Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/25/07 - Canada; Friday 1/26/07 - U.S.A.


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Shawn D.: Yeah, we are, Merle.

Merle: Um...yeah, yeah. Um Too many mushrooms, man.

Belle: So, merle, you said you had something for us to stay.

Merle: Yeah, I sure do. You know, I've been helping kids run from the draft for -- since Nam, you know? When did your number come up?

Shawn D.: I'm not a draft dodger, Merle. There is no draft.

Merle: But there's a war eh?

Shawn D.: Yeah, yeah.

Merle: See? So, you need to lay low. All right, so...home sweet home. New kids. Baby on board, everybody. Follow me, follow me. We got the suite back here. Everybody we love -- hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey. Here you go. This is what we got.

Lucas: Victor, please, just calm down.

Victor: Don't tell me to calm down. Shawn and Belle have kidnaped Claire and taken her to Canada. Toronto if my information is correct.

Lucas: So let the police handle it.

Victor: I'm not gonna wait for the police. We have to get her back now.

Lucas: Excuse me. Did you just say "we"?

Victor: That's why I called you here. I want you on the next flight to Toronto. I want you to find Claire and bring her home.

Lucas: I'm sorry, boss, but I can't do that.

Nick: So, tell me this, Abby. How can a guy, who's Mensa smart, make so many mistakes?

Abby: Hmm, does it rhyme with Chelsea? That would be a yes. So, what has she done this time, Nick?

Nick: Okay, you know how last night she, uh...she was hinting at me getting her a job at the hospital?

Abby: Hinting? That was a full-court press. And you know what? You did a pretty nice job of letting her down.

Nick: Yeah, well, it lasted for like 5 minutes. Now she wants me to get her a job in my research lab, and Dr. Rebert does the interviews.

Abby: And this matters why?

Nick: Dr. in my boss whose photo I sent to Chelsea and told her it was ''''Lonely Splicer'''', her mystery admire, who I later told her was Dr. Shane Patton for some unknown reason.

Abby: Nick.

Nick: Yeah, tell me about it. And to make matters worse, she kind of started to be nice to me.

Abby: Nice?

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, I know. Um...we were in the parking lot last night and, uh...Abby, she told me she liked me.

Abby: I don't mean to be mean, but --

Nick: No, I know what you're gonna say, Abby, okay -- "it's not real." But it was. It was real. She said it, and now I don't know what the hell to do.

Abby: Look, just chill, okay? You're not locked into this. Just tell Chelsea you checked and there are no jobs -- no jobs available.

Nick: That could work. There's not that many jobs available anyway. Uh, it's my boss. I got to go.

Dr. Rebert: Hey, Nick, what's up?

Nick: How's it going? New project?

Dr. Rebert: No, it's a job opening. We need a new lab assistant. You know anybody that's not afraid of rats?

Chelsea: Have you talked to Nick?

Abby: Just now.

Chelsea: Well, did he say anything about the hospital job?

Abby: Uh, he said he'd check.

Chelsea: Oh. Well, you know Nick. He always comes through for me.

Abby: Chelsea, you're not the only one looking for a job. I mean, there are plenty of students out there who need the extra cash.

Chelsea: Yes, but I am the only one that's connected to the guy in charge of the petri dishes and test tubes. Plus I'm really short on funds right now.

Abby: Well, if you didn't treat us to dinner last night, you'd be up by 58 bucks.

Chelsea: Abby, that would hardly cover books or supplies.

Abby: Don't worry, Chelsea. We're in.

Chelsea: "We're in"? You mean as in both of us?

Abby: Well, I decided last night after a gentle prompting from my best friend that I'm gonna take all 16 units.

Chelsea: Oh, Abby. I'm so excited.

Abby: Oh.

Officer: I'll be just a few feet away.

E.J.: Well, I didn't dream it. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Abby. I'm just -- I'm so excited. We're gonna be college girls -- the two of us just walking across the quad together, arm in arm, studying in the library together. Ooh, I wonder which sorority we should pledge.

Abby: Yeah, I'm not so sure about the whole sorority thing.

Chelsea: Well, Abby, come on. That's half the fun in going to college. I mean, dances, keggers, all-nighters with all the sorority sisters.

Abby: I don't know. I've heard that the sisters are pretty mean.

Chelsea: Abby, you are looking at the queen of mean. If anybody gives you a hard time, I got you covered.

Abby: You know, I don't get you, Chelsea. You want to get a career and make something of yourself, and now the first thing on your list is to join a sorority?

Chelsea: Yeah. It's -- well, it's just an idea I had. I mean, it's kind of something that I always thought about. I mean, living in a big, beautiful house and having people clean up for you all the time, a sorority mother that's always there to give you advice.

Abby: So that's why you want to go to college. You want to find a home.

Merle: Okay, here we go. This will keep you guys...warm. Uh...

Belle: It looks really nice.

Merle: Well, no bugs, no leaky roof. I don't have to tell you guys it doesn't have all the comforts of home, but that's why a lot of kids bail on going underground, you know, 'cause it's tough, so weed helps, but not here.

Merle: 'Cause cops leave us alone...'cause we stay clean, all right? So rule numero uno -- no dope. And you better keep that cellphone off 24/7. 'Cause they can trace it.

Shawn D.: Okay, no problem. Is there a pay phone around here that we can use?

Merle: Right over by the door, and there's some quarters over there in a bucket. So keep it to three minutes 'cause they can track that, too, you know, unless it's tapped on the other end.

Shawn D.: Yeah, no problem. We'll remember.

Merle: You got a beautiful little girl there. I wish I could scare up a crib or something.

Belle: Oh, no, that's okay. She's just fine with me. Listen, we really appreciate everything that you're doing for us.

Shawn D.: Yeah, we won't take up your space too long. We need to keep moving.

Merle: You're sure this is your kid? You guys aren't kidnappers, are you?

Victor: I wasn't asking your opinion. I was giving you an order.

Lucas: I heard you loud and clear. And I'm at your disposal when it's work-related, but this assignment has nothing to do with Titan. This is your own personal business.

Victor: And your personal business. You're a part of this family, too.

Lucas: Shawn's my cousin, and he's your grandchild.

Victor: Shawn is dead to me.

Lucas: All right, fine. Then I don't want any part of it. I am not getting in the middle of one of your blood feuds.

Victor: I don't care what you want. Your cousin kidnaped my great-granddaughter, and I want her back.

Lucas: Fine, send Philip. If he thinks that Claire's still his daughter, he should be the one to go after her.

Victor: He can't.

Lucas: Why not?

Victor: Because I don't trust him.

Sami: Spare me your compliments. I need to talk to you, and what I don't need is your bull.

E.J.: Agreed. We have a lot of things to talk about, Samantha. Where do you want to start?

Sami: Well, we can start with Lexie Carver.

E.J.: Yes, let's, shall we? Poor Lexie, eh? When do you think she snapped? I can't help but wonder if it was after you blackmailed her into persuading Austin and Carrie they couldn't have normal children. One wonders how one can live with one's self.

Sami: Or we could talk about how she witnessed you shooting John Black.

E.J.: Indeed, except she didn't, did she? Her lie exposed by her own husband of all people. Good old honest Abe kicked her out, and I believe she's run away with her lover, Tek.

Sami: That doesn't mean you didn't do it.

E.J.: Samantha, why do we keep having to do this? Why am I constantly having to prove myself to you? Your own father, the acting police commissioner, has no evidence linking me to that shooting.

Sami: We both know you were in that boathouse.

E.J.: Yes, I was...waiting for you, remember? We were supposed to run away to paradise together. Only you didn't show up, did you? So I left before I caught a glimpse of John Black or his assailant.

Sami: You -- if you're so innocent, why did you ho me at gunpoint and force me to help you get through that police roadblock?

E.J.: Because I was set up... by you. I figured you owed me, Samantha.

Sami: Oh, give me a break.

E.J.: I can forgive and forget, Samantha. That night when I was in your arms, I don't think I've ever felt so complete. To feel you beneath me.

Sami: Oh, shut up. John's shooting and Lexie and Tek -- you were behind both. Your fingerprints are all over it.

E.J.: You really are your father's daughter, aren't you? One little strand of DNA -- you think you're holding up a little tin badge and throwing innocent men in jail.

Sami: God, you're so smooth, just like a well-oiled snake. You and I both know you're guilty as hell.

E.J.: If that's what you believe, then why don't you go to your daddy and take all this evidence that you have that proves your case, because let me tell you something, these guys -- they haven't got a thing.

Shawn D.: Claire belongs to Belle and me.

Belle: She's our daughter.

Merle: You're sure about that?

Shawn D.: The reason why we're on the run is 'cause the system is trying to take her away from .

Merle: The freakin' system. When the revolution comes, mark my words, the system is what's gonna smother and die.

Shawn D.: Okay, so, how hard is it to get out of Canada?

Merle: There's lots of ways. The hard part's figuring out where you want to go. I keep this map...just for convenience. All right. The yellow countries are the ones that do not have an extradition treaty with the U of A.

Belle: Oh, um, Algeria. We got Bangladesh, Afghanistan.

Merle: Don't forget Russia. You could live in a socialist paradise there, brother.

Shawn D.: Russia hasn't been socialist since the wall came down.

Merle: What wall?

Shawn D.: So, Merle, do you mind if we just borrow this to study it and look at it?

Merle: Be my guest. But pick carefully 'cause wherever you're going, you're gonna be there for a long time. Peace.

Shawn D.:'s your Russian?

Lucas: I don't understand this. You brought Philip back to Salem. You helped him get back Claire. He's full of rage. There's no telling what kind of damage he would cause if he found Shawn and Belle. I just don't want anyone to get hurt, especially Claire.

Victor: I would prefer this whole thing be handled peacefully.

Lucas: So you want me to play peacemaker. Is that it?

Victor: Look, I know I'm putting you in a difficult position.

Lucas: It's impossible.

Victor: This is a mission of peace, Lucas. Find them and convince them that Philip and I won't press charges...

Lucas: Is that true?

Victor: I just want Claire brought home as safely as possible. So, what do you say? Will you do this for the family?

Lucas: I just got one question. If I find Shawn and Belle and I make your case, what if they turn down your offer? I mean, what am I supposed to do then?

Dr. Rebert: Hey, Fallon. You still have that nose to the microscope?

Nick: Yeah, I'm just looking at these peptide interactions. You want to see them?

Dr. Rebert: No, you carry on. I just stopped by to tell you I'm meeting with a very promising applicant for this assistant's job. That must be her now.

Nick: No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. It's you. Dr. Shane Patton. I'm your dark angel.

Dr. Rebert: So, if you think of anybody...

Nick: What?

Dr. Rebert: The job, Fallon. Long hours, low pay, but you get me as your doctor.

Nick: Right.

Dr. Rebert: All right, let me know if you find anybody.

Abby: Tell Chelsea that you checked and there are no jobs. No jobs.

Chelsea: Maybe you're right. Maybe I am looking for a home. I mean, sometimes...sometimes I just lay awake at night and I think about the Bensons and how good they were to me.

Abby: You really do miss them, huh?

Chelsea: Well, they were the only family I had for most of my life, so, yeah. I mean, I still have all these pictures in my head. It's, um -- it's summer. mom, she's in her gingham coat, and she's watering the grass at sunset, barefoot. And she walks over to turn the water off, and the water's squishing through her toes. It just really made me feel warm and protected... the same way ''''Lonely Splicer'''' did. You know what? It felt like he really cared about me, and...he noticed things about me that he wanted me to notice, too. But then it stopped and that feeling just went away.

Abby: What about your real mom? I mean, Billie's always been good to you.

Chelsea: Billie's got her own life to deal with and worry about. I mean, you saw her the other night when we were all here. It was like she couldn't get out of here fast enough. I think it has to do with this guy. You know, the one I almost walked in on her with.

Abby: I thought that was just a quick hookup.

Chelsea: No. I think she's really into him. But it's like how much monkey sex can you have with your kid just right in the next room, you know?

Abby: You know, Chelsea, I think you're reading way too much into a one-night stand.

Chelsea: No. I think she really loves him.

Sami: You know I don't have any evidence against you.

Sami: But I know for a fact that Lexie would never take off with her boyfriend and leave her son behind.

E.J.: It's extraordinary that now you're empathizing with the woman you despised.

Sami: I'm a mother, too. And I know how terrified I felt when you made me think that will had been kidnaped. So you tell me what you did with Lexie and Tek. What, are they in Italy being tormented DiMera style? Or did you kill them, leave them in the woods?

E.J.: What you must think of me, Samantha.

Sami: I think you're behind their disappearance. And I think you shot John.

E.J.: Another man, suddenly, you seem to have forgiven.

Sami: Yeah, I have. I don't hate anyone, except you.

Sami: What are you laughing at?

E.J.: I'm just glad you haven't gone completely Mother Theresa on me. I'd hate to think you were no longer the passionate woman who made love to me that night.

Sami: Made love? Are you insane? You raped me.

E.J.: No. You see, that would imply some kind of resistance on your part. You can think whatever you want to, Samantha, but we both know the reason that you didn't put up a fight is because you wanted it just as much as I did.

Victor: If Belle and Shawn refuse to come back, it's your job to convince them.

Lucas: Look, I'm a persuasive guy, but this is their child we're talking about. So I'll ask you again -- what if they say no?

Victor: Then you do whatever you have to, to bring the baby back.

Lucas: Oh, I get it. So one good kidnaping deserves another? Is that what you're telling me?

Victor: They're the kidnappers. Claire is legally mine. And Philip's, of course.

Lucas: I should have known. I should have known this was your angle. The answer is no. I'm not gonna do it.

Victor: You owe me.

Lucas: I do owe you. I owe you a lot. And I tried to repay your generosity by being loyal and hardworking, but I can't do this. This is not a part of my job description.

Victor: Not the way I see it. You want to talk about loyalty, son? This is what it means to me -- you're either with us or against us. So it seems like it's time for you to make a decision, Lucas. Whose side are you on?

Sami: I hated every second of your pawing -- every slimy, disgusting second.

E.J.: Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

Sami: Look, I didn't come here to argue with you... or revisit that awful night.

E.J.: Then why did you come?

Sami: Because I know you. And I know what kind of despicable things you're capable of, especially if you think that you've been betrayed. So I just want to make sure you know that I did not -- I didn't tell anyone what happened that night. You have no reason to target me or my family.

E.J.: Samantha, my darling, why do you ever think that I would target you?

Sami: Because I am the last person who can make sure you go to prison.

E.J.: That's debatable. I mean, you didn't really see me do anything, did you? And as much as the idea of putting you on the witness stand is appealing -- you know, your little legs crossed demurely, your skirt riding up your thigh, maybe just so I get to see a little bit of your leg -- darling, I wouldn't put you through it. I love you too much. I would not touch a hair on your head.

Sami: So, you're sure. You're sure I'm not on your hit list?

E.J.: Hit list? My darling, I'm sure I don't have a hit list. I think you've been watching too many old movies.

Sami: Just promise me. All I want is for you to be out of my life.

E.J.: Hmm. You see, my love, I think that's the last thing that you want.

Shawn D.: 300 bucks. Scratch Russia. This isn't even gonna get us to Montreal.

Belle: Shawn, my wedding ring.

Shawn D.: Do you think that it's worth --

Belle: At least thousands. Definitely enough to get us out of here.

Shawn D.: Okay, but are you okay with that?

Belle: Shawn, this ring doesn't mean anything to me but our freedom.

Shawn D.: Okay, so, let's find our next adventure. I'm seeing a tropical island, maybe with warm and sunny skies. What do you think, Belle? Wha-- what's the matter?

Belle: I don't know. This all just happened so fast. I guess it's just catching up with me. We left everything behind -- our friends, our family, our dreams.

Shawn D.: So, what, do you think we made a mistake?

Belle: Not for me. For you.

Lucas: So, that's my choice? That's it? It's us versus them?

Victor: Precisely.

Lucas: You are unbelievable. You are truly one in a million. You pull every dirty trick in the book to snatch their baby away from them, and then when Shawn and Belle don't roll over and play dead, you have the nerve to act surprised? They're only doing the same thing you'd do, except you'd probably pay somebody to do it.

Victor: Well, I see you've made your decision.

Lucas: Look, I don't want to be your enemy. But I don't agree with what you and Philip are doing, and I don't want any part of it.

Victor: Well, I imagine you'll be taking your opinion and your strong moral code along with you to your next position.

Lucas: You can't be serious.

Victor: Here is my decision, Lucas. You will get on the next flight to Toronto and bring Claire home or you can start searching the want ads.

Nick: Hello.

Abby: Hey, Nick. Guess what.

Chelsea: We're gonna be college girls.

Nick: Oh, my God. You're enrolling again full-time?

Abby: Yep.

Chelsea: And we're gonna be sorority sisters. Parties, guys -- we are so gonna rock their world.

Nick: That's really great.

Chelsea: Oh, Nick, did you find anything out about the hospital job? 'Cause now I really need the money.

Nick: You know what, Chelsea? I talked to all of the department heads. I told them how smart you are and how hardworking --

Chelsea: What did they say?

Nick: They said that there's nothing available. I'm really sorry. They said check back maybe in the summer, though.

Chelsea: Okay. Um, thank you for checking.

Nick: That's it?

Chelsea: Is there more?

Nick: Well, no. Just usually you're so insistent about things.

Chelsea: You did all you could. I know you did.

Abby: You know what? I have to go. I promised Aunt Maggie that I'd work a shift at Chez Rouge.

Chelsea: Hey, sister. Thanks for making this happen. We are so gonna set campus on fire.

Abby: I'll see you at home, Nick.

Nick: Bye, Abby.

Chelsea: Nick, can I ask you something else?

Nick: Yeah, of course.

Chelsea: Um, do you remember that night when you came by my house to tell me ''''Lonely Splicer's' real name?

Nick: Yeah, what about it?

Chelsea: Well, I think my mom had her boyfriend over, and I just wanted to know if you had any idea who it was.

Nick: Um...

E.J.: If I had wanted you dead...Samantha...the police would have found your body in that cabin next to Lucas'. But I could never hurt you. I care about you...a lot. I want to get back with you. And I think that you want the same thing.

Sami: All I want is to get you out of my life.

E.J.: Impossible, I'm afraid. However...I do have an... interesting proposition for you.

Sami: No.

E.J.: Hmm, you haven' even heard it yet. Look, as we speak, I have a team of lawyers. They're persuading the district attorney to release me without charge. They're gonna unfreeze all of my business assets. Now, I intend to return to my life here in Salem to restore my reputation, to rebuild my business empire, to get the stockholders' confidence back in Mythic. Now, you worked for me once before. Come work for me again.

Sami: You're asking me to work for you again? No. No, are you -- no!

E.J.: You don't have to make up your mind now, okay? We can iron out the details later.

Sami: I don't want to work with you. I don't want anything from you. All I want is your promise that I am not gonna wind up a dead body next to Lexie and Tek in a swamp.

E.J.: Your my command.

Sami: Do you mean that?

E.J.: You must know I could never hurt you. I could never harm the mother of my child.

Shawn D.: Belle, you know that Claire is the most important thing in my life.

Belle: And I am so grateful that you're back in her life, but you're not here with just Claire.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. We had some tough times. And most of that's my fault.

Belle: No, it's mine, too.

Shawn D.: But don't you see, that doesn't matter anymore. We're -- we're friends. And we trust each other. And that's gonna get us where we need to go. We don't know where we're gonna be next year or, God, even next week, but Claire -- she's with her mom and her dad. And that's what counts.

Belle: And, you know, once she's old enough to understand, I'm gonna tell her what an amazing thing her daddy did for her. You know, I never thought that I would ever say this, Shawn, but you're starting to remind me of my dad.

Shawn D.: Wow. That's got to be one of the nicest things that you could say to me.

Victor: You know, it saddens me that it's come to this, Lucas. I explained to you why Shawn and Belle were wrong to take Philip's daughter. But you seem to ascribe to the same warped sense of justice that all the others do. Well, I can't have anybody working for me whose judgment I can't trust.

Lucas: This has nothing to do with my judgment. It's all about you not getting what you want.

Victor: Well, you call it what you like. I think you'll also find that a good job like yours is hard to replace after I pass the word around.

Lucas: Oh, so you're gonna blackball me, too, huh?

Victor: You leave me no choice, son.

Lucas: You know what? I am not your son. And I'm proud of that. And as for the job, if it means turning into a person like you or Philip just to be successful, you can take your job and shove it.

Nick: You know, Chelsea, I don't know anything about your mom's private life, okay?

Chelsea: Well, Nick, you were there the night he was. I mean, I saw his belt under the couch.

Nick: Sorry.

Chelsea: Nick.

Nick: I don't know what you're talking about, okay? I'm sorry. I didn't see anything.

Chelsea: Hey, it's not like I'm asking you to help me track down another mystery guy.

Nick: Okay.

Chelsea: Unless you want to help me find my mom's secret lover.

E.J.: You must remember, telling you that you've been chosen to bear the next DiMera child.

Sami: That's not something I'm likely to forget.

E.J.: You must excuse me for wondering, but I can't tell... is there a little bundle of joy somewhere?

Sami: Unfortunately for you, I was using protection that night.

E.J.: Hmm. Pity.

Sami: Not to me.

E.J.: Well, I'll just have to try harder next time.

Sami: There's not gonna be a next time. You try to touch me again, Elvis, I'll kill you.

E.J.: You sound serious, Samantha.

Sami: Whatever you're planning, you keep me and my family out of it.

E.J.: Yes, dear. You can count on that.

Nick: Look, Chelsea, if I could help you find out who your mom was with, I would, but I'm so overwhelmed right now.

Chelsea: Nick, I was kidding.

Nick: Oh.

Chelsea: But you can't always tell, can you? Because of all the times I've treated you like dirt before. You know, Nick, I really meant what I said to you outside last night. I think that you are an amazing friend and a great guy. I just thought you should know that somebody noticed.

Lucas: Finally. There you are.

Sami: Hi.

Lucas: Where were you? I thought you were gonna stay home and cook this morning.

Sami: I was. I decided to go walk around the shops at the mall.

Lucas: You didn't tell me. Why?

Sami: I don't know. I guess I thought your meeting with Victor was so important I didn't want to interrupt.

Lucas: Well, I got home, there was no you, no nothing. No note, no anything.

Sami: Lucas, I'm sorry. I didn't know you'd be upset. Next time, I'll leave a note that says "I've gone off to the mall. You'll never find me."

Lucas: That's not funny, Sami, all right? Stop it.

Sami: I'm sorry. I'm sorry you were worried. Maybe I could have a kiss hello. Lucas, tell me what's wrong. What happened with your meeting with Victor?

Lucas: He fired me because I wouldn't go to Canada to steal Claire back.

Sami: What?! Can he even do that?

Lucas: Well, he did it. I don't know if he can do it, but he managed to do it. He's crazed. I've never seen him like that before in my life.

Sami: Did you tell my Uncle Bo?

Lucas: Yes, I did. I called him on the way home and I told him.

Sami: Well, you did the right thing.

Lucas: I don't think so. I'm unemployed, and you're pregnant. Soon we're gonna be homeless. Real nice.

Sami: No, Lucas. You're gonna get another job.

Lucas: He said that he was gonna have me blackballed, Sami.

Sami: Victor can't do that. You are gonna find a better job, okay? And we have your savings. We've been really careful lately. And I could get a job.

Lucas: You're not getting a job.

Sami: Lucas, if we --

Lucas: No, forget about it. I told you. I was gonna provide for this family. I want to give this baby everything that he or she wants, everything they deserve.

Sami: And you will, Lucas. And we both will. But in the meantime, if I --

Lucas: There is no meantime, Sami. I said no, and I mean it.

Sami: You did not just say no to me like that. What is the problem with me working until you get a job?

Lucas: I don't like it, all right?

Sami: Why?

Lucas: Because you're pregnant.

Sami: That is the wrong answer. This is not 857, Lucas. Pregnant women work until they're about to have the baby all the time.

Lucas: All right, fine. You win. Stupid male pride. Stupid male pride, Lucas.

Sami: You better mean that.

Lucas: I do, sorry.

Sami: Okay. Look, Lucas, it's not that big a deal, all right? You're gonna get another job.

Lucas: Yeah, I'll probably get a job where I say, "you want some fries with that? Welcome to Burger Barn."

Sami: You are not. Don't. Stop thinking like that. You are a talented executive. You have amazing experience. You're the kind of guy any employer would be lucky to have. Just like you're the kind of guy a girl can depend on. Listen, Lucas, um, maybe it'd be better if we didn't tell anyone that we're pregnant. I don't want to hear anyone say, "oh, the poor kids. Now is such a bad time to have a baby."

Lucas: Yeah, you're right. But you already told your dad.

Sami: Yes, you made me tell him, but he promised to keep it a secret, so we won't tell anyone else, right? Until I'm further along, at least, especially Kate.

Lucas: All right, fine. It'll be our secret until you say so.

Sami: Thank you, honey.

Lucas: You're welcome, honey.

Sami: I love you so much.

Lucas: I love you, too.

Sami: You are such a good guy.

Lucas: Mmm.

Sami: What did I ever do to deserve you? Don't answer that.

E.J.: Detective, why the long face?

Officer: Roman told me the DA ordered your immediate release.

E.J.: Another triumph for American justice, eh? My personal belongings. Thank you. Good. Everything seems to be here.

Officer: I need your signature, saying it's all there and then get out.

E.J.: Voice mail? Come on, Kate, you're not screening your calls, are you? It's me -- your partner in crime so to speak. Anyway, I'm sprung. I thought we might get together, have a bit of a business meeting -- clothing optional.

Shawn D.: It might not be. You know, I can think of one phone in Salem that might not be tapped. I'll be right back.

Nick: Uh, I -- I-I appreciate you, too, Chelsea. I have -- I have to go.

Chelsea: No, Nick, wait. I thought that maybe we could hang out, celebrate me getting into college. You know, drive up to the dam, get some food.

Nick: Just the two of us?

Chelsea: Yeah, I don't see anyone else here. Just the two of us, yes.

Nick: Okay.

Chelsea: Okay, great.

Nick: Okay.

Chelsea: Who would be calling on a pay phone?

Nick: There's nobody here. It's obviously a wrong number.

Shawn D.: Come on. Somebody pick up.

Chelsea: It could be an emergency.

Nick: An emergency what? Snack attack? Come on, let's go.

Max: Mimi, what is it?

Mimi: Conner said that those bones -- they're my father's.

Chelsea: I'll do it. About Africa.

Shawn D.: We will take care of Claire.

Bo: Can we talk about this later? I mean, this whole thing --

Roman: It involves a stolen delivery truck, so, no, we need to talk about it right now.

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