The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/15/08


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Ridge: (Sighs) It was on the window seat in the hall.

Ridge: I remember wondering if my heart had stopped when I saw you.

Brooke: I wonder if we'll ever be that happy again.

Bridget: Aah! God... (laughs) you're so crazy. You know, I live here already.

Nick: But you're a bride today.

Bridget: (Laughs) Well, we don't want the groom throwing his back out.

Nick: Baby, I got cuff links that weigh more than you.

Bridget: (Giggles)

Nick: Mmm.

Bridget: (Gasps) Whoa. Who did all this? Look at this.

Nick: I don't know. Very nice.

Bridget: "Blame Jackie if you don't like the champagne, and blame me if you don't like the backups. Don't worry about Jack, and don't show your faces before noon. Love, K." Oh, Katie. Oh, my gosh. She's so good. She could have a new career in event planning.

Nick: And presiding over weddings.

Bridget: (Chuckles)

Nick: Do you think, uh, maybe we could have talked about that?

Bridget: Oh. I-I thought--

Nick: No. Come here. Come here. I'm not complaining. It's just, um, you know, it's just that--

Bridget: Well, I was thinking that Katie had more to do with us getting back together than anyone else. And, well... (sighs) I don't know. I just-- everything turned out all right, right?

Nick: Right.

Bridget: So... (laughs) then...

Nick: No. So then I love you. And we're married, and that, really, is all that matters.

Felicia: So is that it? Is that the only pair of shoes you have?

Owen: Well, for a wardrobe upgrade, I think I'm gonna need an advance on that 200 grand. So what job am I applying for?

Felicia: Nothing yet, okay? Donna hasn't even put out a notice yet. You are here after hours to collect the money that Marcus owes you. That's it. Then if you get her talking about who usually sits behind this desk, I'm sure that Donna is bound to tell you that she's looking for her own assistant.

Owen: Hmm. So who usually sits here? What's her name?

Felicia: Aunt Pam.

Owen: Aunt Pam?

Felicia: Uh, ms. Douglas to you. Trust me, you don't need family that bad.

Pam: I could have gone to Bridget's wedding if I wanted to. That Nick Marone's mother... (scoffs) though, come to think of it, I've met worse since then.

Donna: Pammy, what are you doing here this late? (Knock on door)

Donna: Come in.

Pam: I am putting together Eric's travel folder for New York-- his hotel confirmation, the car, the driver, his appointments.

Owen: Is this a bad time?

Donna: Uh, one--one second. Uh... okay, where--where are mine?

Pam: You're not going.

Donna: No, of--of course I'm going. Eric and I are both supposed to go to the fund-raiser.

Pam: Well, he told me that you were staying here. (Chuckles) Look, I'm sure he just wants to make a certain kind of appearance, as opposed to another kind of appearance.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Pam: And what are you delivering?

Donna: Owen is here to see me, okay? So could you please just tell Eric I need to talk to him?

Pam: He's probably avoiding you. Excuse me.

Donna: I-I have your check over here.

Owen: You know what? Why don't you give it to that woman out there and tell her it's her severance pay. Nobody has a right to talk to you like that.

Donna: Well, she's civil enough to Eric. (Sighs)

Owen: Well, you've got a witness now.

Donna: Yeah, well, she used to be his sister-in-law. Now she just has to be put up with. But I-I am through dealing with her. I-I'm--I'm gonna hire my own assistant.

Owen: Well, good for you.

Donna: Yeah. But the only person I really ever hired was Marcus, and--and that wasn't even easy. So...

Owen: Well, what's the skill set you need? Basic office experience-- that's a given.

Donna: Well, it'd be nice to have somebody who's courteous and makes a good impression.

Owen: Somebody who's a good communicator, can take notes for you at meetings when you can't make it, draft a correspondence, manage a calendar. It's all the things that I used to do when I was a paralegal.

Donna: You did?

Owen: And from the looks of things around here, I think you're gonna want an assistant who's discrete, somebody who knows how to gather information and, uh, keep it quiet.

Donna: Now what job background qualifies somebody for that?

Owen: Actually, I-I don't know. I mean, aside from a legal investigator, which is what I went freelance to do, although I've kind of had it with legal investigating. I think I'm gonna move on to something a little more steady.

Donna: Perhaps at a company that's already established with, um, an international reputation with a boss who's not too demanding and already likes you?

Owen: Did this turn into a job interview when I wasn't looking?

Donna: Come with me.

Dona: Felicia, you remember Owen. Pam, I've decided you have too many responsibilities.

Pam: One too many. I'd agree with that.

Donna: Well, you will continue here as Eric's assistant. No, well, I'm sorry, executive assistant. But, um, I'm gonna have my own-- Owen.

Ridge: Your daughter just got married today. I thought you were happy.

Brooke: I am.

Ridge: Then why are you sounding kind of hopeless?

Brooke: I'm not. I'm just wondering how we got from there to here. What happened with us, Ridge, you and me?

Ridge: Nothing. We're still together. Everything's fine, Logan. Weren't we just saying earlier tonight how, um, we just have a few adjustments to make, like we want to spend a little more time having time for us, for instance.

Brooke: (Clears throat) So are we gonna just pretend that we miss each other because we're overworked and tired? Or are we gonna be honest and admit why it's uncomfortable to be in the same room?

Bridget: Oh, you're right, this is the good stuff. We should save it for New Year's.

Nick: Well, I do agree.

Bridget: Okay.

Nick: Okay. Here's yours. And here's mine. And, uh, well, you decide. What do we toast to?

Bridget: More anniversaries.

Nick: More anniversaries.

Bridget: (Giggles)

Nick: Mmm. Beautiful, huh?

Bridget: Very good.

Nick: (Exhales deeply) I should have taken you to Rome. I should have, right? Tell me.

Bridget: (Chokes)

Nick: (Laughs)

Bridget: Oh, my God, I love Rome.

Nick: Will you be honest with me? Is--is this cheesy? Is it--the fact that we get married in the garden and we have the honeymoon upstairs? Is this wrong?

Bridget: No. No. Are you kidding me? Oh, I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere anyway. Katie--the way she is and jack.

Nick: Yeah.

Bridget: No.

Nick: Listen, come Labor Day, we go to the Mediterranean. How's that sound? Is that okay?

Bridget: Oh, that sounds wonderful. But, you know, I don't... (scoffs) I don't need all that stuff anymore, the extravagant vacations...

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Bridget: And sailing away. I just--

Nick: We can do a little of that, can't we? I mean, uh, we got the money.

Bridget: I don't know. Something's just changed in me. I love every moment of my ordinary life. I do. I treasure it. I-look, I don't really wanna make tonight about this, but the first time around, there were so many little things that went wrong. And I want you to know that... I think I counted on you to just... (crying) fill every little empty place inside of me. And-- I'm sorry. And I don't want to do that this time. I guess I just realized that wherever you go, you're still in the same old skin. It's a much easier place to be.

Bridget: (Laughs)

Nick: (Clears throat) Well, I hope I still have the ability to get under that skin.

Bridget: (Laughs)

Bridget: Oh, who cares about Rome? Let's just go to bed.

[ Microwave beeping ]

Pam: Not that I mind not having to listen to her whining anymore, but what is he gonna assist her with exactly anyway? Your dad's never gonna let this place turn into a home for wayward lifeguards.

Felicia: (Laughs) But Dad is gonna be away a lot this summer.

Pam: Yeah. Leaving her in charge? How's that gonna work exactly?

Felicia: Well, I imagine Donna will do whatever comes naturally.

Donna: Yeah, maybe I should have had Eric interview you first, but--

Owen: Well, I can get him a résumé if you like.

Donna: (Sighs) Yeah, everyone was just so touchy about me hiring Marcus. Felicia--you don't know her, but she is going to make a stink about this, I'm sure.

Owen: Well, if you don't have the right to hire your own personal assistant, then who does?

Donna: True.

Owen: I mean, it would be a different story if you and Mr. F. Had a rule about consulting each other over every little detail, but it's obvious you don't. Otherwise you would have known that you weren't going to New York.

Donna: Yeah. Yeah, it's strange that he would do that. I mean, we didn't even have a honeymoon, and we talked about traveling this summer.

Owen: He's got a reason. You just don't know what it is yet.

Donna: (Sighs heavily) You're right. You're right. And--and he'll explain. Pam just, you know, wanted to make me feel bad.

Owen: So I guess my only question is when do you want me to start?

Donna: You already did.

Brooke: How am I supposed to take how you treated my brother?

Ridge: Logan, he was mentally ill.

Brooke: Whatever happened to compassion?

Ridge: I would think that might take a backseat when people start getting shot.

Brooke: (Sighs heavily) How about how you treated my sister Donna? I'm appalled by the way you treat her.

Ridge: Well, I was appalled at what she's done to my family.

Brooke: Ridge, nobody drugged your father and forced him to marry Donna.

Ridge: Look, it's impacting the business.

Brooke: You don't know that. There was a time when you and I would say we wouldn't be thrown by what our families are going through. And now I can't decide if we're immature for saying that or immature for failing.

Ridge: But we haven't failed. We're still here after all these years, still living in the same house, still sleeping in the same bed. And here I am a little older, better than I've always been, still loving you.

Bridget: I know. I know. I know. I-I don't normally buy things like this. It just felt good in my hands, and--and I thought maybe you would like it.

Nick: I like it.

Bridget: (Laughs)

Nick: (Laughs)

Bridget: You don't look too bad yourself, you know?

Nick: Thank you.

Bridget: You're the one that taught me how to think about sex.

Nick: Then you're in favor, yes?

Bridget: Oh, yeah. Any time you want to get married, I will. I'll marry you.

Nick: Well, thanks.

Bridget: (Laughs)

Nick: I'll marry you, too. You know why?

Bridget: Why?

Nick: Because I love you.

Bridget: I love you, too.

Owen: Okay, so what's your password here?

Donna: Uh...

Owen: I take it that you don't read your business e-mail very often.

Donna: Oh, no, no. No, I know it. It's, um, okay, don't laugh, but it's, uh, honeybear, no spaces.

Owen: (Laughs) All right. Well, at least you open up your snail mail.

Donna: No. No, Pam opens up everything. I, um, don't really read much of it.

Owen: Well, maybe time management is one of the things we need to work on. All right, so where's your calendar here?

Donna: That I know. Right... there.

Owen: Okay. All right, so when do you like to see your personal trainer? What? First thing in the morning?

Donna: No. I don't really need one. I work out on my own.

Owen: Okay. So I assume that you got people here to give you facials and manicures?

Donna: Look, Owen, what I really need right now is to spend time with my family-- Marcus, my mom, my sisters, Eric.

Owen: Good for you. We'll start with some prioritizing.

Donna: And what I don't wanna be doing is lunching with the ladies, but I-I keep getting roped into it. I mean, next Monday I have this dinner with the board of the hospital.

Owen: Donna, if you don't wanna go, I'll respectfully decline on your behalf. Just send 'em a check from the foundation. It's all they're really after anyway.

Donna: You can arrange that?

Owen: Consider it done.

Donna: Cool. You know, this is exactly what I need-- somebody here that I can trust.

Owen: She stepped out.

Felicia: You're good. You're fast.

Owen: I intend to do this job for real.

Felicia: Great. Knock yourself out.

Owen: She's not a bad person, you know?

Felicia: Your family is not the one in pieces. $200,000, Owen.

Owen: I don't want her to know it was me. If you need me to get some incriminating pictures, fine. I can get her there. But I want you to let her think that somebody else engineered it, like the paparazzi or whatever.

Felicia: How it happens doesn't really matter to me. We just want our lives back.

Brooke: I'm sorry.

Ridge: I don't think either of us is wrong. I think what we're trying to do is just hard.

Brooke: Oh, it just seems like every time we're together we have to say "I'm sorry" or "I forgive you."

Ridge: Yeah. And I think we may have missed a few days doing that.

Brooke: Mm.

Ridge: I'm sorry.

Brooke: Mm.

Ridge: I forgive you.

Brooke: (Sighs) Mm.

Ridge: I'm sorry.

Brooke: (Giggles)

Ridge: And I forgive you.

Bridget: Mmm. You're getting colder. Do you need anything?

Nick: (Inhales sharply) I need to be a better man.

Nick: The last hour, the last 12 hours, I finally got it. I finally got the life I've always wanted. And look here-- I've got the partner I've always wanted. But you know, I failed. I failed real bad. And I have to say I'm sorry to you because you're the one that's been hurt the most.

Bridget: I think that had to happen in order to get us right here.

Nick: I guess what I really want to say...

Nick: Is that whatever I do and wherever I am, I want you to know that you're in my heart.

Nick: You feel that? You're right there.

Bridget: I know that.

Nick: Okay.

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