Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/30/07 - Canada; Wednesday 1/31/07 - U.S.A.


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Chelsea: I really hope that we can find this place.

Nick: Did Shawn give you an address in Toronto when he called your dad?

Chelsea: Sort of, kind of. We're supposed to meet him at the door in the back of some alley.

Nick: Oh! Okay. Okay. So he hooked up with the kind of people who know how to help him get away under the radar, without the cops.

Chelsea: Well, you're just an expert on everything, aren't you?

Nick: Oh, yeah. Sort of. Kind of.

Chelsea: You know, some people find that sort of thing kind of obnoxious.

Nick: Well, some people are always obnoxious.

Chelsea: Oh! Are you referring to me?

Nick: How we doing on time?

Chelsea: No, no. Don't you try to change the subject.

Nick: I'm not trying to change the subject. I don't think you're obnoxious. I think you're wonderful, I think you're smart, I think you're brave, and I think that you are plucky.

Chelsea: "Plucky"?

Nick: Yeah. Plucky.

Chelsea: What is "plucky"?

Nick: It's a good thing. Our time?

Chelsea: We're good. As long as the line at the security in the airport's okay, we'll be okay. How's the money doing?

Nick: It's great -- safe right here.

Chelsea: I really hope that Abby was wrong. I mean, if Willow did hear you and Aunt Maggie talking about this and then she went and told Philip that we're taking this money to them in Canada --

Nick: Oh, shoot!

Chelsea: What?

Nick: Oh! I think we're being followed.

Chelsea: By who? By Philip?

Nick: I don't know, but whoever it is, they're following us in a really expensive imported car.

Chelsea: It is Philip. Who else could it be? Well, Mr. Know-it-all, what are we supposed to do now?

Willow: Chelsea just turned around.

Philip: Fine with me. We put them on edge. Be afraid, kids. Be very afraid.

Willow: Ooh, you're so evil. I like that in a guy.

Philip: Why am I not surprised?

Willow: We do make a great team, don't you think?

Philip: You're a whore, Willow. I'm nothing like you. I don't take it lying down. I don't get used. Get a grip.

Chelsea: What are we gonna do?

Nick: I'm thinking.

Chelsea: Well, think a little faster, okay? You're the one who said you could do something if they were following us, so, come on, Nick, now is the time.

Belle: Sweetie, it's okay.

Shawn D.: What's going on?

Belle: It sounds like they're having a party right outside the door.

Shawn D.: That party's over.

Belle: Shawn, don't. You don't even know who they are.

Shawn D.: This is ridiculous. Somebody's got to say something.

Belle: Be careful. Shh!

Kate: Victor fired you?

Lucas: Mm-hmm. Right after I told him I wouldn't go after Shawn and Belle.

Kate: Victor and Philip are going completely overboard on this Claire thing. I was supportive in the beginning for Philip's sake and because I know he had bonded with the little girl, but to force Shawn and Belle to kidnap their own biological daughter --

Sami: And if they keep pushing, something's gonna happen. Someone's gonna get hurt -- or worse.

Lucas: Talk to him for me, all right, Mom?

Kate: You know I would love to talk to him, but Victor's not taking my advice these days.

Lucas: That's all right. I made my choice, and I don't regret it. It just kind of leaves me unemployed right now, so I'm stressed.

Kate: Well, you have savings, right?

Lucas: Yes, I have savings, but it doesn't last forever. I need money coming in.

Kate: Honey, it's not gonna take you forever to get another job, not with your skills and experience.

Lucas: Oh, yeah? You got an opening for me?

Kate: At Mythic? You'd want to come to work for us?

Lucas: Well, maybe, yeah.

Kate: Well -- well, there could be a problem with that, though.

Sami: What's the problem?

Kate: Well, Sami, I'm in kind of a situation here.

Lucas: Spell it out for me.

Kate: Have you forgotten? I'm partners at mythic, and so I still have to answer to E.J.

E.J.: Good evening. You don't mind if I join you, do you?

Lucas: Don't tell me you're still mixed up with this skuzzball.

E.J.: I suppose equal partnership does involve being mixed up with me to some degree.

Sami: Kate, you're not actually --

E.J.: Samantha, you look... stunning, as always.

Lucas: He's a crook, Mom. What are you thinking? He's a murderer, for God's sakes.

E.J.: I take it you haven't caught this evening's edition.

Lucas: No, I haven't, and I'm not interested, either.

E.J.: It's a pity you're always selling yourself so short. Here. Why don't you have mine?

Guy #1: I used to play guitar like that.

Guy #2: Oh, man. Air guitar!

Shawn D.: Hey, guys.

Guy #1: I toured with Clapton, remember?

Guy #2: Oh, man, you can't even remember last Tuesday.

Shawn D.: You mind keeping it down, or what?

Guy #1: Hey, man, that's not cool.

Shawn D.: My daughter is trying to sleep in there. If you guys keep it up, you're gonna bring the cops down on us.

Guy #2: What, are you jonesing?

Shawn D.: I said turn it off.

Guy #1: Chill, dude.

Guy #2: Man, who's gonna pay for that?

Shawn D.: Just get out of here, you guys.

Chelsea: Nick, you're not even driving the speed limit.

Nick: This car's not gonna do much more than the speed limit. It's a fuel-efficient car. It's safe and dependable, but it's not --

Chelsea: Great. I get it. How are we supposed to lose him in this thing?

Nick: We're not.

Chelsea: Excuse me?

Nick: We're not. Aunt Maggie and Uncle Mickey live just a couple blocks that way.

Chelsea: Okay?

Nick: We're gonna go pick something up. Get over it.

Chelsea: Now? Nick, what did you forget, your retainer?

Nick: No, I didn't forget my retainer. I'll just be a minute. Relax.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Nick: All right. Hang on.

Willow: This isn't the way to the airport. Hey, I know this neighborhood. Mockingbird Lane. My boss lives here -- my ex-boss.

Philip: Who, your pimp?

Willow: No. Maggie Horton. I worked in her restaurant waitressing. It didn't last thanks to that little bitch riding shotgun up there. Nick is related to her. He lives with her. That is where they're going.

Philip: They're parking. What do you think they're up to?

Chelsea: Great. Guess who's pulling over and turning off his lights?

Nick: I'll be right back.

Chelsea: What am I supposed to do?

Nick: You're gonna stay here. Lock the door, turn on the radio, and I'll be back in two seconds. I just need to pick up this --

Chelsea: This thing, right. Got it. Just make it quick, Nick.

Nick: Don't worry. We're not gonna miss the flight.

Chelsea: Right. "Don't worry," says the king of dorks. "It'll just take a second."

Chelsea: You weren't kidding. That was quick. Did you find --

Philip: I found you, Chelsea. Going somewhere?

Chelsea: Look, you better get out of here right now.

Philip: Or what? Clark Kent Jr. might get really angry with me and hit me with a slide rule? Come on. I just stopped by for a friendly hello.

Chelsea: Come on, Philip. You've been following us since we first left.

Philip: Tell me where you and Nick are going, and I can stop following.

Chelsea: We're going on a date.

Philip: Really? You and Nick?

Chelsea: Sure. Why not?

Philip: I can think of a lot of reasons why not, but, just for fun, let me guess where you're really going. Could you be on your way to the airport? A trip to Toronto, maybe?

Chelsea: Well, you're completely wrong. We're on our way to a movie.

Philip: Awfully long movie if you both packed a suitcase.

Chelsea: That is mine.

Philip: I could care less. What I really want to see is what you're taking Shawn and Belle.

Nick: I told you I wasn't --

Philip: Down, boy. Don't hurt me. I'm just catching up with your girlfriend here.

Nick: Look, Philip, I want you out of my car now.

Philip: Or what? Relax, kids. Enjoy your, uh, movie. I won't be far. In fact, I'll be behind you the whole way.

Nick: You didn't lock the doors, did you?

Chelsea: No. It was stupid. Go ahead -- say it.

Nick: It's okay. He was just trying to scare us.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, it worked. I'm officially scared.

Nick: Don't worry about it. I got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Shawn D.: Guys, open up. He's gone.

Belle: Are you sure?

Shawn D.: Yes. And next time, find another alley to get high in.

Belle: I know. It's okay, baby.

Claire: Mama.

Shawn D.: You guys okay? What? Everything's fine. There's nothing to worry about. Claire -- she's okay?

Belle: She's teething, and I don't have anything in my bag for her.

Shawn D.: Hey, you okay? Daddy's here. Everything's gonna be all right.

Belle: Is it? Something happened out there that you're not telling me.

Shawn D.: There was a cop. He was out there snooping around. He looked really suspicious.

Belle: What if he comes back?

Shawn D.: That means we're just gonna have to leave here a lot sooner than we expected.

E.J.: If you have any comments at all, please, feel free.

Lucas: Another miscarriage of justice. What's new in this town, huh?

Kate: Lucas --

E.J.: It's quite all right. I've earned your son's ire. I let my warm feelings for Samantha become a little too warm. But I'm not a killer or a crook, Lucas.

Lucas: Really? I'd say the jury's still out on that.

E.J.: The district attorney disagrees, and there isn't going to be a jury. I've been cleared of all charges.

Lucas: That's 'cause the eyewitness who saw you shoot John Black disappeared, right?

E.J.: Would that be Lexie, or would that be Tek? You see, as their stories contradict each other, I really don't suppose it much matters who saw what.

Lucas: Yeah.

E.J.: This is behind me. Happily, all that suspicion is yesterday's news, and now I can focus my full attention on Mythic.

Kate: Actually, Lucas was asking if there were any openings at the company.

Lucas: No, he wasn't. I'd rather squeegee windows in the snow up to my butt than work for this skuzzball.

Shawn D.: All right, let's not get ahead of ourselves. We don't even know if that cop's coming back, and the last thing that Claire needs is for us to be on the run again. She needs calm, and she needs sleep.

Belle: Well, sleep's the last thing she's gonna get tonight. Her gums are killing her. She's in pain, and I can't do anything about it.

Shawn D.: There's a pharmacy. It's around the corner. It's open 24 hours a day. I saw it when merle brought us here. I'm gonna run over there.

Belle: No. You're not going anywhere. What happens if you get caught? What would Claire do if she lost you? What would I do?

Willow: I don't get it. Why did you tell them we're following them?

Philip: How many people in Salem drive this make of car, Willow?

Willow: You.

Philip: Yeah. So you think maybe they already figured it out?

Willow: Well, what if you shook them up so much? What if they're so scared that they're not gonna go? You're gonna lose your daughter.

Philip: They're not giving up. Shawn and Belle need what they're bringing them -- probably cash -- so they'll get on that plane to Toronto. We'll follow them up there.

Willow: They're turning. Wake up or you're gonna lose them.

Philip: Hang on.

Chelsea: Oh, my God, Nick. He's following us again. Philip is --

Nick: I know. He's gonna follow us to the airport, which is exactly what we want him to do.

Chelsea: Why?

Nick: Because, um, when we get to the terminal, I need you to figure out a way to distract him, all right?

Chelsea: D-distract him how?

Nick: I don't know. Do a dance. Sing a song. I don't really care. Kiss him.

Chelsea: You want me to kiss him?

Nick: No. Yes. Well, only if nothing else works, because that definitely will.

Chelsea: Okay, so, um, while Philip has his tongue down my throat, exactly what will you be doing?

Nick: I will be getting this ready.

Chelsea: Are you insane?

Nick: No, I'm not insane. It was the best thing I could think of on very, very, very short notice.

Chelsea: My God, that was the trick you had up your sleeve?

Nick: Yeah, it was.

Chelsea: No offense, Nick, but I don't think Philip's gonna go running in the opposite direction if you wave that thing around.

Nick: I'm not gonna wave that thing around, so you can chill out.

Chelsea: Then what do you plan on doing with it?

Nick: You'll see.

Lucas: Come on. Let's go, Sami.

E.J.: Don't leave on my account. I should leave, if you insist, Lucas.

Lucas: Well, good. I insist, then.

E.J.: Fine. But before I go, let me just say this -- to have you at Mythic would be quite a coup for us. To get a sales executive as dynamic as you on our payroll would be --

Lucas: I'm not interested. I don't want to work for you.

E.J.: Work for your mother. Come Spring, I plan to be back out on the racing circuit. You're not gonna see or hear from me.

Lucas: Why don't you go to hell, all right?

Kate: Lucas, he's trying.

E.J.: It's okay. Believe me, I've earned this. You'll let me know if you change your mind? You know where to find me.

Lucas: Yeah.

E.J.: It was a pleasure, Samantha. Kate, lovely to see you, as always.

Lucas: I can't believe that. The nerve of that guy -- what a weasel.

Kate: I cannot believe you're letting misguided ego and childish pique get in the way of a wonderful opportunity.

Lucas: What are you talking about?

Kate: Lucas, this isn't personal. It's business. You can't hold a grudge. Frankly, if you turn down this offer, I think you're a fool.

Sami: Kate, Lucas is anything but a fool, and I will not listen to you talk about him that way.

Lucas: Sami, please.

Kate: Lucas, it's all right. She's right. I was out of line. I'm just asking you to consider the offer -- that's all.

Lucas: He's a murderer, and he's a DiMera.

Kate: Lucas, half the people in Salem have DiMera blood.

Lucas: E.J. shot John Black.

Kate: There's no proof of that.

Lucas: There's no proof of that? It's just a coincidence that Lexie disappeared? I mean, that's E.J.'s half-sister. He didn't hesitate to have her killed.

Kate: As far as we know, Tek and Lexie are shacked up on an island somewhere laughing at us right now. The bottom line is I'm stuck with E.J. He and I are linked financially, and there's nothing I can do about it -- not a damn thing I can do about it -- except try to make it work out. I don't think you should make E.J. an obstacle. I'm sure he's going to offer you a very generous package. Even if you choose to move on, in the end, at least you can ensure yourself a secure and comfortable future for both of you. I mean, what's wrong with that?

Lucas: What do you think?

Sami: You said you needed a job.

Lucas: Yeah, but you've always been scared of E.J. What happened? What changed that?

Sami: I'm not afraid anymore of anything or anyone.

Kate: You see, she's a hero. She's fearless.

Sami: Look, Lucas, I want you to do what you think is best, and if this is it, then I'm behind you 100%.

Kate: So, why don't you go over there, set your conditions down? If E.J. really wants you on board, he'll agree. You're not going to lose anything by talking to him.

Lucas: All right. Fine. Fine. I'll talk to him. I'll also let him know that if he gets within 2 feet of you, I'm gonna bend him like Beckham and kick his butt back to Trafalgar Square.

Shawn D.: Belle, I'm not gonna get arrested, all right? I promise.

Belle: You can't make that promise. They could have our pictures up everywhere.

Shawn D.: But Claire -- her teeth are hurting, and the pharmacy is two blocks away. I'm gonna go there. I'm gonna get something. I'll be back. I won't be long.

Belle: Hurry.

Shawn D.: I'm down to pennies. Do you have anything left?

Belle: I think there's a couple dollars in my bag.

Shawn D.: I'll get it.

Belle: You better hope that your dad gets here with the money soon.

Shawn D.: He'll get here, and we're gonna be on that freighter tomorrow night. You believe that, okay?

Belle: I'll try.

Shawn D.: You two, hang in there.

Belle: Shawn, wait.

Shawn D.: Belle, it's gonna take every Mountie from here to Vancouver to stop me from coming back here. You two, hang in there, okay? Bye-bye. I'll be back.

Chelsea: Well, we made it to the airport, at least.

Nick: Yeah, so far, so good. Here you go. Is there a problem?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. I hate the aisle.

Nick: So do I.

Chelsea: Okay, but, um, I'm the girl -- the woman -- so I win.

Nick: Oh, is that the way things are gonna work now?

Chelsea: No, that's the way things have always worked. See, I'm the woman, and you're the man, and the man is... the man.

Nick: Oh, man. That's profound. That's really good. Do you have a notepad? I just want to write it down.

Chelsea: Come on. You know what I mean.

Nick: No, I don't know what you mean at all, but what I think you mean is that you get whatever you want all the time.

Chelsea: Pretty much, yeah. I'm glad you finally get the picture.

Nick: All right, but, um, we can't switch until we get on the plane. Happy now?

Chelsea: Very.

Nick: Great.

Chelsea: I haven't seen Philip in a while. Do you think we lost him?

Nick: No way. He pulled in behind us at the garage.

Chelsea: Yeah, but he hasn't gotten out, so maybe he was just trying to scare us, or may -

Nick: Spoken too soon.

Chelsea: What, he just got in line?

Nick: Yeah, and he's not alone.

Chelsea: What? Who's -- don't even tell me he's with Willow.

Nick: Yeah.

Chelsea: You'd think a guy with all of his money could do better than some cheap streetwalker, wouldn't you?

Nick: Right now would be a really good time for you to go do that favor I asked you to do. Ask him the question, all right? You do your part, I'll do mine.

Chelsea: I just hope you know what you're doing.

Nick: Yeah... so do I.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I need the work.

E.J.: Well, I'm glad that the two of us could work things out.

Lucas: We didn't work out everything just yet.

E.J.: Go on.

Lucas: I want you to stay away from Sami.

E.J.: Lucas, I've already given you my word on that.

Lucas: Your word doesn't mean much to me, and I don't think I'm comfortable with you living across the hall anymore, so I'd like you to move.

E.J.: I'm rather attached to my apartment.

Lucas: A guy like you -- I'm sure you can make other arrangements, right, big stud?

E.J.: Anything else?

Lucas: Just so you know, no matter how contrite you pretend to be over these little misunderstandings, I don't trust you.

E.J.: Now, shall we get to the real issue at hand here? Samantha -- she's not interested, Lucas. She's made that very clear, and I accept that.

Lucas: 'Cause you're a gentleman, right, just like you were in Talladega?

E.J.: I got a little bit angry, Lucas. It passed. It was a moment of excess. I'm not proud of it. But, to be honest, Samantha does tend to be somewhat over-dramatic. Look, I simply want to put my life back together, as I'm sure you do, too.

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

E.J.: So, tell me, you must be planning for the wedding, no doubt. Any plans for children in the near future?

Kate: I have to say, I was surprised to see Lucas so anxious about work after only one day. I mean, you do have some kind of savings, right?

Sami: Yes, Kate, of course we do. Lucas is really good with money.

Kate: Well, why is he so worried, then?

Sami: He's not worried. He's just being responsible, you know? We have savings, but we want to keep it savings. You know, he wants to have the feeling of a steady check coming in.

Kate: Well, that seems reasonable. So, I forgot to tell you -- I met with a producer last night, and we ended up talking a lot about you.

Sami: Me?

Kate: Yes. Because I happened to mention your rescue of Lucas, and he just couldn't get enough of it.

Sami: Oh. Wow.

Kate: He wants to tell your story, Sami.

Sami: You mean on TV?

Kate: Yes, on TV, which means you could be a real star. How does that sound to you?

Willow: We're flying first class? Oh, I'm heaven.

Philip: I don't do coach.

Chelsea: Hey, Philip.

Willow: Oh, well, if it isn't the little witch from Chez Rouge. Dump any food on anyone lately?

Philip: Shut up, Willow.

Chelsea: I need to talk to you, and I have to make it fast because Nick just went to the bathroom. I got to do it before he comes out.

Philip: Okay. I'm listening.

Chelsea: Alone.

Philip: Go powder your nose somewhere. Okay. Two minutes. What do you want?

Chelsea: Well, what I don't want is for Nick to get hurt. I mean, he's not like you.

Philip: Not buying it, Chelsea. One minute.

Chelsea: All right. Um, look, Philip. I know that you're not someone I want to mess with.

Philip: Then stop now before I get really mad. 10 seconds.

Chelsea: Okay. Look, I want to tell you where Shawn and Belle are -- where they're hiding.

Guy: Lady, can't you shut that kid up?

Belle: She's just a baby. She can't help it. What do you want me to do?

Guy: Get that brat out of here. We got to sleep, don't we?

Belle: All right. Just a little while longer. We all just need to hang on a little while longer, and we're all gonna be okay.

Shawn D.: Belle, what are you doing out here? It's freezing.

Belle: I know, but Claire won't stop crying, and everybody's getting upset.

Shawn D.: Come on. Come on.

Belle: No, I'm not going in there until she falls asleep. All that yelling upset her, and I don't want us getting kicked out of here.

Shawn D.: Well, here. here's...

Belle: Here you go, baby.

Shawn D.: There you go. There you go, beautiful. It's like magic, right?

Belle: Yeah, she's happy already.

Shawn D.: It works pretty fast.

Belle: Thank God.

Shawn D.: I do... every time I look in her beautiful eyes. They remind me of her mom's.

Belle: You're a pretty good dad, you know that, Shawn?

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, I'm trying really hard.

Belle: Well, it's working. Okay. I think we can go back in now. She'll probably go down for the rest of the night.

Shawn D.: Ready? Come on.

Sami: So, Kate, this producer that you talked to --

Kate: It's cable. He needs to do a different story every week, and it has to be a true story about people dealing with impossible situations, what they do with it, how they deal with it. He calls it human-interest reality programming.

Sami: I just can't believe it.

Kate: I couldn't believe it, either, but I didn't think that was any reason to talk the man out of it.

Sami: Yeah. Why not? I mean, let's be honest. You can't stand the attention that I have been getting lately. Why are you so generous all of a sudden?

Kate: So, you think I have a hidden agenda?

Sami: Yes.

Kate: Well, I can't say that I blame you. I know that I have treated you less than kindly in the past.

Sami that's what you're calling it -- "less than kindly"?

Kate: Okay, look. The bottom line here is we are both stubborn, we are both ambitious, and neither of us wants to share the spotlight with anyone else, do we? saved my son, and I am grateful to you for that, so, yes, I spoke to this producer in hopes of getting something going that perhaps could make up for the things that have happened between us in the past. So if you're interested, just give me the word, and I'll set up a meeting.

Lucas: No, we're not planning on having more kids, E.J. I'm a little curious on why you're asking, though.

E.J.: I'm just trying to make friendly conversation.

Lucas: I'd rather not be your friend.

E.J.: Fine. Sign this deal, and I will move out of my apartment. And if Samantha happens to come wandering towards me, I will cross the street to avoid her. Is that adequate?

Lucas: Very adequate. Yeah.

E.J.: Good. Then we have a deal. It's a generous salary. Two years, strong contract, good stock options.

Lucas: Depends what you call generous.

E.J.: Really? That figure is not agreeable to you?

Lucas: No, that's actually fine. Yeah.

E.J.: Then I will assume you start work in the morning. We have an agreement now.

Lucas: Yeah, agreed.

E.J.: You won't be sorry, Lucas.

Lucas: I have a funny feeling I will be sorry, but I'm gonna show this to your partner over there.

E.J.: Your partner, also.

Lucas: Yeah, that's right. See you tomorrow, then.

E.J.: And tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Kate: So if you have any interest at all, let me know.

Sami: Well?

Lucas: I said yes.

Kate: Oh! You did?

Lucas: Yeah, I did.

Sami: Well, I can't believe it. I can't believe you're gonna be working with E.J.

Philip: Come on. Let's hear it. Where are they taking Claire? All right. Time's up.

Chelsea: No, um, okay. I have to protect Nick, so if giving up where Shawn and Belle are, then --

Philip: That's what you got to do -- Chelsea's choice. Where are they? Are you gonna tell me or not?

Chelsea: They're in Canada, you jerk! Start paying attention.

Philip: You little --

Chelsea: No, Philip. If anybody is little, it's you. That's why you yell so much, because little guys -- they overcompensate.

Willow: What did I miss?

Philip: Grab your bag. We're getting on the damn plane.

Nick: Great work.

Chelsea: Why, thank you.

Nick: Beautiful performance. All right. We better get through here before things start really backing up.

Chelsea: I wore my stuff that's easy to get off.

Attendant: Shoes in the bins. Keep the line moving, please.

Chelsea: All right. You ready?

Nick: Yes. After you.

Attendant: Miss, please? Thank you. Sir? Keep it moving.

Nick: Yes. Coming.

Chelsea: Okay, so what now?

Nick: Just watch.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. They made it through. They're gonna get on the plane. They're gonna find Shawn and Belle.

Nick: Chill out. Just watch.

Attendant: You! Yes, you. Hold it right there.

Shawn D.: Belle, you okay?

Belle: Yeah. I keep thinking, what if your dad sends Steve with that money?

Shawn D.: He's not going to. Steve's description has got to be all over the place after helping us out. My dad's gonna send somebody who's low profile. Don't worry, all right? Let me do all the worrying. Everything's gonna be okay. Trust me.

Belle: You know I do.

Shawn D.: My dad -- he's gonna get us that money, and we're gonna be on that boat, and we're gonna be headed to our new life, where Philip is never, ever gonna find --

Belle: Oh, my God, Shawn, what if that's --

Officer: Police! We know somebody's in there!

Belle: Oh, gosh. Shh!

Shawn D.: Shh!

Officer: It's the police! I said open up! Damn. All right.

Shawn D.: Good girl. Good girl. Shh!

Belle: Yeah, I think they're gone.

Shawn D.: Yeah, maybe.

Belle: You think they might come back?

Claire: Mama!

Shawn D.: I don't know. Maybe. But she's gonna be okay. We're gonna make sure of it, right? She's with her family now. Meanwhile, we should probably get some rest.

Belle: Yeah, okay. We'll try. Come on, baby.

Shawn D.: Keep her bundled up, okay? I don't want you guys catching a cold.

Belle: Shawn, we can all fit.

Shawn D.: You sure?

Belle: We're a family.

Shawn D.: Hi. Hi, baby. Come on. Hi. Hey.

Willow: What's the problem?

Philip: Yeah, what's this all about?

Security Guy: Sir, do you mind if I open this bag?

Philip: You know how to handle a zipper. Do your job.

Security Guy: Sir, we apologize. This will only take a second. Code 7! Down!

Philip: All right! All right! All right! All right! What? That's not mine. I didn't --

Security Guy: Did you think you could get away with this?

Philip: Let me go!

Nick: Oh, man! Did you see that?

Chelsea: Nick, you're a genius.

Nick: I know. Oh, God, I can't believe you ever doubted me, babe. We got a plane to catch. Let's go.

Chelsea: "Babe"?

Nick: Oh, man. Whoo!

Philip: Willow, call my father! Let him know they're getting away!

Kate: I am so thrilled.

Sami: What did he say? How did it happen?

Lucas: Well, he gave in to every demand I made. I told him to stay away from my family -- you and Will -- and that starts with him relocating.

Kate: E.J.'s moving?

Lucas: Yeah, he's moving out. I told him he moves or no deal.

Sami: Lucas. Lucas, I love you so much.

Lucas: Oh, I love you, too.

Sami: You know what? We should get back to Will. He's been alone all night.

Lucas: No. He's fine. He's kind of used to it by now, unfortunately. Mom, you want a ride home?

Kate: Uh, no. I think what I'm gonna do is have a drink up there by the bar.

Lucas: So, how'd my girls do while I was gone, huh? No bruises, no bites, no scratches, no blood, nothing?

Kate: You want to tell him our news, Sami?

Sami: Um, yeah. Kate met a producer who wants to do a TV show about that night that I saved your life.

Lucas: No way. For, like, TV? That's awesome, honey. You're gonna be a star -- my hero and a star.

Kate: Oh, wait, wait. I mean, the aren't any guarantees. The producer will have to meet with Sami, and if he likes her, then they'll go ahead.

Lucas: Of course he'll like her. Wow. This is awesome. Some day, huh?

Kate: Yeah. Yeah. It's been a really wonderful day. Look, I know you're not a big fan of E.J.'s, okay, but he does have a celebrity that gives him access to people in high places, and I think if we all work really hard, we're gonna turn Mythic into a powerhouse.

Lucas: I think we will. Well, thanks. Ready to go?

Sami: Yeah.

Kate: Okay. See you later, you two.

Lucas: Here we are.

Sami: Thanks, honey. Good night.

Kate: Good night.

Lucas: I'll get the coats for us.

Sami: Okay.

Kate: So, what are you up to?

E.J.: Have you heard the good news? Your son's coming to work for us. Why aren't you smiling, hmm?

Kate: Well, for one thing, I know you don't give a damn about how badly you've treated my son, and you never said one word to me about wanting to hire him.

E.J.: I'm a changed man, Kate. I have amends to make -- many a fat goose to give to a multitude of Tiny Tims, eh?

Kate: The only thing -- you missed the holiday miracle by around a month, I think.

E.J.: Well, let's call it my resolution for the New Year, shall we? I will cross my changed heart, pray to God, hope to die. Well, maybe not the last one.

Kate: I just hope you're not up to your old tricks.

E.J.: Who, me?

Kate: Yeah, you.

E.J.: The closer Lucas is to me, the closer I am to Samantha. So here's to the perfect pair -- Samantha and Lucas.

Chelsea: I will tell you the name of one guy that I slept with if you give me the name of your one and only.

Shawn D.: I can take care of you and Claire.

Belle: I know.

Philip: I don't trust Willow, but I want to keep her in my sight until I find Claire, and then I never want to see her again.

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