The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 8/20/08


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Proofread By Becky

(Knock on door) (Knock)

Steffy: Donna, you up yet?

Marcus: Steffy.

Steffy: Marcus. Thank God. (Sighs)

Marcus: Hey.

Steffy: I left you a bunch of messages. When you didn't get back to me, I thought...

Marcus: I know. I just got a lot goin' on right now.

Steffy: I know. You said that last night, you can't get into it, but I want--

Marcus: No, and--and I-I still can't.

Steffy: Marcus, I have a bad feeling about this. What is it? I need to know.

Marcus: Look, baby, maybe I'm wrong about this whole situation, okay? And I end up lookin' like a chump, but it's Owen, what he might have done. I'll know more later once I hear back from Bridget.

Steffy: This is starting to sound dangerous. Marcus, I don't--I don't want to lose you on this.

Marcus: Look, I just-- I just gotta know where this leads, okay, so I can protect my mom.

Steffy: (Sighs)

Marcus: You do understand that, don't you?

Steffy: Just be careful, Marcus, whatever it is.

Thorne: I have to say I'm a little surprised you want to meet here.

Ridge: I was hopin' we could all speak to Donna together.

Felicia: Donna? Why?

Ridge: (Sighs) Concession we need to make.

Felicia: Uh, what kind of concession?

Ridge: One I'm hopin' we can all get behind for the good of the company. Look, after giving this a lot of thought, I want to apologize to Donna.

Thorne: Apologize? Apologize for what, Ridge?

Felicia: (Sighs)

Ridge: I was wrong to try and force a transfer of ownership while Dad's in the shape he's in.

Thorne: (Sighs)

Ridge: I started a war that none of us can win, and only this company stands to be the big loser. I want us all to come back to work here, no matter who's in charge.

Thorne: (Sighs)

Felicia: And you're actually gonna say all that to Donna?

Ridge: Look, I have never been a big fan of a lot of her decisions so far, but I think this is what Dad would want-- all of us workin' here together, supporting the company that he built.

Felicia: That's a really big attitude shift.

Thorne: No, it's more like a 180.

Felicia: Yeah, I know. Where's it comin' from, Ridge?

Ridge: After everything that happened, it made me realize a lot of things. I pushed Donna too hard. I just thank God she pushed back when I had her sign that paper-taking Dad off the ventilator. If it wasn't for Donna and Owen, Dad might not be alive today.

Marcus: Okay, so how much longer do we have until we find out that Owen tried to kill Eric?

Bridget: Well, we should know within the hour. I have a friend of mine that works in the lab putting a rush on the tox screen.

Marcus: Okay, cool. Okay, look, I'm at Momís, okay? So the minute you hear anything...

Bridget: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll--I'll get ahold of you as soon as possible. (Sighs) bye.

Brooke: Any word?

Bridget: No, but we should know really--really soon. (Sighs)

Man: Hey, Bridget.

Bridget: Oh, hey. How is it going down there?

Man: (Sighs) I lit a pretty big fire under those guys.

Bridget: Thanks.

Man: When you told me what it was for... I just hope that whatever happens, the results help your father somehow.

Bridget: Thanks, Carl. I-I do, too. I'll keep you posted.

Carl: Great.

Brooke: Honey, is it possible what Marcus is suggesting, if Owen did poison Eric's gin, that could bring on a heart attack?

Bridget: Well, yeah, there are substances that could cause that, but I just can't believe anyone would want to hurt Dad, let alone try to kill him.

Brooke: We'll know soon.

Owen: Good morning, beautiful. Have you had your coffee yet? (Chuckles) Hello, Marcus.

Marcus: Don't "hello, Marcus" me, man. You comfy?

Owen: Do you have a problem with my usin' the kitchen?

Marcus: Oh, what, am I that obvious? Of course I have a problem with it. I have a problem with you being here on this property, at Forrester creations, in this town, period. I especially have a problem with you bein' around my mom's, the way you've been misleading her over and over.

Owen: Yes, yes, yes, so you've claimed many times.

Marcus: Look, Owen, the only reason why I'm bein' somewhat civil right now is because of my mom, but don't get it twisted, man. I'm on to you.

Owen: You're on to me?

Marcus: You know, if you were smart, you would get out now and this time stay away. Feel me? Don't come around Mom's anymore, man.

Ridge: You're both so quiet. Am I in this alone?

Thorne: (Sighs) Eating that much crow in front of Donna-- it's asking a lot.

Felicia: And even if we did, what are the odds of her hiring me back? Seriously. But you're engaged to Brooke again, so you've got a shot. If this is what you want, I say go for it.

Ridge: (Sighs) Well, for the record, I don't hold it against either of you for not jumpin' on this. I made an impulsive decision about Dad, a terrible decision, and I persuaded you guys to go along with it. No wonder you question my judgment.

Felicia: Hey, we know that Dad wouldn't want to be kept alive on some machine if there were no hope of him being himself again.

Thorne: I couldn't stand the thought of him suffering.

Ridge: I'm just grateful I saw the light in time. I never thought I'd say this, but we owe Donna. She truly had Dad's best interest at heart. At the very least, I'm gonna tell her that, regardless of what the rest of you decide.

Steffy: That's great, Dad, willing to meet Donna halfway.

Ridge: Owen, too. Haven't had much use for the guy, but after what happened... (sighs) I may have misjudged him, maybe we all did. I thank him and Donna for helping me to not make one tragic mistake. (Sighs) Owen Knight may have proved to be a great friend to this family.

Woman: Paging Dr. Becker.

Paging Dr. Becker, please.

(Telephone rings)

Bridget: Hey.

Brooke: So?

Bridget: Well, I mean, the lab is being very thorough, which is good, considering we have no idea what we're looking for.

Brooke: If there's anything to find.

Bridget: Well, Marcus made a pretty compelling case.

Brooke: He's always been suspicious of Owen since day one, certainly not without cause.

Bridget: Well, what's your impression of all of this? How well do you know Owen?

Brooke: Not very well. I know that he's smart and that he's capable, and from what I've observed, he's incredibly supportive of Donna, maybe too supportive.

Bridget: Really? Well, with Dad's current condition, Donna has control of everything, the company, my family's entire fortune.

Brooke: Which makes my sister a very attractive target.

Owen: What is it you think that I'm after from Mrs. Forrester?

Marcus: Oh, so now she's Mrs. Forrester again, huh? What happened to "Hey, beautiful"?

Owen: Why are you always in my face like this? What have I done to you?

Marcus: No, it's what you've done to my mom, man, worming your way into her life. But, see, now I know the real reason why. Well, I got news for you. Game over.

Owen: Okay, seriously, Marcus, what is this all about? 'Cause I have been nothing but a supportive, caring friend to Donna when she's needed one most.

Marcus: Look, man, friends like you no one needs. She has me. Oh, and up until his heart attack, she had Eric, too.

Owen: Okay, what are you getting at here? Just say it. Come out and say it.

Marcus: Like you don't already know.

Owen: Okay, I'm gonna go get Donna and get our day started.

Marcus: Wait, m-man, are you deaf? I just told you to stay away from my mom, man.

Owen: Look, I work for the lady.

Marcus: Well, not anymore, you don't. Stay away from my mom.

Donna: Stop it. Stop it, Marcus, stop it.

Owen: I don't have to take orders from you.

Marcus: Oh, you're gonna take orders from me.

Donna: Marcus, what are you doing? Stop it. Stop it now. God! (Sighs)

Marcus: Mom, you know why he can't be here.

Donna: This is crazy. (Sighs)

Marcus: Look, I'll have all the proof I need later.

Owen: The proof about what? You keep making all these veiled allegations. Well, what am I being accused of here exactly?

Donna: (Sighs)

Owen: I-I have a right to know. Tell me.

Donna: Marcus has it in his head that you drugged Eric and that's what caused the heart attack.

Ridge: Donna had the pen in her hand. Pretty sure I convinced her to sign Dad's life away. How could I do that?

Felicia: The doctors had just put Dad on life support. We were all in shock.

Thorne: None of us was thinking that clearly.

Ridge: Except Donna.

Thorne: Ridge, come on. Stop beating yourself up.

Felicia: It won't do you any good.

Ridge: Yeah, but I still feel haunted. I keep asking the same questions-- how could this happen to Dad? Is there any way, anything we can do to bring him back to us?

Felicia: Only time will tell, right? (Sighs) but I still believe in miracles. I am one.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Felicia: (Sighs)

Brooke: (Sighs) Marcus could be wrong about this.

Bridget: Ugh, I'm praying that he is.

Brooke: He could be wrong about Owen, too. (Sighs) Some men just like to rescue people. It gives them validation. It makes them feel good about themselves.

Bridget: (Gasps) Are--are you trying to convince me or--or yourself?

Brooke: This is all conjecture, Bridget. (Sighs) I mean, men Eric's age-- they do have heart attacks, even without early warning signs. It is possible. It's not unusual.

Bridget: (Sighs) I know. Oh, Carl.

Carl: Your dad's toxicology report.

Bridget: Okay. Thank you so much. Let's see what it says. Uh, thank you, Carl.

Owen: What, you think that I drugged Eric Forrester?

Marcus: Hey, you gave him the bottle of gin. Now he's the only one that drank from that bottle. Then that night, he has a heart attack. Now we're talkin' about a man with no history of heart trouble. Then later my mom wants a drink, and what do you do? You pour it down the sink, and the bottle disappears.

Owen: I told your mother that she didn't need any alcohol and what she needed was a good night's sleep, and I dumped it out. So what's the big deal?

Donna: Look, I have already explained this to Marcus.

Owen: Well, thank God you don't believe him. I mean, poisoning Eric's gin? That's ridiculous.

Marcus: Yeah, well, we'll see how ridiculous it is once the toxicology report comes back.

Owen: Toxicology report?

Marcus: Yeah. Yes, the hospital is redoing Eric's blood work. They have the lab samples on file, and they're running tests now. Now if anything was in Eric's system that may have harmed him, Bridget's gonna know.

Donna: Owen, I-I apologize. Marcus has taken this a little too far. I've already told him how absurd it is.

Marcus: Oh, yeah. Well, we'll see, won't we?

Owen: Look, Donna, I came back here because you needed my help, but it's obvious that I'm just making your life much worse. So you know what? I'm gonna go, all right?

Donna: No, no, you're not going anywhere. I'm not gonna let you.

Marcus: Oh, see, Mom? Now he wants to leave. What do you have to hide, buddy, huh? Well, I guess we're all gonna find out, aren't we?

(Telephone rings)

Brooke: Well? What does it say? Was there some kind of drug in Eric's bloodstream?

Bridget: It's not a yes or no kind of test. It's just not that black or white. I'm gonna have to interpret it.

Brooke: Ridge was in pieces the other day, thinking it was time to let go of Eric, but this whole thing comes down to some stranger that wanted money.

Bridget: Mom, please.

Brooke: I'm distracting you. I'm sorry.

Bridget: It's just a lot to go through. I-I told 'em not only to look for, you know, all the regular kind of toxins, but anything, everything, exotic ones, things you wouldn't normally find.

Brooke: No stone unturned. I'm glad to hear that.

Bridget: (Sniffles) Well, it's Dad.

Brooke: I know. (Sighs) look...

Bridget: (Sighs)

Brooke: Ridge texted me. He said there's gonna be a family meeting soon. Maybe I should go over there and check it out. I'll let you concentrate.

Bridget: (Sighs) Okay, I'll keep you posted.

Brooke: Please do. This whole thing is incredibly disturbing. Let's just pray for all our sakes there's nothing in that report.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Ridge: I know how much it would mean to Dad for all of us to pull together, make peace with Donna. So, Felicia, Thorne, are we willing to apologize and offer to come back into our old jobs?

Thorne: Well... (grunts) what the heck? Can't hurt to ask, can it?

Felicia: I've got nothin' to lose.

Ridge: All right, then it's done. We'll track down Donna, tell her where we stand and hope she, uh, accepts it in the spirit it was intended.

Steffy: I'm sure she will. Donna is a good person, and, you know, I'm happy you're willing to give her a chance, and maybe Marcus, I hope.

Ridge: Well, we'll see. We'll run this company as a team, one that includes Donna and Owen, because without him, Dad might already be gone.

Owen: I got nothin' to hide, Marcus, not one damn thing.

Donna: Of course you don't.

Owen: Well, I tell you. I'm sick and tired of all these childish accusations, this constant harassment. If you want me to go, fine, I'll go.

Donna: Owen. Owen, please, don't go, please. Please, he's just being overprotective. I mean, he's wrong about this. He's wrong about all of this. Look... (sighs) I know you couldn't hurt Eric. You're not even capable of anything like that. You know, in fact, I am glad that Marcus asked Bridget to run the test, because then that'll prove it. (Knock on door)

Marcus: I'll get it. That's probably Bridget right there.

Marcus: Hey, come in. No, it's okay. We've been expecting you. Do you have those test results?

Bridget: Um, yes, I-I do. I'm sure Marcus told you that we did a full toxicology panel on my dad's blood, the sample of blood that was drawn shortly after he had his heart attack, probably while he was lapsing into the coma.

Donna: But I didn't realize you save those samples.

Bridget: Well, it's just standard hospital procedure. Sometimes they're discarded because of space reasons, especially after this amount of time, but my dad's blood draws were all still there. We were very lucky.

Marcus: Yeah, some of us, that is.

Owen: So what are the results? They're negative, right? Th is just more of Marcus' paranoia, as far as I'm concerned, and maybe it'll stop.

Bridget: The report came back positive. There was a substance found in my father's bloodstream at an extremely high level. It was definitely enough to induce a cardiac arrest.

Donna: What?

Marcus: I knew it. So it's true. There was something in the gin.

Marcus: You tried to murder Eric Forrester.

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