawn D.: I could have told you that. There was a cop. He was here. He was looking around. Everybody freaked out, and everybody just took off. So, yeah, you guys are out of luck.

Officer: Let's move this guy to the drunk tank.

Shawn D.: Drunk tank.

Chelsea: Nick, I don't know why you're upset with me.

Nick: I'm not.

Chelsea: If I said something that hurt your feelings, you should know I never meant to do that.

Nick: I just -- I don't like talking about my sex life with you, okay?

Chelsea: Because I make fun of everything.

Nick: No, it's not that.

Chelsea: Look, Nick, I know that it's a really bad habit that I have, but I'm really trying to break it. But I swear. I wasn't laughing at the thought of you being with some girl.

Nick: It's okay. I'm over it.

Chelsea: No, you're not. Nick, the truth is... I think you're a really great guy, and, in an ultimate frisbee kind of way, you're actually really cute.

Nick: How did you know I played ultimate frisbee?

Chelsea: Google.

Nick: You googled me?

Chelsea: Yeah. I wanted to know a little bit more about you.

Nick: Cool.

Chelsea: And what I found out just made me want to get to know more, you know, a little more curious.

Nick: About me?

Chelsea: Yeah, who else?

Nick: Well, what do you want to know?

Chelsea: Well, like, even with all those good grades, was it hard being a science geek?

Nick: Um... I mean, I guess some of the jocks kind of gave me a hard time, but I won them over.

Chelsea: How?

Nick: When they had a test or something that they'd want to get out of, I'd mix up a chemical concoction that would make them break out into hives. It worked every time.

Chelsea: And what about girls?

Nick: I had girlfriends in high school and college. I mean, friends that were girls.

Chelsea: Was one of them who you lost your virginity to?

Nick: You keep wanting to know something that I can't tell you.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. I -- I always push. I need to stop that.

Nick: No, it's okay... Chelsea. Whoa, was that...too intimate? Did I go too far?

Chelsea: No.

Flight Attendant: Ladies and gentlemen, we're beginning our descent into the Toronto airport. Please make sure all baggage is stowed, your seats are upright, and the trays in front of you are secured.

Willow: Want a lick?

Victor: No, thank you.

Willow: You sure? It's bubble gum. You can have the gum.

Philip: I need my passport. I think it's in my bag.

Victor: Are you really taking Willow with you to Toronto?

Philip: Yeah.

Willow: Told ya!

Victor: You're dripping.

Willow: Ugh. I'll be right back. Philip, do not leave without me.

Victor: Are you really willing to risk everything to take that appalling woman with you? What is it, sex?

Philip: With Willow? You got to be kidding.

Victor: Then what?

Philip: I don't know. She hates Shawn and wants to see him suffer. Isn't that enough?

Victor: Not even close.

Philip: All right, I owe her.

Victor: I paid her off. You owe her nothing.

Philip: No, it's not that.

Victor: Is she trying to blackmail you?

Philip: No, she's not that stupid, Dad. In fact, she's a little too smart.

Victor: Don't tell me you're falling for her mind.

Philip: Willow found out Nick and Chelsea were bringing the money to Shawn and Belle.

Victor: Nick. The guy that planted the knife on you. Isn't that interesting that Willow knew who was gonna be the courier? It sounds almost like a setup.

Philip: Doesn't it, though? She swears not, but I'm not about to turn my back on her again.

Victor: Don't take her with you. That little tramp could ruin everything.

Philip: You remember that book you gave me in high school, "THE PRINCE" by Machiavelli? You remember what he said? "Keep your friends close..."

Victor: "And your enemies closer."

Philip: Yeah, I don't trust Willow, but I want to keep her in my sight until I find Claire. And then I never want to see her again.

Victor: Good. But be careful. Be very, very careful.

Philip: Always.

Merle: All right, everybody.

Belle: Where's Shawn?

Merle: I think he got himself busted.

Belle: What? What are you talking about?

Merle: He played drunk to buy us enough time. You have a brave dude there.

Belle: Oh, my God. What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to feed you?

Merle: Here.

Belle: Are you sure?

Merle: Yeah, I've got enough.

Belle: Thank you.

Merle: You know you can't quit trying, especially when you got a kid counting on you.

Belle: Yeah. You know what? She's right. She's right. Everything's gonna be fine.

Willow: What's up with your dad? He said if I ever hurt you, he'd make sure I disappeared. Does he not like me for some reason?

Philip: Not for some reason. For many.

Willow: What? He hardly even knows me.

Philip: He knows you took a bribe.

Willow: That he offered. I don't see why he's a saint and I'm a sinner.

Philip: He gave it to help me get my child back. You took it out of greed.

Willow: Be glad that I did because even the crooked judge that your dad hired couldn't rule in your favor. You had a lousy case.

Philip: I'm taking this to the airport manager, and then I'm leaving, with or without you.

Willow: Oh, I'm with you, Philip. For a long, long time.

Chelsea: Belle?

Belle: Chelsea? Oh, my God, Nick, what are you doing here?

Chelsea: Bo sent us. Where's Shawn? Your guy definitely got arrested.

Nick: What?! How did Philip get here first?

Belle: The police were trying to raid this place, and Shawn decided to distract them.

Merle: By acting drunk, so they threw him in jail.

Belle: What am I supposed to do? We're supposed to get on that freighter tonight.

Nick: We have plenty of money for bail. You and Shawn will be long gone before Philip gets here.

Lucas: I can't work with him. The guy even tried to play the family card, said I need the income if we had another baby.

Willow: Belle helped you take my dream away.

Shawn D.: What are you talking about?

Willow: Our future, our house with the white picket fence, kids.

Belle: Shawn is in jail, and Philip is on his way. How am I supposed to protect my little girl without Shawn?

Philip: I want Claire, you hear me?!

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