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Mimi: did clean, right?

Max: [Chuckles] Yeah, you should have seen this place before, you know, I -- it's just been a long time since I, uh, had a woman over to, you know...

Mimi: No, I-I-I don't know. Tell me.

Max: That I, you know, cared about.

Mimi: You care about me. Is that what you're saying?

Conner: How many polyesters died making this thing?

Bonnie: Stop complaining. You know, your father paid 79 bucks for this suit. I thought he was gonna stand me up at the altar, and I was thinking about killing him, and in he walked, cigarette dangling out of his mouth. God, he looked better than John Travolta.

Conner: Dad smoked in this thing? He's lucky he didn't melt. Come on, let's get this over with.

Bonnie: Okay, okay, okay. Now...You know what to do, right?

Conner: I just don't know why I'm doing it.

Bonnie: How many times -- to keep the family together, okay?

Conner: We'll be together, all right, with Patrick in jail.

Bonnie: No, no. We're not getting caught. All you have to do --

Conner: Is tell the morgue guy that my aunt died and my mom wants to know when the funeral home can pick up her body. So, what if he asks me her name?

Bonnie: Make one up. The name is not important. Getting the guy out of the office -- that's key.

Conner: So, after I send body boy on this wild goose chase...

Bonnie: I'll take care of the rest.

Conner: You know, Mom, this plan of yours -- it really sucks. So, what if the guy refuses to go looking for aunt what's her name, then what?

Bonnie: Honey, don't worry. You're my son. Running a con is in your blood. Now go. Go, go, go.

Roman: All right, there you go. I got some food heating up in the kitchen.

Marlena: I'm fine.

Roman: No, you're not. You're lousy. We both know it. Doc, you got some tough decisions coming up. John is gonna need you at the top of your game.

Marlena: And if my opinion mattered, I think Dr. Tucker might be listening to me.

Roman: John filled up every single room he ever walked into, so I get why it's so hard --

Marlena: No, no, no, no. I'm not in denial. I'm a doctor. I can read a brain scan. But they're -- a brain scan can only measure physical evidence.

Roman: What other kind of evidence is there?

Marlena: There's the spirit. There is a connection between John and me that no doctor and no test could ever measure.

Roman: Well, I get why you and Dr. Tucker aren't exactly getting along.

Marlena: [Laughs] He does lack a certain imagination.

Roman: You know what? Maybe for his sake, maybe you ought to get the opinion of a couple swamis and have them come in.

Marlena: [Laughs] I would go to the card reader at the docks. The important thing here is that John know I haven't given up on him. And that would just make him feel so, so lonely.

Roman: Marlena, you are talking like john's aware of what's going on around him. Is there something you want to tell me?

Marlena: Yes. Yes. Look, I want you to know that I'm rational. I know that John is in a coma. And I know that his brain seems to be shutting down. But I also know --

Roman: Go ahead. Go ahead, talk to me.

Marlena: Underneath all those injuries and all those tubes... I know he's in there. And I know he understands everything that's going on.

Belle: So, then Claire started trying to feed her teddy bear the oatmeal. It was so cute, Dad. She was really serious, like she was the mom. And then we started to finger-paint and... Dad...I need you to wake up. I really need you. Victor filed for custody of Claire. Shawn and I got a court order and [Sighs] Child Protective Services took her from me. She's in a foster family...with strangers, and I really need you to tell me what to do. Shawn said that we'll get her back, but I know that Victor's gonna do everything he can to get Philip awarded custody. And I'm scared. I'm really scared. Please come back.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Conner: I don't like the way this is going down. It feels creepy.

Bonnie: Do you think I'm having a good time? Listen, all you have to do, baby, is get that attendant away from that desk for five freakin' minutes, okay, and then I'll find the bones. Please. He's back. You're on. Go, baby, go.

Conner: [Clears throat] Excuse me.

Attendant: Yes, can I help you?

Conner: I hope so. My aunt died, yeah. And my mom was wondering if the funeral home had picked up her body yet.

Attendant: Well, let's see. What's your aunt's name?

Conner: Her name is Gloria. Gloria...Joneston.

Attendant: Joneston?

Conner: Yeah.

Attendant: Okay, give me a second here. Uh...uh, no, no Joneston’s on my list.

Conner: Uh...maybe she hasn't checked in yet. What I mean to say is she died here today. And she could still be upstairs.

Attendant: It's possible.

Conner: It sure would be nice if you could check for the family, you know. My mom is totally bummed, yeah. She's very upset.

Attendant: Well, I'll go see.

Conner: Thank you.

Attendant: Don't touch anything.

Conner: Don't worry.

Bonnie: Joneston?

Conner: He bought it, didn't he? Now, go look.

Max: You're good, Mimi. I, uh, I don't say that too often -- those words. I hardly ever.

Mimi: You know, it's unfortunate. I have such a short memory. Do you want to run those words by me again? You know, those words that you hardly ever tell anyone?

Max: Um...wait a minute. I just forgot how to say them.

Mimi: [Laughs]

Max: So, you like the place?

Mimi: Yes, it's very cozy.

Max: Cozy? You want cozy, you need to road test this bad boy right here.

Mimi: Oh, yeah?

Max: Come on. Oh, jeez. I'm sorry. I'll just put that over there.

Mimi: [Chuckles] Well, it seems -- it's awfully big.

Max: Okay, well, you know, I... is that a little better?

Mimi: Much.

Max: So...those words that I said earlier -- do you have some of your own that you'd like to say to describe what's going on here?

Mimi: Well... I don't really put us into words, Max. I feel us, and we feel good. Does that makes sense?

Max: Mm-hmm.

Roman: Marlena, did something happen? Did John wake up, try to talk? Anything like that?

Marlena: No.

Roman: I really hate to say this, but maybe john's brain isn't functioning. Maybe the doctors and the test results are right.

Marlena: What if they're wrong? What if they're wrong and John wakes up when I've put him in long-term care?

Roman: We all want John to come out of this coma, Doc. We want him to wake up, walk, talk, tell his stupid damn jokes again.

Marlena: Roman, Roman. I know he's in there. I know he's trying to tell me something. And everybody keeps saying that...I should just put him in long-term care. I don't know how to think about it. I don't -- I'm not sure what to do. I need someone to talk to. I need...someone to listen to me.

Roman: What are you talking? Are you talking a therapist?

Marlena: No, I was thinking of you.

Belle: I don't think that I would really be this scared if I knew that you were here with me. 'Cause you would make Philip understand and you would get Victor to back off and then we can be together and just be happy. Dad, please just give me a sign, anything, so that I know that you can hear me.

Max: Okay, what do we say we go back to the bedroom? I have clean sheets on the bed, and it's just, you know.

Mimi: Wow, that's a change from "I've got protection," and "my blood tests are immaculate."

Max: No, right, right, right. Sorry. Um, I do, and they are.

Mimi: Well, perfect. Then let's go.

Max: Let's go back there. Wait, hold on. [Knock on door]

Shawn D.: Is anybody --

Mimi: Shawn, why don't you ever announce yourself?

Max: That's a good question, bro. I mean, 'cause this is becoming a bad habit.

Marlena: Well, I can see how uncomfortable this makes you, so why don't we just skip the whole thing?

Roman: That's not it. It's just that you're telling me John's doctors and the test results are wrong. Just give me a minute to get used to that idea.

Marlena: You need a whole minute? Maybe you can just jump to the obvious conclusion that I'm crazy again, huh?

Roman: I think you might be right. Hell, Marlena, you know John better than anybody in the world, so if you tell me that he might be conscious on some level, then who am I or anybody else in the world, for that matter, to say he's not?

Marlena: Just like that.

Roman: Just like that.

Marlena: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Roman: All right. Okay, anytime. Now, get over here, sit down. Sit down and keep talking.

Marlena: You know that I'm healthy. Mentally, I mean.

Roman: Absolutely, I know that, yes.

Marlena: That's because of John. John did that for me, and I can't just shove him aside and move on. I can't do that.

Roman: All right, Doc, let me at least say this, then. This all happened very suddenly. One day John was strong and healthy and the next -- well, let me just say that maybe you didn't have time --

Marlena: No, no. Don't say it. Don't say that word "closure." Oh, God, that's such an awful word. Roman, some -- some wounds don't close. Some hurts just never, never heal. They can’t.

Roman: Just don't make it worse, all right, by piling guilt on top of all that pain.

Marlena: Okay. Look, what if I'm wrong? What if I can't make him better? What if I can't pull him through this? What if he needs more help than I can give him? What do I do then?

Roman: Well, first of all, you forgive yourself for not being a miracle worker, and then you make the best damn choice for both of you.

Marlena: And what if I'm right? What if I'm right and he is trying to reach me?

Roman: Then he will. Doc, you and John got what everybody else is looking for, and I can see it. He walks in a room, your eyes light up. And I'm not too damn proud to say I've envied him for that.

[Machine beeping]

Belle: Dad? [Chuckles] You heard me. Oh, my God, you came back. My dad's waking up! Oh, my God, Dad, please don't ever leave us again. Mom and I missed you so much. Somebody, please! My Dad! Oh, God. We missed you so much. Call Dr. Tucker! My dad's coming out of his coma! Oh, my God, Daddy.

Marlena: You envied John?

Roman: Well, yeah, hell. I mean, what the hell can I say? You and John make love look easy.

Marlena: Easy. No, it's not easy. But it's good. It's so good. He is so alive. This man...lives every moment of his life, every single one. And how can I possible accept the thought that now that's all over, that he is somehow trapped inside a body with nothing to hope for but maybe the possibility of blinking his eyes or whispering my name? I can't accept that.


Dr. Tucker: Okay. Tell me again, slowly this time, exactly what happened.

Belle: I told him that I wanted him to give me a sign that he was still there, and then he reached out and he touched my hand.

Dr. Tucker: No. No, he didn’t. His finger moving was nothing more than a muscle spasm.

Belle: No, he reached out for me.

Dr. Tucker: Look, this is one of the hardest parts of losing someone to a coma.

Belle: He's waking up.

Dr. Tucker: Nothing would make me happier, but your father's brain isn't capable of sending out any commands.

Belle: Well, you didn't see it, so...

Dr. Tucker: I've seen it before in other patients and they didn't wake up, either, Belle.

Belle: Well, you don't know my dad. And you don't know how strong he is. You don't know how much he loves us and how much he would fight to come back to my mom and me. All you know is medicine.

Dr. Tucker: If you'd like to get another opinion --

Belle: Yeah, good idea. I think my mom and I need to find someone with an open mind, right after I tell her that my dad is alive and well and trying to reach us.

Max: Hey, you left Mimi, so stop trying to keep her from moving on with her life.

Shawn D.: I'm sorry that I just barged in. I wasn't expecting --

Max: Call me in the morning. Mimi and I are busy.

Shawn D.: I came here to ask for your help. I'm sorry I came at a bad time. I'll see you later.

Max: Hang on, hang on.

Shawn D.: What part didn't you guys understand earlier when I said, "go for it, man. You have my blessing."

Max: I'm sorry. What happened?

Shawn D.: Belle and I lost Claire.

Max: What?

Shawn D.: Victor had child protective services take her away from us.

Mimi: Oh, my God. Shawn, I'm sorry.

Bonnie: Okay...if I were a morgue attendant, where would I put a bunch of bones? Oh, please. Oh, please, I was afraid of that. [Sighs] Okay. How about door number three? Please, please. Oh, God. Oh, stupid. The bones are not a body. They don't need to be refrigerated. Okay, okay, okay. Mr. Bojangles, where are you hiding? Bingo.

Conner: Hey, someone's coming!

Bonnie: [Gasps]

Conner: The exam room's locked. The morgue attendant had to run an errand.

Attendant: No problem. I have the key. Strange. I can't get the door open.

Marlena: I won't do it. I'm not giving up on him. I'm not giving up on him.

Roman: All right, then that's all there is to say.

Marlena: I thought you wanted me to accept it?

Roman: I do. I want you to accept help, not defeat.

Marlena: Roman, I feel like everybody in town is just watching me, waiting to see if I'm gonna fall apart under the pressure.

Roman: Doc, if you look at your past, you know how I see these episodes?

Marlena: Episodes? Oh, you mean me going a little crazy?

Roman: No, no, no, no. That's not it. I see it as a downside of a great gift. Doc, you feel things the rest of us miss, so if you tell me John's trying to reach out to you, then I listen. And that's why I'm gonna be here for you, night and day, all right?

Marlena: Oh, Roman --

Roman: No, no, no. Hey, listen, listen. I'm not trying to make you forget John. No way. Hell, I couldn't do it if I tried. I am just trying to be as good a friend to you as you have always been to me.

Belle: God, how do I get an outside line on this thing?

Dr. Tucker: Are you sure you want to?

Belle: Call my mom and tell her that my dad touched my hand? Yes, I'm sure.

Dr. Tucker: No, I meant call your mother and get her hopes up, all for an involuntary neurological response. That's all it was, Belle. And if I can convince you, you'd save your mother a lot of pain.

Belle: Okay, fine. I'll wait while you tell me why you're so sure you're right.

Mimi: I'm sorry, Shawn. This is all my fault.

Shawn D.: Victor took Claire, not you.

Max: Like you said, Victor's to blame. So he knew what you were going through. And he's trying to use it against you. It's not right, Shawn.

Shawn D.: But I am the one who made those choices, Max. And the sad thing is, is that Belle and Claire might have to pay for them.

Mimi: If I can do anything, anything, I will to help you keep your child, Shawn.

Max: We both will.

Shawn D.: Then come to court tomorrow and sign a petition as a character witness.

Mimi: We'll be there, trust me.

Shawn D.: Thanks, I do. Ah, got it. [Sighs] Something's not right here.

Attendant: I can't believe they left the shoes on. Rigor mortis.

Bonnie: Come on, handsome, let's blow this pop stand.

Max: Here.

Mimi: This whole mess, no matter what you and Shawn say, is my fault. I could have told Shawn that Claire was his child, simple as that.

Max: Yeah, but you paid for that mistake with your marriage.

Mimi: Now he and Belle are paying for it, too. Ugh, what a disaster you've hooked up with. Now you're free to take back those words about wanting to be with me, about caring.

Max: Unh-unh, not a chance. 'Cause I see you for who you really are. You might be a little screwed up, but you're not afraid to admit it, someone who's trying to be a better person. All we can do is try.

Mimi: So what are you saying? You want me to forgive myself?

Max: Don't you think it's about time? You hear that?

Mimi: Hear what? There's nothing to hear.

Max: Exactly. My life used to be full of loud and crazy sounds, and you gave me peace. So don't ask I can be with you. Don't ever ask me that.

Belle: So, go on, tell me. Tell me why you're so sure that my father didn't move his finger on his own.

Dr. Tucker: I've seen hundreds of patients all in the same comatose condition and can assure you, it was nothing more than a neurological hiccup.

Belle: God, that is so cold and totally unconvincing.

Dr. Tucker: I'm sorry for you and for your mother. She's waiting, hoping for that miracle, and if it comes, great. But what if it only pretends to come? What happens to her then? Belle, your father's brain is incapable of telling his muscles what to do. If I could fix that...don't you think I would?

Shawn D.: Hey, so, how's your dad?

Marlena: Are you sure you're up for this? I can be high maintenance.

Roman: I know that.

Marlena: [Laughs] Well, you got a lot going on at work.

Roman: That's true.

Marlena: And I won't accept pity.

Roman: I'm not offering any.

Marlena: All right. I'd like your help.

Roman: Good. Now, I'll make you another deal. If you promise to eat that food later I worked so damn hard to cook, then I'll put it in the fridge and let you lie down.

Marlena: A deal.

Roman: All right. Lay down over there. Let me cover you up. All right. There you go. Got it?

Marlena: Yeah. Roman?

Roman: Hmm?

Marlena: Thank you.

Roman: You bet.

Marlena: John.

Bonnie: Out of my way.

Conner: Where are your shoes?

Bonnie: Long story, come on.

Attendant: Stop! I've been looking everywhere for her.

Conner: Excuse me?

Attendant: Your aunt. I checked with the M.E. I checked with the transport staff. I'm sorry, but no one's heard of Gloria Joneston.

Conner: Well, maybe she's not dead after all. It's a miracle. Hallelujah. Yeah, thanks for looking. Hey!

Bonnie: Oh, gosh. We got what we came for. Now let's get the hell out of here.

Conner: We got lucky is what we got. So let's just get these bones out of here. Where are we taking them?

Bonnie: I thought we'd just dump them in the trunk of my car.

Conner: And then?

Bonnie: I don't know.

Conner: We stole a skeleton from the morgue and you don't have any idea what we're gonna do with him?

Bonnie: Stop! Stop! I did all the thinking so far. You come up with something, Einstein.


Max: [Clears throat] Something wrong?

Mimi: I'm sorry. I can't stop thinking about Shawn and Belle. Before he came over, I was so ready for this, but now... you must hate me.

Max: No, no, it's okay. It's okay. You're worth the wait.

Mimi: I just never expected this. I mean, from you.

Max: Uh, because?

Mimi: Because everyone says you're such a player.

Max: What? Do you know what a player is? A player is a guy who just skims off the surface what he wants and moves on because he doesn't want to get sucked in.

Mimi: Well, I didn't mean you were like that.

Max: No, I was. I was... until you came to work at the garage and...I found myself, um, I found myself trusting you.

Mimi: You trust me?

Max: Yeah. And it doesn't happen easily or often, but I do.

Mimi: Well, I trust you, too, Max.

Max: Oh, it's nice, isn't it?

Mimi: Yeah.

Max: All right. better get your hot little body to bed before it makes a liar out of me.

Mimi: No, you go to bed. I'll take the sofa.

Max: Wait, this is my house. I get to order you around.

Mimi: I'm the guest. I get whatever I want.

Max: You're stubborn, aren't you?

Mimi: Like a mule.

Max: All right, fine. I'm gonna go get some sheets and a pillow for you here.

Mimi: Yeah.

Max: Bossy and stubborn. I like it.

Shawn D.: So, tell me. What happened?

Belle: Well, he moved his finger. He reached out and he touched my hand.

Shawn D.: That's great. Why aren't you jumping up and down and laughing?

Belle: I was until the doctor came in and told me that he wasn't waking up, that it was just an involuntary muscle spasm.

Shawn D.: Oh, I'm...I'm sorry.

Belle: I just knew he was trying to reach out to me.

Shawn D.: Come on, he probably was. Doctors, come on, they're not always right.

Belle: Not Dr. Tucker. God, I just wanted to hit him.

Shawn D.: Come on, you're under a lot of stress.

Belle: Remember when we couldn't wait to grow up?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Life in grown-up land isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

Belle: All we wanted was to be free. And now we are. Free to watch a good man like my father lose, while a horrendous man like Victor wins.

Shawn D.: He hasn't won yet.

Belle: The way everything's going, with my dad and everything else, it's not like anything good is gonna happen.

Shawn D.: Belle, you can't think that way.

Belle: All he has to do is show the court that we're bad parents. You heard him. You heard what he'll do. Even our lawyer thinks that we might lose her.

Shawn D.: But we won’t. When Victor stands up and says all those kind of things about us, he is gonna stand alone. When we stand up to answer his charges, there is gonna be a roomful of people -- our people, our family, friends, people that we can count on -- that are gonna stand up with us.

Belle: Like who?

Shawn D.: I spread the word. Max and Mimi are gonna be there. Steve, my Aunt Kayla, my mom, my dad, your mom.

Belle: No, no, not her. Everybody else is fine, but not my mother. [Wind blowing] [Wind howling]

Marlena: John.

John: Marlena, where are you?

Marlena: Darling, I'm here. I'm here.

John: Mar...lena.

Marlena: John, I'm coming. I'm coming. Oh. Oh, I can feel you. I can feel you.

John: Marlena.

Marlena: John? No, don't go. Don't go. John, don't go! Don't go! Don't leave me here!

Roman: It's a dream! It's a dream! It's okay, it's okay. It's okay.

Marlena: It's not okay. It was beautiful. It was beautiful and you spoiled it. John was here. I heard him. He came to me. He said my name.

Roman: No! No, you thought he did.

Marlena: You said you believe me. You said that, Roman. You said it. Believe this -- John was here. He came to me. He hugged me. I felt my husband.

Roman: Okay, all right, Doc. John was here. He was here, but then he left and you tried to follow him over a damn balcony.

Marlena: I knew what I was doing.

Roman: I know what I'm doing.

Marlena: What does that mean?

Roman: I'm staying here. I'm not leaving tonight.

Marlena: Oh.

Conner: I'm supposed to figure out what to do with these bones? The whole steal the skeleton thing? That was your idea.

Bonnie: Exactly, and now my brain is tired, so it's your turn.

Conner: Hey, I'm 17 years old, Mama. I don't even have a GED, remember? I'm good at riding horses and herding cows. This is kind of a stretch for me, so excuse me if I come up a little short.

Bonnie: Oh, please. Stop your whining. Put Bojangles in the car and I'll think of something when we get home.

Conner: Fine, but after this, I'm out of here. You make life on a juvi ranch look easy.

Bonnie: Oh! You try and you try. What's a mother to do?

Max: Does it matter what side of the sofa you want the pillow on?

Mimi: No.

Max: Well, that's one happy shirt.

Mimi: Well, I never thought sweat pants could look this good. Thanks for letting me crash here.

Max: Yeah. We got an early morning in court tomorrow.

Mimi: Yeah, I should get some sleep.

Max: Yeah, me, too. Um, I'll see you in the morning.

Mimi: Night.

Max: Good night.

Mimi: Don't let the bedbugs bite. Stop, stop!

Max: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Mimi: Don't we want our first night to be a long night and a lazy morning?

Max: If that's the plan, you better put that blanket over your head before I attack the hell out of you. I'm only human.

Mimi: Sorry.

Max: Sleep well.

Shawn D.: I thought that you'd want your mom at the hearing more than anyone.

Belle: I do, but I'm afraid I might blurt out about my dad touching my hand.

Shawn D.: So?

Belle: So she'd get all excited, and then if he didn't get better...

Shawn D.: Then she'd lose him all over again.

Belle: Yeah. I already know how hard it is to hear the words "involuntary muscle spasm." I don't think she could handle that.

Shawn D.: I get it. It's the same reason why I didn't ask my grandparents to come to the hearing. They've just -- they've been through so much lately.

Belle: God, what are we gonna do if we lose her? [Sobbing] She's our baby.

Shawn D.: We won’t.

Belle: I wish I could be so sure.

Shawn D.: Victor and Philip are not gonna win. Trust me.

Belle: I just wish that my dad --

Shawn D.: I know.

Marlena: Roman, trust me. John was here.

Roman: I trust that John might be aware of what's going on around him. We didn't talk about him making trips across town.

Marlena: He contacted me. The wind woke me up.

Roman: What wind, Doc?

Marlena: It was blowing. It was howling. Was it a dream?

Roman: I'm sorry.

Marlena: I'm -- thank you.

Roman: You okay?

Marlena: Yeah, I'm okay. You can go.

Roman: No, I don't think so.

Marlena: I'm all right.

Roman: Okay, all right. But dreams have a way of recurring, so do me a favor. Make sure those terrace doors are locked tonight.

Marlena: Okay.

Roman: All right, I'll check back tomorrow. Lock those damn doors. Got me?

Marlena: Yeah, yeah, okay. I did hear a crash. [Wind blows] Oh! John! John! John, if you're here, give me a sign. Give me a sign.

Abe: Bonnie, it's Abe Carver. I need to talk to you.

Bonnie: It's the cops. Cops!

Max: Damn. What's with the people in this town? Can't they just let us have sex?

Judge: What do you say to that, Mr. Kiriakis? Is your son well enough to address this court or not?

Victor: Your Honor, I give you my son Philip Kiriakis.

Belle: Please don't take my daughter away.

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