The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/28/08


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Reporter: You're firing the Forresters?

Jarrett: Donna, can you say that again?

Donna: I said I will be running Forrester Creations.

Ridge: You can't.

Donna: I can, and I will. Eric gave me his power of attorney. He left it up to me to make decisions for him when he couldn't. It's my job to protect the company until he recovers.

Jarrett: But Ridge is Forrester's lead designer. He has the most experience.

Donna: Actually, no. When it comes to running the company, my sister Brooke has the most experience. As far as I'm concerned, Eric is still our C.E.O. I'm just doing what he'd want me to do.

Thorne: He'd want you to fire his kids?

Donna: Until they're ready to act in their father's best interest and not their own. This is not a decision I made lightly. I cannot get into the reasons, but I assure you I am justified. Currently, this is in the best interest of our company.

Felicia: You are out of your mind.

Thorne: (Scoffs)

Donna: I will be looking to my sister and my nephew to steer us forward while Eric is gone. I want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and their messages of concern. It's a great comfort to me to know that there are so many warm wishes from around the world.

Woman: Mrs. Forrester...

Man: Mrs. Forrester...

Jarrett: But, Donna, how can you say this is what Eric wants?

Woman: Did he have a falling out with his son?

Jarrett: Uh, uh, Ridge, how are you and your siblings going to respond to this?

Owen: Look, thank you all for coming, but no more questions. Mrs. Forrester has given her statement.

Jarrett: Who are you?

Owen: Owen Knight, Mrs. Forrester's assistant. And if any of you would like to speak to her, you're gonna have to go through me.

Rick: All right, guys, he's right. Everybody out. Thank you very much. Please.

Jarrett: Rick, w-were you involved in this decision? Did your aunt consult you?

Rick: Um, Jarrett, you're gonna get scooped. Please, go.

Ridge: You have no idea what you're doing.

Felicia: You will end up destroying our father's company.

Donna: If Eric didn't think I could handle this, he wouldn't have given me his power of attorney.

Thorne: I can assure you he didn't anticipate you firing his kids.

Donna: Maybe not, but I'm sure he didn't think you'd betray him.

Pam: What is going on? Those reporters just ran through here in a stampede.

Rick: I know. Now look, when the phones start ringing, and they will, just refer all phone calls to either my mom or me. No statements. No comments.

Pam: What happened in there?

Rick: Pam, if I told you, you would not believe me.

Pam: It has to be Donna. What's the hot tamale done now?

Felicia: You can get off your soapbox now, Donna.

Ridge: Felicia, don't.

Donna: Owen, Brooke, you can stay. The rest of you, please go.

Brooke: Donna, you have every reason to be upset. What Felicia did was wrong, but the company needs stability right now. Our clients are very nervous. We need to reassure them.

Donna: So make all the phone calls you want, but these three are not returning until Eric hears what they've done.

Ridge: You think he's gonna be angry at us? You've shown your true colors today, Donna. All this talk about being loyal to Dad. You think he's gonna be grateful for what you've done? He'll come back to a company he doesn't recognize if it's even still here. You're playing politics with his baby, and he's not gonna tolerate that. If you don't reconsider right now, you're out of this company, you're out of Dad's house, and you're definitely out of all of our lives for good.

Pam: Don't try to keep it from me, Rick. What is all this commotion about?

Rick: Look, Pam, the press have a lot of questions, okay? That's--

Pam: But about what? What is happening in that room?

Ridge: I gave her a chance. She blew it.

Thorne: I'm calling the attorneys.

Pam: What is going on?

Thorne: Donna fired us.

Felicia: Back your bags, Aunt Pam. You're probably next.

Owen: Good for you. Don't let them intimidate you.

Brooke: Donna, you have to listen to me. You need to slow down and think about what you're doing.

Donna: They're wrong, Brooke. Eric won't be mad at me because I was fighting for our marriage, something his so-called loving children want to destroy.

Brooke: What Felicia did was unconscionable.

Donna: Yes, it was, so why are we even talking about this?

Brooke: Because you're not gonna be able to run this company. Ridge and I can do it just fine, and then you can spend time at the hospital with Eric and help him recuperate. Isn't that what you want to do?

Rick: Pam, don't do it.

Pam: How can you do this, Donna? Eric's family? Don't you think they're in enough pain?

Donna: If you want to go with them, you can.

Pam: You're firing me, too?

Donna: No, that's not what Eric would want.

Pam: You just got rid of his children.

Donna: They tried to betray him. Look, I don't care whether you stay or go, but your desk will be moving downstairs-- general reception. You're no longer needed on the executive floor. My assistant Owen will be taking care of all my needs.

Pam: You will never get away with this, Donna.

Rick: Pam, Pam.

Pam: Never!

Rick: Pam!

Pam: I'm going.

Brooke: Owen, could I speak to Donna alone?

Owen: Yes.

Brooke: What Felicia did was appalling. I agree with that. And you don't want to work with her. I understand that. But Ridge had nothing to do with this.

Donna: How can I trust any of them? Eric put me in charge, and he trusted I would do the right thing.

Brooke: And I know you will, because you are my sister and you're capable of doing whatever it is that you want to do. But you cannot run Forrester Creations the way Ridge can.

Thorne: Well, word's out. "Forresters ousted from Forrester Creations."

Felicia: (Sighs)

Ridge: It's on the Internet. It's everywhere.

Felicia: Please tell me they're saying she's crazy. Well, she is crazy.

Ridge: She was also provoked.

Felicia: You wouldn't be complaining if my plan had worked.

Thorne: $200,000, Felicia?

Ridge: To a complete stranger.

Felicia: Owen took the deal.

Thorne: And then he had a sudden attack of conscience.

Felicia: Yeah, or he got a better offer, okay? I'm just saying have-- did you see him? Did you see the way he was looking at Donna during the meeting? I am telling you there's something fishy between those two.

Ridge: Oh, come on.

Felicia: One photo, okay? One incriminating photo, that's it. I mean, Dad told me himself the one thing he would never tolerate was infidelity.

Thorne: Felicia, Donna is a lot of things, but she is not foolish enough to have an affair on Dad. That's her meal ticket, not to mention for her son, as well.

Ridge: Sis, you went too far.

Felicia: I was fighting for Dad, for Mom, for the company, for our entire family.

Ridge: Your plan backfired, didn't it? Now we're out. Donna's in. And Forrester Creations, our dad's legacy, is now in Donna's hands. God help us all.

Felicia: And to think I could never understand how Mom's plans wouldn't work.

Ridge: Felicia, you can't always manipulate things to get what you want.

Thorne: Especially with a jerk you just met.

Felicia: He seemed like the kind of guy that would take the deal-- sleazy and greedy.

Thorne: And you're surprised he double-crossed you?

Felicia: He backed out. He said it wouldn't work, that Donna would never betray Dad.

Ridge: So he just throws in the towel, huh?

Felicia: No, guys, get it. He wouldn't even try. He was with Donna, what, a few days? Suddenly he's an expert on her character? I'm sorry. I'm not buyin' it. Look, either I read this guy completely wrong, or he has another agenda, one a lot bigger than $200,000.

(Phone rings)

Pam: Forrester Creations. Uh, I am not authorized to make a statement. Um, I'm sorry. I-I can't. No comment. Um, no comment.

Rick: I'm gonna have to put you on hold because I have to be down in my office to do that. Absolutely. Okay. Pam, remember, all clients, all buyers, please, send them to me. Thank you. Owen...

Owen: Yeah?

Rick: As soon as Donna gets out of there, can you please have her call me? If I'm supposed to keep a lid on this thing, I need to know what the hell is going on.

Owen: Absolutely.

Rick: Thank you.

(Phone rings)

Pam: Might as well have a pastry. I made 'em for the press, but, uh, Donna ran 'em off. (Chuckles) lemon bars are my specialty. They're delicious. Have one. Go on.

Owen: Mmm. They're tasty.

Pam: Really? You like 'em?

Owen: You know, my mom used to make lemon bars. Yours are different. They've got some sort of a kick to them. What is it? Uh... no, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Nutmeg?

Pam: (Scoffs)

Owen: Yeah, that's it.

Pam: You are good.

Owen: It is nutmeg. I'm right, right?

Pam: (Chuckles) mm. About the lemon bars, yes. About who you associate with, no.

Owen: Well, I'm sorry you and Donna don't get along.

Pam: A word to the wise, Owen. Watch your back. Donna can be a devious little monster.

Owen: Well, I guess that's it for making nice. You watch yourself, too, Pam. Don't make an enemy of Donna if you're smart.

Brooke: You and Eric's children have been on a collision course ever since you and Eric have been dating, but this is not the time or the place to wage a war.

Donna: What war? They're gone. Now we just have to focus on what's next.

Owen: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I've got some important messages.

Donna: Come in.

Owen: Well, I prioritized them, and I put the most urgent on the top.

Donna: Thank you.

Owen: Some people called for Ridge, but I told them that you were in charge now.

Donna: Okay, look, I-I can't call people back. I-I need to collect my thoughts. I have to prepare a statement.

Owen: Take your time.

Brooke: You don't need to do anything except take care of yourself and your husband. Ridge and I can hand this.

Donna: No. No, not Ridge, you and me, Marcus, Owen and Rick. We can keep Forrester going until Eric comes back.

Brooke: And how do you think Ridge would feel if I were to do that? You say this isn't a war, but why do I feel like I have to choose sides?

Brooke: I know what it's like having the Forresters gunning for you. You feel weak. You feel exposed. You feel like you need to fight back, but this is not where you should be putting your energy. You need to rise above this. Eric will come through this crisis, and then you can both have the future that you always planned. You just can't let the need for revenge poison it, please.

Donna: No, that's not what this is about.

Brooke: Then what is it about?

Donna: (Sighs)

Brooke: You need to ask yourself that question. I will help you any way I can, but do you really want to draw a line in the sand? I mean, Ridge is a huge asset to this company, and he understands that this is a very stressful situation for everybody involved. Now if you just go to him and tell him that you made a mistake, he'll come back here in a heartbeat. I know he will. It's not too late, Donna. Please, just think about it.

Donna: Okay, I-I will.

Brooke: (Sighs) Thank you. I love you, sis.

Donna: I love you, too. (Sighs)

Rick: No, I completely understand that situation, but I have to get back to you when I have more information. Yes. Thank you. Ciao. Mom, is Donna in there?

Brooke: I wouldn't bother her right now.

Rick: Our buyers are freaking out right now.

Brooke: Honey, she just needs some time to think.

Rick: (Sighs) You mean she could change her mind about this?

Brooke: Firing Eric's children from the company-- she knows it's a mistake. She went too far.

Rick: (Sighs)

Felicia: Why hasn't Brooke called yet?

Ridge: She will if she has news.

Thorne: Do you really think she can get through to Donna, Ridge?

Ridge: Donna knows she's out of her league. She's not gonna destroy Forrester Creations just to spite us.

Felicia: Are you sure about that, big brother?

Ridge: It means too much to Dad.

Thorne: Well, she sure as hell has put us in a lot of jeopardy, Ridge.

Ridge: We'd better get back in there fast. Otherwise, it's gonna be too late to get out of this tailspin.

Felicia: She basically fired us in front of the press. A little hard to come back from that.

Ridge: She can blame it on the stress then or Dad's illness. The woman is not thinking clearly.

Felicia: Well, that's the damn truth.

Ridge: She's gonna have to say whatever she can say. Otherwise, she's gonna have to go to Dad and explain how she ran his company into the ground while he's fightin' for his life.

Owen: You did what you had to do.

Donna: For the company or for my own ego?

Owen: Ridge would have fired you, too, if you would have given him control of the company.

Donna: So I acted in my-- in self-defense.

Owen: Yes, and as far as I know, that's not a crime.

Donna: The Forresters think I'm a thief.

Owen: Eric gave you his power of attorney. His kids are trying to steal his company out from under him.

Donna: Yes, yes, but if they have more experience...

Owen: No, that is your sister talking.

Donna: She has been in the business a long time.

Owen: In all of the years, how many times has she disagreed with Ridge?

Donna: (Sighs)

Owen: She stands to gain as much as he does if you give in.

Donna: Well, she doesn't think I can do it.

Owen: I do. It's not like you have to hold this company on your shoulders like atlas. You've got a crack team at your disposal. Most of your staff has been here for years. They can do their jobs with their eyes closed.

Donna: (Sighs)

Owen: Come on. All you gotta do is let 'em work. Tell them you're doing this for Eric, and they will rally around you. Now you're doing fine. You're gonna be great.

Ridge: She is in way over her head. I'll be damned if she's gonna take our business down with her.

Felicia: She's got Dad's power of attorney.

Thorne: (Sighs)

Felicia: Prima Donna can do whatever she wants.

Ridge: Not if somebody stops her.

Thorne: Ridge.

Felicia: Where are you goin'?

(Cell phone rings)

Thorne: That's Ridge's phone.

Felicia: Well, answer it.

Thorne: Hello?

Brooke: Thorne, why are you answering Ridge's phone?

Thorne: Because he left it, Brooke.

Brooke: Well, where is he? I-I need to talk to him, 'cause I think I persuaded Donna to change her mind.

Thorne: Well, that's great news.

Brooke: So where'd he go?

Thorne: I don't know. He just ran outta here abruptly.

Brooke: Well, have him call me, will you? I can't wait to give him the good news.

Thorne: You got it. (Sighs)

Brooke: Hi. It is crazy out there.

Donna: I bet.

Brooke: The news is spreading fast, but if we act quickly, we could still turn this around. Did you think about what I said?

Donna: I did, and I'm sorry, Brooke.

Brooke: You're not ready? You need more time?

Donna: My decision is final. Thorne, Ridge and Felicia are not welcome here.

Brooke: No. Donna, you don't mean that.

Donna: Yes, I do, but I need you, Brooke, please. I-I can't do this without you.

Owen: Donna, you can do this. How much did Brooke know about the company when she took it over from Eric?

Donna: You knew about that?

Owen: A leader needs two things-- courage and devotion. And you've got both of 'em.

Donna: (Sighs) You think so?

Owen: I know so. Look, you are in the right here. You stood up to those greedy Forresters. You refused to be manipulated. You stayed focused under incredible circumstances. You're a warrior.

Donna: (Scoffs) I-I never really thought about myself that way.

Owen: Well, maybe you need to start, 'cause you are an incredible person. I don't think that you realize how incredible. Your love for Eric, your devotion to the man-- it's a beautiful thing, and that's what this is about, right? Protecting the company for your husband.

Donna: (Sighs)

Owen: Well, you did it. You did this. You s--you wouldn't-- you refused to let those Forresters manhandle you. You--because you've got way too much integrity for that. You know, when I first started, you impressed me, but watching you today emerge and become the head of Forrester, it--I--wow. What else can I say? You-- you're--you're incredible. You're unlike anybody I've ever known. You-- you are-- (sighs)

Donna: Oh, my God. We can't-- this is all wrong.

Owen: Then why does this feel so right?

Singer: I've fallen head over heels for you, baby I know you know we will last forever

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