The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 8/27/08


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Donna: Oh, my God. Of course. I've got it. I know who tried to kill Eric. It was Stephanie.

(Telephone rings) (Rings)

Owen: You want to sit? Stand?

Ridge: What I'd like to do, I can't, or they'd lock me up, too.

Owen: Understood.

Ridge: What did my dad ever do to you? My sister offered you a fortune in cash. What, it wasn't enough? You want my father's fortune, his wife?

Owen: Yeah. I wanted everything that you people had that I didn't.

Ridge: And that was worth a man's life. It was worth destroying a family so you could have more cash, more things.

Owen: Look, Ridge, I know you're probably not gonna believe me, but I truly am deeply sorry for everything that's happened.

Brooke: You think Stephanie D-- no, Donna, no.

Donna: Yes, yes, Brooke, it was her. It all makes sense.

Brooke: Well, she does have a violent streak. I'll give you that. But for Stephanie to poison Eric?

Marcus: Wait, wait, wait. What? Who's saying that?

Donna: I am.

Marcus: Mom, we all know who did this.

Donna: Owen didn't do this. I'm sure of it.

Marcus: (Chuckles) Let me guess. You went to go visit Owen down at the jail, and now he has your mind all mixed up again. Mom, what kind of hold does this guy have on you?

Brooke: Donna doesn't think that Owen's guilty. She thinks he took the rap for her so that she didn't have to be arrested.

Marcus: O-okay, so that leaves Stephanie? Mom, come on.

Donna: Look, Stephanie has a history of deranged behavior, sordid things that you don't know about, Marcus.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Donna: I mean, she's already drugged somebody. The woman's name was--was Morgan, wasn't it?

Brooke: Yes, that's true.

Donna: Yeah, she's faked a heart attack. She tried to strangle you, Brooke. She gave you a gun and told you to shoot yourself, for God's sake.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Donna: I mean, she's thrown Jackie Marone off of a railing and almost killed her.

Marcus: Damn. Okay, now that sounds intense.

Brooke: That's one way to put it.

Donna: Notice how she's the one leading the charge against Owen and me? Why? Because she loves her husband? No, because she wants to take the heat off herself. Think about it, Marcus. She knows the people at the security company. She could've gotten the--the new code, and then once she gets through the gate, she has the keys to everything. And we cannot forget the fact that--that my bedroom was ransacked. My lingerie was thrown everywhere. She could have planted those pills. I mean, this whole thing reeks of Stephanie.

Marcus: Yeah, but... (sighs) Mom, look, I'm sorry, okay, but I have a hard time dealing with or believing that Stephanie would kill Eric just to get back at you.

Brooke: I have to agree. I mean, we're talking about the love of her life here. I'm Stephanie's number one victim, but still, I'm having a hard time believing that.

Donna: Yeah, but--but, Brooke, what if she-- what if she wasn't herself?

Brooke: What do you mean?

Donna: Well, what if maybe she was drinking, or worse. Maybe--maybe one night she just hit rock bottom and--and she lost her senses. And she's--she's running around the house, she spiked that gin, and in the meantime, she's acting all accepting of Eric and me. I mean, that should have been a tip-off right there.

Brooke: What? Wait a minute, we're not talking about Stephanie going off on some rampage here. This would take some research. She would have to find out what kind of drug wouldn't be traceable and then figure out how much she would need. Then she would have to figure out a plot where she wouldn't be implicated. I mean, all of this takes time. What you're talking about is something premeditated.

Donna: Oh, really? Really? Like, um, befriending that scum Andy a year ago and giving him the means to do some serious harm? I mean, that took weeks of manipulating, Brooke. And I bet you she enjoyed every single minute of it. I mean, she has a history of this evil, malicious behavior inside of her, and something is just gonna set it off.

Marcus: Man, is she really that much of a beast?

Brooke: Stephanie is a human being, Marcus, but at times, she has been deeply troubled.

Donna: Oh. Oh, your--your Aunt Brooke is being extremely charitable, even though she knows Stephanie does not deserve it.

Brooke: But for her to poison Eric?

Donna: Only as a means to get to me, Brooke. Look, she knew the drug would induce a heart attack, but she never thought it would actually kill him or put him into a coma. Her plan was that he would recover and they would eventually find out that she was poisoned, and she could pin it on me. What better way to get Eric back and get revenge on me? My God, she's just been laying there in the weeds waiting, waiting to make me pay for stealing her husband. It all makes so much sense to me now. My God, who knows what Stephanie is capable of?

Ridge: So that's why you confessed, because you're sorry?

Owen: Yes.

Ridge: Oh, spare me. You and Donna were in this together. You're just trying to protect her.

Owen: Donna had nothing to do with your father's heart attack.

Ridge: Well, then what was all that potassium chloride doing in her drawer?

Owen: Look, do you think if she was guilty that she would put that stuff where anyone could find it? Come on, man. I confessed. I'm responsible. Now if you and your family want to hate me, that's fine, but leave Donna out of it.

Ridge: Did she double-cross you, hang you out to dry? Was it revenge?

Owen: Look, I know that you're distraught.

Ridge: Oh, don't-- don't patronize me now.

Owen: I am not. I'm just trying to get you to see how things really are.

Ridge: Oh, you expect me to believe that you acted by yourself, that Donna's just some kind of saint?

Owen: Look, Donna loves your father, and she's devoted to him. You Forresters may not want to believe it, but they were extremely happy together. There wasn't a man in the world that Donna would be tempted by, including me. That's why I told Felicia to keep her money. Now if you love your father and you want to honor him, why don't you start by showing his wife a little respect. Look, she's hurt, and she is in pain. For God's sake, show her some compassion, man. (Knock on door)

Ridge: Guard?

Owen: (Exhales deeply)

Donna: You can't still think that Owen did this.

Marcus: Look, Mom, I hear what you're saying about Stephanie, but--

Donna: Look at what the sacrifice he made for me. I mean, he confessed to a crime that he didn't commit. I mean, the only crime that Owen is guilty of is caring about me too much.

Marcus: Okay, look, you hang in there, okay?

Donna: Wait, you're leaving?

Marcus: Yeah. I got somewhere I gotta be.

Brooke: (Sighs) bye.

Donna: You think I'm crazy.

Brooke: No, not crazy.

Donna: But you don't think Stephanie could have done this.

Brooke: She is a long shot. (Sighs)

Donna: Because she's above suspicion? All the more reason she thought she could get away with it. Look, who has more motive to bring me down?

Brooke: Still, to hurt Eric, to almost kill him? That's the part I don't get.

Donna: Look, we're not talking about a sane person here, Brooke. (Knock on door)

Donna: Come in.

Stephanie: Bad time?

Donna: Yes, as a matter of fact.

Stephanie: Madison asked me to remind you that you had a conference call.

Brooke: (Gasps) Oh, shoot, it's quarter till. I--

Donna: No, go, go, honey. We'll talk about this later. It's fine.

Stephanie: I just saw your boyfriend down at the police station. And fortunately for you, he hasn't, um, "Ratted you out," as they say.

Donna: Well, that's nice. You can go now.

Stephanie: With Eric's money, you should be able to hire a good defense attorney. And assuming that he's just a first-time offender-- do we know? Is he a first-time offender? Well, anyway, he'll only get a few years. And he will be looking forward to, of course, sharing your very plush lifestyle.

Donna: I know you're trying to pin this on Owen and me because you did it.

Stephanie: (Laughs) you think I tried to kill Eric?

Donna: You were probably just sitting there in your little cottage planning this whole thing. It wasn't too hard for you to get into the house, spike the gin, plant the pills so you could frame me. And then one little teeny heart attack later, you would be queen of the family again, and I'd be rotting away in jail.

Stephanie: You've gone off the deep end, haven't you? But then guilt'll do that to a person.

Donna: I just have one question. If you hate me so much, why didn't you come after me? Why did you have to go after Eric?

Stephanie: (Chuckles) You know, I am not surprised. I am not surprised at all that you would have the audacity to say something like that to me.

Donna: I know how your mind works. I've seen you operate. And I see what you do to innocent people who get in your way. But Eric? My God, Stephanie, how could you? I mean, his life might be over because of your stupid vendetta.

Stephanie: (Sighs) Oh, God. (Chuckles) I stood and watched you exchange vows with the man that I love in my home in front of my family. I toasted you. I wished you well. I encouraged my children to do the same thing, and then I got out of your way. And you're gonna stand there and slander me and accuse me of trying to kill Eric? You know, they're right. No good deed goes unpunished.

Donna: Just so you know, I'm hiring a security guard for Eric. I want him protected around the clock. So don't even think about getting close to that room. Do you hear me? You are not family. You don't have any rights. And from now on, I will make the decisions on who visits him. And I'm gonna talk to everybody in the hospital and know that I consider you a threat.

Stephanie: You're going too far this time, Donna.

Donna: I am?

Stephanie: I've watched you mess up this business, ruin his reputation, alienate his children, but I'm not going to let you slander me this way, especially when I believe you're the one that's responsible for this. Let me tell you, little girl, I don't care how well you think you've covered your tracks in this mess, I'm not going to let you get away with that. And you can count on that.

Marcus: So what the hell kind of line did you feed my mom, man, so she can start buying that "You're innocent" crap?

Owen: I told her the truth, Marcus.

Marcus: The truth?

Owen: Look, I don't know who drugged Eric or where those pills came from, but what I do know is that you are here when you should be out there protecting your mom.

Marcus: From what?

Owen: From whoever did this, whoever set her up. She's in danger.

Marcus: You're in here. She's fine.

Owen: You know what? Just forget about me for a second, and listen. Whoever did this is still out there, and they want your mom out of the picture, and they went through a lot of trouble to make it happen. But I confessed. So their plan backfired. But they're gonna come at her from a different angle, Marcus. Any of this starting to sink in here? Marcus, you've got to find her before this sicko comes after her again.

Brooke: Ridge.

Ridge: I confronted him, Brooke.

Brooke: You're talking about Owen.

Ridge: I know you don't want to hear this, but the guy's protecting your sister.

Brooke: That's what Donna said.

Ridge: What, she just came out and admitted it?

Brooke: Not because she poisoned Eric, because she didn't. But according to Donna, neither did Owen.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: She talked to him, too. And Owen claims that he confessed in order to dive suspicion away from Donna. Neither one of them did it, Ridge.

Ridge: Who else would have a motive? Of course it was them.

Brooke: Maybe not.

Ridge: Okay, if they didn't do it, who did?

Brooke: (Sighs) Donna thinks that it was Stephanie.

Donna: (Sighs) Should I care? Now that there's time to spare now that my nights are... if you think all batteries are the same, (Cork pops) Now that my dreams of you in solitude should I care about it?

Donna: (Exhales deeply) I'll look ahead there's a good time of memories to had

Donna: (Sighs)

Marcus: So if you didn't do this, then why would you confess to something that would put you in jail for a very long time? What, to keep the cops off my mom? You're that in to her?

Owen: Look, man, none of that matters. What matters is that your mom is safe. So you need to stick to her like glue. You need to get her to hire a bodyguard or something. Do whatever it takes to make sure that she is safe until we find out who's after her.

Why should I be concerned? Just because I'm alone in a world on my own should I care? And I'll look ahead there's a good time of memories...

Ridge: My mother tried to kill Dad?

Brooke: Oh, calm down.

Ridge: Where the hell does Donna get off, coming up with an accusation like that?

Brooke: She's just trying to make sense of it all, just like we all are. And before you even ask, no, I don't think your mother did it, but I don't think Donna did it either.

Ridge: It was Owen. How can there be any doubt? And whatever lies he's feeding Donna, that's ridiculous.

Brooke: And what if they're not lies?

Ridge: Look, come on, the guy confessed in front of all of us, Logan.

Brooke: Don't you think that's a little convenient, given that Lieutenant Baker and his son were halfway to the squad car with Donna?

Ridge: No comment.

Brooke: Honey, come on. Just think about it. It doesn't make sense. If Donna really did poison Eric, why did she keep the evidence still in her drawer?

Ridge: Owen set her up then.

Brooke: Maybe. Or maybe it's somebody else that's involved, somebody that has a grudge, somebody we haven't even thought of yet.

Why should I be concerned?

(Music stops)

Donna: Who's there? Hello? Is someone there? (Breathing heavily) Show yourself. Who--who's there, damn it? Who the hell's there?! (Sighs) (sighs) (chuckles) Oh, God. (Sighs) Oh! (Gasping for breath)

(NOTE: These last two lines were in the closed-captioning but no one actually said them on the show)

Donna: What do you want?

Intruder: Don't move, Donna.

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