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Ridge: (Sighs) Hey, I'm-- I'm gonna take off for a while and go check on things at the company. (Clears throat) The nurses know how to reach me in case there's any changes in anything. (Sighs) I'll be back as soon as I can. So don't you worry about the company, okay? I'm gonna take care of everything. (Sighs) you just focus on getting better, all right? Your family needs you, Dad. I need you.

Donna: You know, I-I gave Eric this mug when we first fell in love. My honey bear.

Marcus: You know, having some of his things at the hospital may just be a good idea, like you said.

Donna: Yeah, I hope so. When he wakes up from this coma, I just, you know, want things to be familiar. He spent so many happy years in this room.

Marcus: Um, maybe now's not the, uh, the best time.

Donna: What? What is it, honey?

Marcus: Well, I was dropping off a package last night, and I came across these papers. Kind of blew me away.

Donna: Yeah. Well, it's-- it's nothing to worry about. It--it was Ridge's idea. He, uh, wants his father to give the company over to Brooke and him when-- you know, I-I don't even want to talk about it, not while Eric is so sick.

Marcus: You want me to go ahead and drop you off at the hospital?

Donna: No, no. I-I have my own car. Thank you. Why don't you go and-- and spend some time with him. You know, you-- you were on his mind last night.

Marcus: I was?

Donna: Eric said that, um, he wants to put you in his will.

Marcus: Seriously?

Donna: Family means everything to him. He wants to make sure that you're-- your future is secure.

Marcus: Wow, I-I never expected anything like this.

Donna: Yeah, I-I can't tell you how much those words meant to me, but, you know, I-I shouldn't even be surprised. That's the kind of man my husband is, Marcus. His-- his big heart is just so fu-- full of love-- always thinking about other people. (Sighs)

Bridget: (Sighs) okay, Dad. I'm here. I don't want you to worry about having to be alone 'cause I'm going to be here as much as I can. I got a call from Nick, and he got an e-mail from the photographers. Our proofs from the wedding-- they came today. I can't wait to see them. You looked so handsome that day. I'm happy that you were there and walked me down the aisle and I got to share that with you.

Bridget: There's so many things I'm counting on sharing with you.

Bridget: (Sniffles)

Ridge: What are you doing with that?

Donna: Ridge, um, I'm just gathering a few items for Eric to look at when he wakes up. This photo-- I-I know he treasures it. He loves you so much. He--he's so proud of you. Is it okay if I--

Ridge: Yeah. Go ahead. Take it.

Donna: Thank you.

Ridge: A lot of harsh words were said last night.

Donna: We were upset. But your dad's gonna make it through this.

Ridge: I believe that, too.

Donna: Good. Good. Then we're on the same page.

Ridge: And I don't want you worrying about Forrester Creations.

Donna: You mean while Eric is still in the hospital?

Ridge: Well, I'll make sure everything runs smoothly. You'll be taken care of. I'm sure that's what Dad would want.

Donna: And when he comes back, he'll be strong as ever.

Ridge: Oh, there's always gonna be a place for Dad around here.

Donna: Well, of course, there will, Ridge, because your father owns this company.

Ridge: Uh, there's something you should know, Donna. Last night, when Dad and I closed the door, we talked about all this, and he agreed that Brooke and I should take over. So that's the way it's gonna be, starting immediately.

Donna: No. No, Ridge, you're mistaken.

Ridge: Dad's initial reaction was no. But then when we talked about it, he realized why it was necessary, and he came around.

Donna: Well, I think I know what my husband wants.

Ridge: Donna, don't turn this into a negative thing.

Donna: Look, you want Eric to give up a company that he just bought back from Nick less than a year ago? And suddenly, what? He's not capable of running his own company? He doesn't even deserve to own a piece of it? Forgive me if I have a hard time seeing this as a positive development.

Ridge: You say this just happened out of nowhere? Well, it didn't, Donna. This company's in trouble. Forrester's hurting. And it's gonna be hurting a lot more now that Dad's unavailable to design with us. We have to reassure the people we do business with.

Donna: I understand that.

Ridge: Good.

Donna: Good. So how can I help?

Ridge: Go focus on Dad. Be with him. I'll take care of everything at the office.

Donna: Take care of things how?

Ridge: We have to set up a press conference-- make a statement. We have to let the customers know this company's in very capable, experienced hands.

Donna: Yours and Brooke’s.

Ridge: Yes, Donna, that's right.

Donna: Temporarily.

Ridge: Look, you have enough to worry about just making sure that Dad recovers from all this. Lawyers'll straighten out all the paperwork.

Donna: Ridge, the document that you gave Eric-- he--he never signed it.

Ridge: But he did agree to it.

Donna: Yes. Yes, he told me that. But he changed his mind.

Woman: Dr. Forest, dial 1,8,2, please. Dr. Forest, please dial 1, 8, 2.

Marcus: Steffy!

Steffy: Oh!

Marcus: Any change?

Steffy: Granddad's the same. Were you here all night with Donna?

Marcus: Yeah. I finally got her to go home and grab a shower. It took me some doing, though. She didn't want to leave Eric's side.

Steffy: Yeah, I'm still looking for my dad, but no one's seen him.

Marcus: No? Well, he was here last night before we left.

Steffy: Anything less tense by then?

Marcus: Between Donna and Ridge? Come on, Steffy. You're kidding, right?

Steffy: And yet they're both here for the exact same reason. Because they both love my grandfather.

Thorne: Dad is a very vital man, Mother. He will pull through this. He has to.

Stephanie: He came down to see me at the beach house the night that Bridget had her party just to check up on me, wanted to cheer me up. I said something silly. I don't know what it was. And it made him laugh, and I-I was so pleased with myself that I'd made him laugh. If I thought that-- you foolish old man. I love you, Eric. I love you more than anything in this world.

Ridge: Dad changed his mind?

Donna: Yes. Yes, we discussed it right bef-- look, he isn't ready to hand over Forrester Creations. He loves his work too much, Ridge.

Ridge: Fine. When he's well enough, which I believe he will be, he can design to his heart's content.

Donna: As an employee under his son. After the magnificent career he had, do you really think that that's gonna be good enough for him?

Ridge: Well, due to the less than magnificent trip he just got back from, Donna, which really opened his eyes, by the way-- come on, you saw him. Dad was crushed by the whole experience. That's why I made him a promise that your sister and I would work our tails off to turn things around here to make Forrester Creations thrive again. That's when Dad decided it was okay to step aside. We stood right here. We stood right here and embraced each other. He gave me his word.

Donna: I-I know what you may have discussed, but he changed his mind. I-I asked him if this is what he really wanted, and he decided it wasn't.

Ridge: Oh, and I'm supposed to just take your word for that?

Donna: What? You think I'm making this up?

Ridge: Well, as you already pointed out, Donna, it's not as if Dad can speak for himself right now, can he?

Steffy: (Sighs)

Marcus: Hey, Mr. Forrester. Um-- (laughs nervously) Eric. I know that's what you told me to call you. It seems kind of funny, though, sometimes because I respect you so much. I mean, having someone who has accepted me and treated me so well, I can't even describe what that's been like. You know, Donna told me that you wanted to put me in your will. I mean, when I heard that, I-I did everything I possibly could not to burst out crying. You believed in me, and you stood up for Donna when everybody else was trying to get us. You're a good man, Eric, the best I've ever known. I'm so proud that my mom has somebody like you in her life. And--and I know you're gonna pull through this, man, because you have to, for Donna and for me, as well. There's so much I want to do with you, so much I want to learn. I want to live up to what you see in me, make you so proud. So you hang in there, all right? You hang in there, okay?

Bridget: I was gonna check his blood pressure.

Steffy: We'll get out of your way.

Steffy: (Breathing shakily)

Marcus: You know, you're right. It's--it's tough seeing Eric in that bed, not in command like he usually is.

Steffy: (Sighs) I could always trust him, confide in him, tell him all my secrets. And now that I'm all grown up, I still can. He always knows just the right thing to say to make you feel better. Like-- (sobs) like now, when I'm just so scared for him. If only I could just-- (sobs)

Marcus: Look, I know it's not the same, but if you want somebody to lean on, I'm here.

Donna: You think I'm lying about what Eric wants just because you weren't privy to our conversation, just as I was not privy to yours.

Ridge: You know what? You're right. Let's not argue. We should both be at Dad's bedside or in the chapel praying that he gets well.

Donna: Yeah, well, that's one thing we can agree on-- how much we love your father.

Ridge: And I think we can also agree on how much this company means to Dad. And because he can't be here to run it himself, I'd like to do that for him.

Donna: Fine. Do it. But there's no reason that ownership needs to be transferred, at least not while Eric is in a coma. The only thing I want to think about right now is him getting well.

Ridge: That's what we all want. But there's an intelligent way to handle this, Donna.

Donna: Ridge. Ridge, please listen to me. Ownership can not be transferred now. It's not what he wants. Now-- now you may think that I'm not telling you the truth, but I am. If he wakes up from this only to find out that-- that you, his son, just-- now I'm--I'm not gonna let this happen.

Ridge: How do I get through to you? How do I make you understand that Dad already agreed to this, Donna, last night?

Donna: Yes. Yes, Ridge. And last night, he was also tortured about it. And he changed his mind. Now this is how we left it, so-- can we please just stop talking about business and start worrying about your father? He needs us to pull together for him to get well.

Ridge: I've known him a lot longer than you have, Donna. Don't you think I'm more worried about Dad than anything else? Of course I am. But I also know what this company means to him. He loves Forrester Creations. This company, to him, is like another child. So when you say we can't take it away from him, I say we can't afford not to. Dad wants his company secure and protected. So when he comes out of this, he'll be assured that Forrester Creations will be in good hands and good health. I can give that to him. You can't. I can mend any troubles with our clients. You can't. And I'm fully capable of running this company, Donna. You aren't. That is why I'm taking control of Forrester Creations, right now, today, by putting my signature on this document.

Ridge: There. It's a done deal. As per Dad's request, Forrester Creations is now run by me.

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