The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/27/08


Episode #5427
Written by Elizabeth Snyder, Michael Minnis, Kay Alden, Bradley Bell, & Adam Dusevoir

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Becky

Rick: Oh, my God. I can't feel my legs. Mom!

Brooke: Honey...

Rick: (Groans)

Brooke: I'm here, sweetie. I'm right here.

Rick: I'm paralyzed. I'm paralyzed.

Brooke: We don't know that.

Man: I want to review all the X-rays and tests.

Rick: Oh, my God.

Bridget: Please go ahead. Um, I'll be here...

Rick: (Grunts)

Bridget: To answer any questions that they might have. Do anything you can to help my brother-- anything that might have been overlooked.

Man: You hang in there.

Rick: (Moans) (Sobs) No.

Ridge: I don't believe this.

Rick: (Moans) (Panting)

Eric: Oh, my God, Donna, I said the most horrible things to you.

Donna: Oh, God, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter anymore.

Eric: But you-- you were just trying to protect me.

Donna: I could stand anything that you had to say to me. Anything-- all the hatred, all the disappointment, because I-I wasn't gonna let Pam hurt you again.

Eric: Oh, God, I just... (sighs) I wish I could have-- I wish I could have helped you. If there was anything I could have done-- I-I-I-never would have imagined that this--

Donna: There were a thousand ways I could have clued you in, and I thought about it. I did, but it was-- it was all too risky. So somehow I found the strength to break your heart, even though it broke mine to do it.

Eric: Oh, God. You were so brave.

Donna: (Scoffs)

Eric: (Laughs)

Donna: Oh, my God, I know it seems that way now, but, Eric, I was-- I was a wreck. But you know, it does-- it doesn't matter. It's in the past, and Pam is caught. And with any luck, she'll spend the rest of her crazy life behind bars far away from us.

Eric: Pam may not be as crazy as you think.

Donna: What are you talking about? She's 100% certifiable.

Eric: Yeah, she's always been a little strange. I'll grant you that. But, uh, not-- not as bad as she's been these last few months. Look, we found out there's scar tissue in her brain. And--and that this has all been growing inside her head since a childhood injury. It's very possible that this is the thing that caused her to snap and do all these terrible things.

Stephanie: Oh, excuse me. Uh, is there any news on Pamela Douglas?

Woman: Oh, I'm sorry. Someone will find you as soon as the surgery's over. Okay?

Stephanie: Thank you.

Brooke: How soon before we get any definite answers?

Bridget: I don't know. I think we're gonna have to run more tests.

Rick: Let me spare you the trouble. We'll look at the facts, shall we? I can't feel my legs. Therefore, I can't walk. So we don't need any more test results. We know what's happening here.

Brooke: Rick, you have to think positively. The doctors are gonna do everything they can to find out the problem.

Rick: We know what the problem is, mom. I am paralyzed. I am an invalid.

Donna: Scar tissue in her head?

Eric: Look, it's dangerous. It's very serious.

Donna: Eric, come on. This is somehow supposed to affect her behavior? Did Stephanie tell you this? Where are they now? Oh, my God, Don--don't you see this is a--this is a con? This is Stephanie's plan to keep Pam out of jail.

Eric: Now wait, wait, wait, wait. Calm down, okay? Now look, I spoke to the doctor myself. Pam's in surgery right now. That's where Stephanie is, waiting for her to come out of it.

Donna: Tell me you don't actually believe this.

Eric: Yes, I do. Look, Stephanie has lied about a lot of things, but not about this.

Donna: What? Pay off a university hospital to fake a medical condition, like the heart attack she had a few years ago?

Eric: This is completely different than that.

Donna: Well, I am not gonna wait around for-- for crazy Pam Douglas to come after us again.

Eric: Don--Donna? Donna, where are you going?

Donna: The hospital. I'm gonna get to the bottom of this. Come on!

Bridget: Rick, listen to me. It is too soon for you to be thinking this way. You're paralysis could be temporary.

Brooke: Oh, God, I hope so.

Rick: Is that how you'll forgive Ridge? If I'm walking in six months?

Ridge: Rick, I'm sorry for what happened.

Rick: But what? It's not your fault? I didn't jump off of the building, Ridge. We were the only two people up there. You can stop with your shallow sympathies.

Ridge: Rick, we are all very concerned.

Rick: Find another way to deal with your guilt, because I don't want to look at your face again.

Brooke: Rick--

Rick: Get him out of here, please. Leave! Get out of here and stop pretending that you care, because you finally got what you wanted.

Ridge: Rick, I don't want this for you. You're Brooke's son. I helped raise you. We may have not seen eye to eye on a lot of things, but where you got the idea that I just don't care, I don't know.

Rick: 'Cause you spent your entire life taking things from me.

Ridge: Like what?

Rick: My mother. It's really hard when your parents split up. I mean, look at you and Felicia and Thorne. You acted like a bunch of heartsick kids when your parents got divorced. And you were adults. I was a child when you swooped in and took my mother away from my dad. You ever stop to think what that was like for me? What my childhood would have been like if you would have just left my mother the hell alone? You have any idea what Bridget and I went through during your indecisions? "Is it--is it gonna be Taylor? Is it gonna be Brooke? Is it gonna be Brooke? Is it gonna be Taylor?" You couldn't make up your damn mind, and you really didn't care that Bridget and I had to pick up the pieces when Taylor was the flavor of your month.

Bridget: (Sighs) Rick, I-- please, th--this is all ancient history.

Rick: Bridget, stop. Just stop. What? Are you gonna deny this? You gonna pretend that we played board games and-- and sang "Kumbaya" every time Ridge walked out on mom? I'm gonna say this again. Stop pretending that you care, that you give a damn, because you don't. The only time you ever noticed me was when I was in the way. My entire life, that's what it's been like. And now that I'm an adult, it's not enough that you have my mom. You have to get involved, to interfere, with the women that I love. Like Ashley, Phoebe and now Taylor. You probably think that putting me in a wheelchair is gonna stop me-- to prevent me from defending my mother. Well, you're dead wrong. You couldn't be more wrong. You are never gonna ruin another thing for me, Ridge. For any of us. You will not take another damn thing away from me. Now get the hell out. Get out!

Bridget: I-I think we should give him some space. Mom?

Brooke: I'll be right back.

Rick: (Groans)

Man: Michael Crawford, 3-4-0. Michael Crawford, please call 3-4-0. (Elevator bell dings)

Donna: Didn't want to risk a heart attack again?

Stephanie: Excuse me?

Donna: How much did it cost you this time, Stephanie? Do you have a wing named after you?

Stephanie: Matter of fact, we do. Look, I don't know what you're going on and on about. This is a very real situation. My sister's in surgery right this minute.

Donna: Oh, and then I'm supposed to forgive the post-lobotomy Pam? Is that--is that the plan?

Stephanie: You know, whether you forgive her or not, I couldn't give a flying you-know-what. And I'm not gonna sit here and make excuses for her, especially now that we understand what caused the irrational behavior.

Dr. Bauer: Mrs. Forrester?

Stephanie: Oh, yes, doctor? Is my sister all right?

Dr. Bauer: She came through surgery very well.

Stephanie: Oh.

Dr. Bauer: We'll be, uh, transferring her down to recovery very shortly.

Stephanie: Well, that's great news.

Dr. Bauer: It is good news. We won't know the complete residual effects until after she regains consciousness, though.

Woman: Dr. Bauer?

Dr. Bauer: Excuse me for a moment.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Donna: Oh, your sister belongs in jail. Look, I don't care if she comes out of this pretending to be her--her old sweet, sugary self. I will not rest until she's behind bars. You got that?

(Elevator bell dings)

Eric: How's Pam, Stephanie?

Stephanie: The surgery was successful.

Eric: Good. Wonderful.

Stephanie: I know.

Dr. Bauer: Since your sister is wanted by the police, we'll be transferring her to a state-run facility as soon as it's medically feasible.

Eric: Mm.

Stephanie: Well, but what about the quality of care there?

Dr. Bauer: Well, I'll be honest with you. The treatment she would receive here is far superior, so if there's any way to avoid transferring her, I would. Unfortunately, it's not my call.

Donna: So you are saying that this is real?

Dr. Bauer: Oh, the mass was quite large.

Donna: And we're supposed to believe that this somehow affected Pam's recent behavior?

Dr. Bauer: Well, it certainly could have. You mentioned yourself that her behavior had changed.

Stephanie: Oh, absolutely.

Eric: Radically.

Dr. Bauer: It's quite possible we found the cause. If you'll excuse me.

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: Thank you, doctor.

Donna: You cannot believe this.

Eric: Look, I know you're upset about this.

Donna: No. No.

Eric: We'll talk about this-- talk this through.

Rick: (Groans)

Ridge: You stay the hell away from my daughter!

Brooke: Ridge, stop it!

Rick: (Grunts)

Ridge: You bastard.

Steffy: Dad, leave him alone! Dad!

Ridge: Get off of her.

Rick: (Grunts)

Ridge: Taylor decided to call of your wedding, Rick.

Rick: Aah!

Ridge: It's not my damn fault.

Rick: (Grunts) aah! (Grunting) (panting) (sobs)

Brooke: What Rick said--

Ridge: He's in shock. He's angry and hurt. If it helped him feel better, I'm kind of glad he was able to lash out at me.

Brooke: How are we gonna get through this, Ridge?

Ridge: We will. And so will Rick.

Brooke: He hates you. He's gonna blame you for the rest of his life. And what if he can never walk again?

Ridge: Don't think like that, Logan. Don't think like that. Rick's gonna walk again. Eventually he's gonna realize this was a terrible accident.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry.

Bridget: Mom, I have some news.

Brooke: What is it?

Bridget: Well, we got the x-rays back, and we were able to confirm that there are no spinal injuries.

Brooke: (Gasps)

Bridget: Amazingly, there's no breaks, no dislocations, nothing.

Ridge: What does that mean? Why--why is he paralyzed?

Bridget: Well, we're suspecting that there's swelling around the spinal cord, which impairs the nerve, and if that's the case, then the nerve function might return when the swelling subsides.

Brooke: (Sighs) So it's just temporary.

Bridget: If swelling is what's causing the paralysis, then there's a good chance he'll regain the use of his legs. Let's just hold out hope that that's what it is. I'm gonna go check on him.

Brooke: Okay. (Sighs)

Ridge: See? I told you. I told you. Rick's gonna recover.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: And so will we. Logan, look, I know you've been struggling with what happened. Do you believe me? I would never, ever intentionally hurt your son.

Brooke: (Sighs) I know.

Brooke: I know. I know you wouldn't do that. And you know what? Rick is gonna be okay. (Sighs) so the three of us, we'll just get together, and we'll work through this. We have to. Because I need you now more than I ever have.

Woman: She's just starting to come around. You can go in if you want.

Stephanie: Thank you very much. (Machines beeping)

Eric: Oh.

Stephanie: Pam?

Stephanie: Pam, it's Stephanie.

Pam: Oh, where--where am--

Stephanie: You're gonna be okay now. Everything's gonna be all right.

Pam: Where am I?

Stephanie: You're at the hospital. You've had surgery.

Pam: What?

Donna: Where are the police?

Eric: The operation's over, so they'll probably be here any minute now.

Donna: (Quietly) look, I-I know you don't want to hear this, but she's dangerous. She should be in jail.

Stephanie: (Quietly) Oh, would you shut up! I don't want you to say things like that out loud. Didn't the doctors explain to you? It's not her fault. She's not responsible.

Donna: She's a homicidal maniac.

Pam: Tiny! Who's taking care of tiny?

Pam: (Whispers) Tiny-

Pam: Who's taking care of Tiny? He needs-- he needs water, food. Mother's no good at it. She'll put him in a kennel.

Stephanie: Pam, he's not in a kennel.

Pam: Oh, good. Where is he?

Stephanie: You know where he is.

Pam: Oh, he's at your house. So he's fine? He's okay?

Stephanie: Pam, Tiny died.

Pam: When, Steph? When I was having surgery?

Stephanie: No, no. He--months ago. You know that.

Pam: What? No. But that's not possible. I was just with him. We took a long walk together.

Donna: Hey, Pammy. Remember me? Donna.

Pam: Donna?

Donna: I just want to say you are giving a remarkable performance, considering you held a gun to my head, you tried to run my mother over with your car, and you poisoned Eric.

Pam: Why are you saying all these crazy things? Why? Oh, tiny. My baby. I want Tiny. (Sobs)

Donna: (Scoffs)

Brooke: Rick? Rick? Are you okay?

Rick: Yeah. Everything is just perfect in my world, Mom.

Brooke: Didn't Bridget come in here and tell you the good news?

Rick: Mm-hmm. Spinal cord swelling. So maybe I'll get to walk again someday, if I'm lucky.

Brooke: You are lucky. And you are going to be able to walk again. Pretty soon, you're gonna be up out of this bed.

Rick: Won't you forgive me if I don't share the same "Pollyanna" attitude you have right now? Given that I'm the one lying here flat on my back and can't feel my legs.

Brooke: You will. You'll see.

Rick: Then what happens? Do we all forgive Ridge and just move on with our happy little lives?

Brooke: Now this isn't about Ridge. This is about you and your prognosis.

Rick: It's always about Ridge, Mom.

Brooke: No, it isn't.

Rick: Yes, it is. Ever since I was a child, you've been consumed with that man. Well, I need you now. More than ever. I need you to put me first. Is that too much to ask? I need you to let him go, Mom. Let Taylor have him. They deserve each other. Listen to me. I love you. You have to do this for me. Please, this one request. Get Ridge out of our lives once and for all. (Groans) (Grunts) (Sighs)

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