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Stephanie: Eric, we can't wait on this, all right? We've got to-- we've got to find Pam. I don't know what's caused this change in her, but we've gotta find her and--and get her into a hospital before somebody's hurt, before somebody dies.

Eric: This plan of yours could work.

Stephanie: Well, it has to. I can't leave her out there on her own. She's gotta be hospitalized, and you're just gonna have to go along with me on this.

Eric: I will. I will. Whatever you need, I'll do. I'll help you, of course. We'll deal with Pam together.

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Ridge: Rick, there's no game going on here.

Rick: No, there isn't. It ends here, right here, right now.

Ridge: I know you're upset.

Rick: Really? Really, you can tell that right now?

Ridge: I'm sorry.

Rick: You're sorry? You wrecked my life, and now you're sorry. You just couldn't stand it, could you? You couldn't stand the fact that Taylor could possibly be happy with somebody else besides you. You got what you wanted, man. Taylor still has feelings for you. She's admitted that to me. And now you have all the power, Ridge. You're free to take her to the altar, and then another woman can worship the great Ridge Forrester. And you know what? Then you're free. You're free to just throw her out with the garbage like you always do. How do you stand it, man?! How do you live with yourself?

Eric: Look, this whole plan of yours is very risky. But it might be the best chance we have to get Pam to come in, if she'll buy it.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, I just hope Donna can hold up her end of the bargain.

Eric: Call her. See if she's heard anything.

(Cell phone rings)

Donna: What is its Stephanie?

Stephanie: Have you heard from Pam?

Donna: No. No, not yet.

Stephanie: Um, you know exactly what to say when she calls.

Donna: What if she doesn't go for it?

Stephanie: I think she will. Look, Donna, I don't know what's wrong with my sister, but I'm more and more convinced that it has nothing to do with her medications. Donna, she needs my help, all right? She desperately needs my help.

Donna: Look, I-I don't know if I can do this. I don't know if I can pull this off.

Owen: Hey, come on. You can do this. This may be our only chance of getting Pam out of our lives for good.

(Cell phone rings)

Donna: It's Pam.

Owen: (Whispers) You can do it.

Donna: Hello?

Pam: (Chuckles) Poor little goldilocks. (Laughs) you don't look so good. You know, I've heard that cucumber slices work wonders on puffy eyes. Oh, it must have been hard for you, huh, lettin' go of your honey bear? But don't worry. I'm sure that Eric's fine, and he's probably celebrating right now with my sister, planning their future together.

Donna: Yes, Pam, I'm--I'm devastated about giving up Eric. But Stephanie's-- she's not celebrating.

Pam: (Chuckles) Stop kidding yourself, Donna.

Donna: Obviously you haven't heard. Pam, your mother came to visit L.A., And, um, well, something happened. It's--she's sick. It's--it's not good.

Pam: (Scoffs) Nice try.

Donna: Look, if you don't believe me, you can call Stephanie. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about your mom.

(Phone disconnects)

Owen: So what do you think? You think she took the bait?

Donna: I don't know.

Brooke: How did you get in here?

Taylor: Your mother let me in.

Brooke: If you came by here to throw yourself at Ridge, he's not here.

Taylor: No, that's not why I'm here. I thought you'd be happy to know that I ended things with Rick.

Brooke: And you expect me to be grateful? Ever since the beginning, I've been telling you to stay away from Rick. Now he's devastated.

Taylor: I would think you'd be happy. Isn't this what you wanted all along? You wanted me to end things with him?

Brooke: I don't want to see k son in pain, Taylor. You broke his heart.

Taylor: That wasn't my intention to hurt him.

Brooke: Well, you did. The minute you thought you had a chance with Ridge, you threw Rick away like he was dog meat.

Ridge: I knew Taylor was gonna talk to you. I assumed it was to call off the wedding.

Rick: Wait, but you knew this before I did?

Ridge: Taylor confided in me that she... just didn't feel she could go ahead with the marriage.

Rick: I bet you were thrilled to hear that. It probably made you feel all important.

Ridge: Rick, I'm not happy about all this. I'm sorry for your disappointment...

Rick: (Chuckles)

Ridge: But isn't it better that you know the truth?

Rick: You're sorry for my disappointment? God, Ridge, your ego is-- it--it's mind-blowing. It's like yo--you have to have every woman in your life in love with you. It's like an addiction of yours.

Ridge: Rick, I'm in love with your mother. That's the only woman I'm in love with.

Rick: Then why are you leading Taylor on? To feed your insatiable ego?

Ridge: I'm not leading her on. I love Brooke. I'm committed to her, and I've been very up-front with Taylor about all of this.

Rick: Ever since you felt Taylor slipping away from you, it--it--it's like you couldn't stand it. You couldn't stand the fact that she could possibly be happy with someone besides you.

Ridge: She obviously wasn't happy, Rick.

Rick: I made her happy, Ridge. We were planning a future together, a life together, and you took that away from me. It's never gonna happen now because of you. And that is something I will never forgive you for, never.

Owen: So what's your gut telling you? You think she believed you?

Donna: She doesn't trust me.

Owen: But if she takes the bait and she calls Stephanie...

Donna: (Exhales deeply) Then everything's in motion.

(Telephone rings)

Stephanie: Hello?

Pam: Steph, it's me.

Stephanie: Oh, Pam, it's so good to hear your voice. I've been so worried about you. How are you? Are you okay?

Pam: I'm fine.

Stephanie: Pam, I've missed you. You know I love you, and I always will, no matter what.

Pam: Steph, I heard something terrible, that something happened to Mom. Is that true?

Stephanie: Yes.

Pam: What happened?

Stephanie: Pam, she came out here because she's so worried about you. And I think the trip was just too much. It's her heart. Pam, I don't know.

Pam: No!

Stephanie: Mother wants to see you.

Owen: Hey, there's a woman who looks like Pam who just ran out of the vacant house next door.

Donna: Are you sure?

Owen: Look, there's not a doubt in my mind it was her.

Donna: Oh, my god, that's it. That--that's how she's been watching us?

Owen: Right over there. She's not doing it anymore. Looks like she took the bait.

Brooke: How dare you use my son.

Taylor: I was not using Rick.

Brooke: You know, I always suspected that you were with Rick to get revenge against me. Now I know I was right.

Taylor: This is not about you, Brooke. I know you probably don't understand it, but Rick and I had a real relationship. I was just trying to find a way to make it work. And then I realized that you were right, that, you know, it's too difficult. We really don't have a future.

Brooke: Did you realize that before or after you threw yourself at Ridge?

Taylor: Hmm. So obviously, he told you about that.

Brooke: Yes. You really should be ashamed of yourself.

Taylor: Well, he didn't really seem to want to stop me when I kissed him.

Brooke: You kissed him?

Taylor: Did he leave that part out? Oh, it's no big deal. It just-- it was something that happened.

Brooke: No, I don't think it was something that just happened. You knew exactly what you were doing when you threw yourself at Ridge.

Taylor: Now give yourself a little more credit than that. You are the queen of throwing yourself at men.

Brooke: This isn't about me, Taylor.

Taylor: That's exactly what I'm trying to tell you, Brooke. This is about your track record and about how you're going to be running back to Nick. That's exactly what you were doing when you had that argument with Ridge at the party. That's what you're doing. You're trying to find a way to blame him and make it his fault. That's exactly what you're gearing up for.

Brooke: Wishful thinking. Not that it's any of your business, but Ridge and I already worked through that. He admitted that he was wrong, that he overreacted.

Taylor: Well, you better think again, because Ridge knows he wasn't being true to himself. And he knows that he'll never completely have your heart. And he knows that you're going to disappoint him. And when that happens, I'll be there waiting for him.

Ridge: Rick, I understand you're hurt. But your relationship with Taylor never stood a chance. Your mother and I tried to warn you about this from the very beginning, but you were too stubborn to listen.

Rick: Really? 'Cause everything was going just fine until you made your move.

Ridge: I never made a move on Taylor. Whatever happened, she did on her own. For the record, I made it very clear to her that there was no future for us.

Rick: Taylor does not see it that way, Ridge.

Ridge: Well, I was very honest with her, Rick. She knows how much I love your mother.

Rick: Then why were you kissing Taylor? Ridge, why did you kiss her? All--all right, don't answer that. I know the answer. It's--it's very typical Ridge Forrester behavior. Predictable, really, considering the women that have come into your life over the years. See, it's time that you own up to the carnage that you have left in your wake over the years. I don't know what the hell women see in you. You are certainly not worthy of them, not my mother, not Taylor.

Ridge: You're pushing it now, Rick. Your mother and I are going to be married. And the sooner you accept that, the better.

Rick: You see, that is something that is never going to happen, Ridge. Do you understand what I'm telling you? Never.

Brooke: You're more delusional than I thought if you still think there's a chance for you and Ridge.

Taylor: Okay, Brooke, whether or not you're aware of it, there is a fracture in your relationship with Ridge. And pretty soon, it's going to be a giant crack. And then before you know it, the whole thing's gonna fall apart.

Brooke: If you think Ridge is gonna run back to you, Taylor, you are so wrong. We are completely committed to each other. We proved that once again today. Look, you made a pass at him. He turned you down. He wants me. So just back off. Respect Ridge's choice.

Taylor: Oh, kind of like the way you respected my marriage to Ridge?

Brooke: (Sighs heavily) That was a long time ago. A lot has happened since then.

Taylor: No, wait, wait, wait. It was you who told me all's fair in love and war, right? You set those ground rules a long time ago. I'm just joining the game. That's all.

Ridge: Rick, obviously, I'm not gonna get your blessing. But I'm very committed to having a life with your mother. And that's exactly what I told Taylor.

Rick: (Scoffs) Taylor is not some naive little girl, Ridge. You obviously said something, did something to--to make Taylor think that there might be some hope for you two.

Ridge: Taylor and I were married for years, Rick. We raised a beautiful family together. If she's still holding on to hope, it's not because I've led her on. It's because what we shared runs very deep.

Rick: And what Taylor and I had didn't?

Ridge: Oh, Rick, maybe you're just too young to understand.

Rick: Oh, please.

Ridge: Look, I really honestly hope that someday you have a family of your own that you can experience that kind of life.

Rick: I had a life with Taylor. And you took that away from me.

Ridge: Rick, I am sorry...

Rick: Shut up. Just shut up.

Ridge: About you and Taylor.

Rick: Listen to what I'm telling you. You don't get what this is about, do you? This is not just about Taylor. This is about my mom and my dad, my sister, hell, my entire family. I have issues with you, really big issues. And we're gonna put an end to those issues, here, now.

Owen: Yeah, Stephanie. She was watching us out of the vacant house next door, but she took off. All right. Yeah. Keep us posted.

Pam: (Breathing heavily) Mother. Mother, you can't leave me. Not you, too. No.

Eric: Well, I have to say, the ambulance makes things look very convincing. Look, if Owen was right and she left the house when he said she did, I mean, she should-- she should be here by now.

Stephanie: Well, she probably is on her way.

Eric: If she bought into this at all.

Stephanie: Oh, she will not be able to stay away if she thinks our mother is dying.

Eric: (Exhales deeply) This isn't easy for you, is it, lying to her? You're doing the right thing, you know?

Stephanie: I hope so. (Knock on door)

Stephanie: I bet that's pam.

Eric: (Sighs)

Stephanie: Honey, will you wait upstairs for me?

Eric: No. Pam is dangerous, Stephanie.

Stephanie: No, no.

Eric: I can't leave you down here with her.

Stephanie: Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric, she's done all of this for me. She's my sister. She's not going to hurt me.

Eric: All right. I'll be right up here when you need me.

Stephanie: Okay. (Exhales)

Stephanie: Pammy.

Pam: Steffy. I missed you so much.

Stephanie: Oh, oh, oh, honey, I've missed you so much. I'm so glad you came.

Pam: (Sighs heavily)

Stephanie: Pammy, Pammy, Pammy.

Donna: Maybe this wasn't a good idea.

Owen: Come on, have some faith. I bet you that Pam is over at Stephanie's house right now.

Donna: Yeah, but even if she buys the story, what is she gonna do when she realizes she's been lied to? I mean, she's dangerous.

Owen: Look, Pam loves Stephanie. She's not gonna do anything to hurt her.

Donna: Yeah. Yeah, that's what I thought about Eric. Look what she did to him.

Pam: Ohh.

Stephanie: I'm so glad you came.

Pam: Where's Mom? Is she upstairs?

Stephanie: Wait. Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Pam: What happened, Steph?

Stephanie: I-I want to talk to you first.

Pam: Oh, you're mad at me, aren't you?

Stephanie: No.

Pam: About what happened at Big Bear. About what I did to Eric. Look, that heart attack was never supposed to happen, Steph. It was only supposed to get Donna in trouble. I just wanted you to be happy. It all worked out in the end, didn't it? You're back in your home where you belong with Eric. Donna's not gonna be coming around. Look, I-I want to go talk to Mom.

Stephanie: Wait. Mom's not upstairs. She's all right.

Pam: You lied to me?

Stephanie: Yes. Yes, I did, because I know-- I know everything you've done. And I know why you've done it.

Brooke: Play whatever game you want, Taylor. You're gonna just end up being disappointed.

Taylor: Oh, now that is a good tactic-- pretend to be completely unfazed, considering your fiancÚ chose to hide an important detail about a very intimate moment. I like that. That's good.

Brooke: (Laughs) Obviously it meant something to you, but not to Ridge.

Taylor: Well, I'm sure it depends on how you choose to interpret it.

Brooke: If you want to spend the rest of your life pining away for a man who'll never be yours, so be it. You'll just be wasting your time. There's nothing in this world that could come between Ridge and me. Not you, not anything.

Rick: You're a predator, Ridge. You prey on the vulnerabilities and insecurities of women so you can feel more like a man. I've seen it my entire life, with my mom and you messing with her head.

Ridge: Look, Rick, you got dumped. It happens. Don't drag me into it.

Rick: You dragged yourself into this.

Ridge: Taylor decided to call off the plans for your wedding, Rick. She had her own reason for doing that. Then you charge over here because you want to blame me for everything. Well, it's not my damn fault! Frankly, I think she might have made the right choice based on your childish behavior right now.

Rick: (Sighs) Don't you walk-- don't walk away from me.

Ridge: This is through here, Rick. We're all through.

Rick: Like hell it is.

Ridge: (Groans)

Rick: Get up!

Ridge: Rick, don't do this. You don't have to do this. (Groans)

Rick: (Groaning)

Ridge: (Gasping) (Groaning)

Rick: (Groaning)

Ridge: (Gasping)

Rick: Damn you, you son of a bitch.

Ridge: H! Rick!

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