The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/23/08


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Ridge: You don't have to do this. (Grunts)

Ridge: (Grunting)

Rick: (Grunting)

Rick: (Grunts)

Ridge: (Grunting)

Rick: (Grunting)

Ridge: (Grunts)

Rick: You son of a bitch.

Ridge: (Grunts) Rick! Rick!

Donna: (Sighs) (seagulls calling) (waves crashing)

Owen: It hasn't been that long.

Donna: Look, if something goes wrong, I--

Owen: Look, Stephanie's priority is not to call here. It's to hand Pam over to the police or the men in the white coats.

Donna: Eric is in that house with her.

Owen: Look, Stephanie is not gonna let anything happen to him.

Donna: (Sighs)

Pam: Mother told you to do this, didn't she?

Stephanie: No.

Pam: But who's outside, the ambulance?

Stephanie: No, there's no one outside. I hired it.

Pam: No, you would never do this. You would never trick me like that. I know she's here.

Stephanie: No, Pam.

Pam: Mother, you get down here!

Stephanie: No, Pam, listen to me. She's not up there. She's not upstairs. I'm sorry.

Pam: (Gasps) (sighs) She never was around when you really needed her. (Sighs)

Stephanie: No.

Pam: Only when we pretended to be the perfect family.

Stephanie: She misses you, too.

Pam: Oh, God. She misses me doing her laundry. She misses me making her meat loaf recipe.

Stephanie: It wasn't fair for you to be her caretaker...

Pam: (Sighs)

Stephanie: All these years, but she loves you, and I know you love her, too.

Pam: It was never about that, Steph. She loves me the way a cat loves its scratching post, but you deserved a life of your own.

Stephanie: So did you.

Pam: No, I didn't, but I was gonna make sure that you did not get sucked into that whiney, self-centered world. I was the one who got to be safe when we were little. Have you ever forgiven me, Steph? Please, tell me the truth.

Stephanie: There was nothing to forgive, Pam.

Pam: I knew what Daddy was doing to you.

Stephanie: You were just a child.

Pam: I could have stopped him, Steph. Mother never would, but I could have stopped him. There was this teacher at school who was asking me questions about you all the time. He knew something was wrong. His name was Mr. Garcia, and I wouldn't admit it.

Stephanie: It was-- but it wasn't your responsibility to admit it.

Pam: There was nobody else. Of course it was my responsibility. I heard you screaming. I heard the slap of Daddy's belt over and over. Never again. That is the promise that I made myself. Never again was I gonna stand by and do nothing when somebody hurt you. I've kept my promise, Steph.

Stephanie: Oh, Pam, Pam.

Ridge: Oh, my God. (Alarm wailing)

Ridge: Call 9-1-1 now! Rick! Rick! Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, no, Rick. Oh, hang in there, buddy. Hang in there. Help's on its way. Damn it, Rick!

Man: In the back, we'll check his pupils. We'll check his airway.

Ridge: Hang in there, Rick. Hang in there.

Man: It's gonna be all right.

Man: (Speaking indistinctly)

Ridge: We'll get you to the hospital.

Man: Call the hospital...

Ridge: Okay, hang in there, Rick, hang in there.

Woman: Uh-oh, look.

Ridge: He's gonna be all right, right? He's gonna be all right?

Man: Yep.

Man: We need to know what happened, sir.

Ridge: We were just up v the roof. We were talkin', and then he came at me, and then he fell. Argh!

Man: I think you'd better wait here for the police.

Ridge: I'm not concerned about the police. Just tell them I've gone to the hospital with you. Go.

Man: All right.

(Sirens wailing)

(Cell phone ringing)

Brooke: Hello?

Ridge: Logan, is Katie there?

Brooke: No.

Ridge: How about your mom?

Brooke: Why?

Ridge: I need you to leave the kids there and meet me at the hospital.

Brooke: Ridge, are you all right?

Ridge: I'm okay. It's ju--Brooke, there's been an accident. It's Rick.

Owen: What are you doin'?

Donna: I've gotta go over there.

Owen: No, no, no.

Donna: Look, if any--

Owen: No, you're not.

Donna: If anything happens to them, it's all my--

Owen: You can't afford to be in Pam's sights. I'm serious. Look, you want to go through this door, then you're gonna have to go through me. If anybody can get through to Pam, it's Stephanie.

Stephanie: You did all these things for me?

Pam: Eric doesn't love that woman, Steph. He loves you. Men just sometimes forget what's important.

Stephanie: He almost died, Pam.

Pam: I know, but that was an accident. I just wanted to remind him he's not young anymore. He can't spend hours on end in bed with that bimbo and expect not to pay the price.

Eric: And have I paid it, Pam? I mean, to your satisfaction?

Pam: Eric, I-I ju-- I just wanted to scare you.

Eric: No, I think you wanted to do a little more than that.

Pam: Well, it's just the same thing that she did to my tiny.

Eric: Tiny wasn't poisoned.

Pam: (Scoffs) That's what she says.

Eric: His heart gave out.

Pam: (Sighs)

Eric: Unlike mine, which was fine until you stopped it.

Stephanie: Eric, Eric.

Eric: Was I-- was I ever cruel to you, Pam? Did I treat you badly?

Pam: I don't know what's happening to me. I-I just am doing all these terrible things. Steph, I didn't used to be like this, did I?

Stephanie: No, no, no, no. You--no, no, Pam. No, you weren't.

Pam: I know you think it's because I'm not taking the pills anymore, but it's--

Stephanie: No, I don't. No, listen to me. I don't think it's the medication, because you've been off your meds before. I think it's something different now...

Pam: Yeah.

Stephanie: Something new.

Pam: Eric, whatever you do, please don't blame her. It's just that when somebody hurts her, when--when somebody makes Stephanie sad or afraid, it's like these-- these sirens go off in my head, and I just have to do something, anything. She isn't weak. I'm the weak one. She's strong. She could stand anything, whether it's right or not, but she shouldn't have to. She's done enough of that in her life. You know, if she had stood up to our father all those years ago, she would have won, but you knew that he would just come after me.

Stephanie: Daddy can't hurt anybody anymore, all right?

Pam: (Sighs) No, but here's another man who promised to love you his whole life long, and what did you do instead? What is it with you people who can't keep your promises? I promised to take care of my mother, and I did it, whether she's a miserable person or not. Why would you look for someone else, Eric, when you had my sister? How could you walk out on her like that? No, I wasn't having it. I know that I did too many things. I know that I was wrong, but I wasn't as wrong as you.

(Telephone ringing)

Woman: Is that the jumper?

Man: He didn't jump. B.P.'s 81 over 50. Heart rate's 115...

Bridget: Rick? Rick?

Man: He has not regained consciousness.

Bridget: Oh, my God, Rick.

Woman: Wait, you--you know him?

Bridget: He's my brother. Rick. What--

Man: He hasn't regained consciousness.

Bridget: We just need--we need to get him into the x-ray room right away. Oh, my God. Does anyone know what happened? Rick. (Elevator bell dings)

Ridge: (Sighs)

Brooke: Where is he?

Ridge: (Sighs) He's--he's goin' in there.

Brooke: In where?

Ridge: Bridget's with him. She's with him now.

Brooke: You fought?

Ridge: Logan, this was nothing like what happened in Australia.

Brooke: Well, then what happened, Ridge? How did Rick get hurt? And please tell me you didn't have anything to do with this.

Ridge: (Sighs) (sighs)

Man: Blue team to I.C.U., Please. Blue team, I.C.U.

Brooke: Ridge, tell me what happened, please.

Ridge: When Rick called, he wanted me to meet him...

Brooke: I know that.

Ridge: At the sky lounge. It's because Taylor broke up with him, Brooke. He was angry, so angry. He was blaming me for everything.

Brooke: You're scaring me. What are you saying?

Ridge: I'm tellin' you he was furious. He was trying to tell me--

Brooke: Bridget, what's going on?

Bridget: (Sighs) They just did some scans to find out the extent of his internal injuries.

Brooke: What do the scans show?

Bridget: Well, I'm not a radiologist or an orthopedic surgeon, but it looked to me like the worst things that could have happened didn't.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Bridget: He is still unconscious. His doctor is very, very good, so we'll know something soon.

Brooke: I need to see him.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Donna: Do you think it runs in families?

Owen: What?

Donna: Mental illness.

Owen: I'd say yes, sometimes, and sometimes no would be my guess.

Donna: Well, Pam's father was pretty twisted from what I hear, and Eric says her mother was kind of a piece of work, too.

Owen: What does it matter? She's dangerous. She needs to be stopped.

Donna: I know. I know. I just--I'd rather feel sorry for her than hate her for what she's done. But what she's done to Eric... you know, I always thought she was-- she was sort of in love with him.

Eric: We were good friends, Pam, you and I. You remember that?

Pam: Do you know what Mother said? She said that I would make a better wife for Eric than you. (Scoffs)

Stephanie: I'm sure she did.

Pam: It was a good thing that you sent her back to Chicago. She wanted to take Eric away from you and give him to me. Can you imagine that?

Stephanie: Yes, I can. But we both know what Mother's idea of marriage was. It was just a lifetime of playacting, wasn't it?

Pam: He could never love anybody but you, Steph.

Stephanie: Yes, he could, honey. Eric and I have never lived our lives playacting like that, and he has loved other women, and he does now.

Pam: No.

Stephanie: Yes, honey. When we separated, he fell in love with Donna.

Pam: No, that's not love, Stephanie. You don't believe that.

Stephanie: Yes, yes, it is, and I'm sorry that I let you think otherwise, but he--he's in love with Donna.

Pam: (Scoffs) I can't stand to hear you say that.

Stephanie: Well, it's the truth. It--sweetheart, it's the truth. Now you have to tell me the truth. That snake...

Pam: (Sighs) I know that was wrong. I was just trying to scare Donna.

Eric: And running down Beth Logan-- was that just to scare her, too?

Pam: Well, I meant to turn away sooner, but the--

Stephanie: Didn't you tell Donna that if-- if I couldn't have Eric, no one else could?

Pam: He--

Stephanie: Did you intend to kill him?

Pam: God, no, Stephanie. I would never do that. You know I wouldn't.

Stephanie: I know that. I know you wouldn't.

Pam: (Sighs)

Stephanie: I don't know if you do. I think the person that you've scared most in all of this is yourself. Am I right? (Horn honks) (siren wailing)

Brooke: Sweetheart. Rick?

Brooke: When will his doctor be here?

Woman: Dr. Simons is with the radiologist now.

Owen: Here you go-- hot chocolate.

Donna: No. My stomach is just in knots. I wi--I wish Stephanie would just call.

Owen: Maybe she won't. Have you considered that? I mean, finding out your sister's nuts is one thing, but, Donna, she's still no friend of yours. Maybe she looks at this as, like, a f-family matter, and she wants to keep it on the down low.

Donna: No, no, Eric won't allow that. Yeah, I-I can't even think like that anymore. I just wish someone would call and tell me that Eric is okay, Pam is taken care of, and--and this whole nightmare is over.

Pam: I don't look right, do I?

Stephanie: You look fine.

Pam: I just ran out the door when you called me.

Stephanie: You look scared.

Pam: Mother on her deathbed-- wasn't gonna miss that.

Stephanie: She'll outlive the two of us.

Pam: My hair's so curly when I don't do anything to it. I hate it. I have always hated it. (Sniffles) I wanted to be a nurse. Do you remember that, Steph?

Stephanie: Yes.

Pam: And Daddy said I was too pretty. (Sniffles) and Mommy said that it was dirty work, that it was too dirty for me.

Stephanie: And taking care of her wasn't?

Pam: So I didn't become anything. I became this.

Pam: (Crying)

Stephanie: Sweetheart, sometimes we lose our way, and I've done it, too. The best thing is to go back to the last place that you were sure of.

Pam: I wanted you to be happy.

Stephanie: I know.

Pam: If you're happy, then my life has meaning.

Stephanie: Why do you say that?

Pam: Because Daddy.

Stephanie: No, but that wasn't your doing, Pam. Sweetheart, I don't need you to make my world right for me. I just need you to be my little sister again.

Pam: Put me away, Steph.

Stephanie: No.

Pam: Please, put me always where I can't hurt anybody.

Stephanie: No, I am going to get you help, I promise.

Pam: No.

Stephanie: Yes, I am.

Pam: There is no help for me. I'm not who I was. I think I'm crazy. I shouldn't be around innocent people.

Stephanie: No.

Pam: Put me to sleep, Steph.

Stephanie: Oh, my God, Pam.

Pam: Please.

Stephanie: Don't say that.

Pam: No, I just want to sleep.

Stephanie: No, no, honey.

Pam: Steph, my head.

Stephanie: No, no, no, no. It's all right.

Pam: No. Ow!

Stephanie: Pam. Pam.

Eric: Pam.

Stephanie: Oh, my God. Pam. Pam, oh, my God. Pam. Oh, jeez. (Crying)

Bridget: What did the police want?

Brooke: The police?

Ridge: To know what happened. I gave 'em a statement. They left this card for Rick.

Brooke: Somebody's gotta know something.

Bridget: Well, Rick would be in surgery if that's what his doctors thought he needed, and he's not, so...

Brooke: Why can't he wake up?

Bridget: I don't know, Mom.

Brooke: Rick. Rick, honey. You need to wake up.

Brooke: (Crying) This isn't happening. I can't lose a child. I won't do it. You can't take him from me. I just won't do it. (Sniffles) Rick. Rick, please, open your eyes. Damn it, open your eyes, please.

Bridget: He can't hear you. Rick?

Brooke: Honey?

Brooke: Honey? Can you hear me? It's Mom.

Brooke: Rick. Sweetheart.

Rick: Mom?

Brooke: Yes, Mom. Oh. You were hurt, but you're gonna be just fine. You're in the hospital, but you're gonna be just fine.

Rick: What happened?

Brooke: You had a bad fall, but don't worry about that right now. Just focus on getting better. (Sniffles) focus on getting your strength back, okay? Oh, God. (Sniffles) I love you so much. Thank you, God, for bringing him back to me.

Rick: Mom.

Brooke: Yes, honey? Yes, I'm right here. Everything's gonna be just fine. It's gonna be just fine.

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