Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/5/07 - Canada; Monday 1/8/07 - U.S.A.


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Sami: Would you please stop already? You're embarrassing me.

Lucas: And then it says, "Miss Brady freed Mr. Roberts and brought him to safety despite the intense cold and heavy snow, thus saving his life."

Sami: Cut it out already, Lucas. You read it a million times.

Lucas: Honey, you're a hero. You're famous. You got to enjoy this while you can. Believe me.

Sami: Please, people get their 15 seconds of fame and then...

E.J.: You must congratulate Lucas. If I see him again, I'll have to tell him that he has --

Sami: You are not gonna say anything to Lucas or anyone else about this.

Sami: ...And then it's over and you go back to real life and everyone forgets all about you.

Lucas: No one's gonna forget.

Kate: Exactly. No one even reads the paper anymore.

Lucas: Well, you do. You must admit, that sounds great. She did a heck of a job.

Sami: Lucas!

Billie: Hello. How is my handsome, lucky-to-be-alive brother?

Lucas: There she is. How you doing?

Billie: Hi.

Lucas: You brought me a plant. That looks great.

Billie: Listen, I just finished reading that article, Sami. That's amazing. You're a hero.

Sami: Oh, well, I didn't really do anything.

Kate: Exactly, so why are we even still talking about it? How about you? How are you and Chelsea doing with bonnie now that Patrick's behind bars?

Billie: Well, I wouldn't know because Bonnie kicked me out.

Bonnie: What is taking so long?

Connor: Mama! Come here! Give me a big old --

Bonnie: Oh, I'll give you a big old, all right.

Officer: Paperwork, somebody.

Mimi: I'll do it.

Conner: Thank you.

Bonnie: I give you money for bus fare and you ride a wreck of a rice burner out here with no tags, no license, no insurance.

Conner: Doggies, I've missed you, Mama. Come here, now. Show me some sugar. Right here. Nice big one, huh?

Bonnie: How's that for sugar, sweetheart?

Conner: Well... real glad to see you, too, old lady.

Abby: I can't believe you didn't tell Chelsea again.

Nick: Yeah, well, believe it.

Abby: So, what happened?

Nick: I don't know. I got a little bit... ...distracted.

Abby: You chickened out. Okay, tell me what is so hard about walking up to Chelsea saying, "Hey, I'm Lonely Splicer, your secret pal from the net."

Nick: Because. I told Chelsea that I found out Lonely Splicer's real name.

Abby: You what?

Nick: Dr. Shane Patton.

Abby: Are you serious? Nick, you've got to be kidding me.

Chelsea: Why isn't he answering me?

Stephanie: Maybe you creeped him out.

Chelsea: And how would you know what guys want?

Stephanie: I know they don't want stalkers.

Chelsea: That is so not what I'm doing.

Stephanie: If you say so.

Chelsea: Look, Dr. Shane Patton, well, he's my soul mate. And he's already totally into me, so if he is mad, he won't stay mad for long because unlike you, Stephanie, I do know what guys want. And he wants me.

Bo: So, what do you say, ma? Do we keep her?

Caroline: We kept you, didn't we?

Bo: Oh!

Caroline: Come with me, little angel. I'll be back.

Bo: Okay. Thanks for coming down here to the pub. It made ma happy.

Shawn D.: Mom.

Bo: Hey, what's going on?

Shawn D.: She's gone, Dad.

Hope: What?

Shawn D.: Claire is gone.

Belle: I don't know if I'll ever see her again. They took my baby.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Bonnie: You are in trouble about as big as that belt buckle, mister. $1,000 plus fines? I don't have that kind of cash, dear.

Mimi: Don't worry, Mom. I'll take care of the fines. Conner, what happened? The last time I talked to you, you were supposed to be studying so you could take your test for the GED and graduate.

Bonnie: Oh, if he's not studying for that -- whatever those letters are -- you know what he's doing.

Conner: I've been exploring my natural talents.

Bonnie: What's her name, and how pregnant is she?

Conner: No, mama drama, not those talents. It turns out your son's a natural with horses. I got a real chance to ride on the circuit.

Bonnie: The rodeo? That's that. You're not going back to that ranch until you graduate high school.

Conner: Now, why would I want to do that?

Billie: Well, Caroline said that Chelsea could stay with her, but in the meantime, I still got to find a place for myself.

Kate: Oh, come on. You have someplace. You can come stay with me -- both you and Chelsea.

Billie: Oh, thanks, Mom. That's nice. I appreciate it, but we don't want to get in your way.

Sami: Oh, come on, Billie. Tell her. You'd rather live in a box in the park.

Kate: Ha ha ha.

Billie: Listen, Chelsea is doing much better now, but she is still quite a handful.

Kate: Billie, I'm sure Chelsea would rather stay with me than in that dark, airless room above that smelly Brady pub. Come on.

Sami: Hey, that is my grandparents' pub.

Lucas: She didn't mean that.

Kate: That explains a lot.

Abby: Chelsea's gonna find out sooner or later that there is no Shane Patton. You should have told her the truth when you had the chance.

Nick: It wasn't good timing, okay?

Abby: Why not? You were there, weren't you, at Chelsea's house? What was the problem?

Billie: Oh, my God! It's Chelsea! Go! Go! Go! Get dressed! Get dressed!

Nick: Where am I supposed to go?

Billie: I don't know, just out -- anywhere. Go! Here's your shoe. Go!

Nick: I, um...

Abby: You "uh" what?

Nick: I --

Abby: What aren't you telling me?

Stephanie: Okay, fine. You're the expert on men. So, what do you really know about this Dr. Shane Plankton?

Chelsea: Patton.

Stephanie: Whatever.

Chelsea: Well, I know his heart. I know his soul. And now, thanks to good old Nick, I know his name.

Stephanie: Good old Nick, who you treat like a puppy. "Here, Nicky. Go fetch."

Chelsea: So?

Stephanie: So, you should have a little more consideration for his feelings.

Chelsea: Look, Nick likes it when I tell him what to do. It makes him feel useful.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, this Shane Patton guy is not a geek with a permanent wedgie. Just look at him. I mean, a magazine cover, a doctor. He cruises around in a custom Ferrari with nurses who moonlight as personal trainers.

Chelsea: So, then why do you think he says he's so lonely?

Stephanie: Because maybe he's playing you. Maybe he's not really who he says he is.

Chelsea: Please.

Stephanie: And even if he is this incredible guy, once he finds out you tracked him down when he said not --

Chelsea: He'll forgive me. Look, when it comes to guys, I know what I'm doing, okay? So, why don't you just keep your mouth shut and your eyes open? You may learn a thing or two.

Hope: Oh, my God. Child Protective Services tracked them down at the hospital, showed them a badge, and took the baby out of nowhere? That doesn't make any sense.

Kayla: Well, it makes sense if you factor in Victor.

Bo: How's he involved?

Kayla: He's suing in Philip's name for custody of Claire. And so, now Child Protective Services has opened up an investigation.

Bo: Philip isn't even Claire's father. And you let them take her away?

Steve: We didn't make it easy for them, but they had a cop and a court order. What could we do?

Hope: There has to be someone we can talk to.

Bo: You bet there is. Shawn, I want you to stay here with Belle.

Belle: Bo, please, you have to bring her back. I can't bear the thought of her being with strangers.

Bo: Hey, come here. She won't be -- not for long. Hey, Steve, let's go.

Steve: All right. See you later.

Belle: I keep picturing what she must be going through, how she's feeling. She must be so scared and crying and wanting me to hold her.

Conner: Ladies, I'm just not a be-in-your-seat-by-the-bell kind of guy. No, I'm a get-your-hands-dirty-down-under- the-nails sort of guy.

Bonnie: Conner, where the hell are you getting this?

Conner: Just like dad, I'm a working stiff.

Mimi: Next time you see him, can you give him a message for me? Tell him thanks for the Christmas card he didn't --

Conner: Hold it right there, Mumu.

Mimi: Don't call me Mumu.

Conner: Uno momento, por favor. Let's see here. Dad said give this to you.

Mimi: "Miss my little Mimi." Oh!

Bonnie: Mimi -- Meems -- Mumu.

Mimi: That's cheesy, but it's kind of cute.

Bonnie: Sweetheart, can you go pay the fines so we can get our little cowboy back home on the range? Shouldn't take too long. Go ahead.

Conner: You go ahead. Take your time, there, Mumu. Thanks. Ow. What did I do now? What did you do that for, Ma?

Billie: Mom?

Kate: Hmm?

Billie: I appreciate it. I really do. I just wish that I could just take better care of things. There was a time when I had a good job.

Kate: Billie! You know the market for upscale cosmetics is fickle. You know that.

Billie: I know that, and I know that I can do better for Chelsea and me.

Lucas: Of course you can.

Kate: But in the meantime, I want you to come and stay with me. Come on.

Sami: Um, you know what? I have an idea.

Kate: You know, Sami, that's not really necessary, but thanks.

Sami: I think I know a way that you and Chelsea could live alone and not have anyone else involved in your life. Would you be interested?

Kate: No.

Billie: Yes.

Stephanie: Tell me something, Chelsea. What makes you insult everybody you talk to in record time?

Chelsea: Well, I'm spontaneous. I say what's on my mind. It's called living, and it's probably why I'm gonna know more about life and people than you ever will. It's why I knew that Max was playing you. And I tried to warn you, Stephanie. I really did. You can't say that I didn’t.

Stephanie: Oh, well, in that case, did you know he was gonna dump you, too? 'Cause you were just as crazy about him as I was.

Chelsea: Hardly. No, I was just enjoying my time with him, you know, hanging out.

Stephanie: You were nuts over him, honey.

Chelsea: If that makes you feel better, honey. Maybe when you actually have a guy, I'll think about taking your advice, but until then, I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Abby: Whatever it is, you might as well tell me.

Nick: I don't even know what you're talking about, Abby. It's like you're yanking things out of thin air.

Abby: Would you stop and look at me? Where is your belt?

Nick: What belt?

Abby: The one that's not holding up your pants.

Nick: Oh. Look, Abby, it's under control, okay? Chelsea, Shane Patton, my pants.

Abby: You're a really sweet guy, but you are such a child.

Nick: A child with a job and a college degree. Listen, babe, I got things pretty well figured out, in case you hadn't noticed.

Abby: Until there's a girl in the room, babe, and then you act like you're 12.

Nick: Okay, I happen to know all a guy really needs to know about women.

Abby: Fine. If it works for you, great. But since you're my cousin and I think you're a really great guy, why don't I just make everything easier for you?

Nick: How?

Abby: I'll tell Chelsea the truth. Dr. Shane Patton is Lonely Splicer, which is you. Not a problem.

Nick: No! Absolutely not.

Shawn D.: It'll be fine. Dad and Steve will take care of everything. You'll see.

Kayla: Claire's gonna be in your arms before you know it.

Belle: You don't know that for sure. None of you do.

Shawn D.: I do. Belle, look at me. Look in my eyes. Claire is coming home. If you can believe that, it'll happen. And all this is just gonna seem like yesterday's nightmare.

Caroline: Kayla, Belle.

Hope: Here, Caroline, why don't you let me take her? Hi, sweetheart.

Belle: She is just beautiful. She's adorable. May I?

Hope: Of course. Here. Here's your auntie Belle, huh? You got her?

Belle: God. Look at those little fingers -- those incredible little fingers. They look just like Claire's did -- those same beautiful fingers. Don't worry. You're safe. Everything's gonna be

Chelsea: Where are you going?

Stephanie: As far away from you as I can get. You know what? When your doctor finds out how twisted you really are, he's gonna rev up that Ferrari and leave you in the dust.

Chelsea: Yeah, but then he'll be back three seconds later. I'm already under his skin.

Stephanie: Like ringworm.

Chelsea: All right, Dr. Shane Patton, you know I'm not gonna give up, so why don't you just give in and talk to me?

Nick: Look, thank you, but no, thank you, Abby. I'm gonna tell Chelsea myself.

Abby: When, Nick? What are you waiting for?

Nick: Maybe I'm waiting for the same thing you're waiting for, okay? You're just as insane about Max as I am about Chelsea. I don't see you running up to him and spewing it all over his shoes. When are you gonna profess your love? When are you gonna tell him?

Abby: Because Max is a lost cause, that's why. I practically saved his life -- his and Mimi's. And he is so with her that he's completely forgot about me.

Nick: He's not gonna forget about you.

Abby: When he sees me, there's a little sign that goes off saying "little sister."

Nick: Max doesn't know what he's missing.

Abby: And neither do you. Nick, you've got to stop whining for Chelsea and find a girl who likes you for you. I mean, you're not gonna stay a virgin forever, right?

Sami: Lucas, your sister and your niece need a place to stay. Don't you have an apartment that's empty?

Lucas: Yeah, I do. That's right. I'm kind of out of it 'cause of my meds, but you're right. Yeah, my old apartment. The guy who was gonna take it backed out. It's all yours.

Sami: Yeah, the best part is, we'd be family living down the hall from each other. I mean, that'd be great, right? Chelsea and will could get to know each other better.

Kate: The last thing that Chelsea needs is a decision made --

Sami: You know what? How about we listen to Billie? What do you say, Billie? You want to be neighbors?

Woman: Sir you just can’t come in here like this without an appointment.

Bo: I just did.

Beverly: Oh, it's you again.

Steve: Yeah, hi.

Bo: Please, Miss Healy, sit. And no, we don't have an appointment. But I'm sure you can make some time for us.

Woman: I’ll just call security.

Beverly: No, finish up that report. I have a minute or two to spare. What can I do for you gentlemen?

Bo: You made a big mistake. You took my granddaughter, Claire, from her parents.

Beverly: There's been no mistake. As I told your friend there --

Steve: I'm Claire's great uncle.

Beverly: And I'm her caseworker, and I have a job to do. When there's been evidence given suggesting a child is in danger --

Bo: Where did this evidence come from?

Beverly: Child Protective Services received some very disturbing reports, highly credible, suggesting the environment your granddaughter was living in wasn't acceptable.

Bo: Is that what he told you?

Beverly: He? I don't know what --

Bo: These reports came from Victor.

Beverly: Who?

Bo: Victor Kiriakis. He played you like a violin, lady. Hope you enjoyed being fiddled.

Caroline: I just can't believe that Victor would do something like this.

Kayla: Sure you can.

Belle: Would you look at those eyes? She has your eyes, Hope.

Hope: You think so?

Victor: Afternoon, all.

Shawn D.: You son of a --

Kayla: No, no, no, no. Don't do it. Don't do it.

Hope: Here, sweetheart.

Belle: Don't let him get near her.

Victor: Is that my granddaughter?

Belle: You stay away from her.

Kayla: Why don't we all just try to calm down? Come on. Come on.

Caroline: Victor, what do you want? Why are you here?

Victor: To make peace. I know you're all upset.

Shawn d.: Upset? You crazy old man.

Belle: Give me my child back and we'll talk about peace.

Victor: Neither Philip nor I want to take this to court. We're willing to compromise.

Shawn D.: No way.

Belle: Shawn is Claire's father, not Philip. Philip doesn't have any rights. He walked out on that little girl when he found out that she wasn't his.

Victor: Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, Belle. I'd hate to see you lose what little access you could have.

Belle: What?

Victor: 'Cause I guarantee that's exactly what's going to happen if you choose to fight us on this.

Conner: Ow! That one really hurt, Ma.

Bonnie: Well, good. What is the reason I had you come out here, young man, huh? So that you could help me...

Conner: Protect the family.

Bonnie: Very good. Jump start for your brain.

Conner: Well, I got an idea. Why not just get it over with? Tell Meems what happened.

Bonnie: We both know that we never want Mimi to find out the truth about -- you know.

Mimi: Well, he knows, but I don’t. The truth about what, Mom?

Kate: Hey, Sami, what do you say you stop interfering in my family life, hmm?

Lucas: Mom, all she was trying to do was, you know...

Kate: Oh, I know. I know what she's trying to do.

Sami: I'm just trying to make sure that your daughter and your granddaughter have a place to live that's peaceful, where they won't have their lives interfered with 24/7.

Billie: Sami, I'm not sure that I could afFord the rent in your building.

Lucas: You're family. I'll talk to the landlord. It's your call, but I say you do it. I think it'd be a blast. Come on.

Sami: Yeah, say you'll do it.

Lucas: Come on. Do it! Do it! Do it!

Abby: Nick, you are gonna tell me what is going on.

Nick: T.O. -- Time out.

Abby: From what, the truth?

Nick: No, time out from the whole love-life thing, the whole virgin thing. Can we please drop it? Please don't make me sorry I told you about it.

Abby: Why not? Because it's not true anymore? Yesterday you were a virgin, and today you're not?

Chelsea: Abby? Hello?

Nick: Please tell me that is not Chelsea out there.

Abby: Look, Nick, now's the time that you have to tell Chelsea that you're Lonely Splicer.

Nick: No, no, no, no, Abby. I cannot do that right now. I can't explain it to you. I can't do that right now.

Chelsea: Abby, where are you?

Abby: Oh, we're in here, Chelsea. Come on in.

Chelsea: We who? Nicky! Just the guy I was looking for. Look, right now I really, really need you.

Nick: You do?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. I need you to not be such a jerk.

Beverly: A court made this decision, detective, not me. The judge felt there was reason to have your granddaughter removed. Claire's parents can make their case before the judge.

Steve: Where's the baby now?

Beverly: She's with our people until her foster parents arrive, and then --

Bo: She doesn't need foster parents. She needs her family, not strangers.

Beverly: They're not strangers to us. They've been carefully interviewed, screened.

Steve: Why can't you have Claire stay with her grandparents, where she's safe, just until the hearing?

Beverly: Because the girl's parents are there on a regular basis. To put the child back in a home with a negligent mother and father hardly protects her.

Bo: The only people she needs protection from is Victor and you since he's obviously got you in his Pocket.

Shawn D.: You want to fight, Victor, that's fine with me. Philip is not Claire's dad. I am.

Victor: Paternity is hardly the issue here. Claire's home environment is.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, that's all taken care of. I'm living with my parents. Belle's living with hers. We're both working on trying to change things around to try to build a safe and stable home for Claire. No judge in the world would ever take her away from us now.

Victor: Even when the judge hears that while my son Philip was bravely fighting for his country, Claire's so-called father shacked up with a prostitute while in the employ of a man who had a warrant out for his arrest?

Shawn D.: See, Belle? Didn't I tell you? Didn't I tell you he'd do this? Aren't you forgetting that I drove a car into your living room?

Victor: It all adds up, I'm afraid, to a very unstable young man -- hardly one a court would entrust with a child.

Belle: No.

Shawn D.: Belle, don't --

Belle: No, it's not you. It's him. You knew that Shawn was Claire's father, and you didn't tell anyone. Every mistake that Shawn has made has been because of you, and all of the pain that we are all going through, including Philip, it could have been avoided if you would have just told the truth.

Victor: I did what I had to, to protect my family.

Belle: You don't deserve a family.

Kayla: Listen, since none of us want to spend any more time with Victor than we absolutely have to, why don't we hear what he's proposing? Maybe we could end this misery right now.

Mimi: What were you and mom talking about, huh, Conner? And don't lie to me. You can't get away with it, not since your first grade report card.

Bonnie: Can't we just take this home before you start in, please?

Conner: What do you think it's about, Meems? School. Mom was heading off her usual lecture. I failed, okay? I did the work and I tried and I blew it.

Mimi: Oh, your GED? Con, don't worry about it. All you have to do is just keep at it, okay?

Bonnie: That's right. Third time's a charm, honey.

Mimi: Yeah, and you know what? I'll work with you. I'll help you. We'll talk about it when we get home, all right? Let's go. I'll get the car warmed up. Put on your coat. And don't worry about it. We'll get it done.

Bonnie: [Sighs]

Conner: What's up with her?

Bonnie: Meaning why didn't she take your head off about school like she usually does? That's a good question. She's been little miss "ain't I all grown up" lately.

Conner: Any clue why?

Bonnie: Damned if I know. Come on, baby. Let's go home.

Billie: Mom?

Kate: Look, it's your decision, and I'm not going to say another word.

Sami: What, ever?

Kate: But I know what I would do if I was in your position.

Sami: Come on, Kate. You would never be in her -- sorry. Sorry.

Billie: Hey, listen, you two. I just want to let you know that Chelsea gets up really early in the morning and she listens to her music really loud.

Sami: Billie, would you stop trying to scare us off? You're family, and family is really important to us, right?

Lucas: Yes, yes, yes, it is. It would give me a chance to get to know my niece a little better. It'd be fun. Honey, easy on my foot.

Billie: Are you sure, I mean, really sure?

Sami: Really, really sure.

Lucas: Really, really super sure. Well? Come on.

Billie: Yes! Thank you! I say yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You guys have saved my life! Thank you. And, Mom, I love you, and thank you for offering. You're the best. And I -- okay, I got to go. I got to go. Thank you. I got to pack!

Lucas: See you, neighbor.

Billie: Bye! Feel better, honey.

Lucas: Oh, thanks.

Kate: Happy now?

Sami: Yeah, actually, I am. Thanks for asking.

Chelsea: Nicky, you promised that you'd find Dr. Shane Patton for me. And I mean, you're, like, this really big, throbbing brain. So, what's taking you so long?

Nick: It's... good to see you, too, Chelsea.

Abby: Come on, Chelsea. Nick's already tracked down this guy's name for you.

Chelsea: So? Look, Nicky, I need his address -- you know, like, his house address or where he works or something. So, come on! Hop to it. What are you waiting for, Nick?

Bo: Victor's paying you off. You think you're the first flunky to take cash from that --

Steve: Beauregard, slow down now, man. Come on. Just for a second. Let me talk to her. Listen, we understand what you're saying. But you're Child Protective Services. Doesn't the kid come first? Come on, now. This baby has never spent one night away from home. You throw her in with a bunch of strangers, that could shake her up for years. Why don't you let her stay safe with the people she knows?

Beverly: Your concern's justifiable, however, this case is out of my hands now.

Bo: Oh, that's bull.

Beverly: Rules are rules in this department, detective. The judge felt there was reason to have the child put into foster care.

Steve: This guy's a cop. He knows all about rules. You guys are on the same page. All he wants to do is take care of his own flesh and blood.

Beverly: And all I want to do is my job without being insulted or threatened.

Steve: Nobody's insulting you or threatening you.

Beverly: And what I want most of all is both of you out of my office now. And if you won't leave on your own, I'll have you removed. Is that perfectly clear?

Belle: Say what you came here to say and get out.

Victor: Well, Philip is being far too generous in offering this, but he's willing to settle if you'll have him named as Claire's primary parent.

Belle: Her what? He abandoned us. He hasn't even seen her for months. Victor, that's insane!

Victor: If she can't control her emotion, I --

Kayla: Belle, don't give him any fresh ammunition.

Shawn D.: Finish up, old man. Say what you got to say and then get out. 'Cause after this, you're dead to us.

Victor: All Philip cares about is the welfare of the child, which means that he wants her raised in a stable environment with her future provided for. We have the resources --

Hope: All your money can't make you a good parent. Just ask your own children.

Victor: I've made my mistakes, but the one thing my son has learned is the one thing that a good parent can be, and that's selfish, no matter how painful the sacrifice. He knows how difficult this is gonna be on you both. That's why he would like you to stay a part of her life.

Shawn D.: Oh, would he really?

Victor: As long as we're all in agreement, her primary home will be with us, and you'll be free to visit any time you'd like. I think that's more than fair.

Belle: Fair?

Victor: Very.

Shawn D.: All right, Victor. I'm gonna respond to your very fair offer.

Victor: Please.

Shawn D.: You can take your very fair offer, and you can shove it. And you can get the hell out of my face now.

Sami: Kate, you know, my mom always says that you got to let out your feelings 'cause if you don't, they could fester inside of you and explode if you're not careful.

Kate: Great advice. [Knock on door]

Man: Hi, excuse me, Miss Sami Brady?

Sami: Yes, that's me.

Man: The Spectator sent me down to get a fresh shot. We’re doing a big feature on you in this Sunday’s paper.

Sami: Oh, um...

Lucas: Another shot? That's like 20 today.

Man: Would you mind?

Sami: No, no, of course not. Let me just clean up a little.

Man: Great.

Lucas: You don't need to clean up.

Kate: It's so funny. I don't get this. There's no other news? I mean, you're making such a big deal. You're, like, flogging this dead horse of a story. There isn't any other news?

Lucas: Well, she saved my life, thank you very much. You can admit that you were wrong about her any time now. I'm listening.

Kate: Yeah. Right.

Sami: Okay. All right, where do you want me to stand?

Man; How about right at the side of the man whose life you saved?

Sami: Okay.

Lucas: Jump up here.

Sami: Really?

Lucas: Yeah, it's all right. Come on.

Sami: Ooh, if you're gonna be in this, let me fix your hair. Look at me. All right. All right. Wait.

Lucas: Do my good side.

Kate: This is really too much for even me to deal with, I have to say.

Lucas: Thanks, Mom.

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Sami: Bye, Kate.

Kate: Yeah.

Lucas: Love you.

Sami: All right, this is the biggest smile you're ever gonna get 'cause I'm just where I want to be. Say cheese.

Chelsea: Come on, Nick. Time's a wastin'. Tick, tick, tick.

Abby: Chelsea, maybe he's busy. He's got other things to do.

Chelsea: No, he's not. Nick, there's nothing you love more than making me happy. Isn't that right?

Nick: Lapdog? If that is what she thinks about our relationship, then I am done wasting my time.

Chelsea: Isn't that right, little Nicky? Oh, Nicky!

Nick: You know, my name is Nick, okay? And you need to work on the way you ask people for favors.

Chelsea: Excuse me?

Nick: No, I won't excuse you. I'm sick of excusing you over and over and over. Starting now, I don't do anything for you.

Beverly: I won't say it again. Either leave or I'll see that you face a judge, too.

Steve: Oh, now look who's threatening.

Beverly: Look, if you're so concerned with your friend and his little granddaughter's future... why don't you just leave? Just get out. Go.

Steve: Or what? What are you gonna do?

Bo: Steve.

Steve: I want to know what she's gonna do.

Bo: Let me handle this. Have a seat, would you?

Steve: Do you mind if I sit here? Of course you don’t.

Beverly: There's the door. Use it.

Bo: Let me see Claire and we'll go.

Beverly: You'll go now.

Bo: Two minutes. That's all I'm asking. I just want to see her, let her know that everything's okay. Why should she have to go through this scared?

Beverly: There are certain procedures to follow, and that isn't one of them.

Bo: You're talking about procedures. I'm talking about a little girl's life here. She could be scarred from this.

Beverly: You've made your request...


Steve: [Breathing heavily] Aah!

Voice: Say it. You know what you have to do. Say it now.

Steve: No, no!

Voice: Say it.

Steve: No!

Voice: Say it.

Steve: Get away! Get away!

Voice: Say it now. Say it.

Steve: Please don’t.

Voice: Say it. Say it.

Steve: Aah!

Beverly: Now you know what you have to do.

Victor: I expected these... children to overreact.

Shawn D.: Overreact?

Victor: But you three ladies know the way the world and the court system works. Teach them, but do it quickly. They have to understand what's at stake before it's too late.

Caroline: Victor, please don't do this.

Victor: There is no way that they can win this fight. Think of the strain it's gonna put on your family. Tell them this is the only way to go. The alternative makes no sense at all. Caroline, can you hear me?

Caroline: Yeah, I can hear you. And you heard my grandson. Victor, this is my pub, and it's my property. And I want you out.

Victor: Well, I'll see you all in court.

Belle: That man doesn't deserve to live, does he?

Lucas: Wade with the rock. Top of the key. Looking for Daddy Shaq.

Sami: She's open!

Lucas: Sweet Daddy Shaq! She's open with the slam.

Sami: Whoo!

Lucas: You got to hang on the rim when you do that. Put your legs out.

Sami: All right, out for the uncontested three points.

Lucas: Oh, man! He loses the ball!

Sami: Lucas! Lucas!

Lucas: And he almost falls out of bounds! Ow, ow, ow, ow.

Sami: Oh, my God, are you okay? Are you okay?

Lucas: Yeah, I'm fine.

Sami: Are you sure?

Lucas: Yeah. Does that prove it to you? Can I prove it?

Sami: [Yelping] Stop! Stop! I'm gonna hurt you! No, stop! Stop! [Laughs]

Lucas: Do you really want me to stop?

Sami: No, I don't ever want you to stop.

Lucas: Whatever my hero wants, my little hero gets.

Sami: Lucas...

Lucas: What? You really are my hero. You saved me. I can't believe it. I love you. I love you so much.

Sami: I love you, too.

Lucas: Come here. Come here. Let's play a little doctor now.

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: Come on. The tickle game -- you like that.

Chelsea: Come on, Nicky. What's wrong? Come on! You can tell me. What's your problem?

Nick: Stop it. Stop it.

Chelsea: Nicky!

Nick: Stop it! You're what's wrong. You're my problem. I did a favor for you because I felt bad, but I'm sick of being your little lapdog, okay?

Chelsea: My what?

Nick: And I'm not gonna hang around here while you keep walking all over me. Find some other poodle to kick. I'm over it, and I'm over you.

Shawn D.: He's not gonna get away with this, I promise.

Hope: You both have to hang in there the best you can, help each other get through this.

Belle: Without Claire?

Kayla: She is going to be back with you where she belongs.

Belle: I wish I could be so sure.

Hope: Hey, the court won't take a child from her birth parents.

Kayla: I'll be surprised if they could even get a judge to listen to this case.

Caroline: That’s why he wanted to settle, you know. The worst thing for Victor, what he hates, is to lose.

Kayla: That's right. That's right.

Delivery Man: Folks, excuse me. I'm looking for Shawn Brady and Belle Black.

Shawn D.: I'm Shawn.

Belle: I'm Belle.

Delivery Man: Hey, Shawn. You and Belle have been subpoenaed. Hearing's tomorrow in family court.

Belle: So, Philip can't win. There's no judge that'll listen.

Hey, Shawn. You and Belle have been subpoenaed. Hearing's tomorrow in family court.

Beverly: I'm through talking about this. You cannot go anywhere near your granddaughter tonight or tomorrow or any night, not before we have a ruling and a hearing in court. And if you and your scruffy friend won't leave my office --

Steve: Aah! That man sees his granddaughter now! You hear me?! Now! Right now!

Shawn D.: All I'm hearing is that Victor's got everything and we've got nothing. You tell us what to do, counselor. You tell us what Belle and I have to do to be able to get our daughter back.

Billie: You haven't even asked me about the surprise yet. Don't you want to know what it is? It's a good one.

Chelsea: Mom, thank you so much.

Abby: You had sex with Chelsea's mom!

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