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(Breathing sounds)

Donna: What is this? Oh, my God, what happened?

Woman: Your husband was put on a respirator. It's helping him breathe.

Donna: He can't breathe?

Woman: You should speak with his doctor. I'll call him.

Donna: No, wait, wait, wait. He--he wasn't on a respirator yesterday. Is he getting worse?

Donna: (Sighs heavily) Oh, my God. Oh, honey bear. Ohh. Ohh. Oh, God.

Jackie: (Sighs) (tsks)

Nick: Breaks your heart, doesn't he?

Jackie: (Laughs) Oh, he certainly knows how to play his grandma.

Nick: Oh, yeah, that killer fat little face of his.

Jackie: It got him two extra stories tonight and another cup of water.

Nick: Thattaboy.

Jackie: (Chuckles) He loves attention, especially from the ladies.

Nick: (Clears throat) Well, he certainly has enough of 'em around him.

Jackie: Bridget absolutely adores him. And it's clear how much he loves her.

Nick: And he has you, Taylor. Brooke comes by to see him.

Jackie: And Katie.

Nick: Well, she doesn't see him as much as when she lived here.

Jackie: Jack must miss her then. You do, too, don't you?

Katie: There is nothing wrong, Bridget. I-I'm healthy. I-no sign of rejection...

Bridget: (Exhales deeply)

Katie: Right, doctor?

Bridget: (Sighs)

Dr. Patrick: Katie's responding well.

Bridget: Oh. Okay, then there's been no change in your condition? (Exhales deeply) well, I'm sorry, I just thought the way that you looked when I walked in-

Katie: Dr. Patrick just gave me the good news. I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I scared you.

Bridget: (Laughs) Dr. Patrick, could I speak with you outside?

Dr. Patrick: In a moment.

Bridget: (Sighs) Well, I'm relieved, of course.


Katie: If she asks, you can't tell her. You can't tell her.

Dr. Patrick: I won't mention your pregnancy. But I want you to confer with an obstetrician right away. This is not your typical pregnancy.

Katie: Pregnant?

Katie: (Crying)

(Katie thinking)

Nick: Shh, shh, shh. Shh. It's okay.

Katie: Stop. I don't--I don't want sympathy. I don't want comfort. I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I just--I-I hate this body. I hate this. I hate that I am so useless and pathetic and--and--and--

Nick: Shh, shh, please, please, please, Katie.

Katie: It's--I am useless.

Nick: You're not useless.

Katie: (Sobbing)

Nick: You're beautiful. You are... so beautiful.

Bridget: Katie, wha-- oh, Katie. See, I knew it. I knew something was wrong. Don't tell me that you're just fine. Katie, what is it? What is going on? I want you to tell me. I want you to tell me right now.

Bridget: Katie, Dr. Patrick just assured me that you're fine.

Katie: I-I am.

Bridget: But you're not. You know, recovering patients that--that go through heart transplants-- it's just so hard. It's so stressful on them every time they come into the hospital or the--the office or every test. They're waiting for the other shoe to drop. That is insanely stressful, and--well, you can't keep this all bottled up. That kind of stress can be so toxic. You need to talk to someone about it. It's just me. You can tell me anything, and I might even be able to help.

Katie: No. No, you can't, not with this.

Bridget: Well, what's-- what is this? What is it, Katie? I can tell you're struggling.

Katie: I wasn't supposed to live. I-no one expected me to live.

Bridget: But you did.

Katie: And now I wish I hadn't.

Bridget: Don't say that. Don't ever say that. Katie, you're a miracle.

Katie: 'Cause this wasn't supposed to happen. That--that day on "The marlin," I-my life was over. It was over. I-I only had a few days left. That's it.

Bridget: And now you have a lifetime. Is that what this is? You--you don't know what to do with--with your future? Because, Katie, it's all gonna be okay.

Katie: (Sighs heavily) Everyone keeps talking about my survival like it--like it's some kind of gift from God, but it's not. This is a sick joke.

Bridget: What are you talking about?

Katie: He must be laughing at me. Here's your life. Here's your miracle. I'm being punished.

Bridget: Why would God punish you, Katie?

Katie: I'm not even sure that there is a God.

Bridget: Okay, listen to me. I don't know exactly what you're going through, but-

Katie: No. No, you don't. And you don't want to. I-you--you--just go. Just go.

Bridget: Katie, sweetheart, there are--there are things-- there are people that you can count on in this world-- your family, the people that love you, me.

Katie: (Crying)

Bridget: Katie, no matter what is ever going on in our lives, that is never, ever going to change. I am always gonna be here for you.

Katie: Please, just go. Just go before I say anything more. Just go, please.

Bridget: Katie--

Katie: (Sniffles)

Jackie: Katie has affected you. You can't deny it.

Nick: Well, look what the woman's been through.

Jackie: Yeah, but she didn't have to fight her battle alone, though, did she?

Nick: She tried.

Jackie: Well, she didn't push you away, and she accepted your invitation to stay here.

Nick: Because Bridget insisted.

Jackie: (Scoffs) Katie cares a lot about Bridget. I know that. I mean, Bridget saved her life.

Nick: Yes, Mother, she did. I am married to one of the most loyal and committed women in the world.

Jackie: Then she and Katie have a lot in common, don't they?

Bridget: Donna, oh, my goodness, I'm so sorry. I should have warned you.

Donna: Wh--what's happening? Wh--what are all these machines?

Bridget: The pulse ox levels became dangerously low. The oxygen-- it wasn't doing enough to keep him going on its own, and it's imperative that he remains oxygenated for any chance of recovery.

Donna: So-- so he's getting what he needs? He--he's g-he's gonna get better?

Bridget: It's a waiting game.

Donna: (Exhales)

Dr. Patrick: I filled Dr. Caspary in on your case.

Katie: How is this even possible? I-I-I've been so sick with the surgery and the medications I'm on and the rejection. I mean, it has got to be a false positive.

Dr. Caspary: I reviewed your labs myself. There's no mistake. You are pregnant.

Bridget: Thank you.

Bridget: You want good news. I do, too, Donna. Seeing my father lie here like this-- he's my hero. He's been my guide through everything, my support. I just keep thinking there's got to be something else I can be doing.

Donna: Well, isn't there? Look--look what you did for Katie.

Bridget: Dad's got the absolute best doctors. They're consulting with experts from around the world. If he could be better off someplace else, believe me, I would have him on the next medical transport. There are no miracle cures for someone like this in a coma. Everything that can be done is being done. Now we just have to wait... and pray.

Donna: (Crying)

Dr. Caspary: I take it from your reaction this wasn't a planned pregnancy.

Katie: I've just had a heart transplant.

Dr. Caspary: Well, do you know when you might have conceived?

Katie: There was only one time, right before you adjusted my antirejection regimen.

Dr. Patrick: The initial treatment was unsuccessful.

Katie: Is that a bad thing?

Dr. Caspary: Pregnancy in transplant recipients is considered very high-risk.

Katie: Risk of miscarriage?

Dr. Caspary: Among other complications, yes. You and your fetus would have to be monitored extremely closely.

Dr. Patrick: What Dr. Caspary is saying-- pregnancy puts a greater strain on the heart. There's an increased chance of rejection.

Dr. Caspary: That's an area we'll need to research. Uh, I'm not familiar enough with the regimen to know how it might affect the fetus.

Dr. Patrick: I can have all that information sent over to your office. (Doctors speaking indistinctly)

Bridget: Katie, what is going on?

Dr. Patrick: You're pregnant, Katie.

Dr. Caspary: There's no mistake. You are pregnant.

Dr. Patrick: This is not your typical pregnancy.

Dr. Caspary: I reviewed the labs myself. You are pregnant.

Bridget: It's just me. You can tell me anything.

Katie: (Breathing heavily) (moans)

Dr. Patrick: Oh, Katie.

Dr. Caspary: Katie, Katie.

Dr. Patrick: Katie, are you all right?

Dr. Caspary: Katie, we're here.

Dr. Patrick: I'm gonna get you some water.

Dr. Caspary: Here's a stool. Sit back. Sit back on it.

Katie: (Breathing heavily)

Dr. Caspary: Now breathe. I want you to breathe.  You're clearly overwhelmed, Katie. I understand. The important thing is to try to minimize your stress. Try not to worry.

Katie: Don't worry?

Dr. Caspary: Organ transplant patients can have children.

Katie: Healthy children? Is it possible for this baby to have a normal life?

Dr. Caspary: I can't give you any probabilities right now.

Katie: So birth defects are possible?

Dr. Caspary: With this class of drug, risk of the fetus cannot be ruled out.

Katie: What does that mean?

Dr. Caspary: I'm not trying to frighten you. And I don't mean to be cryptic. I just don't want to say too much one way or the other until I've had a chance to do more reading.

Katie: This isn't your first high-risk pregnancy.

Dr. Caspary: No. And you're not my first transplant recipient either.

Katie: (Sighs) I thought it was impossible to conceive so soon after surgery.

Dr. Caspary: Well, this isn't the first time you've defied medical probabilities. You're a remarkably strong young woman. You have a lot to think about. It's overwhelming and, undoubtedly, a little frightening. Bottom line--you are pregnant. You almost lost your own life, Katie, and now you have a chance to bring another precious life into this world.

Katie: I-I need a second by myself, please.

Dr. Caspary: Of course.

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: Marone.

Katie: Hi, it's Katie.

Nick: Hey, what's up?

Katie: Can you meet me at "The Marlin"?

Nick: Uh, yeah. I can do that. When?

Katie: Now.

Nick: Everything all right?

Katie: I'll explain when I see you.

Nick: I'm on my way. Could you watch Jack for a while?

Jackie: Yeah, sure. What--what's happening?

Nick: Uh, I'm not sure. Thanks.

Donna: I've been praying so hard. It doesn't feel like it's working.

Bridget: Well, don't give up. Don't give up hope. (Sniffles) 'cause miracles do happen.

Donna: Is that what he needs? Is that what's gonna save him?

Bridget: (Inhales)

Donna: Well, then he doesn't have to stay here.

Bridget: (Crying) No, this is the best place for him.

Donna: Oh, no. If--if all we can do is wait, he--he--he can wait at home.

Bridget: (Sniffles)

Donna: You know, we can-- we can take the machines and set 'em up in the den.

Bridget: No, no, Donna, that's not a good idea.

Donna: But he has to be in familiar surroundings. Nothing is pulling him back to us.

Bridget: (Sniffles) Donna, it's not-- it's not like that. (Sniffles) he's in a co--coma. He's deeply, deeply unconscious, and taking him home isn't-- it's not gonna change his condition. What it could do, though, is completely, completely overwhelm you. (Sniffles) the reality of what he's going through is gonna be in your face 24 hours a day. And it's just gonna get more painful and much harder.

Donna: So--so you're saying he--he's--he's not gonna-- he's not gonna make it, he's not--he's not gonna get better? (Crying) I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

Donna: (Crying) well, I do. I-I don't care what-- I don't care what the tests say. I don't care what the odds are. He is gonna come back to us.

Bridget: (Sniffles)

Donna: I'm not giving up hope.

Bridget: We all need this moment to just tell you how grateful we are and how blessed we feel to have you in our lives, because we almost lost you a few weeks ago. If that tells us anything, it tells us how precious... is it real?

Bridget: Each moment... is it happening?

Bridget: Is in our lives. Is it just a dream?

Bridget: 'Cause that's all we have. It's all we can be sure of. Is it always the same for me?

Bridget: Happy birthday, my beloved Aunt Katie.

Katie: (Laughs)

Bridget: May you live a very, very long life. We love you.

Destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny

Nick: Hey.

Katie: Hey. Um, we need to talk.

Nick: Okay. I know you saw your doctor today.

Katie: Yeah, I got some unexpected news.

Nick: Is it bad?

Nick: Hey, you know, we've been here before. You can tell me anything.

Katie: It's not like that.

Nick: Well, you know how I feel about you. So... whatever it is, I want you to feel as though you can talk to me about it.  Katie, what's going on? Is it real? Is it happening? Is it just a dream?

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