The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/12/08


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Ridge: (Sighs) Dad, are you really here? Are you here with us now?

Felicia: (Sniffles)

Eric: Yes.

Thorne: (Sighs)

Felicia: (Sighs)

Thorne: They told us we were gonna lose you.

Felicia: Yeah, and then Mom did some mojo and, I don-- maybe we should call the doctor.

Stephanie: You know, the sun came out just for you, sweetheart. Ridge, where's that wheelchair? Did you send that back?

Ridge: I called this morning to schedule a pickup to return it.

Stephanie: Well, call them back right now and tell them we're keeping it. Your father's missed the world. He wants to get a good look at it.

Owen: Who's room is this?

Donna: It's Kristen, the one that moved back east.

Owen: Well, it's gonna be fine. Thank you.

Donna: Yeah. I don't know. Maybe I should just.. (sighs) change and spend the night at the hospital.

Owen: You sure you want to do that? Come on. After 14 hours of traveling?

Donna: (Sighs)

Owen: Look, for a man who doesn't even know that you're there?

Donna: Owen.

Owen: Look, Donna, you've been a great wife to him. You don't have to continue to try to prove it. He loved you as much as he could for as long as he could. You can let that be enough, or you can keep on hurting yourself by refusing to accept what has happened.

Jack: (Crying)

Rick: (Sighs) I know. I know. I know. I was hoping he would take a nap by the pool. There was just too many distractions.

Taylor: He was quiet enough out there. Why--

Rick: I know he was.

(Doorbell rings)

Rick: Here, I'll get that.

Taylor: No, no. I got it. I got it.

Rick: (Sighs) Come on. Come on.

Brooke: Hi.

Taylor: (Sighs) This is not a good time, Brooke. Do--do you ever call?

Jack: (Crying)

Rick: Mom, what's going on? Can we talk to you later? What--

Brooke: Is Jack sick?

Taylor: No, he is not sick. Let me take him upstairs.

Rick: All right.

Taylor: I'm sure your mother's here to see you, not me. Come on.

Jack: (Crying)

Rick: What's up?

Brooke: I don't know. You tell me. I mean, last night, you were trying to tell me that there was some kind of problem.

Jack: (Crying)

Rick: I didn't say "problem."

Jack: (Wails)

Brooke: Every time I come over here, he's crying. He's an angel over at Nick's.

Jack: (Crying)

Rick: All right, fine. You got me. Um, Taylor and Jack-- there's something going on, because Jack is just not bonding with her.

Brooke: Still?

Ridge: Okay, Dad, just try it. Try it slow. Push this here. That's forward, yep. Easy. Easy.

Stephanie: Whoa.

Ridge: There you go. There you go. Good.

Thorne: Hey, is it, uh-- is it difficult to talk?

Stephanie: Don't strain yourself now, honey, please.

Eric: No.

Ridge: Where did you go? What did you remember?

Eric: I thought...

Eric: I... died.

Stephanie: Oh, honey.

Eric: I remember... you.

Felicia: (Laughs)

Stephanie: Well, I hope you didn't wake up expecting the 25-year-old model of me, 'cause it's a little late, sweetheart.

Felicia: (Sniffles) I think Mom made a deal with god.

Thorne: Yeah, turns out they're on a first-name basis.

Stephanie: I'm gonna call Dr. Seifert.

Ridge: He's gonna be in for one hell of a surprise, isn't he?

Thorne: Yeah.

Stephanie: Yes. Is there anything you want me to ask him or tell him or-- look, Felicia, you stay with Dad for a minute.

Felicia: Yeah.

Stephanie: Um, is there anything that you need right now?

Eric: Donna.

Ridge: Donna's out of town on Forrester business.

Owen: Look, I know you love him, and nobody's saying that that should change, but it's more fair to him and to you if you stop expecting him to love you back.

Donna: Look, I knew that we didn't have forever. I mean, nobody does. But having to let him go after only a few months? It's just not fair.

Donna: (Sighs)

Stephanie: We got him out of bed. He's fully cognizant. Well, I was just sort of wondering-- I mean, I-I should we feed him? Is it all right for him to eat something? Well, no, of course. You're the expert, so whatever you say. Thank you. All right. All right, Dr. Seifert.

Ridge: Is he coming?

Stephanie: Uh, he feels that the proper protocol is for him to inform Dr. Patrick, because that's your father's main doctor, so Doctor Patrick will come over.

Thorne: Okay, well, we have another problem. Donna's coming back from Paris tomorrow, or maybe the next day. Then what?

Ridge: Look, can't we have a couple hours to be happy here? Why do we have to think about her now?

Thorne: Ridge, whether we do or not, Dad is already asking. What are we gonna tell him?

Stephanie: Your brother's right. He's not going to put up with this, "She's out of town," for very long.

Ridge: Okay, we're not gonna tell him that she's got a lover young enough to be his grandson.

Thorne: Why not?

Ridge: Because his heart's already given out once. (Birds singing)

Felicia: Don't! Don't--don't fall asleep.

Felicia: You came back to us once. You even spoke to Mom. And then you went away from us again, okay? I'm sorry, Dad, please don't do that. I'll be scared to death. Just please don't do that, okay? I couldn't stand it. (Sniffles) I'm sorry. I know you have to sleep.

Eric: Home... now.

Eric: Don't... be afraid.

Felicia: I know. (Cell phone rings)

Felicia: I know. (Rings)

Felicia: University Hospital. Hello? No, Dr. Patrick, it's Felicia. And my cell phone was the number we left at the nurse's station. No, I know. Mom wants to speak to you, too. Could you hold on a minute while I get her? Thanks. It's your doctor. He wants to speak to Mom. Will you be okay for a minute here by yourself? I'll be right back. I love you. (Window opens)

Donna: I'm a realist. I-I always have been. It just feels too soon to me.

Eric: Donna?

Owen: I don't know about too soon, but it seems to me that if Eric's last name wasn't Forrester, the hospital would have lobbied to have him taken off life support weeks ago. And I'm not-- I'm not saying that you should do that, but--

Donna: Somebody's gonna have to make that decision at--at some point.

Owen: Wait. Wait. Where are you going?

Donna: Look, I just-- I just want to be near him.

Owen: Donna, he's just as far away from you when you're in the same room. Come on, if what you're saying is that you need to be with someone, someone who will listen to you without judgment, then I'm here.

Donna: Just-- please don't-- don't push me.

Brooke: I thought that was well behind us all. Now to find out that after all these months there's still some kind of--

Rick: Look, just-- just stop it. Taylor loves the boy, okay? It's not an issue.

Brooke: I'm not questioning that. But you must be concerned, too. Otherwise you wouldn't have brought it up last night.

Rick: I just-- Taylor feels judged, okay? She needs encouragement from people like you.

Brooke: Okay, well, then let it come from me. I mean, if I don't say anything, and if I stay away, how is that going to help? She's gonna feel judged anyway, unless I tell her otherwise.

Jack: (Crying)

Taylor: Shh. Shh. Please, please.

Jack: (Fusses)

Taylor: Please be quiet. Please.

Jack: (Crying)

Taylor: Shh. Please. Just for a little bit. Please.

Jack: (Crying)

Taylor: Oh, please. Until Brooke leaves, please.

Jack: (Crying)

Taylor: It's okay.

Felicia: Telling Dad anything but the truth has a serious risk of backfiring, doesn't it?

Ridge: Look, I don't care whether he gets angry. That's normal. I'm concerned about his health.

Thorne: Look, we don't know what kind of grasp he has. I mean, all this talk about oxygen deprivation, possible brain damage--

Felicia: Look, Mom is gonna get the doctor here, okay? And if he says it's all right, we'll tell Dad that he never has to see Donna again and why.

Donna: Owen, I am so sorry after everything you've done for me.

Owen: I can't help how I feel.

Donna: That's fair. I--

Owen: And I'm not completely self-serving.

Donna: Owen, I know that.

Owen: I mean, yeah, there is how I feel about you. There's what I see when I look at you. But there's also the fact that this catastrophe has struck and you don't see it. You met the perfect man. You--you fell in love. And now he's gone without-- without being gone. And Eric is the last man on this earth who would want to see you in the same kind of limbo that he's in, donna.

Donna: (Sighs)

Owen: Living without living and--and letting all this sadness eat up everything that is good and beautiful inside you while he just slips further and further away.

Donna: (Sighs) I know. I know I can't go to the hospital. I can't-- I can't bear not to see him. But I can't bear to see him like that. I mean, I keep hoping for-- for a miracle, but I already know it's too late. He's not coming back to me. He's not. I mean, I had my dream, and now he's not coming back, and now I'm-- I'm all alone again.

Owen: No, you're not alone. Look, and you never have to be.

Taylor: Do you want something, Brooke?

Brooke: I just wanted to say good night to Jack if he was still awake.

Taylor: Well, he doesn't want to be, but for some reason, he still is.

Brooke: Well, it's hard, isn't it, to listen to a baby cry?

Jack: (Crying)

Taylor: Well, if it's bothering you, you can go ahead and go.

Brooke: No, I meant for you.

Taylor: No, I'm fine.

Brooke: May I...

Jack: (Fusses)

Brooke: Say hello?

Taylor: (Sighs) You mean you want to hold him? Why don't you just ask?

Jack: (Fusses)

Brooke: Oh, come here. Come here. Hello! How are you? What are you doin'? Huh? You want to play with this little shiny thing? You love shiny things, don't you? Did you go swimming today? You did, 'cause I can smell sunscreen all over you. Can he swim?

Taylor: Yeah, he seems to love the water. I don't know that I would call it swimming.

Brooke: Yeah?

Jack: (Babbling)

Brooke: Oh, no, you would much rather be carried, right? Yeah, that's right.

Jack: (Giggles)

Brooke: No silly exercise. You deserve to be pampered. Yes, you do. (Chuckles) can I put him down? Let's go. You want to go to sleep? Mm-hmm. There's a bottle over here for you. Ready? One, two, there. There you go. Gently. Nicely. There you go. Here. Here's your bottle. There you go. There. Good. (Chuckles) (sighs) he's so beautiful. You know, I'd be happy to--

Taylor: You'd be happy to what?

Brooke: To do anything that you need or you want. (Sighs) Taylor, you and I really aren't that different. We both love Jack.

Brooke: Well, I'll be going. Thank you.

Rick: So how'd it go?

Brooke: Mm... it's a beginning. I told Taylor that we're really not that different, that we both love Jack, and we want what's best for him.

Rick: So you're just wondering if you can Mother him better than Taylor can.

Taylor: Sweetie, we've gotta break this cycle. I know. I know. I get tense. I get anxious. And you soak it up like a little sponge. And then-- then you cry, and then I get more anxious.

Taylor: What is it that's so broken in me that you find so hard to love?

Stephanie: You don't mind waiting for Dr. Patrick, do you?

Felicia: Not at all.

Stephanie: Good.

Felicia: So are you moving in now, too?

Ridge: We thought they were yours.

Thorne: Oh, Donna!

Felicia: Yep.

Stephanie: Oh, my god.

Owen: I can't stop. You know you don't want to.

Eric: (Gasping)

Donna: Eric?

Owen: Oh, my god!

Eric: (Wheezing)

Donna: Oh, my god. It happened. You--you came home. You're home!

Eric: (Wheezing)

Donna: You're--shh. Shh.

Felicia: Oh, my god.

Stephanie: Eric. Eric. Eric. Easy. Easy. Easy.

Donna: Wha--wha--

Stephanie: I'm here. It's all right. Nothing bad's going to happen. The doctor's on his way.

Donna: My god. Thank god.

Felicia: You! Shouldn't you be somewhere else, little man?

Owen: Look, they have been waiting for a chance to crucify her since you got sick.

Ridge: That rings kind of hollow right now, don't you think?

Eric: (Gasping)

Stephanie: You still have to take it easy. Relax. Relax.

Donna: Stop. I know--

Stephanie: Relax. Don't--just breathe. Easy. Honey, you've survived the worst, and you're going to survive this.

Donna: I know what you're thinking, Eric. Please, please, just-- it's not so bad as it looks. It's not.

Eric: Out. Out!

Donna: What?

Stephanie: Eric.

Donna: No. No, you don't mean that. Please, listen. After all that I waited and all my tears, just give me five minutes--

Eric: Get--get out! Get out!

Felicia: I don't think my father could be more clear.

Donna: Eric, nothing more than this happened. Please--

Eric: Go! Go! Go!

Stephanie: Easy. Easy, Eric. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Donna: Tell him. Tell him how much I-I protected him, please. Why--why--why are you making him believe something that's not true?

Stephanie: He's asked you to leave. Can't you see that you could hurt him? Please, leave. Easy. Easy, honey. Shh. Shh. Easy. Easy. It's all right. It's all right. It's all right.

Donna: (Sobbing)

Stephanie: Shh. Shh.

Eric: (Gasping)

Stephanie: Easy. Easy. Easy.

Ridge: It's all right. It's all right.

Stephanie: It's all right. I know that wasn't easy for you, but you're all right now. You're home. You're safe. You're here with us.

Eric: (Gasping)

Stephanie: You and me. The children. It's all right. It's all right. You're here where you belong. Just calm down. Listen. Shh. Shh. Shh. (Whispering) It's all right. It's all right.

Eric: (Sighs)

Stephanie: Easy. Easy. Easy.

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