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Mimi: Can you grab those diapers over there on the couch?

Max: Well, that's it -- all the essentials. I mainly packed for Claire 'cause I figured when Shawn and Belle get on the road, they can buy whatever they need.

Mimi: Yeah.

Max: All right. Okay, so, let's haul. Mimi?

Mimi: I think it would be better if you went on your own. It's easier for one person to stay under the radar.

Max: Where are you gonna be?

Mimi: Right here to run interference in case the police come around.

Max: Ahh, that makes sense. If they ask, just tell them, you know --

Mimi: I'll tell them you had a tow-truck call.

Max: Then I better get the tow truck.

Mimi: It'd probably be a good idea.

Max: You're one gutsy lady, you know that?

Mimi: I know we're doing the right thing. You'd better go.

Max: [Groans] All right.

[Knock on door]

Mimi: What do you want?

Philip: My daughter.

Bo: Hope is terrified what's gonna happen to Shawn and Belle if they get caught.

Kayla: I can't believe the way that Philip just came barging in here, screaming at everybody that anybody who helped Shawn and belle with Claire were gonna pay.

Bo: Yeah, the thing is, the law's on his side. He was given temporary custody of Claire.

Kayla: Oh, sure, after Victor stood up in court and lied and paid off some judge. Where was the law then?

Bo: Hold on. You're preaching to the choir. Victor's not gonna let this slide, even if he has to hire his own army.

Kayla: This is terrible.

Bo: Yeah.

Kayla: It's terrible.

Bo: You know the really crazy part about this?

Kayla: Hmm?

Bo: The best-case scenario is I never see my son again. That means he and his family got away.

Belle: You okay, honey? Hmm? I know. It's really cold in here, but daddy went to go get some blankets so we can be warm. But all that really matters is that we're together, right? I promise everything's gonna be okay. Hey. Come here. Come here. Let me see that smile. Oh. Look at that. You got a new tooth. You're growing up so fast. Yeah.

Shawn D.: The blankets were exactly where Max said that they were.

Belle: Here you go, honey. See? Is that better? I told you everything was gonna be okay. No? No? How long do you think we're gonna have to be here?

Shawn D.: Not much longer.

Belle: I wonder if there's anything on the news. What's wrong, baby? [Static hisses]

TV Broadcaster: This is John Stanley reporting live with the news. We have an Amber alert in progress. Earlier today at Salem University Hospital, 1-year-old Claire Kiriakis was snatched from her father's arms by his estranged wife, Belle Kiriakis.

Belle: I did not snatch her.

Shawn D.: Shh. Listen.

TV Broadcaster: When Lieutenant Philip Kiriakis, recovering from wounds suffered in Afghanistan, reportedly attempted to pursue, he was attacked by his wife's boyfriend Shawn Brady. Roadblocks have been set up throughout Salem County. The police are asking for the public's help. If anyone has any information, please call 555-0132.

Shawn D.: I wonder who wrote that report. Philip?

Belle: Well, come on. We knew that they were gonna come after us.

Shawn D.: Yeah, but they're making us sound like a couple of crazy people.

Belle: I think maybe we should go before they put the roadblocks up.

Shawn D.: No, Belle, we can't leave here. We've got to wait for Max and Mimi. They're gonna help get us out of Salem.

Belle: Do you think we will? Do you really think that we're ever gonna be safe?

Abe: Wait a minute. This can't be. Something's wrong here.

Lexie: Hello. Honey. Did you forget?

Abe: What? What? What?

Lexie: Theo is spending the night with my mom, and you and I -- we're going to spend a quiet, Romantic evening all to ourselves. That means no work, all play. What's wrong?

Abe: There are some discrepancies in this police file that Roman gave me about the night that John was shot.

Lexie: Do you have to go over it now?

Abe: It concerns your statement about seeing E.J. at the boathouse with John.

Lexie: Oh. Well, I mean, that shouldn't be a problem, Abe. I told Roman everything I saw.

Abe: Did you?

Lexie: Yeah. Yeah, I did. What? What's wrong?

Abe: According to your statement, you were on the phone with me that night. You were annoyed. You went to the boathouse, and you saw E.J. shoot John.

Lexie: Abe, come on. I mean, it sounds like you're interrogating me.

Abe: I need to know. Is that how you remember it?

Lexie: Yes, it is.

Abe: According to this, that isn't true. And I'm praying that you have an explanation that proves otherwise.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Lexie: What are you talking about? Of course it's true. Abe, I saw E.J. shoot John.

Abe: Take a look at this. It's your cellphone bill. It came in today's mail. Look. Look at the highlighted times and numbers called. I compared it to the police file. You couldn't have seen E.J. shoot John because we know the exact moment he went down. His watch smashed against the ground. It froze at the time of the attack. You were on the phone with me when E.J. shot John.

Lexie: Abe, honey, they made a mistake, okay? It happens all the time. Look, I know who shot John Black, okay? And I'll testify to it in court.

Abe: No. No, you won't. Any half-decent defense lawyer will use this file to tear you apart. So I need to know the truth, Lexie. What are you hiding?

Philip: I'm not surprised to see you at Max's. Didn't take you long to lasso another Brady, did it?

Mimi: What do you want?

Philip: Exactly what you think I want, Mimi -- information on Shawn and Belle. The authorities are looking for them, and they'll be found -- guaranteed.

Mimi: So, why do you need me?

Philip: Because it would be easier if they turn themselves in.

Mimi: Easier for who?

Philip: Everyone involved. But mostly for Claire.

Mimi: Sorry, Philip. I wish I could help you, but --

Philip: I know you and Max helped Shawn and Belle kidnap Claire.

Mimi: You don't know squat.

Philip: I almost broke my hand banging on your car. I got a really good look at both of you. You know how much time you're gonna have to serve for helping them steal my daughter? You've always been a practical girl, Mimi, always looking out for number one. Are you telling me you're gonna take the fall for them?

Belle: God, it is freezing in here. What if she gets sick or something?

Shawn D.: Hey, look, we had to do what we had to do, okay?

Belle: I know. She got a new tooth when she was with Philip.

Shawn D.: Oh.

Belle: It just makes me wonder what else I missed, you know? Did she get up in the middle of the night and call for me and I wasn't there?

Shawn D.: If that's what happened, it's never gonna happen again. We're gonna be with her from every second from now on. We're gonna be there for her first communion, her first day of school.

Belle: We'll probably think her first finger painting's like the next Picasso.

Shawn D.: And I'm gonna be her soccer coach.

Belle: Well, then I'll be there to tend to her scraped knees.

Shawn D.: Yeah, yeah, we'll get her some kneepads and a helmet for when she goes up to bat.

Belle: Oh, she's gonna be playing softball, too.

Shawn D.: You think that's too much? I mean, come on.

Belle: What about her first date?

Shawn D.: Oh, yeah. What, she's gonna be 35?

Belle: Yeah.

Shawn D.: Come on.

Belle: Well, we'll stick to her like crazy glue. Once we've given her everything we can, then we let her fly on her own.

Shawn D.: Yeah. And I swear to you, I'm gonna make sure we have that -- all of it.

Kayla: Listen, we are going to hear from them again, so don't give up.

Bo: I'm not giving up. I'd just like to talk to my son, make sure everyone's okay.

Steve: Hey, sweetness.

Kayla: Oh, my God. Thank God you're back.

Steve: I'm safe and sound.

Kayla: But you're not out of the woods yet, mister. I hear I was supposed to go on this Mexican adventure with you. You shouldn't have gone alone anyway after that episode you had at the child protective services.

Steve: Wait a minute.

Bo: Hey, you broke your promise. I had to tell her.

Steve: All right, well, down to business. I found E.J.

Bo: Great. And?

Steve: I wasn't able to convince him to come back to the States, but I was able to nab just a couple of personal items. I have here his wallet and his "smell phone."

Bo: Nice. How'd you do that?

Steve: Just a little twist of the wrist. That phone has some calls to Italy -- a lot of them. Probably Stefano.

Bo: Yep.

Steve: But this is the kicker. Look what I found in his wallet.

Kayla: What's that?

Steve: That's the dude's travel visa. He can't go anywhere without that. And if he wants to replace it, he's gonna have to come back to the old U.S. of A.

Bo: [Chuckles] Nice.

Abe: You know, when you turn away like that, it's weak. I really need to know what happened that night.

Lexie: I didn't see the shooting. Someone else did.

Abe: Who?

Lexie: Someone who, um... couldn't stick around because I told them --

Abe: Oh, God. Lexie.

Lexie: Abe, I am so sorry.

Abe: Tell me -- tell me who you're covering for.

Lexie: Honey, just please try to understand.

Abe: Tell me!

Lexie: Tek. It was Tek. I was with Tek that night.

Bo: You're right. As soon as Wells hits American soil, we got him. Good job, man.

Steve: Yeah, thanks.

Bo: Put that money back in there. That's evidence. Catch you later. I got to talk to Abe.

Steve: Right. What's that look? Are you mad?

Kayla: Why did you lie to me?

Steve: Well, if you're talking about the thing at Child Protective Services, baby, I just didn't want to upset you.

Kayla: You know what? I was already upset, so you wasted your time. And what about Mexico?

Steve: That was me trying to protect you in case something ugly went down.

Kayla: Did it?

Steve: No, not exactly. But I got more out of E.J. than his wallet.

Kayla: What are you talking about?

Steve: He knows about these meltdowns I've been having. He was waving it in my face like a red flag.

Kayla: So the DiMeras really are part of this.

Steve: I think so. I think it all started with Benjy.

Kayla: Benjy?

Steve: E.J. brought up his name. Do you remember, this whole thing started with me the night we had dinner with Benjy and his wife? He was such a good little kid, but he is a DiMera. I guess even the good ones are forced to get their hands dirty.

Mimi: Nice try, Philip, but I'm not selling out my friends to you or anybody else.

Philip: Then you'll be joining your brother Patrick in jail -- a match set of losers.

Mimi: Goodbye.

Philip: I'm not going anywhere until you tell me where Shawn and Belle took my daughter.

Mimi: Your daughter? Reality check -- the only reason you went after Claire in the first place is payback for being dumped. Well, get in line, Philip. You weren't the first, and you won't be the last.

Philip: You can't really believe this is all about revenge.

Mimi: I wouldn't, from the old Philip -- the loving, caring guy that I used to know. But you -- I don't know this guy, and I don't want to know him.

Philip: Yeah. I spent a long time trying to be fair, trying to be the good guy. But where did that get me, huh? My wife left me. I lost my daughter, who was suddenly thrown into the arms of another man.

Mimi: You mean her real father?

Philip: No, Mimi. The guy couldn't have cared less about Claire until he found out they had the same DNA. I'm the father, the only one she's ever known. I'm taking back what's legally mine.

Mimi: No matter who gets hurt, right?

Philip: My father always said, "if there's something in this world that you want, you got to do whatever it takes to get it." That's the philosophy I live by now. Belle and Shawn started this war, but I'm finishing it, and I'm not taking any prisoners.

Kayla: I need you to promise me that you are gonna go to Bo and you are gonna tell him everything that you learned about Mexico and you're gonna let the police deal with this and you're gonna let the police question Benjy.

Steve: I'm sorry, sweetness. I can't do that. I'm gonna need to talk to him myself.

Kayla: No, no, no, no, no. We are done with this. It's over.

Steve: What do you mean "over"? I thought the whole point was to find out what's going on in my head. What if Benjy knows something about that?

Kayla: Well, maybe he does. But you are in no condition to go off being some kind of big detective or something, especially not alone.

Steve: This is my life, baby.

Kayla: No, no, no, no, no, no. This is our life. And I am begging you to please let me help you deal with this.

Steve: No. I need to keep you safe.

Kayla: You know what? I need you to hear me. I love you. And I love us together. But you know what? It doesn't feel like we're together when you're not telling me the truth.

Steve: I would never lie to you about the important stuff, about you and me.

Kayla: But everything's about you and me. Don't you get that? If I think that you're keeping secrets from me, it gets me thinking. It gets me worrying that -- that I...

Steve: What?

Kayla: That I can't trust you.

Abe: How could you do this to us again?

Lexie: Abe, honey, it's not what you're thinking, okay? Listen, I was on my way to the hospital to join you, and Tek just jumped into my car and demanded to talk to me.

Abe: Now, why would he do something like that?

Lexie: He wouldn't give up on us, sweetheart, even after I told him it was over. But I swear to you, I did everything I could to get him out of my car.

Abe: And I'm supposed to believe you because?

Lexie: Because it's the truth! Tek saw E.J. shoot John. He came back to my car for help. That's what happened, Abe.

Abe: And the two of you just cooked up this lie so Roman and I would believe that you were the one who saw E.J. shoot John.

Lexie: It was wrong. I know. Honey, I wanted to protect us.

Abe: No. No, no, Lexie. You wanted to protect yourself and your lover.

Lexie: No, no, he is not my lover, okay? Look, I haven't thought about Tek or wanted to be with him since you and I got back together, okay? I love you, Abe.

Abe: I just -- I don't want to hear this anymore. I want you...out of here now.

Lexie: No. No, I am not involved with Tek.

Abe: Of course you are.

Lexie: No, I'm not.

Abe: Yes, you are. That's why you lied about seeing E.J. shoot John. Don't you understand what your involvement with him has done to us... to our family, the people we care about? I will not -- I cannot let you do this to us again. It's over. It's done.

Mimi: I've got nothing more to say to you, to Victor, or the cops. Roman already called Max and me, and I told him the same exact thing that I am telling you right now. All we want is for Belle and Shawn to get justice.

Philip: Justice, huh?

Mimi: That's right.

Philip: How can you stand here and talk about justice when it was your lies that caused this to begin with?

Mimi: I have done everything I can to make up for that.

Philip: Not to me you haven't. All you had to do from the start was to be honest about Claire's paternity. Then maybe Belle and I could have had a chance to work things out. Instead, you lied and lied and lied again. And then, when it was too late, when the truth finally came out, my family fell apart.

Mimi: Belle didn't love you. And I know that hurts, and I know that's why you're so angry. But it is not my fault that you lost your family, Philip.

Philip: You let yourself off the hook too easily, Mimi, but I'm not. So, here's the deal -- you either tell me where Shawn and Belle took my daughter or you give me no choice.

Mimi: Are you threatening me?

Philip: You bet I am.

[Door rattling]

Shawn D.: Shh!

Max: Shawn? Belle?

Belle: My God! Max, you scared me to death.

Max: Oh, man.

Belle: Hi.

Max: How you doing? How's she doing?

Shawn D.: She's good.

Max: Good. Okay, so, I brought you guys some more stuff for the road -- food, more diapers, warm clothes, about 100 bucks in cash -- that's all I could scrape up -- and some sleeping bags.

Belle: Yes! Sleeping bags! Max, you are my hero.

Shawn D.: Thank you, man. Thank you. Where's Mimi at?

Max: She's back at the apartment. She kind of figured it'd be suspicious if someone saw both of us leaving town at the same time, you know?

Shawn D.: I can't thank you guys enough. No matter what happens, seriously, we're never gonna forget this.

Max: Hey, man, we want to do whatever we can to help. But look, you got to understand, Philip is out for blood. He and Victor have set up checkpoints and roadblocks at all the airports -- everywhere, dude.

Shawn D.: I know, Max. We heard it on the radio.

Max: Well, I'm just worried that you guys won't make it out of town.

Shawn D.: Well, we got to try, right? We can't stay here forever.

Belle: Maybe we should split up because they're looking for a couple with a baby.

Shawn D.: Belle, no. No, no, no. We stick together.

Max: I'm telling you, man, you guys might be spotted. You guys are just plastered all over the televisions and the papers. I'm a good race car driver, but running through those roadblocks, all of them, that's not in my job description.

Shawn D.: I know somebody who can help us.

Belle: Who?

Shawn D.: Steve. He and Kayla said they'd be willing to help us, no questions asked. Let's see if they really meant it.

Steve: You said you didn't trust me. That hurts, baby.

Kayla: Yeah. I know. It hurts me, too. But you know what? Our love has always been based on two things -- total honesty and always being there for each other, no matter what.

Steve: And we have been. And I was, too, until something happened to me. All I'm trying to do now is get our lives back, get it back the way it was with us.

Kayla: And all I'm saying is don't go it alone. Whatever it is, we'll deal with it together. We'll get our life back on track. Now kiss me.

Lexie: I really was trying to protect us, Abe. I didn't want this to end -- not ever, certainly not like this. I tried to be the kind of person that you thought I could be. But I guess I made all the wrong choices. I guess I let you down too many times for you to forgive me now. I am so sorry, Abe, for all the pain I've caused you. [Door opens]

Bo: Hey, Lexie. I just --

Lexie: Hey, Bo.

Bo: What's going on?

Lexie: Uh... Theo is at my mom's. I'm gonna stop by and see him, and then I'm going to start looking for a new place to live.

Bo: Is there anything I can do?

Lexie: No. No. I messed up big-time, so I just need to sort out my life. Excuse me.

Bo: Hey, do you want me to come back? I mean, we can talk later.

Abe: No. If it has to do with police business, go ahead.

Bo: You sure?

Abe: Yeah.

Bo: All right. Steve just got back from Mexico. He did talk to Wells. Obviously he couldn't convince him to come back, but he did manage to pick his Pocket.

Abe: What do you mean?

Bo: He got his cellphone, wallet, and his travel visa, which means he has to come back to the country to get another one. As soon as he crosses the border, we nail him.

Abe: I'm afraid it won't do any good.

Bo: What do you mean?

Abe: Lexie lied about seeing E.J. shoot John.

Bo: What?

Abe: She was with Tek. Tek actually witnessed the shooting, but the two of them have lied so much that neither one's a viable witness. You know what this means, Bo? It means that E.J. Wells is going to get away with murder.

Shawn D.: What do you think?

Belle: Well, I think Steve and Kayla are really close to your dad, and I think they feel like they're gonna need to tell him.

Shawn D.: He and Kayla, they know what it's like to be on the run. We're never gonna find anybody else who understands better than they do. I think we just need to take a chance. We don't have a choice.

Philip: I think you should make this easier on yourself, Mimi.

Mimi: What are you gonna do, Philip, beat me up?

Philip: [Chuckles] No. I have something else in mind.

Mimi: Get your hands off of my stuff.

Philip: Get back. Well, looky here. Looks like we got Max's number on speed dial. Let's find out what he's up to, huh? Stay back.

[Cellphone rings]

Max: Oh. Hey, it's Mimi. Yeah. What's up?

Philip: I want to speak to

Max: It's Philip. Where's Mimi?

Philip: With me. And unless you put Belle on the phone, I'm gonna --

Max: He's got Mimi. They're at my place. I got to get over there now.

Belle: Philip.

Philip: Listen. If you and Shawn don't want your friends to get hurt, you'll turn yourselves in and give Claire back to me. I won't press charges. I won't seek any further legal solutions. I just want my daughter back.

Belle: She's not your daughter.

Philip: You don't understand, Belle. I never meant for any of this to happen, okay? The truth is, I still love you -- always have. Maybe it's not too late to work things out, get a second chance, huh? We could raise Claire together, make a real home for her.

Belle: Philip, I'm sorry. I really am. But Shawn and I love our daughter, and we are going to be a family.

Philip: All right. Fine. I gave you a chance. Now, that's it! That's the end of it! Whatever happens now is on you!

Belle: Call Steve. Hurry.

Steve: Such a good kisser. I love you, sweetness. [Cellphone rings] Oh. What the heck is that now? Hello?

Shawn D.: Steve, it's Shawn. Don't talk. Just listen. I'm with Belle and Claire, and we need to get to Canada. We need your help. I'm sorry. I didn't know who else to ask. The police have got roadblocks and cops at all the airports. We can't let Philip find us and take Claire away from us forever, so, please -- please, Steve, will you help us?

Steve: Okay, I understand. Just wait. I'll call you back.

Shawn D.: All right. Hurry.

Steve: It was Shawn. It's desperation time. They need help.

Kayla: Well, they're gonna get it.

Steve: You know what those kids are asking is against the law.

Kayla: I don't care. I gave them my word.

Steve: Okay.

Kayla: Maybe we should call Bo.

Steve: Yeah, let's check in.

Bo: Abe, our case against Wells isn't over. Tek's a cop. He can testify. We got plenty of circumstantial evidence to support the case.

Abe: I don't know. I don't know.

[Cellphone rings]

Bo: I'm sorry. I got to take this. Sorry. Brady.

Steve: Bo, this is Steve. If Abe is standing right there, then just listen.

Bo: Yeah. Okay, that's fine.

Steve: I got a call from Shawn. They need help getting to Canada. Philip is closing in on them.

Bo: Okay. Okay, I hear you. Just do what you got to do.

Steve: You realize what this means, don't you?

Bo: Yeah, man, that's fine. You have my blessings.

Steve: Bo just gave me the okay. I'm gonna help those kids get out of town.

Abe: Trouble?

Bo: No. No. About the Wells situation...

Abe: Look, I really can't get into that right now.

Bo: All right, I understand.

Abe: Life is funny sometimes, you know? I step down as police commissioner so I can spend more time with my wife, make our marriage stronger. Now I'm out of a job and I'm out of our marriage. Go figure, huh?

Bo: If there's anything I can do...

Abe: Yeah. Yeah, well, I'd really like to be alone tonight.

Tek: You haven't said a word since I picked you up, Lexie. What's so important that I had to leave work?

Lexie: Abe figured it out. He knows everything.

Tek: Now I'm gonna lose my job with the sheriff's department. Great.

Lexie: Your job? Tek, I just lost my marriage. [Horn honking] [Sighs] Well, I guess the only thing I can do now is tell the truth, try to salvage Abe's case.

Tek: That'll never work in court, Lexie. You know that. The best thing we can do now is just start fresh like I wanted to do before.

Lexie: What are you talking about?

Tek: Forget E.J. Wells. Forget Abe. Your marriage is over. Let's go together. Let's run away.

Philip: You have two minutes to tell me where they took her -- two minutes.

Mimi: Only if you can get me a brand-new cellphone in two minutes.

Philip: Don't make me hurt you, Mimi.

Mimi: All right. I'll tell you. [Sighs] They're in the new development with friends across town.

Philip: You're lying, Mimi.

Mimi: Ow! Philip, you're hurting me! What are you doing?! Are you crazy? Oh, my God! Philip! Oh, my God! What are you gonna do with that?

Max: Mimi! Mimi, are you in there? Mimi, are you okay? [Muffled screaming] Oh, my God. Mimi, it's okay. I'm here. I'll get you out of here. Oh, my God. Come here. Come here. I'm here. I'm here. I'm so sorry. Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.

Mimi: [Gasping] He lied. He lied. He promised me. He promised me! He said if I told him where they were that he'd let me out, and he didn't. Max, I told him where -- I told him where Shawn and Belle were. I told him. God forgive me. I told him. I'm sorry! He said he'd let me out of there, but he didn't.

Max: It's okay. Look, I'm sorry. I never should have left you here alone. I'm so sorry.

Mimi: You have to warn them. You have to warn them. Call. Call them. Call them.

Max: Pick up. Pick up. Voice mail. Shawn, Philip knows where you are. Get out of there now. Get out of there.

Mimi: What if he's already there?

Max: Don't think about that. Steve is on his way there. They're gonna be fine. Oh, my God. I swear to God, when this is all over, I am gonna kill Philip for what he did to you.

Mimi: Oh, my God. I just want you to stay with me. I just want -- I just want you to be with me.

Steve: Okay. I got it. The abandoned church where little Abby found Max and Mimi.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Yeah, that's it. So, do you think you can get us to Canada with the roadblocks and the cops and everything?

Steve: Don't worry. I got an idea. Just leave it to me. Listen, baby, this one will be quick and easy, okay, if I go alone. No, no, no. Listen. Just this once. Quick and easy.

Shawn D.: Okay. It's done. He's on his way.

Lexie: Are you insane? Did you forget I have a child? The last thing I'd ever do is leave Theo to go running off with you.

Tek: Lexie, Theo was around when we first hooked up.

Lexie: No. Pull over.

Tek: Lexie.

Lexie: I said pull over!

Tek: No, not till you hear me out.

Lexie: Tek, I've heard it before, okay? It's not real. Look, I just lost the love of my life, and I'll be damned if I'm going to lose my son for your delusions. Now, stop the car.

Tek: This guy's got his brights on behind me. I can't see anything. Lexie, will you just listen to me for a second, please? That guy's headed right for us.

Lexie: Do something! Aah!

Shawn D.: Let's go.

Philip: I don't think so. You're not going anywhere.

Marlena: He's still trying to get a message to me. I hate to say it, but it was about Steve, I believe.

Sami: What if E.J. found out that Lexie and Tek witnessed him shooting John and he had them eliminated and we are next on that list?

Steve: Life on the road is not easy, especially when that old Kiriakis is the one on your tail.

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