The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/25/08


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Rick: Why are we in such a hurry to yank Forrester away from Dad?

Brooke: Nobody is doing that.

Thorne: Look, the whole world knows what happened to Dad, and they're watching, Rick.

Rick: Okay, so let them see us take care of business while Dad can't.

Ridge: That would say we're treading water, Rick. Important decisions are getting postponed. Product lines aren't getting approved, and our future plans are on hold.

Felicia: Right, and we can't afford for that to happen. Our buyers need confidence, Rick.

Brooke: You all will get your fair share. This is just the quickest, most dramatic way to make the transfer.

Felicia: Does Donna know we're waiting?

Brooke: She'll be here.

Donna: I know you can't tell me what to do. (Sighs) (cell phone vibrating)

Donna: (Sighs) It's Ridge. Yes, they're your children, Eric, but... what they're doing is wrong. (Sighs) God, I know you love me, and I... I don't need anything else from you. The company, the house-- I'm ready to walk away from it all. But are you?

Eric: Forrester Creations is my company. It's my company. I built it, and I'm gonna run this company, and I will be the one who decides when I step down. I love this company. It's my lifeblood. It gives me purpose and determination, and I will not give it up.

Donna: (Sighs)

Beth: Hmm. This is my recipe?

Katie: Oh, it's that bad, huh?

Beth: No, it just-- lucky you having me as a mom.

Katie: (Chuckles) Yeah, well, you know, whenever anyone got sick or died, we'd always make lamb stew and a fresh loaf of bread.

Beth: Oh. Are you baking bread?

Katie: I got brown 'n serve.

Beth: Do I remember what that is?

Katie: It's kind of how it sounds.

Beth: Ah.

Katie: You know, Bridget's so busy. She's at the hospital. She's working. She's visiting her dad. I just figured they needed a nice meal to come home to, so do you want to drive over with me?

Beth: Oh, um... (door opens)

Nick: Hey, don't shoot. It's me.

Beth: Oh, hi, Nick.

Nick: Hi.

Katie: Hi. You just saved me a trip.

Nick: Oh, good. Good. I was on my way to the hospital, so I thought I'd check in on both of you, especially you, see if you needed any parts, you know, like eyebrows, tonsils...

Katie: (Laughs)

Nick: Teeth. No, no, there they are. No, wait, I see them.

Katie: (Giggles)

Ridge: Donna.

Donna: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Ridge: How's Dad? I assume you were there with him.

Donna: There's no change.

Ridge: (Sighs) Well, we're all here to do what Dad would most want done for him-- to ensure the survival of Forrester.

Donna: You invited reporters.

Ridge: The transfer of ownership only restores confidence if people know about it. Did you bring Dad's power of attorney?

Donna: It's right here.

Ridge: Okay. I don't want Jarrett or anyone else questioning the, uh, legitimacy of what we're doing here. (Telephone buzzes)

Felicia: Yes? Oh, great. Thank you. Press is out at reception.

Ridge: All right, I think we're ready. You'll need this.

Nick: Look at this.

Katie: Okay, here you go.

Nick: Okay. Wow. Thank you. Uh, is this gonna keep in the car? 'Cause Bridget'll probably want to spend some time with Eric.

Katie: Oh, yeah, yeah. Just keep the lid on really well.

Nick: Uh-huh.

Katie: And then pop this in the oven at 400 for 15 minutes when you get home.

Nick: Mmm. Smells good.

Katie: Man does not live on takeout alone.

Nick: Well, man can. Women just don't like it.

Katie: Tell Bridget I love her and that I'm thinking about her.

Beth: And tell Bridget we're all rooting for Eric, okay?

Nick: Yeah, I will. Wha-- what-- what is this? You're supposed to be practicing four hours a day, remember?

Katie: I am.

Nick: At least.

Katie: Well, hope saw it, and she found out it was from you, so she had to have it.

Nick: Oh, hope saw this with the net and everything. I'd better take it then.

Katie: Why?

Nick: Well, because I don't want you guys fighting over it.

Katie: Oh, I don't think you have to worry about me fighting with hope. Come on, give it here.

Nick: But you said you're not using it.

Katie: No, just give it here.

Nick: You said you're not-- is she using this? Is she?

Katie: I am using it. Mom.

Beth: I cannot tell a lie.

Katie: Don't believe her. Her memory's lousy. Come on.

Nick: Don't talk to your mother that way, first of all. You gotta show respect to your mother. She's--no, no, I don't--

Katie: Just give me the ball.

Nick: You know, I'll believe her before I believe you.

Katie: Just give it to me. Thank you.

Bridget: (Sniffles) I mean, everything is still pretty much the same. Jackie's still driving me nuts. I think she thinks of me as the default wife, the one who doesn't know how to dress. (Sighs) did they take your E.E.G. this morning? I can't remember seeing it.

Bridget: I'm sorry, Dad. I know you're not really my patient. You're definitely not just a chart to me.

Bridget: It's just you were the one that could always fix everything.

Bridget: You were always my hero.

Thorne: Are there other things to discuss before we bring in the reporters?

Felicia: Well, they're gonna want a wedding date for Ridge and Brooke. We just say that it's inappropriate due to Daddy's condition.

Donna: All of this is inappropriate.

Brooke: It's true. Everyone wishes we didn't have to think about business right now.

Thorne: What I meant was don't you think they're gonna want to know who's doin' what here?

Felicia: Ah, the sounds of Thorne wanting out of his dungeon office.

Thorne: No, it's Ridge is askin' us to take a lot on faith. I mean, you take over the company. You appoint yourself C.E.O. What's left for us?

Donna: I think I'm being asked to take more on faith than anyone.

Ridge: That may be true. And don't think we don't appreciate it.

Felicia: Uh, yeah, we do. We haven't always seen eye to eye, but you're really doin' the right thing, Donna.

Thorne: You know, I admit, you have been very good to my father.

Ridge: And I know you'd rather be back at the hospital with him, so why don't we take care of this now? Owen, would you bring in the press, please?

Donna: Owen, wait. I don't think we should have the reporters in just yet.

Felicia: Is there a problem?

Donna: Look, there's no question, apart from Owen, I am the least qualified to run or own Forrester, but at the moment, legally, I do, and I'm not signing anything.

Beth: Nick seems pretty at home here.

Katie: Well, it was his home for a while. Um, can I get you some more tea?

Beth: No, thanks. I take it he has his own key.

Katie: Yeah. You know, I mean, he and Hope are really close, so he comes by, I don't know, once a week and takes her out someplace. Ugh, God, I'm so bored. I'm so bored of being a recovering patient. I want to get out and do something.

Beth: He didn't ask for Hope. I think he came to see you.

Katie: Well, he's probably wanting to know how I'm doing. He's used to seeing me every day.

Beth: Mm. Now he's married.

Katie: He--we're friends. Married people have friends.

Beth: He flew all the way to Paris just to get me. I think you were the reason, Katie.

Katie: (Sighs)

Beth: I'm not judging you, honey. I know you're a person of character, but you also just happen to be my daughter, and I couldn't help but notice the way you lit up the minute he came in the room.

Katie: Okay. Nick is special to me. I'm kind of in love with him, and I'd like to think that for a while he was a little bit in love with me, too.

Bridget: Let's see. What else? Um... oh, yeah, that big jacaranda tree that you love so much is blooming. It's amazing. It's stopping traffic. People get out of their cars and take pictures. I remember when I was... (sniffles) when I was little, I used to ask you why that tree would bloom at such an odd time, so late. You said 'cause you-- you planted it at the wrong time. I said, "Like me, huh?" 'Cause I came at the wrong time, a little late in your life. I wasn't blossoming naturally, not naturally beautiful or naturally brilliant like your other kids. But you said when I grow up...

Bridget: I would be just like that tree. (Sniffles) and when I did blossom, there would be nothing like me for miles around.

Nick: (Sighs)

Thorne: You had to wait till the press was here to pull this? (Breathing heavily)

Ridge: Donna?

Thorne: You have a thing for public humiliation, don't you? It's just like our so-called wedding day all over again.

Felicia: Oh, no, wait. If Donna has a question, this would be the time to bring it up.

Ridge: Exactly. The fashion channel can wait. Look, we know you want to do the right thing. You told Brooke that you would.

Donna: Actually, there is something I would like to ask.

Brooke: Sweetie, what is it? We want you to be sure.

Donna: Do you love your father?

Felicia: Me? What kind of question is that?

Donna: Is his happiness important to you?

Felicia: Of course.

Donna: But you don't think I make him happy?

Felicia: I never said that.

Ridge: No, wait. We--we misjudged you, Donna. We admit that.

Thorne: I don't. I think I judged you just right.

Donna: (Sighs)

Ridge: At first we were suspicious because we're very protective of Dad. No one can deny that he's very happy with you.

Donna: Then explain to me why destroying his happiness was worth $200,000 to you.

Ridge: I don't understand.

Brooke: Donna, what's going on here? Obviously, there's been some kind of misunderstanding.

Donna: Has there? Owen?

Felicia: What did you tell her?

Owen: That you offered me $200,000 to-- to seduce her and get proof of it.

Felicia: Oh, you little lowlife. What--did she make you a better offer or what?

Owen: I tried, but she loves your father.

Felicia: Get the hell out of my sight.

Donna: No, stay where you are.

Felicia: No, you're fired, Owen.

Donna: You don't have the power to fire anyone. Nothing in this building is yours, except the clothes on your back. You betrayed your father, and you treated me like trash. He deserves so much more, and so does his company that he built with his blood, sweat and tears. From now on, I'll be making the decisions.

Bridget: His eyes were open when I first came in.

Nick: Is that good?

Bridget: It's just kinda like sleeping with your eyes open.

Nick: I've done that. In fact, I think we've had whole conversations where I was sleeping with my eyes open.

Nick: (Sighs) (Scoffs)

Bridget: What? What is it?

Nick: I just was thinking about the last time I was in this hospital.

Bridget: I know. I have been thinking about that, too. I've been thinking a lot about Katie, actually, all the lessons that-- that I learned from her.

Nick: Well, we're not givin' up on your dad, just like we didn't give up on Katie.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Katie: The antirejection drugs weren't working. They tried every combination. They raised the dose as high as they could without killing me, but I still had a fever. I was rejecting the heart, or the heart was rejecting me. I don't know. Nobody wanted to say anything, but it was on all of their faces. I was gonna die. And there was always this connection, this attraction between Nick and me, and everybody knew it. And Bridget--she did this extraordinary thing. (Sighs) She gave him to me for the time I had left.

Beth: How do you mean?

Katie: We spent so much time together. We... (sighs) we went to Catalina one day, and it was amazing. It-- I could have died right then and there, just stop taking my medication, let the ocean wash me away. Nick wouldn't let me. He made me realize that I have a life worth living. In many ways, that was the best day of my life. But... those are just memories now. They're just photographs that we have to lock away because nobody really wants to be reminded of it. But every now and then when I'm alone, I-I allow myself to remember how happy I was that day. There's no harm in that, right? No one has to know.

Beth: No, baby, no one has to know.

Brooke: Is this true, Felicia?

Felicia: And don't expect me to apologize for it either. You are desperately, epically wrong for my father. The only thing you have over him is a sexual advantage, so having the exact same thing over you seemed like fair game.

Donna: (Scoffs) And you people actually expected me to trust you.

Ridge: Wait a minute. Let's not get derailed here by my sister's poor judgment. We all came together to do what's right for my father.

Donna: Oh, what's right for you, you mean?

Ridge: For the company, Donna. It's a family business.

Donna: No. No, Ridge, it was.

Brooke: Honey, I know you're upset. What Felicia did was outrageous, but this cannot be an emotional decision.

Donna: How can it be anything else? I love my husband, and his children can't even respect him. Nobody is taking anything from Eric, not while there's a breath in my body. Owen, open the door.

Felicia: Wait a minute.

Donna: I said open it.

Felicia: Ohh!

Owen: Come on in.

Donna: Come in, Jarrett. (Sighs)

Jarrett: We're all so sorry to hear about Eric.

Donna: Thank you.

Jarrett: Has there been any change in his condition?

Donna: My husband's body is repairing itself. That's what he needs, and when it's time, he'll come back to us.

Woman: That's beautiful, Ms. Logan.

Donna: Mrs. Forrester, please.

Ridge: Look, we're not really prepared to take questions just yet.

Donna: That's correct, but, um, I do have a short statement. We at Forrester Creations want to thank our friends around the world for their best wishes towards my husband's recovery. Someday soon he will stand here and thank you himself. I'm sure of that. Until then, it's our job to protect his legacy and keep it vital and competitive. Look to his son, Rick Forrester, who's head of our international division, to take on more responsibility in our day-to-day operation. He and his import/export people will be working directly with my son Marcus, who will be supervising shipping and receiving.

Woman: Will Thorne be resuming his former position as president?

Donna:  Thorne and Felicia Forrester have been devastated by their father's illness and will be stepping down.

Jarrett: Then Ridge will fill in as C.E.O. and President?

Donna: Ridge will be leaving the company, as well. I will be running Forrester Creations.

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