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Katie: You've-- you've had a stroke?

Beth: Several... small ones.

Katie: When?

Beth: It was a while back.

Katie: You didn't say anything to us and tell us?

Beth: You girls leave busy lives.

Katie: Mother, we want to know what is going on with you.

Beth: I didn't know how to tell you.

Katie: Okay. We can deal with this. You had two small strokes and people have strokes and you are not impaired and disabled. We can get you help.

Beth: My memories are sleeping away and my hold on life goes with them. I am not the mother you remember.  I can never be her again.

Brooke: She's leaving us and been here a few hours and booked her flight back to Paris. Why would she do that?

Stephen: I don't know.

Brooke: Did she talk to you on the way here?

Stephen: Your mother doesn't confide.

Brooke: I don't understand why she would fly here and turn around and fly back again.

Stephen: Her behavior is confusing. I have asked her to come to L.A. several times and she always refused.

Brooke: Did you ask her why?

Stephen: No you have seen how effective that is.

Brooke: She must have had an explanation.

Stephen: Brooke, after I put this family through, I don't think I deserve an explanation. You girls do.

Brooke: She's not going anywhere until she tells us what is going on.

Katie: You are losing your memories.

Beth: Bit by bit. Piece by piece.

Katie: But you know who you are?

Beth: Yes. And I know who you are. For now.

Katie: So that's why you stayed away and rush back to Paris?

Beth: I don't want to be a burden to you, Katie.

Katie: Instead of sharing with us you rather disappear.

Beth: My god, you have been through enough. You don't need to deal with my problems, it is not fair.

Katie: You are right. It isn't. Mother, I know you are afraid. I know you are scared . Believe me, I understand that. I know what it is like to be afraid of what comes next, where things go from here. And I know that life is not fair. Because it isn't. But you can't just run away. You can't just leave us with no communication or explanation because you can't expect that to be okay. You raised us differently.

Beth: You don't know what this is like.

Katie: I know that whatever you are going through must be terrible.

Beth: You know I will have images that flicker through my mind of the lives we shared. Christmas tree, a playground, a laughter of my children and then, they're gone. They flicker through my mind and I don't know whether they are memories or something from a dream. A piece of my own life and I don't know if they are true or not.

Katie: You remember Storm?

Beth: Yes. I have some memories of him. And so when I learned that he was dead, it was like a knife in my heart, I know that when those memories go, I will have lost him forever.

Katie: Mom, miracles happen in modern medicine all of the time. I know. I am one. Things are constantly happening and constant research going on about dementia and breakthroughs can happen at any time.

Beth: I don't think it will be in time for me.

Katie: Don't talk like that. You are not dead yet.

Beth: It feels like I am dying. Katy, I will pick up my car keys and I find myself starring at them. I don't know what to do with them. I don't know why I am holding them. It is terrifying. It is only likely to get worse. I will not do that to my daughters .

Steffy:  Told you my family could be understanding.

Marcus: No, your grandfather was amazing.

Steffy:  Sorry about my dad.

Marcus: There is going to be proof. He seemed ticked off keeping my secret.

Steffy:  Family love is big for my dad but we'll be fine.

Marcus: Man, this is crazy.

Steffy: Not how you expected it to go.

Marcus: I expected it to go down. I still don't know how your dad found out.

Steffy: Said it was about to come out eventually.

Marcus: I was expecting the worse.

Steffy: You exceeded those expectations.

Marcus: You were there, right. Your grandfather accepted me in the family. She said I was her kid and he never missed a bit.

Steffy: You must have impressed him.

Marcus: No, it was not me, it was Donna. He loves her, you know.

Steffy: Sounds like he may learn to love you, too.

Marcus: But being accepted is enough to me. Incredible. I was living on my mom. I am getting to know my mom and aunt and got a job and people to speak up for me. Don't get my wrong. Your grandfather's acceptance was amazing. You know what you did, that's something I will never forget.

Stephen: Did I say too much?

Brooke: Dad, it is not your fault.

Stephen: Something is going on with your mother and I don't know what it is. She's not herself.

Brooke: Obviously. But don't put this on yourself.

Stephen: I asked her to come back to Los Angeles. I told her I wanted us to be a family again, if she could give me a chance to regain the trust. It was too much. She is trying to cope with Storm's death and what is happening with Katie.

Brooke: We all are. It , be easier if we could cope together.

Stephen: I told her that.

Brooke: She disagreed.

Stephen: No. She said she belongs in Paris. So it has to be me. She would never run away from you girls. She knows what it is like to be abandoned. Walking out on you was the worst mistake of my life.

Brooke: What are you saying? You think she's walking out on us.

Stephen: No, no, no. That is not going to happen.

Brooke:  Dad, it can't happen. We need each other now more than ever.

Katie: Stop talking like that. You are not a burden.

Beth: Only because I am not here.

Katie: We need you, Mother. However you are, we all need you.

Beth: You think that is what you want but it is not. You want your mother.

Katie: You are my mother.

Beth: I have the voice and face but what is inside is special to you and it is leaving and only going to get worse.

Katie: Does Dad know?

Beth: No. Only you.

Katie: Okay let's think about this for a second. Worse case scenario. We have a limited amount of time to love each other and reminisce. If well is one thing I learned we have to live in the moment we have today. Oh, do we? Are you going to get on that plane?

Beth: You want me to put my arms around you and tell you I will be here for you. I can't do that. Because I am changing. I am and there is isn't anything I can do.

Katie: Stop saying there is nothing you can do.

Beth: The doctors said it might be the stroke or dementia.

Katie: This is Los Angeles some of the finest doctors in the world are here and new research done every day. You can't quit. I won't let you. There are too many people here who love you . We will help you get through this. You spent your entire life taking care of us. Let us take care of you.

Beth: Look at my three beautiful daughters and I remember things about our lives. Wonderful things . Wonderful memories. And I  know that somehow I am connected to you and that there is an invisible thread that binds us all. But more and more, Katie, that's all it is. It is a thread. And you need so much more than that right now. You need someone who can share your loss, feel your pain and I can't. I can't be that kind of mother to you anymore . I will not allow my girls after all that they have been through, to be forced to take care of me

Katie: Dad, Brooke. I need your help. I need. Mom. Where did she go. Mom, Mother. She's gone. .

Steffy:  I just told my family the truth, it doesn't make me a hero.

Marcus: It does to me. You kept my secret. It was that easy for you.

Steffy: It is your business.

Marcus: Is this what you told your dad.

Steffy: It might be quiet around the dinner table. My grandmother. She misses my Granddad. My dad blames Donna for that. If it was not for Donna they would be together and not so much tabloid press and the company would do better.

Marcus: So that is my mom's fault.

Steffy: As far as some people yeah.

Marcus: As far as yours?

Steffy: You worried what I think of your mother or what I think of you?

Brooke: What do you mean Mom is gone.

Katie: She must have grabbed the keys when I got you and Dad. I saw her driving away.

Brooke: You have no idea where she went?

Katie: She admitted what she was going through.

Stephen: Well is something wrong?

Katie: Yes. She's had a series of small strokes and she thinks she might have early signs of dementia.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Katie: She wanted spare us and not be a burden.

Stephen: We have to find her. Where would she go.

Brooke: Airport.

Stephen: She would escape.

Brooke: We are going to find her.

Katie: I want to come too.

Brooke: We have to make her realize she belongs here for us.

Katie: We'll find Mom and stop her.

Beth: How could I stay. Knowing that every day I become more and more dependent. No, no, we -- it has to be enough.

Marcus: I already know what you think about me. 

Steffy: Oh, you do? How?

Marcus: Girl didn't tell you. I have the power to read minds?

Steffy: Okay what am I thinking? (Laughing)

Marcus: I am shocked you naughty, naughty girl.

Steffy: Oh. You really can read minds .

Stephen: It is not the airport?

Katie: Who knows?

Brooke: This explains everything. The way she's been acting and coming to Storm's funeral.

Stephen: She must be terrified. Losing her memory and learning that she had a child that almost died.

Katie: We have to find her and help her.

Catherine: I didn't realize you were in town, Mrs. Logan.

Beth: Do we know each other?

Catherine: I recognize you from your daughter's photograph. I am Catherine and I baby sit for Brooke's kids from time to time.

Catherine: Can I get you anything.

Beth: No, thank you.

Catherine: I am not sure when Brooke will be home.

Beth: That's all right. I am just here for a few minutes before I head to the airport, thank you. It is a lovely home. You have done well for yourself Brooke. You pulled yourself up from the little house in the valley where I raised you and your brother and sisters and you. Your life is set. How is Donna's? Katie will be fine. She will have the two of you to look after her. You will all be fine. You have each other. That's all you need.

Hope: Hi.

Beth: Hello.

Hope: Grandma.

Beth: You know who I am?

Hope: Sure. That's Mom's music box.

Beth: I know. And I was just thinking back of the time I gave it to her. I think she was about your age.

Hope: I know.

Beth: You do?

Hope: Mommy told me. I am Hope.

Beth: I know who you are. You don't have to tell me.

Hope: I didn't know you were coming to visit, Grandma.

Beth: You know, neither did I. But you're here. I just wanted to see you one more time.

Hope: That is silly, you will see me lots of times.

Beth: You are a sweet baby. Come here. I don't want to let you go. I never want to let you go.

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