The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 8/21/08


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Donna: Eric was drugged? Someone tried to kill him?

Marcus: No, not someone. Him! Owen. There's nobody else that could have done this.

Beth: Oh, great. Sounds wonderful, if we can pry her away for an hour. She's been so overwhelmed.

Beth: Oh. What do you-- what do you think? Should we leave her a note or-- or just wait for her or what?

Beth: Stephen? What is it? Are you all right?

Stephen: It's this office. Eric Forrester's office. Brings back a lot of bad memories. When I think of what that man cost our family, what I lost to him...

Beth: Well, Eric has certainly made our daughter very happy.

Stephen: Yes. Well, who knows how long that would have lasted?

Beth: Stephen, for goodness sake! You're speaking about the man as though he were already dead.

(Machines beeping)

(Ventilator hisses)

Man: Good morning, Mrs. Forrester.

Stephanie: Oh, Dr. Seifert. It's nice to see you.

Dr. Seifert: How's our patient doing?

Stephanie: The same, it seems to me, but what can you tell me?

Dr. Seifert: (Sighs) Your husband must have a very strong will to live.

Stephanie: Or he wouldn't have survived this long?

Dr. Seifert: It's not likely.

Stephanie: Dr. Seifert, look, I brought you in from Europe because you're one of the leading coma recovery experts in the world, and I think you've had time to assess the situation. So let's be realistic. Am I hoping for something that's not going to be?

Dr. Seifert: (Sighs) Coma is a very frustrating condition, especially when it becomes lengthy. There is really no way to predict, uh, what is going to happen.

Stephanie: I think I was hoping for something a little more definitive.

Dr. Seifert: Well, unfortunately, you cannot will Mr. Forrester to recover.

Stephanie: No. If that were the case, he would have been out of here and this hospital bed days ago. (Sighs)

Stephanie: Will we, uh, know if it's time?

Dr. Seifert: Time?

Stephanie: My husband wouldn't want to live-- he wouldn't want to stay alive, be kept alive, by a machine. Is this the best that we can expect?

Dr. Seifert: Mrs. Forrester, too many people give up hope too soon.

Stephanie: Really?

Dr. Seifert: Yes. You see, I am a fundamentally religious man. I am slow to give up hope.

Stephanie: Well, good for you.

Dr. Seifert: Now you say that he would not want to be kept alive by a machine.

Stephanie: No. No, he wouldn't. Are you suggesting something?

Dr. Seifert: I think we should take him off the ventilator.

Stephanie: But that's what's keeping him alive.

Dr. Seifert: His respiratory condition may have improved. This is possible. And he would be closely monitored.

Stephanie: But what if it hasn't improved?

Dr. Seifert: (Sighs) Then he will go back on the machine. Give it some thought. You do not have to decide immediately. This could be the hope that you're looking for.

Stephanie: Or not.

Ridge: Oh, good, you made it. We were just going to see Donna.

Brooke: Donna? Why? What about?

Felicia: Your fiancÚ has had an epiphany.

Ridge: (Sighs) If it weren't for your sister and Owen Knight, dad would be gone right now. I think it's time to make amends. Logan, what's wrong? I would think you'd be happy about this.

Brooke: Uh, I was just at the hospital.

Thorne: Is it dad?

Felicia: Has anything changed?

Brooke: No, no, you-- your father's still the same. It's--it's just that Eric's heart attack may not just have happened. He may have been targeted.

Owen: I did not try to kill anyone!

Marcus: Bridget just said the report came back posit--

Owen: Look, I don't care what Bridget said! I didn't do it. Donna, you know me. You know I couldn't do this. How could anyone think that I would hurt Eric?

Donna: Look, are--are you sure tha--that he was drugged?

Bridget: Oh, yes, and overdose of potassium. We all have it in our blood, but dad's system was flooded with it.

Donna: And that's what caused the heart attack?

Bridget: Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, too much potassium will make our heart race and induce a cardiac arrest.

Donna: Oh, my God. My poor dear.

Marcus: Look, how'd you get that stuff in Eric's gin in the first place?

Bridget: Whoa, whoa, Marcus. There's no way to verify where it came from.

Owen: For the last time, I did not try to kill anyone.

Marcus: Oh, you're a liar. You wanted him out of the way.

Owen: Look, I am not a liar.

Marcus: You tried to kill my mom's husband.

Bridget: Marcus--Marcus, no!

Donna: Marcus, stop it! Stop it!

Bridget: Marcus, get off him! Just relax, please!

Lt. Baker: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What's going on in here?

Bridget: (Sighs) I called the police on the way over here.

Marcus: Good. The cops should be here.

Bridget: Oh, God.

Marcus: This man tried to murder Eric Forrester.

Stephen: Even if Eric did recover, eventually he'd break our daughter's heart and go running back to Stephanie, like always.

Beth: You know, maybe it was a mistake coming here. Perhaps we should take Donna to lunch another time.

Stephen: You don't think I have cause to be bitter?

Beth: Oh, Stephen. We were having such a good time.

Stephen: I know. You're right. You're right, and I'm sorry. There's no reason for me to be upset.

Beth: No.

Stephen: The man's in a coma. There's nothing he can do to us. Not anymore.

Stephanie: What do you mean? Someone tried to kill Eric?

Brooke: I don't know, Stephanie. It's just a suspicion. We don't know anything for sure yet. Bridget was doing some tests on Eric's blood that was given the night he came into the hospital. She's going over the toxicology report right now.

Felicia: So you actually don't know anything.

Brooke: No. She said she'd call if they found anything in Eric's bloodstream, anything at all that could trigger a heart attack.

Thorne: But it's a possibility that somebody tried to kill dad.

Brooke: The results could come back negative. This might just all be a wild-goose chase.

Ridge: Look, Bridget wouldn't have ordered those tests if she didn't have a damn good reason.

Felicia: Donna. All she's been after all along is dad's money.

Thorne: Yeah, well, now she has it and the company.

Brooke: No!

Felicia: No, it makes sense, Brooke.

Brooke: Donna would never do anything to hurt Eric. Besides, Marcus thinks it was Owen.

Ridge: Owen Knight?

Brooke: Owen gave Eric a bottle of gin. And Eric drank some of it, and that night, he had a heart attack. And then when Donna went back, she wanted to drink some, and Owen wouldn't let her. He threw the whole bottle out. So Marcus thinks that was good enough reason to go to Bridget and ask for the test to be done.

Stephanie: So--wait. Wait. Then Donna and Owen are in this together somehow?

Felicia: That makes even more sense.

Brooke: Stop. This is my sister you're talking about.

Thorne: We know, Brooke.

Brooke: Eric may have been drugged, but I definitely know that Donna wasn't involved.

Felicia: Look, you don't want to believe it. I get it. She's your family, and you love her. But Owen has no control over dad's estate. Only Donna does.

Ridge: And that tells me if something is going on here, Donna has to be a part of it.

Lt. Baker: Potassium-induced M.I. You don't see that very often.

Bridget: No, and it's not a derivative of any of the medications my dad was taking at the time either.

Lt. Baker: So you don't believe this was accidental?

Bridget: No, there's no way. (Scoffs) The levels were through the roof.

Charlie: We'll want to see the toxicology report.

Bridget: Oh, um, I actually have a copy for you, uh, right here. And also, so you know, there's no way of verifying how that much potassium got into my dad's system.

Marcus: Well, I'll tell you what happened. Look, Owen gave Eric a fifth of gin and spiked it with that stuff as a gift. Eric made a martini that night, and then boom! Down he goes.

Lt. Baker: Is that your recollection, too?

Donna: Well, I-it was maybe an hour after he finished the drink. We were in bed, and Eric just, uh, went unconscious.

Brooke: Well, that was the M.I. The coma came later as a result of the oxygen depravation.

Lt. Baker: Where's the gin bottle?

Marcus: Owen got rid of it. He threw away the gin and got rid of the bottle. How convenient, huh? For him, that is.

Donna: Look, one night, I-I was a mess. And I wanted a drink to try to calm my nerves, and Owen took the bottle away from me. He-- he said I didn't need liquor. I needed a good night's sleep, which was true.

Marcus: Yeah, it was, Mom. But after Eric drank just enough to cause his heart attack, Owen got rid of the rest that was in the bottle, instead of just putting it out of sight somewhere. Look, don't you guys see what I'm saying? Can't you guys put the pieces together?

Lt. Baker: That's a compelling theory. But without the bottle, there's not enough evidence to implicate Mr. Knight or anyone else. Do you have access to this house?

Marcus: Free reign.

Lt. Baker: Would you mind if we looked around a little?

Donna: If my husband was drugged, I need answers.

Charlie: We'll need your permission to search this place.

Donna: Yeah. Yes.

Lt. Baker: Why don't you take upstairs?

Charlie: Yes, sir.

Brooke: When I got here, you were all willing to make peace with my sister. Now you're calling her a monster.

Felicia: She's a liar.

Thorne: And a damn good one.

Stephanie: What do we know? What do you know about this Owen fellow?

Brooke: Donna loves Eric. She's as heartbroken as the rest of us. (Cell phone rings)

Brooke: That could be Bridget. (Rings)

Brooke: Bridget?

Bridget: Hey, Mom, I'm at the house. Uh, Donna, Marcus, Owen's here and, um, and the police.

Brooke: Does that mean-- okay. I'll tell them.

Stephanie: What did she say?

Brooke: The police are at your house. The lab reports came back. It confirmed that there was a drug in Eric's system that triggered the heart attack.

Stephanie: What?

Ridge: Then it's true. Someone tried to kill dad.

Felicia: Not "Someone." Owen and Donna.

Thorne: We gotta get to the house.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Beth: Well, I, for one, hope he comes out of it soon, for Donna's sake. She needs her husband.

Stephen: You know, I walked in on them. Eric and Donna. In the middle of a workday. They were having sex right there on the couch.

Beth: Stephen, they're in love.

Stephen: Yeah, well, that's not a sight a father soon forgets. And there are so many bad memories involving Eric.

Beth: All right. Well, let's just not get into that.

Stephen: He's such a bastard. First he took you from me and then Brooke and now Donna. But that's all in the past, and I can't let it get to me.

Beth: No, you can't.

Stephen: Eric has been such a... thorn in my side for so long. But not anymore. He can't hurt me, and he can't hurt my family. Not again.

Bridget: Okay.

Owen: I don't know what to say. To think that anybody would intentionally want to harm Eric is... (sighs)

Marcus: Hey, Mom, I t that water you wa-- what the hell? Man, I leave the room for five seconds, man--

Donna: All right, please stop it! This is hard enough.

Bridget: Well, I just spoke to Dr. Patrick, and he's briefing dad's medical team.

Donna: Well, now that we know what caused the heart attack, we can help him.

Bridget: Oh, no, because the coma was caused by the heart attack, not by the drugs.

Donna: So there's no antidote? It can't be undone? (Door opens)

Ridge: Hey, Knight.

Donna: Ridge. Ridge, please, don't.

Stephanie: Don't what? You're responsible for this, aren't you?

Donna: What? Of course not!

Ridge: Why? Because your plan didn't work? Dad's still alive.

Donna: (Scoffs)

Felicia: Don't play dumb, Donna. You and Owen were in on this together.

Marcus: Oh, come on. That's just crazy.

Brooke: That's what I keep telling them.

Donna: Wait. No. No--you think I drugged Eric?

Stephen: I'm ruining it, aren't I?

Beth: No.

Stephen: Yeah. Allowing this big, dark cloud to hang over my head again.

Beth: No, it's just such a surprise because it seems you've become such a different person.

Stephen: Yes. We both have, Beth.

Beth: Well...

Stephen: Because we're home with our family, our beautiful girls...

Beth: (Laughs)

Stephen: Where we belong. I never stopped loving you, not in all these years.

Beth: (Sighs)

Stephen: When I'm with you, Beth, I-- I feel free, free to be the kind of man that you've always wanted me to be, the kind of man you deserve, who wants to take you in his arms and hold you and never, never, ever let you go.

Donna: This is outrageous. Eric is the love of my life. How dare you accuse me of trying to do this!

Marcus: My mom didn't do this. It was him. Owen. And Felicia, you should know better than anybody what a lowlife he is.

Lt. Baker: That's a very serious accusation. Why don't you just leave the detective work to us?

Brooke: Thank you, Lieutenant.

Stephanie: You know, you can stand there and defend your sister until the cows come home. It doesn't absolve her of this.

Donna: Of what? I didn't do anything!

Lt. Baker: All right, people, just stop now. We all want to get to the bottom of this.

Ridge: Bridget, the lab can't tell how all that potassium got in dad's system?

Bridget: No, absolutely not.

Marcus: Look, we know how it got there.

Owen: That's just a theory, Marcus. It's not a fact.

Thorne: Oh, you want a fact? Here's a fact. She's very rich, and she has a lot of power as long as my father's incapacitated.

Brooke: Thorne, stop it!

Felicia: Stop what? Telling the truth?

Ridge: She's been lording this power of attorney over us ever since dad got sick.

Donna: My God, I love Eric. I wouldn't hurt him.

Charlie: Lieutenant, I found this upstairs.

Lt. Baker: Lingerie?

Charlie: And there's more.

Lt. Baker: Doctor, do you recognize this?

Bridget: I-- well, I would have to take it to the lab to be certain, but it-- but by the numbers, it--it's potassium chloride.

Lt. Baker: Potassium. Like what caused your father's heart attack?

Bridget: The elevated levels of it. Uh, yes, sir.

Charlie: Potassium chloride's used in lethal injections to stop the heart.

Bridget: Yes, that's right.

Lt. Baker: It's also damn hard to trace. Doesn't turn up in a regular blood test, does it, doctor?

Bridget: Uh-uh.

Lt. Baker: All right. We'll be checking this out. Where exactly did you find it?

Charlie: Lingerie drawer. Master bedroom.

Donna: What? N-no, that--that's impossible. I've--I've never even seen those capsules. I didn't put them in the drawer. Some--

Lt. Baker: But this lingerie, this is yours?

Donna: Well, yes, but--

Felicia: But what? Of course they're yours.

Stephanie: Lieutenant, is this enough evidence to arrest her?

Ridge: Just get her outta here.

Donna: No, this is wrong. This is all wrong!

Brooke: Donna is not a killer.

Lt. Baker: And you know this for sure, Miss Logan?

Marcus: Look, it wasn't my mom, okay? It had to be Owen. Now he's here all the time. He must have planted it.

Lt. Baker: All right, we'll be checking for fingerprints when we get to the station. But under the circumstances, Mrs. Forrester, you should come with us.

Donna: Wait! Wait, y-you're arresting me? I-I didn't--no!

Charlie: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you...

Donna: No, I didn't do anything!

Marcus: Mom!

Brooke: Wait, Donna didn't do anything!

Owen: She's right. Donna didn't do it. I'm the one you want. I tried to kill Eric Forrester.

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