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Donna: Mm. (Giggles)

Eric: Mm.

Donna: (Sighs) mm.

Eric: Good morning to you, too.

Donna: Yes.

Eric: Mm.

Donna: A wonderful morning. You know, it's the best I've had in a very, very long time. After last night, our--our kiss... you know, I knew that you wanted time, and I-I didn't want to give it to you. I mean, I missed you so much, but if now you are-- you're sure about me, then it was worth the wait.

Eric: You want an answer, I know, and I want to give you one.

Donna: I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Ever since the day that-- that we got together, that-- that's all I've ever wanted.

Katie: Is Donna in yet?

Owen: No, actually. I haven't seen her.

Katie: Oh. I thought I saw her car in the parking lot. She must be in Eric's office, singing your praises, of course.

Owen: Well, I don't need her talking me up to Eric. It was his decision to bring me back to work here.

Katie: Right, because you saved her life.

Owen: She means a lot to him.

Katie: Maybe he's just trying to test her. You know, if he really thought that she was betraying him, now she has to deal with you every day, and you have to watch the woman that you're in love with reuniting with her husband.

Owen: Is that what you want, for Donna to have a life with Eric?

Katie: It's what she wants.

Owen: But will it make her happy? I don't think so.

Katie: You know what I think, Owen? I think you should back off.

Thorne: Mom, I've been calling.

Stephanie: Oh, I'm sorry, honey. I-I just didn't really feel like talking too much.

Thorne: Why? Is something wrong? Is it Dad? He didn't make up his mind.

Stephanie: No, well, he hasn't spoken to me about any decision that he's made, no.

Thorne: So everything's okay. Nothing's changed.

Stephanie: No, nothing's changed, not one single thing has changed, except I walked in on your father and Donna kissing. (Sighs)

Thorne: Here?

Stephanie: She hasn't lost her hold on him, that's for sure.

Thorne: You--this is insane. He knows what's at stake here, Mother. I mean, you brought him out of a coma. You were there by his side the entire time, and where was Donna? She was in bed with Owen. How can he forget this?

Stephanie: Honey, listen to me, please. Just--

Thorne: No, Mother. He can't do this.

Stephanie: Thorne, calm down. I'm not happy about this either, honey, but, you know, it is what it is.

Thorne: It--and what, we're just supposed to accept it? No, Mother, I can't. I can't, and I never will accept it.

Donna: I know what I want. Do you know what you want? I think you do.

Eric: (Chuckles)

Donna: Ooh.

Donna: You're worried... (sighs) about Stephanie, breaking it to her.

Eric: She's important to me, Donna.

Donna: Well, you--you raised a family. I mean, you have so much history together.

Eric: Actually, you and I have a lot of wonderful, uh, history together, too.

Donna: So you haven't forgotten.

Eric: No. No, I haven't forgotten.

Donna: You know, my wonderful morning just keeps getting better and better. (Laughs)

Thorne: I'm not goin' to let you give up, Mother.

Stephanie: Well, honey, I don't want to, but I honestly feel I've done everything that I can possibly do.

Thorne: Well, I'll talk to Dad again, okay? I can get through to him. I know I can.

Stephanie: Sweetheart, you've been a rock for me, and your love and your support-- I-I-I appreciate it more than you know.

Thorne: Mother, you have been a rock for this entire family, includin' Dad, and he's not goin' to forget that.

Stephanie: Oh, well, sweetheart, let's just hope he can figure out that's what he's giving up.

Thorne: He's not givin' up anything, Mother. You hear me? He's not, 'cause I'm not gonna let him.

Katie: You know, Owen, if my sister wanted to be with you, she would be. She's in love with Eric. I think you should respect that.

Owen: That's exactly what I'm talking about. As long as Donna is together with Eric, she's never gonna get respect from his family. She's not getting much respect from him right now either. Her life is in limbo. He--he's asking her to put it on hold. Come on, allowing Stephanie to move in with the two of them-- it's horrible.

Katie: Well, obviously, she thought there was a good reason to stay.

Owen: Well, she's wrong. Eric's family is never going to accept her. They're never gonna let her be happy. Maybe it's time that I stop waiting for her to realize it and I make my move.

Katie: You should be careful. If you make the wrong move, you could regret it.

Owen: The only wrong move is to do nothing.

Donna: I am so glad that you haven't forgotten everything we've shared. I mean, so many m-- so many wonderful memories.

Eric: Yeah, wonderful, and some of them crazy, too.

Donna: (Giggles)

Eric: I remember them all.

Eric: It's a wonderful ride with you.

Donna: It's just the beginning. We could-- we could just pick up where-- where we left off.

Eric: Yeah?

Donna: (Giggles) Um, yeah.

Eric: It might not be that easy.

Donna: Eric, being with you has-- has never been easy. I mean, I have-- I have been ridiculed by the press. I-I've been trashed by your family. I mean, I-I'm blamed for every single dip of sales in this company. It's not all roses and romance being with you, but I would rather have a lifetime of those challenges than to spend one more day without you.

Eric: Donna, what you had to go through when I was sick, all the pressures on you, everything you had to deal with-- you were wonderful. I'm really proud of you. (Telephone rings)

Eric: Yes? Sure, I'll be right there. Right. Cutting room. I have to go down there.

Donna: Okay. You know, we're just... (sighs) one decision from spending the rest of our lives together. Okay, go ahead.

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Donna: Uh. (Sighs)

(Knock on door)

Thorne: Come in.

Woman: Uh, the models that you wanted for callbacks are down in your office.

Thorne: Okay, great. I'll be right there. Do me a favor and find my father and tell him I need to see him right away.

Woman: Okay, sure.

Thorne: Thanks.

Eric: What am I waiting for? Why don't I just call Donna and tell her that I want her to be in my future? (Cell phone rings)

Eric: This is Eric.

Ashley: Eric, hi. It's Ashley Abbott.

Eric: Ashley, how are you?

Ashley: I'm good. No, I'm lying. I'm--I'm--I'm better than good. I'm--I'm really great.

Eric: (Chuckles) Good, I'm glad to hear that.

Ashley: But I've been remiss. I should have talked to you a long time ago.

Eric: Not at all. I'm delighted to hear your voice.

Ashley: As you know, a lot's been going on with me, and, um, that's why I asked for the leave of absence from Forrester International for the last few weeks. And thank you so much for giving me that time. I really appreciate it.

Eric: Oh, you're welcome. I hope--I hope this call means you're coming back to work. You're in L.A.? You know, I kinda miss seeing you in your white lab coat surrounded by beakers and test tubes and all the rest.

Ashley: Aw, I miss you, too, and you just made this phone call that much harder to make.

Eric: You're not coming back to Forrester.

Ashley: (Sighs) You should be receiving an official notice tomorrow by currier, but I wanted to call you and speak to you personally about my resignation.

Eric: All right, well, you do have that option with your leave of absence, but I, uh, well, I'm disappointed, although I am aware that your time here did not end that happily.

Ashley: Oh, I don't know about that. So how is Ridge, anyway?

Eric: (Laughs) Well, his life is, uh, rather complicated.

Ashley: I'm not even gonna ask what you mean by that, Eric, but, um, I do hope that he and Brooke can work things out. As for me, I'm, um, well, I guess I'm reinventing myself again.

Eric: Wow, sounds intriguing.

Ashley: Yeah, I'm just about to board a plane. I'm going to London. I'm going to pack up my apartment and pick up my daughter, because we're moving back to Genoa City.

Eric: What?

Ashley: Yeah, I know. A lot's going on at Jabot, and, um, believe it or not, Victor Newman and I have managed to find our way back to each other again.

Eric: Aha. Well, the two of you have quite a history together. Is that a good thing?

Ashley: Uh, yeah, I think it is. Um, but the point is, I-I-I need to figure out who we are to each other now. Oh, they just called my flight. I wanted to thank you so much, Eric, from the bottom of my heart for all the opportunities you gave me there at Forrester.

Eric: Oh, Ashley, you're so welcome, and it was--it was a joy, an absolute joy to have you here. Now you keep in touch, you hear me?

Ashley: I will. I promise.

Eric: All right, and tell, uh-- well, give victor my best, and tell him that I think he's a very, very lucky man.

Ashley: Oh, I'm definitely gonna tell him that.

Eric: (Laughs) You are, aren't you? All right, go on, catch your plane.

Ashley: Okay. Thanks again. Bye.

Stephanie: Well, Donna's not here.

Katie: I know. She's at work.

Stephanie: Oh, you mean you came to visit with me?

Katie: Well, you were there for me when I needed a friend and someone to talk to.

Stephanie: Oh. Did you want to talk about something?

Katie: Eric has hired Owen back at Forrester, and Owen and Donna are working together, and Eric's okay with that. So you're a smart woman. You must know what that means.

Stephanie: Has your sister said something to you about this?

Katie: No, and Eric hasn't said anything either, but it seems like it's only a matter of time.

Stephanie: Well, gosh, Katie. Thank you for your very friendly visit.

Katie: I'm sorry. I really am.

Stephanie: Yeah, I am, too, 'cause the truth of the matter is while Eric was in the hospital, your sister was cheating on him with Owen.

Katie: No, no. That's not what happened. She was vulnerable, and Owen was comforting her, and, obviously, Eric has forgiven her for that, which can't come as a surprise to you, considering how many times he's forgiven you.

Stephanie: Is this your idea of a pity party?

Katie: No, not pity, just sympathy.

Stephanie: Well, I don't want either of them. I'm the first to admit Eric is my life. My life going on without him-- I can't even wrap my head around that.

Eric: Madison said you were looking for me.

Thorne: Yeah.

Eric: (Coughs)

Thorne: I saw Mother this morning.

Eric: Yeah, well, you made your feelings known last night.

Thorne: Dad, don't do it.

Eric: The decision's been made, Thorne.

Thorne: Dad, you put a hidden camera in Owen's office because you are not convinced of Donna's commitment.

Eric: (Clears throat) Well, I am now.

Thorne: It's only been a couple of days.

Eric: Look, I love Donna. She deserves to know that, and your mother deserves to know that, too.

Thorne: Mother is devoted to you, Dad.

Eric: (Sighs) Look, I want you to go in there. I want you to take that camera down.

Thorne: (Sighs)

Eric: I want you to get it out of there, and I don't want you to say to anyone what we did.

Thorne: Dad, you said you had to be sure.

Eric: I am sure now.

Thorne: Don't do this, Dad. You're makin' a mistake. You and Mom--

Eric: Don't start with your mother. Look, Thorne, your mother is an incredible woman. I owe her an immense debt of gratitude for everything that she's done for me and with me and brought me in our lives. We will always be a very big part of each other's lives.

Eric: Thorne, what--what--

Thorne: Dad.

Eric: What are you doing?

Thorne: Donna is alone with Owen in his office right now.

Eric: (Sighs) Look, turn that off.

Thorne: And she's gonna be alone with him when the camera is gone, and you're not gonna be able to see what they're doin', Dad. All you're gonna be able to do is--is worry.

Eric: I said turn it off.

Thorne: You need to look, Dad.

Eric: No, I don't have to.

Thorne: Yes, Dad. Yeah, you do. Sometimes it's hard to tell people their clothes look bad.

Katie: You and Eric have been apart for a long time.

Stephanie: Yes, but we've also had a chance to start over.

Katie: So did he and Donna.

Stephanie: You're not trying to tell me that you think that's the same thing-- what he has with me is--is what he has with her? Oh, come on. What Eric and I built was substantial. I mean, our marriage was supposed to last a lifetime. Well, in part, thanks to your sister, it's kind of been washed away like a sand castle, I guess. (Sighs) you can leave any time you want.

Katie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I just wanted to help.

Stephanie: You can't. U-unless you're-- you're going to tell me that Eric has spoken to Donna and--and he's chosen her.

Katie: I'm sure he would want to talk to you first.

Stephanie: Well, why did you come over here? Did you think that you were gonna convince me the situation was hopeless and that maybe I'd just walk away without a fight? I don't understand.

Katie: No, that's not why I came over here.

Stephanie: Well, good. Then you won't be leaving disappointed.

Katie: Stephanie, if Eric has made his choice, there's nothing you can do to change his mind. There's nothing anyone can do.

Thorne: Is this okay with you?

Eric: Look, it's-- it's nothing.

Thorne: Yeah, Owen's hands are all over her.

Eric: (Sighs) He's tried this before. She's not--she's not interested.

Thorne: Well, she hasn't slapped him or left the room.

Eric: Well, she will, if it goes any further, but--but it won't. (Sighs) look, Donna wants to be with me. She won't-- she won't jeopardize our marriage.

Thorne: I wouldn't be so sure about that. This is the woman you trust so much?

Thorne: He just locked the door.

Eric: What-- what are they doing? No. No! Donna, no! Donna! No! No!

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