The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 11/20/08


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Ridge: Brooke? Brooke? I'm here for dinner, like you asked.

Brooke: Finally.

Brooke: I wasn't sure how much longer I'd be able to stay like this. I told you dinner would be on me.

Ridge: (Laughs)

Brooke: (Sighs)

Donna: So we're gonna move forward on this?

Eric: Yes, we are. I think the surf line's a great idea.

Owen: Nice. I am so glad you think so.

Eric: And I want the two of you to work on it together.

Rick: Whoa. Hey. I think maybe we should discuss this.

Eric: I thought you were on board with it.

Rick: With the surf line. Yes, I am.

Eric: Good. And, um, I'm a fan. I just--I think that we need to talk about whether or not Owen and-- and Donna should be heading the whole thing.

Eric: Oh, I think they're perfect for it. Donna has runway experience and a great eye for what sells, and Owen's a surfer. I think it's perfect.

Rick: I agree with everything you've just said. I just still think we need to talk--

Eric: It's what I've decided.

Rick: Okay.

Eric: Let's get started on this right away.

Rick: Sounds good.

Owen: Awesome.

Donna: Could we talk?

Eric: Talk? Yes, of course. Is something wrong? Yeah, I'm--I'm not sure why you want me to spend time with Owen.

Eric: You've reassured me that I have nothing to worry about.

Donna: Eric, look, I-I'm gonna be honest. I-I think it's a-- it's a bad idea if we work together. A really, really bad idea.

Rick: Thanks for knocking.

Stephanie: Well, I saw your name on the, uh, door.

Rick: Looks pretty good, doesn't it?

Stephanie: Is there anything of my son left in this room?

Rick: God, I hope not. Don't look at me that way. We didn't have to be in this mess, Stephanie. If you'd taught your son how to share when he was just a baby, this situation wouldn't be going on.

Stephanie: Don't be so cocky, Mr. President. That nameplate that went up can come down just as fast.

Rick: Don't threaten me, Stephanie. If you want to tell people my little secret, go ahead. But be prepared. My mom will spend the rest of her life with Ridge, and God knows what it would do to my father.

Stephanie: Don't play that old saw with me about your father's health. Stop it. And I want to give you a little newsflash. The editing trick that you tried with your mom's speech on the podcast-- I'm afraid, darling, it didn't have the impact that you wanted. Ridge was angry. His feelings were hurt, but I think they're gonna survive.

Rick: (Sighs)

Brooke: Do you see anything you like on the menu?

Ridge: I think there are a couple of things I might try. Yeah. Hmm.

(Cell phone rings)

Ridge: Oh.

Brooke: Oh.

Ridge: Un momento.


Ridge: Hello, Steffy.

Steffy: Hey, Dad. I'm almost done at work. I was thinkin' about getting a bite to eat. Got any dinner plans?

Ridge: Oh, sweetie, I'm--I'm sorry. I've already ordered in. In fact, you should see the spread in front of me right here.

Brooke: (Giggles)

Steffy: Feelin' like company?

Ridge: I'm sorry, hon. I'm actually with Brooke.

Steffy: Oh.

Ridge: I would love to have dinner with you sometime soon, though.

Steffy: Okay.

Ridge: Okay. I'll talk to you later. Bye. Okay.

Brooke: Wait! Wait!

Ridge: "Wait! Wait!" What?

Brooke: I see that you still have your shoes on.

Ridge: Yeah? So?

Brooke: In a Japanese house?

Ridge: Ahh. Ahh, so, my apologies, Brooke-san. My apologies.

Brooke: And I read somewhere that it's very impolite to keep your socks on, too.

Ridge: Okay.

Ridge: Okay.

Brooke: And it's very, very rude to keep your shirt on.

Ridge: Oh, fo-- okay, okay. I see where this is going.

Brooke: Come on. Come on.

Ridge: Okay, let me guess. It's rude to have your pants on, too?

Brooke: (Giggles) Domo arigato, Ridge-san.

Eric: Are you worried that working with Owen might bring up hidden feelings?

Donna: Yes. Not--not mine, Eric. Yours.

Eric: I can handle it. I wouldn't have invited him back if I couldn't.

Donna: Look, I'm excited about the surf line. I really am. But it's not worth jeopardizing my relationship with you.

Eric: It shouldn't be a problem, if you're as committed to me as you say you are.

Donna: I am. Eric, you know I am.

Eric: So good. I see no reason why you can't work with Owen on this project.

Donna: Okay. All right. I will do it.

Eric: Yeah?

Donna: I'll do it.

Eric: (Chuckles) Good.

Donna: (Sighs) (Whispers) I love you.

Eric: Mm.

Rick: I just wish I could wake up one morning and find out that my mom realized she's so much better than this.

Stephanie: I so do not want to play this game with you.

Rick: Well, you're playing it, Stephanie. I'm sorry. You made that choice when you decided to keep my little secret about the podcast.

Stephanie: Is this blackmail?

Rick: Well, you can call whatever you want to. The fact of the matter is the thought of Ridge and my mother together just makes us both sick.

Stephanie: And what's your next move, Einstein?

Rick: Well, I'm gonna--

(Knock on door)

Rick: Come in.

Marcus: Hey, Rick. I got the message you wanted to see me.

Rick: I do, yeah. And, uh, Steffy, I'm really glad you're here, too.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: Am I supposed to use my hands, or do you have chopsticks or what?

Brooke: Well, I prefer your fingers. (Giggles)

Ridge: Okay, here we go.

Brooke: Mm.

Ridge: Mmm, very nice.

Brooke: Could I have some?

Ridge: Aren't you supposed to be decoration here?

Brooke: I'm hungry decoration.

Ridge: All right then.

Brooke: Uh-uh.

Brooke: Mmm.

Donna: Oh, what's all this?

Owen: I went to the surf shop down the street, picked up a few things. Figured it would be a good idea to get a sense of our competition.

Donna: Great.

Owen: Is everything all right?

Donna: Yeah, I ju-- I just feel it's strange that Eric would want us to work together. So I-I-I talked to him, and, um, I don't know. He seemed not to be threatened at all. I think he's starting to realize how much I love him. (Laughs) Anyways.

(Indistinct conversation)

Eric: Are you telling me the truth, Donna? Can you be faithful to me?

Donna: So how's the next one feel?

Owen: Oh, well, I like this one, actually. It's a much better fit, right?

Donna: Yeah, definitely, but, um, I don't know. What do you think about the pattern?

Owen: I like the pattern. And feel this. Feel the fabric on it. It's really soft, and it's really comfortable to wear, too.

Donna: Yeah, it's very nice.

Owen: Yeah?

Thorne: What are they up to?

Eric: This guy can't seem to keep his shirt on.

Thorne: What?

Eric: He's modeling swimwear.

Thorne: Dad, she's got her hands all over him.

Donna: This is really, really nice. What is the fabric anyway? Let me see.

Thorne: Is she taking his shorts off?

Thorne: You're gonna catch her dad. Sooner or later, Donna's gonna show you her true colors. I can guarantee it.

Marcus: So why'd you want to see me? Did I--did I do something wrong?

Rick: No. In fact, you're doing everything right. Obviously this company is under new leadership. And I just don't want you to get lost in the shuffle. You're too talented. So I'm shipping you off to Paris and Forrester International effective immediately so you can learn the ropes.

Marcus: What?

Steffy: Whoa. Congratulations, baby!

Marcus: Yeah, uh, hey. Thanks, Rick. Man, um, I don't know what to say. I'll do you proud.

Rick: I know you will, Marcus. I know you will.

Marcus: Man.

Stephanie: Guess I'll be earning some frequent flyer miles.

Marcus: Yeah, so, um-- so how long will I be gone for?

Rick: Well, as of right now, it's just a few weeks. But if you like it over there and you do well, it could be more of a permanent thing.

Marcus: Right. Without Steffy?

Rick: Well, there is such thing as e-mail, Marcus.

Stephanie: Yeah. Yeah, we can I.M., video chat.

Rick: See? Look at that. She's right. Look, this can be a huge opportunity for you, Marcus. Don't pass this up. And they're expecting you immediately, so I've made arrangements for you to leave tonight.

Steffy: Tonight?

Marcus: Yeah. I mean, how can I do that? I gotta get organized. I gotta say my good-byes.

Rick: Well, look, you don't exactly have too much to pack, with all due respect. Look, Forrester international will provide you with a brand-new wardrobe upon your arrival. Look, I'm-- I called the car, so you gotta leave in a couple of hours.

Marcus: Okay. Um, will you help me get organized?

Steffy: Yeah.

Marcus: Hey, Rick, again, man, thanks. Um, I really appreciate this.

Rick: It's my pleasure.

Marcus: All right.

Stephanie: You are making some rather hasty decisions. I mean, if it were me, I think I might just think this through a little more carefully before I started taking people's names off of doors and shipping other people off to Paris.

Rick: Wait. Just wait a second, Stephanie. I have thought this through. This company is going to thrive under my leadership, and the best damn thing we did was to get rid of Ridge. And it was easy. So getting him out of my mother's life is not gonna be that hard either.

Ridge: Thank you for doing this. I know we let outside forces get in our way sometimes, but none of that really matters.

Brooke: What really matters is that we can work things out together.

Ridge: Always. Always.

Brooke: I'm sorry about Rick. It probably was a mistake asking you to move out. But I just couldn't see any other solution at the time. Rick was hurt, and he needed my support, and I was able to give it to him. I just wish it wasn't at your expense.

Ridge: I wonder if Rick's ever gonna really appreciate what you and I have.

Brooke: We still have it, don't we?

Ridge: Oh, yeah. Yeah, we do.

Owen: Well, I don't know about this one. It doesn't have any pockets.

Donna: No, and it's a little bit too long. Let's see how it looks up higher.

Owen: Like that?

Donna: (Laughs) No, no.

Owen: (Laughs)

Donna: Silly.

Owen: Looks good.

Donna: No, more like--here. Like this.

Thorne: Whoa! Dad, look.

Eric: What? What are they doing?

Thorne: (Sighs) Never mind.

Eric: Now look, it all seems pretty innocent to me.

Thorne: (Sighs) Yeah, maybe so. But give it some time, though. Donna will prove that she's not worthy to be your wife.

Donna: Oh, my God! Congratulations.

Marcus: (Laughs) Yeah.

Donna: That's amazing.

Marcus: I know, right?

Donna: That's--

Marcus: But there's-- there's just one catch. I'm leaving tonight.

Donna: Tonight?

Marcus: Yeah, I gotta get my stuff together. They're expecting me right away. You're okay with this, right, Mom?

Donna: (Sighs) Yes. I mean, yes. I mean, I'm so proud of you, but I'm gonna miss you. I-I-I feel like I just started to get to know you, and now-- now you're going away.

Marcus: No, Mom, I'm not going away. I'm just going to Paris. And look, Mom, no matter where I'm at in this world, I'll love you just as much, okay? You do understand that, right?

Donna: Yes.

Marcus: Well, give me a hug.

Rick: So I want you to know I have a new strategy for breaking up my mother and Ridge.

Stephanie: Maybe they'll just fall apart on their own.

Rick: No. No, Stephanie. That is precisely what I want to avoid. I don't want my mother to get involved in another sick, twisted cycle of pain with your son.

Stephanie: Oh, my God. All right, what's the new brilliant plan? Because the podcast wasn't quite so successful.

Rick: You sure you want to know? I mean, it's big. And don't you want to keep your hands clean?

Stephanie: Probably, but on the other hand, I'm sure your father's forgiven me for much worse.

Rick: All right, I'll tell you, but I'm warning you, like I said, it's big. And it's gonna end Ridge and Brooke's relationship forever.

Brooke: Rick will come around. He'll see that we're meant to be together.

Ridge: Logan...

Brooke: What?

Ridge: I love you. I love your optimism. But our problems run kinda deep. When Rick screwed over Phoebe, that was it for me. That's probably where a lot of this antagonism comes from. Of all people, he had to hurt my daughter. It's unforgivable.

Steffy: I'll fly out and visit you.

Marcus: You better.

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Marcus: I'll miss you.

Steffy: I'll miss you.

Marcus: I love you.

Steffy: (Giggles)

Rick: Okay, Marcus, I'm so sorry, we really gotta get you goin'. I don't want you to be late. And can you do me a favor? Can you give this to Jacques when you get there? It's very important.

Marcus: Jacques. Got it.

Rick: Thank you.

Marcus: All right. All right, babe.

Steffy: (Sighs) I love you.

Marcus: I love you, too.

Steffy: Have a safe flight.

Marcus: Okay.

Steffy: Bye. (Sighs)

Brooke: It kills me that my son ever hurt your daughter, but Phoebe's fine. She's out on tour, enjoying the world far way from Rick. I promise you, he'll never hurt her again.

Steffy: (Sighs) Sorry I'm so emotional. It's just that I--

Rick: You're gonna miss him.

Steffy: I am. A lot.

Rick: Hey, look, I understand. It's okay. But listen, while he's away, I'm here for you. You can count on me, all right? Come here. It's gonna be just fine. (Whimpers)

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