The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/2/08


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Donna: So Mom took Katie's car and went to your house after she left here?

Brooke: That's where Dad and I found her-- talking with Hope.

Katie: Well, do you think that's why she left-- she wanted to see the kids?

Brooke: I'm not really sure. But she did have a good reunion with them, and Hope asked her to spend the night in her room last night.

Donna: Really? That's so cute.

Katie: Well, that's great. How did she seem this morning?

Brooke: Good. Quiet. But, uh, I think she seems more like her old self.

Katie: Do you think she'll stay?

Brooke: How could she not now that she knows we want her here, her whole family? Dad really wants that, too.

Beth: (Chuckles) (music box playing) ring around the rosy pocket full of posies ashes, ashes we all fall down

Beth: (Exhales deeply)

Stephen: Here we go, freshly brewed coffee-- very strong and black-- the way you like it.

Beth: Thank you.

Stephen: So are the girls still upstairs talking?

Beth: Yes.

Stephen: Well, I'm sure they're making plans.

Beth: Oh.

Stephen: You're very quiet, Beth.

Beth: Oh, I'm sorry.

Stephen: No, no, no. Don't apologize. I know you've got a lot going on inside right now.

Beth: You--you can't imagine what it's like.

Stephen: What, Beth?

Beth: Empty space you feel inside when your memories start to leave you. What did I do, Stephen? Why is this happening to me?

Stephen: I don't know. Beth, I-I don't know.

Steffy: Where's Granddad? He needs to sign these.

Phoebe: Good morning to you, too.

Steffy: I ought to be furious with you.

Phoebe: For telling Dad the truth about Marcus and Donna?

Steffy: Because you repeated a private conversation without even coming to me about it first.

Phoebe: You said you should be furious.

Steffy: Because Granddad was so amazing and no harm was done, I'll overlook it... this time.

Phoebe: I went to Dad because I was worried, mainly about you. I still am.

Steffy: Phoebe, I don't--

Phoebe: Look, Dad's not gonna accept you with Donna's son any more than he did Rick and me. You don't want to go there, Stef. Trust me.

Man: Dude's a Forrester. Check it out.

Man: Got his name on the building.

Marcus: (Chuckles) Well, not quite, fellas.

Man: So what's it like being Donna's son?

Marcus: Well, it's--it's pretty new for the both of us. But, uh, you know, so far it's been great. Oh, and Mr. For--well, Eric-- he's been totally cool with the whole situation.

Man: What about the rest of the family?

Marcus: Well, it's gonna take us a little ti-- all a little time to get used to. But in the meantime, I'm gonna continue to work hard and, you know...

Man: In shipping?

Marcus: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I'm staying put. I like it just fine where I'm at.

Rick: Excuse me, guys. I'm sorry. Mind if I talk to Marcus here for a second?

Marcus: Yeah.

Man: Catch ya later, Marcus.

Marcus: All right. Later.

Rick: So, um, I just heard the news. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised.

Marcus: Yeah, I'm pretty sure you were. I mean, it's like a dream, man. I have a family here, you know? Things are going well.

Rick: And you knew all this when you got to L.A.?

Marcus: Yeah, but I wasn't sure at first.

Rick: But now you were sure, and you still didn't tell anyone. Why was that? I mean, why weren't you up front about who you are?

Man: South Haragate Avenue-- that must be it. Yep, that's it.

Beth: I've made a decision, Stephen.

Stephen: What decision?

Beth: Well, it's one I know you're not going to like. But please, don't fight me on this.

Phoebe: Steffy, Dad made things miserable for Rick and I.

Steffy: Didn't stop you from seeing each other, did it? Besides, you and Rick were involved. Marcus and I are just friends.

Phoebe: The way you two look at each other? Please.

Steffy: Dad can't dictate who I hang out with. He doesn't like Donna. That's his deal. But he shouldn't hold it against Marcus. He's a good guy.

Phoebe: (Sighs)

Man: That's it, all right-- Forrester Creations. Marcus, my man, no wonder I haven't heard from you.

Marcus: First off, I apologize, okay? And you have every right to be upset.

Rick: Thank you. Now please answer the question.

Marcus: Look, I didn't want to keep anything a secret, but Donna asked me, so I did. You see, Ridge really has it in for her. And she was worried that if he found out that--

Rick: No, I-I get it. I know all about the wrath of Ridge.

Marcus: So then we're cool?

Rick: Yeah, we're cool. Man, we're family. We're--we're cousins. (Laughs)

Marcus: You sure that's all? Kind of a complicated family tree, don't you think?

Rick: It's more like a snarl of ingrown branches than a tree. Not even a team of Forresters could figure this one out. (Laughs)

Marcus: (Laughs)

Steffy: That was so lame.

Rick: Hi, Steffy. What, are you the connoisseur of bad puns?

Steffy: No, uh, I think that would be you, apparently.

Rick: Well, everyone's a critic. (Laughs)

Marcus: Fashion biz-- I guess I better figure this out.

Steffy: (Laughs)

Donna: So Mom's pretty much recovered from the stroke, but she has these memory problems, is that it?

Katie: Yeah, she thinks it might be early signs of dementia.

Brooke: We should find out.

Katie: Bridget's on it. She's making appointments with all the neurologists at the hospital.

Donna: Which is why she should be here with family. She shouldn't be alone.

Katie: Were you able to convince her?

Brooke: Well, I think it was more the kids. Hope was really wonderful with her. You should have seen them together.

Katie: She's terrified that she's losing her memories, losing us. Little by little, everything's slipping away, just leaving this empty void.

Donna: You know what we need? We need a way to remind her, a way to keep the memories fresh and alive.

Brooke: Yes, we need to remind her of all the wonderful times that we shared as a family.

Katie: But not just stories. We need to recreate them, make them very vivid.

Donna: I love it. I love it! Where do we start?

Brooke: (Sighs heavily) Vacations, family outings, holiday traditions. You know... (exhales deeply) why don't we do this? We'll make a list-- "Ways to bring Mom's memories back."

Stephen: You're still thinking about leaving.

Beth: I know it's hard for you to understand.

Stephen: I don't understand. Beth, things seemed positive, good.

Beth: I know, and that's exactly why I want to go now. I want to leave some wonderful moments for my family to have as memories.

Stephen: Your girls are upstairs right now planning more wonderful memories.

Beth: I know that. And I don't want to disappoint them.

Stephen: Then don't go. If you leave, they'll be brokenhearted.

Beth: Not as heartbroken as they will be watching me retreat into my own isolated little world.

Stephen: You can't predict the future.

Beth: I am not talking about the future. I am talking about what's happening to me today right now while you were in the kitchen making coffee. I was here. I-I-I was thinking about our girls and how wonderful it has been to experience a bit of their lives again. I was even thinking about how wonderful it would be to stay and share their successes and their happiness and to watch my grandchildren grow up. And then I remembered them when they were little, our girls when they were playing.

Stephen: See, Beth, those are memories. That's something you can hold onto.

Beth: No, wait, I'm not finished, Stephen. I was thinking about one particular day when they were playing ring-around-the-rosy, which they could do for hours on end. And I could see them. I could hear their little voices. It's as though it were yesterday. And that's when it happened. A cloud descended in the darkness, in where I'd been experiencing and remembering life and warmth and love. Suddenly, there was nothing but a cold and dark void. It's not the first time it's happened, and it won't be the last. The darkness will come. The memories will disappear until all the people I love are no more than strangers to me. So please understand me when I tell you that my decision is final.

Stephen: (Sighs) Beth, please don't do this.

Beth: It's the only decision I can live with.

Stephen: You can't just run away!

Beth: It's the way it has to be. I have no choice, and you have no input. So do not argue with me!

Brooke: What's going on? What's all this yelling about?

Stephen: Your mother has made a decision, one I think is completely wrong.

Brooke: What is it, Mom? What did you decide?

Donna: What's going on?

Beth: You girls have been incredible. I can't believe what an amazing family I have. But I am not going to stay here. I am going back to Paris.

Katie: (Sighs)

Steffy: So... how's it feel being a celebrity?

Marcus: I guess it's kind of like that, huh, now that word's getting around. You know, I think people are wondering if I've changed, like I'm gonna start ordering them around or something.

Steffy: It goes with the territory. As long as you stay being the same great guy, people will like ya.

Marcus: Well--

Steffy: Nobody'll think much about you being part of the family.

Marcus: Well, it won't go that easy with your dad.

Steffy: Hmm.

Marcus: He doesn't like me or my mom. You know, I don't think he's ever gonna be cool with this... ever.

Steffy: Don't sweat my dad. Do your job. Don't make waves. It'll all work out.

Marcus: I got your word on that?

Steffy: I know how to handle my father.

Marcus: I'll bet you do.

Steffy: (Chuckles)

Brooke: I know this is difficult for somebody as independent as you. But Mom, you have to start realizing you need to depend on others.

Beth: I cannot stand that thought. That is nothing I would ever want for myself.

Katie: That's not always our call to make. Sometimes we have to play the hand we're dealt.

Beth: Well, here's the hand I've got. Last night at Brooke's I laid awake almost the entire night trying to recall memories and hold onto them, and I couldn't. Oh, yeah, I get vignettes, little scenes here and there. But when I would try to call them back, they were gone. This is what I am going through. This is what is happening to me. This is the burden that I carry, and it is not fair to give that burden to my children.

Katie: Don't you think that's a decision that we should make.

Brooke: Mom, we want to help you.

Donna: What can we say to make you believe that?

Beth: Oh, I do believe you. I do. And it means more to me than you could possibly know.

Donna: We want to help you get better, Mom.

Beth: What if I don't get better? What if I only get worse?

Stephen: So you won't even try?

Beth: Oh, my God. I have tried. Don't you think I would change this if I could? The mother that you remember was Beth Logan at her best. You tell your children about her. Keep that Beth Logan alive in their minds. Let that Beth Logan live in your memories. And please, please let me go.

Katie: Mother, Bridget's already called doctors. She's--she's made appointments.

Brooke: You can't give up, Mom. We're not gonna let you give up.

Katie: We want to help you. Please. We love you.

Beth: Stop it! Stop pushing me! You can't push me.

Steffy: It must really get to you sometimes, the way my family treats Donna.

Marcus: There's a lot of history there I don't know about. You see, they're still blaming her for splitting up your grandparents.

Steffy: Mmm, I think they would have done that anyway. It's happened before. Donna was just there to pick up the pieces.

Marcus: Gotta pin it on someone.

Steffy: Doesn't it kind of make you want to get back at them?

Marcus: Who?

Steffy: My dad maybe.

Marcus: Why? He'll only resent us more. There's no way I'm going down that road.

Steffy: That's what's so great about you, Marcus. You're real. I got that when you told me you wanted to get to know your mom. I'm startin' to feel you now.

Marcus: And what you see is what you get, right?

Steffy: (Laughs) You're gonna shake things up around here. I know it.

Marcus: Now is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Steffy: It's gonna be very interesting, I think, seeing it all unfold. Later.

Marcus: Why do you look familiar?

Man: Owen Knight.

Marcus: As in Owen Knight investigative services? All right, it's nice to meet you in person, man, real nice.

Owen: I came to congratulate you. You hit it rich, my friend. And to think you owe it all to me.

Beth: Why can't you understand I want to be remembered for the woman I was, not the woman I'm becoming.

Katie: Mother, maybe you're becoming this woman because... you're isolating yourself. You--you can't push people away. You--you can't build walls. Of course that's gonna make you unhappy. I know you're afraid. And I know you're frustrated and--and angry about what's happening to you. You must feel so out of control. And I know what that feels like. When I woke up from the transplant, I didn't want to live. I hated that storm had died because of me. I didn't want his life. I didn't want his heart. And the last thing I wanted was to depend on anyone. I'm like you like that. But I needed help. And if it weren't for the people in this room, I never would have made it. Because of them, I found some peace with what happened to me. And you can, too. But not if you run away to Paris, not if-- you can't do this on your own. You'd be choosing fear. Life is short, and every moment is valuable. You have to choose to live.

Brooke: We're all here for you, Mom, whatever happens.

Donna: Please don't tell us that you're obsolete, that you have nothing to give to us because it's not true. Just be our mom. Let us love you. That's all we ask.

Stephen: Beth, look at these women...

Beth: (Sighs)

Stephen: Our amazing daughters. You won't find three more compassionate, loving people in the world. And who's responsible? You are. Because of the example you set for them as a mother. Because you raised them single-handedly-- you. You're a large part of the reason they are such magnificent human beings. So how can you ever think of turning away from them, especially now? If--if it doesn't work for you here, if--if things go badly, Paris will still be there.

Beth: (Crying)

Stephen: We don't know what tomorrow will bring. We have today. And this is our chance to reunite the Logans, to be--to be the family we never had a chance to be until now. Beth?

Beth: (Sniffles)

Katie: It's what everyone wants. It's what storm would want. I know it is.

Beth: I'm so--I so scared. I don't want to be... (sobbing) alone. And I don't want to be a bur--a burden. But more than anything... (sobbing) for whatever time we have, I want to be with you.

Brooke: Mom.

Beth: (Sobbing)

Brooke: Mom.

Beth: (Exhales deeply)

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