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Katie: Hey, Donna, I'm at the office. I'm just checking in to see how Eric's doing. We're all praying for him. I love you. Bye. (Sighs heavily) Oy. Okay, focus, focus.

Nick: And we just have to believe that the--the man upstairs has got a plan and know that this is-- this is what's meant to be right now-- this baby.

Katie: (Sighs heavily)

Nick: It's gonna be all right. We'll get through this. We will figure this out. Hi.

Bridget: Hey. You're still here.

Nick: Yeah, I cancelled my meeting.

Bridget: Mm. Well, you didn't have to do that.

Nick: I wanted to be here when you got up. How's your Dad?

Bridget: He's worse.

Nick: The ventilator's not working?

Bridget: Well, his respiratory system is completely failing, and the weaker he gets, the less likely... (sniffles) it will be that he comes out of the coma.

Nick: But there's still a chance?

Bridget: I mean, I'm not gonna give up hope, but...

Nick: But you never do.

Bridget: I can't. It's pretty much all I've got. Medicine's not helping. I can't help.

Nick: (Scoffs) You will. Just have to have a bit of faith, that and a good night's sleep.

Bridget: Maybe, but I can't deny what's going on. The odds are just against him. Every minute... (sighs) it just gets worse. Even if he does come out of the coma, chances are he won't be the man that I knew. I mean, the chance that he'll be the same dad is... really slim.

Ridge: We're losing him. He's getting worse. What Bridget told us was true.

Dr. Patrick: Her assessment of the situation is accurate. We should have seen some improvement by now.

Ridge: Oh, look at you, Dad-- needing this damn machine to keep breathing.

Dr. Patrick: Without the ventilator, your father's brain would be deprived of oxygen. He'd lose any chance of recovery.

Brooke: He would die?

Dr. Patrick: Yes.

Ridge: What if you leave it on?

Dr. Patrick: We wouldn't leave him on this machine. We'd perform a tracheotomy and access his windpipe through the front of the throat. Your father could be kept alive indefinitely.

Brooke: Until he recovers?

Dr. Patrick: Odds of recovery diminish considerably after the first few weeks in a coma. I'm sorry. I wish I had more encouraging news.

Ridge: We need to know what we're facing. Thank you, doctor.

Bridget: I'm so glad that you didn't go to the office. I was actually hoping that we could ch-- get a chance to talk about Katie being Jack's godmother.

Nick: Do we have to talk about that now?

Bridget: You didn't want to talk about it last night either.

Nick: Well, no. I just want to focus on you. You got a lot going on right now.

Bridget: Well, yeah, but my dad's not the only one I'm worried about. Katie's slipping into a really dark place, and I don't know why. But I can't keep worrying about her. I just want to try to give her something positive to focus on. And what could be better than being Jack's godmother? That's a child. I mean, really, what could be more wonderful? I talked to Mom, and she agrees. All we have to do now is--is just talk to Taylor.

Nick: We don't even know if this is something Katie wants.

Bridget: Oh, honey. She loves Jack. She would be honored to be his godmother. I can't see any reason why she wouldn't. Can you?

All that I want is every little bit of you this I can see

Katie: My whole life I thought I'd been living.

Tell me you feel

Katie: I never knew what it felt to be alive until now. The same way that I do.

Katie: It's like we created something beautiful and magical, something that can last a lifetime

(Ventilator breathing)

Ridge: I can't stand seeing you like this, Dad. This isn't you. You're a fighter.

Ridge: You're the one who always encourages us, gives us hope... (exhales deeply) gives us something to believe in. That's what we need right now-- a reason to believe. Dad, give us a sign. Please, just blink your eyes. Do anything. (Exhales deeply) I know it's hard. I'm right here. I need you. I need you. (Breathing heavily)

Eric: Let me go, Ridge.

Ridge: Dad? Dad? Dad?

Ridge: Oh, God, I'm losing my mind. Ohh!

Eric: Let me go.

Ridge: Dad, you have to stay here. You have to stay here.

Eric: I'm tired, son.

Ridge: Dad, please hold on. Please, hang on. Please, hang on.

Eric: I'm ready. Help me.

Ridge: I can't. I can't do what you're asking me to do.

Eric: You're the only one who can.

Ridge: I'm not strong enough.

Eric: Yes, you are. Please, son, let me go.

Ridge: (Sighs)

Man's voice: Martin.

Ridge: Oh, Brooke. The most incredible thing-- Dad was here in this room. I felt him, his presence, his spirit. He spoke to me in my head. I-I could hear him. (Exhales deeply) he wants me to help him. He doesn't want to fight anymore.

Brooke: Ridge, you have been exhausted. You haven't been getting any sleep. You probably just drifted off and had a dream.

Ridge: No, I wasn't dreaming. I wasn't hallucinating. I heard him, Brooke. He wants me to help him.

Nick: That feel good?

Bridget: Mm-hmm. Yeah, it does. I just don't understand why you won't talk about Katie.

Nick: Because you have enough stress in your life. Ever think about doing something for yourself for a change, give yourself a break? When's the last time you did that?

Bridget: I just don't have that luxury right now.

Nick: (Sighs) You're always thinking about other people, taking care of them-- your dad, Katie.

Bridget: Honey, you are on that list, too. You know that.

Nick: Well, it's my job to worry about you, take care of you.

Bridget: Nick, I know something's bothering you. You were tossing and turning in bed last night.

Nick: Well, it's lonely in that bed without you.

Bridget: That's sweet, but I got home at 4:00 A.M., And you were still moving around after I fell asleep.

Katie: But you live with Bridget. I mean, you're her husband.

Nick: And we'll do whatever we can to protect her as long as we can.

Katie: At least until we're sure that the baby has a reasonable chance.

Bridget: Nick, what is it?

Nick: I just worry about you. I worry.

Bridget: W-w-w-w-why? Why do you worry about me?

Nick: I worry about you because of what you do for other people, what you go through. I don't want to see you get hurt. That's all. No matter what happens, no matter whatever we have to go through, just know I'm your husband, and I'm here for you, and I love you.

Bridget: I don't ever need to be reminded of that.

Katie: Everything can change in an instant. Right now, right here, it's perfect-- you, this day. I wouldn't care if it were my last.

Nick: It won't be your last.

Katie: It's coming. Maybe not today. Maybe tomorrow.

Nick: You don't know that.

Katie: I'm not afraid. It took coming this close to death to realize what's really important. Every moment is precious-- love, passion, the miracle of life.

Katie: The miracle of life.

Nick: We can so do this. Whatever we're up against, we can face it together. That's why we went back to the altar, and that's what marriage is all about-- to pull each other through the tough times. Hey. Whatever it takes.

Ridge: You're depending on me. You think I can do this. What if I can't?

Ridge: (Sighs)

Eric: Let me go, Ridge.

Ridge: This isn't what you want-- stuck here, helpless.

Ridge: (Exhales deeply)

Ridge: (Crying) I love you so much. (Sobbing)

Eric: (Echoing) I'm sorry. I wish I had more encouraging news.

Bridget: (Echoing) I understand you wanting to fight this, Ridge. I can bear the thought of losing Dad. But medically, we're simply out of options.

Brooke: (Echoing) I guess there comes a time when we just have to... accept the way things are.

Eric: (Echoing) Forrester Creations is a family business, and I want you by my side. Let me go, Ridge. I need you, Ridge. You and I are unbeatable. You're my son. Let me go. I've been in this business all my life, Ridge. I walk up and down those halls every day, and you know what I s-- let me go. I treasure those memories. They fill my heart. Let me go, Ridge. I'm never gonna forget everything that we've meant to one another. Family history and stories, all of it-- let me go-- everything that-- that makes a man's life worth living. Let me go.

Eric: Let me go.

(Ventilator shuts off)

Ridge: Good-bye, Dad.

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