The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/19/08


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Stephanie: I've asked you to leave, please.

Brooke: I'm talking to Eric.

Stephanie: But you've said enough.

Brooke: Stephanie, you can't keep him isolated here away from everybody...

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Brooke: Everything.

Stephanie: I just want him to recover, Brooke. I am not trying to isolate him.

Brooke: You are trying to keep the truth from him.

Ridge: What's all this? More gifts for Dad?

Man: No idea, sir. (Sighs) Careful. This last one's pretty heavy.

Thorne: Okay. Thanks, fellas. We'll unpack this later. I'm sure it's just more medical equipment for Dad's rehab.

Ridge: Well, he may not need more rehab. He might come bounding down those stairs any minute. Mother and Brooke are up talking to him in the bedroom.

Thorne: Mother let Brooke into the sanctum?

Ridge: Yeah, Dad wanted to talk to Brooke alone.

Thorne: About Donna?

Ridge: Probably.

Thorne: How did Mom take it?

Ridge: Not very well. After a couple minutes, she sprints upstairs.

Thorne: Well, I don't hear any yelling.

Ridge: That's what concerns me.

Thorne: Ridge, come on. Brooke has to know that it's hopeless. I mean, Dad saw Owen and Donna in bed together.

Ridge: Brooke thinks Donna deserves a chance to explain.

Thorne: Well, wrong. She cheated on him when he was in a coma.

Ridge: Look, as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing that woman can say to make Dad forgive her. But if there's one person in the world that can persuade Dad to give her a chance, it's gonna be Brooke.

Brooke: Eric, what you saw was incredibly painful, and Donna knows that. She feels terrible.

Stephanie: Sweetheart, I'm sorry that you have to endure this. Please, this visit's over, Brooke. Come on.

Brooke: No. I-I really think he needs to know what happened.

Stephanie: All right, fine. Let's tell him the truth. Eric, this relationship between Owen and your wife has been going on for a while. How do I know? Because when you were in the hospital and you first came out of the coma, the first person you asked for was Donna. I came here to the house to get her, to tell her that you were awake. Instead, I walked in on the two of them in bed.

Brooke: And why didn't you confront them?

Stephanie: What good would that do? I saw what I saw. By the time I came back to the hospital, you'd slipped into the coma again. And that is when I made the decision to protect you and not let Donna anywhere near you. Now that's the truth. You wanted him to know the truth? That is the truth. The whole truth.

Brooke: Is that when you sent Donna to Paris with Owen? And by the way, Stephanie, you forgot to tell Eric that Donna was attacked and Owen saved her life.

Stephanie: You know, if your sister really needed comfort, love, understanding, why didn't she turn to you? Why didn't she turn to the rest of her family? Even her son? No. Instead, what did she do? She jumped in the sack with Owen.

Brooke: I just think he needs to hear Donna's side of the story. You don't need to forgive her. She just needs to see you. She wants to talk to you. She loves you, Eric, and I know deep down you love her, too.

Stephanie: Why are you deliberately upsetting him?

Eric: (Grunts)

Brooke: She made you happy, happier than you've ever been in your life. Just think back to what she made you feel about your future, about yourself.

Stephanie: Brooke, come on. You've gotta leave. Please leave.

Brooke: (Sighs) Just give Donna a chance to talk to you.

Stephanie: Would you stop before you push him over the edge?

Thorne: Hey, I gotta say, I'm a little curious about you and Brooke.

Ridge: How so?

Thorne: Well, are the wedding plans on hold again?

Ridge: A lot's been going on, Thorne. No, I can't wait to make her my wife again, and this time, it's gonna be forever.

Thorne: Well, it still can't be easy for you two.

Ridge: You mean with all this stuff with Donna?

Thorne: Brooke's fiercely loyal to her family.

Ridge: Yeah, tell me about it.

Thorne: I'm sure I don't have to.

Ridge: There has been some tension.

Thorne: (Scoffs) I bet that's an understatement with your loyalty towards Mom and Dad. You know, and that's too bad, because every time you guys t towards the altar, something gets in the way.

Ridge: Not this time.

Thorne: Seems to me it already is.

Ridge: Is there a point you want to make, little brother?

Thorne: Look, you're bucking a lot on history, Ridge. I mean, our family versus the Logans?

Ridge: No, that is Mother's war.

Thorne: Which is being raged upstairs, unless I'm off my guess.

Ridge: You're probably right.

Thorne: You know, I still can't believe that Mother would let Brooke in here to see Dad.

Ridge: It didn't exactly come down that way. I actually insisted.

Thorne: Ridge, are you sure that was wise?

Ridge: Well, we'll find out, won't we?

Thorne: You mean when we see how much blood is shed? (Laughs)

Ridge: Do you think Dad really made up his mind for sure?

Thorne: About Donna? To keep her out of his life? Man, I hope so.

Ridge: I mean, he was totally and completely in love with her. He was like a different man-- happy, carefree.

Thorne: He was almost a dead man.

Ridge: Now you can't blame that on Donna.

Thorne: Yeah, I know. Aunt Pam. Can you--I mean, where in the hell is she?

Ridge: She's probably hiding out somewhere.

Thorne: Unless she's managed to flee the country somehow.

Ridge: I still can't believe she actually pulled that off.

Thorne: Well, she's a little more clever than we give her credit for.

Ridge: Yeah, and dangerous. I'll be very happy when the police finally track her down.

Thorne: Yeah, which is just another blow for Mother.

Ridge: Look, right now, all Mother needs to do is concentrate on Dad and his recovery.

Thorne: Yeah, well, I just hope that Brooke doesn't say anything to mess that up. 'Cause I have to agree with Mother on this, Ridge. Dad's gonna be much better off with Donna out of his life for good. I mean, who knows? This whole crazy scenario-- this might bring Dad and Mother closer than ever before. At least, I hope so.

Stephanie: Are you all right? I think I should call the doctor.

Eric: No. No.

Stephanie: I just-- I just didn't want--

Eric: (Sighs)

Stephanie: I just didn't want Brooke misleading you, that's all. Look, it's perfectly natural that she's going to come here and defend her sister, honey. She loves her. But I don't think it was appropriate for you to hear this now. I think it would have been better when you're stronger. I mean, the main thing you have to do now is--is--is get well.

Eric: I want-- want to know.

Stephanie: Of course, you do. And you have every right to know. But haven't you-- haven't you seen enough with Owen and Donna together?

Eric: (Sighs)

Stephanie: I mean, shouldn't this be your number one priority-- getting well, above anything else?

Eric: (Sighs)

Brooke: She's holding him hostage.

Ridge: What's going on?

Brooke: Your mother. She kicked me out.

Thorne: Why? What did you say?

Brooke: She thinks she can control everything-- who he sees, what he knows.

Ridge: You talked about Donna.

Brooke: Nobody told Eric that donna was almost killed and Owen saved her life?

Thorne: You didn't. You di--

Brooke: Yes, I did. You didn't think he'd be concerned?

Thorne: About the woman who betrayed him?

Brooke: Well, he was concerned. What does that tell you?

Ridge: Brooke, we talked about this. Dad cannot be upset.

Brooke: He still cares about her, Ridge.

Thorne: Well, that's too damn bad, Brooke. Because she doesn't care about him.

Brooke: That's not true.

Thorne: Well, then why was she in bed with Owen?

Ridge: Okay, you two. Come on. Stop it.

Brooke: Owen and Donna did not have an affair.

Ridge: Look, whatever Donna did or didn't do is not the relevant fact now. What's important is that Dad has a very long road to recovery. He's gonna need our encouragement, not more stuff to worry about.

Brooke: She wants to be a part of that recovery.

Thorne: Are you kidding me? Yo--I can't listen to any more of this crap.

Ridge: Logan, this is not gonna happen.

Brooke: Does Eric have a say in that?

Ridge: Come on. You've gotta look at the situation here.

Brooke: I am. I understand that er has a lot to go through. But you and your family, you're not acknowledging something-- that Eric was deeply in love with Donna, and I believe that he still is.

Ridge: Let's not talk about this anymore right now. Let's just--it's late. Let's do it later.

Brooke: All right. I think that you should say good night to your father, and I'll call Catherine and tell her that we'll be home shortly.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Brooke: (Sighs)

Stephanie: (Sighs) Why are you still here? I mean, if you're waiting for Ridge, don't. You can take one of our cars.

Brooke: I'm waiting on you.

Stephanie: Oh.

Brooke: I don't want to fight, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Well, neither do I.

Brooke: You know, I-I thought maybe we could talk as two people who care about Eric.

Stephanie: Brooke, if you cared about him, why would you-- why didn't you just wish him well and leave him in peace?

Brooke: I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you are trying to protect him. But you're not helping him. You're not helping yourself by keeping things from him.

Stephanie: Oh, the truth, you mean? That she slept with Owen?

Brooke: You didn't tell him that Donna was attacked in big bear.

Stephanie: Well--what? That's of no consequences to him.

Brooke: He still cares.

Stephanie: He doesn't want to see her.

Brooke: Would you allow it if he did?

Stephanie: Listen, it was his decision to throw her out of the house, not mine.

Brooke: Just a little while ago, he had you leave the room so we could talk about Donna.

Stephanie: And what did you do? You lied to him. You said Owen was comforting her. Or is that what they call it these days when you catch two people rolling in the hay?

Brooke: She still loves him.

Stephanie: Well, she has strange way of showing it. You know what? I've never understood any of you Logan girls.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: Dad? You okay? Caught in the crossfire?

Eric: (Chuckles)

Ridge: Not too bad?

Ridge: The more things change, the more they stay the same, right? Seems Mother and Brooke both want what's best for you.

Eric: (Sighs)

Ridge: But as usual, they can't agree on what that is. Brooke didn't mean to upset you. She's just protecting her sister. Mother, of course, is being overprotective. But nobody is holding you prisoner up here.

Ridge: I think we came so close to losing you that everybody's just trying to make sure you're safe...

Ridge: Especially Mother. That woman loves you down to the tips of her toes. You coming back from that coma-- I think it gave her a new purpose, a new meaning in her life.

Ridge: When you woke up, so did she.

Brooke: Don't do that, Stephanie. Don't make this about my family.

Stephanie: You made it about your family when you came over here and started defending your sister.

Brooke: Well, Donna would defend herself, only you won't let her in the house.

Stephanie: Because I don't think he can handle any of this now.

Brooke: He's got a lot of questions.

Stephanie: I know Eric better than anybody. What he needs now is just to rest.

Brooke: He's confused. He's worried. What are you so afraid of?

Stephanie: I'm afraid that he'll have a relapse. And I'm not going to-- to risk that just to assuage your sister's conscience.

Brooke: Keeping him in the dark isn't going to help. It's only going to make him more anxious.

Stephanie: Have you spoken to his doctors? Mnh-mnh. So how do you know that this isn't going to harm him and hurt him?

Brooke: Of course he's in pain. He thinks that Donna betrayed him.

Stephanie: Well, she did.

Brooke: She didn't cross the line.

Stephanie: (Scoffs) That's right. This is the new presidential version of what sex is.

Brooke: "Same old behavior. Same old excuse." That's what Donna said about you a little while ago-- how you strong-arm situations and you accuse a Logan of using her sexuality to get what she wants. Déja vu.

Stephanie: Funny. I was thinking the same thing.

Brooke: You won't let Donna back in the house because you know how much Eric really does love her. And you're afraid that she's going to win him back.

Eric: (Sighs)

Donna: Eric.

Brooke: Just admit it, Stephanie. You're terrified that you could lose Eric.

Stephanie: Well, of course I am. That's why I don't want to put him through any unnecessary pain.

Brooke: (Scoffs) Oh, please, don't pretend to put his needs first.

Stephanie: He's already had his confrontation with Donna. Do you want him to have another one and--and-- and ha--possibly have a-a stroke? A heart attack?

Brooke: He threw her out of the house. He didn't end their marriage.

Stephanie: Well, didn't she effectively end the marriage when she slept with Owen?

Brooke: Okay, fine, if the marriage is over, Eric should tell her to her face.

Stephanie: Look, you call this what you want-- control, not control. I don't care. I'm not going to jeopardize or allow anyone to jeopardize his recovery. Not Donna and not you. Brooke, come on. Who was sitting by the bedside when he came out of the coma? It wasn't Donna. It was me. He came back to me and to our children. He told Donna-- he threw her out of the house. He told her to stay away. Now she should respect that, and so should you. So I'm going to ask you, please, if you're gonna come back and visit, don't come here to defend your sister, because you won't be welcome.

Brooke: (Scoffs) a-and what about the rest of the family, Stephanie? Rick? Bridget? They're Eric's children, too. And what about Katie and Marcus and my mother? I mean, you can't keep them all out. My God, what are you gonna do? What are you going to do? You gonna hire guards to stand outside your front door 24/7? And for how long?

Stephanie: Excuse me? Marcus? Your children? Of course, he's their father. How long am I going to do this to protect him? As long as it takes. But you've got to recognize that the marriage is over. He doesn't want her. Come on, loyal wife? How long did it take her to sl--flop into bed with somebody else? Two months? I mean, this is a joke, Brooke.

Donna: Look at you. You finally woke up. I knew you would. I-I knew you'd come back to us.

Donna: You're angry with me. You told me to leave, and I deserved that. But I'm not going anywhere now. Did you read my letter?

Donna: Eric, what you saw-- Owen and me-- it's--it's not what you think. I never stopped loving you. I never gave up on you.

Eric: In-- in bed with... another man.

Donna: (Sighs) And you need to know why. Look, I'm not going anywhere until you hear me out. I don't care if Stephanie calls every guard in here to pull me away. I won't go. I'm your wife. And I'm gonna love you until death do us part.

Donna: Oh, my God, it feels so good to be in your arms. We have to work this out, Eric. We have to. I can't live without you. I love you so much. I love you. And I know you still love me. Don't give up on us, please. Please tell me-- tell me you won't give up.

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