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Nick: Okay. What did the doctor say?

Katie: I'm not sick.

Nick: And your heart is...

Katie: It's not my heart. (Sighs) Oh, God. I thought we'd never have to talk about this.

Nick: Talk about what?

Katie: What happened on Catalina.

Brooke: Are you okay? You sounded strange on the phone.

Bridget: Have you seen Donna?

Brooke: (Sighs) At work.

Bridget: But not since? Dad was put on a ventilator today.

Brooke: (Sighs) I was in the hospital room yesterday. The doctor was there.

Bridget: Which one?

Brooke: He had dark hair, glasses.

Bridget: The neuro resident.

Brooke: He said, not in so many words, but he made it sound like the longer that Eric is in a coma, the slimmer his chances are. Is that true?

Bridget: Mnh. It's one of the standard lines that doctors use, and I quit using it when I realized that docs that treat patients in a coma more than anyone else never, ever make predictions.

Brooke: (Sighs) Well, statistically, they must be able to predict.

Bridget: No. I mean, there are no statistics for someone in Dad's condition.

Bridget: Everyone's different. They respond differently based on height, weight and diet.

Brooke: This can't be Eric's time. (Sighs) I just pray to God it's not.

Bridget: Do you-- do you believe in a God that really listens to us?

Brooke: Yes, of course.

Bridget: I mean, there could be a God up there that thinks, I have the whole universe to mind today, so sorry, kiddo, that's just the breaks. I can't help you out.

Brooke: (Sighs) Honey. God isn't shorthanded. He's everywhere. He can do anything.

Bridget: But what about you? You've had a lot of loss in your life, a lot of heartache, a lot of difficult times. Where was God for you?

Brooke: (Sighs) Well, sometimes I deserved those things. I'm certainly not going to blame God for the consequences I brought down upon myself.

Bridget: O-okay. Well, what about people that are born with really horrible things, like, they don't have any legs or their legs don't function properly?

Brooke: Yes, sometimes people are born with legs that don't function, but they can do things that we can't do. Doesn't mean that they're doomed to a life of--

Bridget: Ok--okay, okay. I'm just talking about... (sighs) there are times when bad things happen to good people. So where is God for them?

Brooke: Bridget, why are you saying all these things?

Bridget: (Sighs) Was Katie home when you left? Well, I saw her today, and she thinks that she's one of those people that God is not there for her, and if he is, he's laughing.

Nick: I wasn't sure if this would ever come up.

Katie: I would leave it alone if I could.

Nick: It's not like I've been pretending what happened on Catalina didn't happen, 'cause I haven't.

Katie: Oh, God. I'm so ashamed.

Nick: Katie--

Katie: Stop. I'm so sick of sympathy that I don't deserve.

Nick: Well, this isn't sympathy. We didn't plan what happened, and we never acted on it again, and if anyone's gonna be ashamed, it should be me, 'cause I'm the one who was in a relationship. But what... (sighs) what happened that day, the closeness we felt and the love that I felt-- I can't call that a mistake.

Katie: You will.

Brooke: But Katie's a walking miracle. How could she be anything but thankful?

Bridget: She's definitely going through a crisis, and it's not medical. Dr. Patrick said that everything with her heart is fine.

Brooke: Is she angry with Storm again?

Bridget: It's more like with life. And it's perfectly normal for a patient that's gone through a major surgery to have these feelings of depression, you know, these feelings of loss, fragility, the fear that nothing will ever be the same again.

Brooke: I thought she was passed all that.

Bridget: If you had heard her today... ugh. It's like her whole belief system is shot. I don't know if she believes in anything spiritual right now.

Brooke: She used to when she was younger.

Bridget: But not anymore?

Brooke: I don't know.

Bridget: (Sighs) 'cause I was thinking about going to Nick and Taylor to see if I could ask Katie to be Jack's godmother.

Brooke: That's so sweet. She adores Jack.

Bridget: I know, but I was thinking of it more along the lines of an honorary thing, and a godmother is supposed to raise the child in a spiritual manner in case anything ever was to happen to the parents. I don't know that Katie's thinking along those lines.

Brooke: And I'm not sure if Taylor will be in favor of my daughter and my sister being so close to her son.

Bridget: Well, if it's a no this time, I might have another chance to ask. Nick and I are gonna try to have another child.

Brooke: Oh, sweetheart.

Bridget: I wasn't gonna say anything to anyone yet, and I don't want to get my hopes up, because, you know, it may not happen.

Brooke: Oh, I know. I know, but wow. What a journey it's been. After everything you've been through... you were with Nick, and then you lost your baby, and you lost him, but now you have the chance to have everything all over again. I'm so happy for you.

(Water lapping)

Katie: Bridget trusted us. She trusted me. She knew how I felt about you, and she did the most selfless thing possible.

Nick: Where's all this coming from?

Katie: I betrayed her. We all knew what she was doing pushing us together to make what we all thought were my last days perfect, and she did that because she thought it was safe, because it was me, her best friend, her family.

Nick: I see. So are you saying that you wish that it never would have happened?

Katie: Yes.

Nick: Well, I guess I feel differently about that day.

Katie: So did I before. (Sniffles)

Nick: Let me remind you of a few things. First off, Bridget and I were not engaged.

Katie: Oh, come on. You were living together. You were together.

Nick: Please, there's a few more issues here, like the fact that we lost a child. Now there's no explaining what that does to people when they lose a child. And then there's you, someone that we both love, someone we thought that we were losing, and Bridget was able to save you. She was able to do for you what she couldn't do for our child. And then there's me. Then there was my part, and my part was to take you on "The Marlin."

Nick: Bridget's never asked about that day.

Katie: No, she wouldn't, because she would never dream that you and I would--

Nick: She hasn't asked because she knows that something happened, and she knows that it was important to me, and she knows that it's done.

Katie: No, she's not thinking about sex.

Nick: There's no reason to bring this up to her. There's no reason to cause that kind of pain.

Katie: Oh, God, I wish that were true.

Nick: Now listen to me. What happened between us was meant to happen. Don't poison it.

Nick: (Sighs)

Nick: You know, maybe it's best that, uh, that I go home to Bridget.

Katie: I'm pregnant.

(Crickets chirping)

Bridget: This is the marriage that I always wanted t it was like we were hiding from so many things before. Everyone knew we were in trouble, but us. I'm gonna have Nick talk to Katie, 'cause she confides in him.

Brooke: A lot of wives would be worried if their husbands were as close to another woman as yours is to Katie. What? Did I say something wrong?

Bridget: You and Nick have been even closer.

Brooke: True. (Laughs ashamedly)

Bridget: Right. (Sighs) all my thinking about all that stuff has dramatically changed. If disaster's gonna happen, it's just gonna happen. What's meant to be will be, and all my thinking and worrying about you did nothing but age me.

Brooke: (Sighs) I suppose I should be thanking you, because with everything that's been going on with Mom and over at Forrester Creations, I-I didn't know how to fill the gap for Katie. If it weren't for you and Nick...

Bridget: Mm. Maybe her move out of here was just too abrupt for her.

Brooke: Could be. She's been really quiet at the house.

Bridget: Really? We just need to come up with a reason to get her out of that house every day. She just needs to help out with Jack more, and that I could probably arrange.

Nick: What did you say?

Katie: I'm pregnant.

Nick: Well, that's...

Katie: Impossible? Not for the miracle girl, even with a fever, even pumped full of antibiotics and antirejection drugs. God. I wanted to die that day on Catalina, and now I wish I had.

Nick: (Scoffs) Katie...

Katie: Everyone says that things happen for a reason. Well, where is the lesson in this, Nick? Where is the good? This will bring nothing but misery to everyone involved-- to you, to your marriage. It will kill Bridget. It will kill her. And the baby, assuming that he lives long enough to be born, he won't thank me. Growing inside my screwed-up body, swimming in the sea of chemicals I take, he'll probably be deformed or sickly, a freak like his mother!

Nick: Stop that. Stop it. Now--now calm down and tell me what the doctor said.

Katie: They don't know anything. They aren't used to transplant patients being sneaky and slutty.

Nick: Katie!

Katie: Bridget opened her home to me. She devoted all of her time and her energy and her talent to saving my life, and this is how I repay her. This is how I leave my mark on the world by spreading pain and loss wherever I go.

Nick: That's not true.

Katie: Yes, it is. I don't know how you can stand to be around me. - Ooh, what's this? - Try it.

Nick: Katie...

Katie: (Crying)

Nick: Hey.

Katie: (Sniffles)

Nick: Would you let me give you another way to think about this?

Katie: (Crying)

Nick: See, life is strong in you, and all that life understands is love, just love.

Nick: I loved you on that day out on Catalina, and I believe you loved me, and this child needs no justification. So all of those obstacles and ideas and all that conflict is all in your head.

Katie: Oh, God. Do you-- are you listening to yourself? The obstacles are only in my head? Do you really believe that? Do you think Bridget will see it that way, and she'll just open her arms, and we can all live as one big happy family? Bridget, who is kind and decent and loving, who everything she touches she makes better-- do you really think that she would want me to be a part of her world? Because what do I know about those things? I'll tell you what I do know. I know how to lie and deceive. I know how to smile when I stab someone in the back. I am the worst kind of hypocrite. Everything I touch withers and dies. This is the end of who I am, Nick. This is the end of everything I value and hold dear. I thought that-- I thought I could keep the secret. I thought that that day on the beach just seemed so unreal. I thought I could just let it live as a fantasy inside my head, but we can't hide from this, can we? Life is a joke. Storm died so I could live, and this just proves that the wrong person died that day. Don't worry. Don't worry, because I did this because I was selfish. I did this because I wanted what I wanted, and you gave that to me. Your hands are clean. (Sniffles)

(Cell phone rings) (Rings)

Katie: Answer it. It's Bridget, and I won't steal one more minute from her. (Rings)

Nick: Don't go.

Katie: (Crying)


Nick: Don't go.

Katie: I'll be on deck.

(Rings) (Rings)

Nick: Hello?

Bridget: Hey. (Sniffles) your mom said you, uh, rushed out. Is everything okay?

Brooke: (Whispering) I'm gonna look in on Jack, okay? I won't wake him.

Bridget: Okay.

Nick: Yeah, just stopped by "The Marlin" here. Sorry to hold up dinner.

Bridget: Oh. Um, no, I'm--it's okay. M-my mom's here, and--and it just hasn't really been the greatest day. They had to put my dad on a--on a respirator.

Nick: Oh. I'm sorry. Bridget, uh, I really am. I shouldn't be too much longer.

Bridget: Um, okay. Well, I wa--I want to see you soon, but, uh, do you think you could just stop by and check on Katie? Something is not right with her. I couldn't make sense out of it, but maybe you could.

Nick: (Sighs)

lost in this place alone in the dark

Bridget: It's just me. You can tell me anything.

Dr. Caspary: There's no mistake. You are pregnant.

Dr. Patrick: This is not your typical pregnancy.

Bridget: Katie, what is going on?

Katie: What have I done? (Crying)

waiting for light in an endless night save me now

Nick: We want you with us, right?

Bridget: Of course, we do.

Katie: Okay, you win. No, no, I win.

It's the day you've been waiting for. It's here. It's finally here.

Bridget: (Giggles)

Katie: You may kiss the bride.

Searching for reasons...

Bridget: Oh, my God. (Giggles)

that you left me here

Nick: You're beautiful.

Katie: (Sniffles)

save now save me save me now us, right?

Bridget: Of course we do.

Katie: Okay, you win. No, no, I win.

It's the day you've been waiting for. It's here. It's finally here.

Bridget: (Giggles)

Katie: You may kiss the bride.

Searching for reasons...

Bridget: Oh, my God. (Giggles)

that you left me here

Nick: You're beautiful.

Katie: (Sniffles)

save now save me save me now

Katie: (Crying)

(Water lapping)

(Bells dinging)

Katie: (Crying) Why do you hate me so much? What do you want from me? (Crying)

Storm: (Echoing) Katie. Katie.

Katie: Oh. (Water splashing)

Storm: I'm here for you, Katie.

Save me now save me now save me

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