The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 11/6/08


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Rick: (Sighs) Mom, I want you to think about something for me, okay? I would never want anything but the best for you. You know that, don't you?

Brooke: (Sighs)

Rick: Okay. That's why I'm asking you to do this. Not because of-- of my issues with Ridge or how I feel about the guy, but because of you, your future, your happiness. That's something that you could never have with him. Now look, I-if I thought that you could, that it was a-a remote possibility, then I wouldn't be having this conversation with you, despite the fact that I can't stand the guy. Please, don't marry him. He's just gonna hurt you again. You know that.

Stephanie: I've been thinking about you all day. How did it go last night?

Taylor: It was amazing. It was awesome.

Stephanie: (Laughs) Really?

Taylor: Yeah. After we played tennis, which time just flew by, then we went in the house, and we watched some movies. I don't know how late.

Stephanie: Oh, my God. That sounds marvelous.

Taylor: Oh, I don't even know how to describe it, Stephanie. It was--it was like we were living a moment in time. (Sighs) it was so comfortable, and there wasn't an ounce of tension. It was like we just picked up where we left off as a family. It was great.

Stephanie: Oh, honey, that's--that's--that's-- that's fantastic. And then what happened?

Taylor: Uh, then he-- he stayed over in the guest room. But it was just-- that was so great having him in the house. It just--it made it feel like we were really a family again. You know, I-I think that Ridge is going to be seeing things a lot differently now.

Eric: Well, you're really determined to rake me over the coals about this, aren't you?

Ridge: Come on, Dad. It's not like that.

Eric: Yes, it is. First with Donna, and now it's the business.

Ridge: I didn't think that Forrester Creations was gonna be an issue here. Last time we talked, you were signing papers to hand it over to me.

Eric: Yeah, well, I changed my mind that very day. Look, Ridge, I will not be pressured about this.

Ridge: That's my point exactly, Dad. You shouldn't have to be pressured about anything. But that's a major part of running a company like this.

Eric: So that's what this is about? Your concern for me?

Ridge: Yes. What else would it be? You're recovering from a major illness here. You can still design. We need you to design. But I should be at the helm. That's what you prepared me for.

Eric: Well, this isn't all just about you, Ridge. There are other people involved here.

Ridge: Like who?

Eric: Thorne, your sisters, Rick.

Ridge: I see. You've been talking to Rick.

Eric: Yes, I have. He's also my son, and I will not have him feel overlooked.

Rick: Can you honestly look at me-- I mean, look at me and tell me that Ridge is not gonna break your heart again?

Brooke: Honey, that shouldn't be your concern.

Rick: I'm sorry, but it is, Mom. I really wish it wasn't, but I've--I've kind of witnessed a little too much.

Brooke: And that is my biggest regret. I wish you didn't have to witness any of that.

Rick: It's not like you could help it. I mean, he hurt you almost every day.

Brooke: We have had some difficult times.

Rick: Have had some difficult times? Mom, do I need to bring up the litany of recent offenses this man has committed? I mean, look. You're looking at one of them. Just forget it. Just--I don't want to talk about it.

Brooke: No. No. We are going to finish this discussion.

Rick: Until what? I see it your way? Because you're sure as hell not gonna see it mine. Let me get something straight here. So Ridge can pull the plug on Dad in the hospital. He can throw me off of the roof of a building. And yet he's still the golden boy. I guess he always will be.

Brooke: Sweetheart, I am not minimizing how you feel. And I'm certainly not dismissing it.

Rick: Doesn't make a difference, though, does it? Never has.

Brooke: Look... (sighs) I understand that you're resentful, but you're blaming the wrong person. It's not Ridge's fault. It's my fault. And I need to take responsibility. It was my--my weaknesses and my insecurities. And what happened with your father--

Rick: What happened with my father? See, that's the greatest irony of all to me. I mean, Dad always put Ridge first, yet Ridge pulls the plug on Dad in the hospital.

Brooke: Your father doesn't even know about that. Donna didn't tell him.

Rick: She didn't?

Brooke: If Eric knew, it would break his heart.

Rick: Can I give you a piece of advice?

Brooke: Sure.

Rick: You have been very hard on yourself for not being there for me as a kid. You have another son now. Two young sons, in fact, and a young daughter. You have three very good reasons not to marry Ridge. Because if you do, they're going to feel exactly the way I did growing up-- second best. Don't do that to them. Please, do not make that mistake again.

Ridge: So I take it Rick really bent your ear.

Eric: If you want to call filling in the gaps while I was in a coma "Bending my ear," then yes. Yes, he did.

Ridge: What exactly did he tell you?

Eric: (Sighs) Nothing that I couldn't have found out from any number of other people.

Ridge: You mean my battles with Donna?

Eric: Why would you do that, Ridge? Why would you engineer a takeover at a time like that?

Ridge: Dad, we talked about all this before you got sick.

Eric: Didn't Donna tell you that I changed my mind?

Ridge: And I'm supposed to believe Donna? She wanted to run the company herself. Why the hell would you give her power of attorney?

Eric: Well, to prevent precisely what happened-- a lot of infighting here.

Ridge: That's exactly what caused all of it.

Eric: (Sighs) God, Ridge, you--you-- you act like you are entitled to more of this company than your brothers and your sisters. Have you thought-- have you thought for once how that makes them feel?

Ridge: Man, Rick really got to you, didn't he?

Eric: Ridge, I am not some puppet whose strings can be manipulated by-- by Rick or by anybody else. That's not how this goes.

Ridge: Dad, I was just trying to do what's best for Forrester Creations. That's what you taught me to do.

Eric: I need to make this clear to you. One day when I am ready, I will turn over the reigns of Forrester Creations to my children. And I will decide how it's partitioned and who will run the company. Do you understand that?

Ridge: What I understand is that you're changing the rules in the middle of the game now. I was to run this company, Dad. That was my understanding.

Stephanie: Everything in its own time. And I-I believe that this is going to be your time to be with Ridge.

Taylor: Why do you keep saying that?

Stephanie: Because of Rick. He's gonna force his mother to choose between him and Ridge.

Taylor: Stephanie, Brooke is not just going to give up Ridge to make her son happy. Not permanently, anyway.

Stephanie: No, I think-- I think Ridge is the one that'll walk away. I mean, look at his life. All he does is fight with her and with Rick. No, Brooke-- (sighs) you know, when she caved in-- caved into her son and-- and had Ridge move out of the house, I think that was the beginning of the end for the two of them.

Rick: (Sighs) God, I really hate doing this. But I finally have everybody's attention. (Sighs) (knock on door)

Rick: Just-- just a second. (Groans) Okay, come in.

Eric: Rick.

Rick: Hey.

Eric: How are ya?

Rick: Oh, I'm hanging in there.

Eric: Good. I brought your laptop, and I have some files from work that I brought you I want you to look at.

Rick: Thank you. Um, you can leave the computer, but take the files back to Forrester. I told you I'm not going back there.

Eric: Rick, come on.

Rick: No, we had this conversation, and I told you as long as Ridge is in charge, I don't want any part of it.

Brooke: Does Rick know you're here?

Ridge: No. I didn't even see him.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: Looks like you're having a bad day, too.

Brooke: It just feels like my whole world is falling apart.

Ridge: Logan... (sighs) you gotta believe me here. Nothing happened at Taylor's last night.

Brooke: Ridge, you can't spend the night at a woman's house who is openly trying to get you.

Ridge: I understand. But I also just wanted to focus on spending time with my kids.

Brooke: I want you to spend time with them. But Taylor was using that.

Ridge: You don't think I know that? I could tell that the moment I walked in the door. Listen, I can handle Taylor. Yes, she wants me back. She's made that very clear. But I want you. I want you.

Brooke: I'm sorry. It's just that--

Ridge: It's okay. You don't have to apologize. It's not necessary.

Brooke: I really... (sighs) do want you to be with your kids. I mean, if I've-- I've learned anything these last few days, it's--it's how much they really need us.

Ridge: You talking about Rick now?

Brooke: I let him down in the worst way possible.

Eric: You do realize the huge empty space you would leave in Forrester if you left?

Rick: Well, you'll fill it. I'm sure Ridge is finding someone as we speak.

Eric: I'm not gonna to let you go. I'm simply not gonna let you go.

Rick: Dad, you think I'm kidding about this, but--

Eric: I'm not gonna let you go, and I'll tell you why. Because you love that job. You love it there. Look how quickly you rose up through the ranks. And it's not because I helped you. I didn't give you a hand. You did it all on your own. You earned it. So now tell me you don't care anymore, because I don't believe you.

Rick: When I was a kid, I used to go to the office to visit you and try to distract you. You know, a son just trying to get his father's attention. But you wouldn't have any of it. You were so focused and-- and concentrating on creating that next incredible line.

Eric: I tried. I-I tried to be more attentive to you. I really did.

Rick: But you were. That's my point. I learned everything from you. My work ethic, my determination and my focus. That's why I'm so damn good at--but--

Eric: No, go ahead. You can say it. It's because you're so damn good at what you do.

Rick: Exactly. It doesn't even seem like work to me.

Eric: You and I have so much in common. We both want to create. We both want to be able to give to the world something magnificent that we've built.

Rick: And we will. (Chuckles) what am I talking about? I can't leave this company. You said it yourself. It's in my blood. It's in my soul. You know what it is? It's that I want to work closer to you. I want to learn from you. You think we can make that happen? (Chuckles)

Eric: Okay. It would be my privilege.

Rick: All right. But none of this retirement talk anymore. I just--I don't want to-- I don't want to hear it.

Eric: No, no, no. Soon enough. Soon enough. I'm not ready for that yet, although there are those who would like to see that happen.

Rick: Yes, of course. Ridge. He's not pressuring you into retiring, is he? Because if he is, he's gonna have to answer to me. - What if we all said no. - No.

Brooke: I guess I knew this day would come. (Sighs) I hoped it wouldn't, but let's face it. I wasn't really the mother to Rick that I should have been. I could make a list of excuses, but--

Ridge: But you're not going to, 'cause you don't have to. Logan, even at your worst, you're twice the mother that most women would be.

Brooke: You're biased.

Ridge: Yes, I most definitely am.

Ridge: I'm biased about this beautiful face and these amazing eyes and this absolutely phenomenal body. I've missed you, Logan. I need you.

Rick: Dad, please, do not let Ridge pressure you into retirement.

Eric: (Clears throat) Well, I would still design. I would still be designing.

Rick: Are you kidding me? He's throwing you a bone. Can't you see that? Don't fall for that.

Eric: Look, he has a point. I'm not getting any younger.

Rick: Wha--you believe that? Look at me and tell me that you believe that. Dad, you are stronger and more vital than you've ever been. Look how quickly you recovered from your coma.

Eric: Well, this is-- this is very good, very good. You're giving me a really good shot of confidence. That's very nice. Thank you.

Rick: And what does Ridge give you? How did it make you feel when he told you to retire and give him the company?

Eric: Not so good. I'll admit that.

Rick: It's 'cause he doesn't respect you, Dad. (Sighs) He doesn't respect your talent. I'm gonna tell you something. And I want you to listen to me. If you give Forrester Creations to Ridge, that company, within a month, will wither away and die, and so will you.

Eric: Look--

Rick: No, seriously. I don't want to see that happen. I don't want to see the company and you go down because Ridge convinced you that you're worthless. You said it yourself. We have so much in common, Dad. Forrester Creations is your blood. It is your soul. You built that company with your bare hands. You want to see it continue to grow, to expand, and I want to be right there with you.

Eric: Well, this is good. You're fired up about it. I'm glad to see that.

Rick: You're damn right I am. Doesn't Ridge care? Doesn't Ridge appreciate you? No, probably not, because he's not your real son. He's shoving you away, Dad, just like he shoved me off the roof of that building.

Eric: All right, all right. That's enough now. This-- this can't be good for you.

Rick: Oh, to hell with that. I feel more alive now than I have in months. Look, it's one thing to fight for yourself. It's another to fight for your father.

Eric: Oh, you don't have to fight at all.

Rick: No, that's B.S., because you trust him too much. You give Ridge the benefit of the doubt.

Eric: (Sighs)

Rick: I don't. Because I've seen too much.

Eric: You've seen too much? You've seen what?

Rick: More than you want to know.

Eric: All right, look. I get that you have, uh, issues with your brother. But you have to-- you have to know that part of Ridge is merely concerned for my well-being and my--

Rick: I do. Yeah, a very small part, that's for sure.

Eric: Look, Ridge has never done anything overtly cruel or negative to anyone, certainly not to me.

Rick: Yes, he has.

Eric: He would never do anything-- anything hurtful to me. He never would.

Rick: He shut off your respirator.

Eric: What?

Rick: When you were in a coma in the hospital. He made the conscious choice all by himself to pull the plug, shut off your respirator and end your life.

Eric: Rid--(chuckles) Ridge would never do that.

Rick: He did do it, Dad. He pulled the plug, and he stood there and waited for you to die. But the alarms went off, and the nurses and everybody ran in and saved your life. But a few more seconds, and you would have been brain-dead. You would not be standing here today, and we would not be having this conversation. So go ahead. Trust him. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Like I said before, I won't, because I know the truth. Ridge tried to kill you.

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