The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/26/08


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Marcus: Mr. Forrester.

Ridge: Yes, Marcus?

Marcus: Yes, about that shipment to Texas, sir.

Ridge: What about it?

Marcus: Well, it's not on the schedule. Are you sure that's it's--

Ridge: Oh, trust me, there will be a shipment to Texas today. Maybe two of 'em.

Beth: No, it's all right. No, it doesn't have to be business class. Just get me on the first flight out of L.A. Yes. And don't forget to call back to confirm. Okay. Merci. Bientôt.

Brooke: You need one, right?

Katie: Yeah.

Donna: I knew she wouldn't stay away.

Katie: Oh, I'm so glad she's here. It's incredible, isn't it?

Brooke: What--what is?

Katie: She's back, and I already feel better.

Brooke: Oh! Aw.

Donna: Little Katie just needed her mommy.

Brooke: That's right.

Katie: Oh, shut up.

Donna: You needed your mama.

Katie: We all need her. (Giggles)

Marcus: Steffy, you didn't by any chance let it slip, did you?

Steffy: About you being Donna's son? No. Why would you think that?

Marcus: Well, it's your dad.

Steffy: What about him?

Marcus: Well, that's just it. I ran into him in the hallway, and he had this weird look on his face. I think he knows.

Steffy: He couldn't possibly.

Steffy: Could he?

Marcus: I don't know. I don't--I don't think so. I mean, if he did, he would have said something, right, like, "Hey, Marcus, step-bro. Hey, welcome to the family!"

Steffy: Yeah, right. I mean, how would he know you're Donna's son?

Marcus: I don't know.

Steffy: Who are you calling?

Marcus: Donna. It's me again. It's really, really important that you give me a call.

Stephanie: Donna has a son. My gosh. Does Eric know about this?

Ridge: Not yet.

Stephanie: And he's working here at Forrester?

Ridge: I'll give you a guess who hired him.

Stephanie: Donna?

Ridge: Go figure. Pretty nervy, huh?

Stephanie: Well, how long did she think she could keep something like this a secret?

Ridge: Oh, probably until she promotes him to C.E.O. Who knows?

Stephanie: Look. Are you absolutely certain about this information?

Ridge: Mother, I've got a copy of his birth certificate.

Stephanie: Oh. Well, what are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna tell Eric?

Ridge: You're damn right I'm gonna tell him. We're gonna tell him tonight.

Stephen: I know this woman. I was married to her. Her family, her children-- they're the most important things in her life.

Nick: What do you know about her life in Paris?

Stephen: Well, that I don't know very much about.

Nick: Does she work?

Stephen: I've asked her. She's vague. Says she does a little of this, a little of that.

Nick: And she loves her children?

Stephen: Yeah, well, that's the mystery, because the Beth that I remember-- the Beth I know would have caught the first plane she could get when she heard about Katie's illness.

Nick: We had to practically drag her ere. Doesn't make sense. Doesn't make any sense at all.

Donna: Okay, it's Mom's first day back. What do you want to do? I say we have a family get-together.

Katie: She seemed a little jet-lagged.

Donna: Oh, oh, come on, Katie. She hasn't seen us in how long? You really think she wants to go to bed?

Brooke: Well, that's true, and yet...

Katie: What?

Brooke: Well, she did seem a little tired or something.

Donna: Well, if we get all the grandkids together, she'll rise to the occasion. She always has.

Brooke: So you want to have it at my place?

Donna: Or you could have it at mine.

Brooke: And Eric won't mind?

Donna: Oh, come on, honey. He's so sweet. He won't mind.

Katie: Oh, you know what we should do? We should have it at the beach. You know, we'll have a picnic like we used to.

Donna: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. And the little sandwiches that she used to make.

Katie: Oh, those were so good.

Brooke: Oh, with the cut-off crusts--the ones she would make for the fancy parties that she'd cater for.

Katie: That was so special.

Donna: Oh, that's such a good idea, Katie.

Brooke: It is.

Katie: You know, it really doesn't matter where we are, as long as we're all together.

Donna: It's--it's not him, Marcus, it's--it's his family. It's his kids. They hate me, Marcus. Eric's kids-- they want me out of his life. They think I'm a liability. They will take away his company if I cause any kind of a scandal.

Marcus: You mean, um, a scandal like me?

Steffy: Still no word from Donna?

Marcus: No, she hasn't called back yet. You know, maybe I should just leave.

Steffy: Leave? The company?

Marcus: No, L.A. Maybe if I'm gone, Ridge will stop hassling Donna.

Steffy: Where would you go?

Marcus: I don't know, back to Texas.

Steffy: Texas? I don't want you to go.

Stephanie: Eric is certainly gonna be surprised by this.

Ridge: Well, he would want to know the truth, wouldn't he?

Stephanie: Yes, yes, he would, of course.

Ridge: It's not the fact that Donna has a son. It's the fact that she kept this information from Dad.

Stephanie: (Chuckles) Why does this not surprise me?

Ridge: Because Donna is a manipulator, and the whole family knows it.

Stephanie: Except for Eric. But he's always blind when he's in love. Ay-yi-yi. I just hate to see at this point in his life that he-- I just hate to see him disappointed all over again.

Ridge: Well, we'll be there to help him. You will be there to help him.

Stephanie: Look, honey, I have no illusions that it's going to work out for the two of us.

Ridge: But you're open to the possibility?

Stephanie: I don't know. I want him to be happy, though.

Ridge: That's exactly why Dad has always treasured you. You've always been his rock of support. He would never have accomplished any of this without you, mother.

Stephanie: Thank you, honey, but I think you're a bit biased.

Ridge: Well...

Stephanie: Although I know one thing-- Donna is not the woman for him.

Ridge: You do know that she, uh, snagged him with her sexuality.

Stephanie: (Laughs) Of course. He's always been susceptible to that. But what I want-- I want him to open his eyes and realize that it's you and Felicia and Thorne and Kristen that are his family, not the Logans.

Ridge: And you, mother. Please don't ever forget that.

Nick: Come on, Stephen. You've gotta have some theory as to why your ex-wife didn't come back home.

Stephen: Well, I've thought a lot about it, yes.

Nick: And?

Stephen: Listen, Nick, this is hard for me. I can't find fault with Beth. I was gone from the family all those years.

Nick: We're not talking about finding fault here. You made up for your time away, and they've forgiven you, and obviously they've forgiven their mother.

Stephen: If forgiveness is even called for.

Nick: It still makes no sense why she wouldn't come home when Katie was sick.

Stephen: Nick, her son had just died. The answer has to be that she was so depressed over Storm's death.

Nick: No. When a mother loses a child, she gets closer to the children that are left. And Beth did the opposite.

Stephen: Yes, but now that she sees how happy Katie is, she won't leave. She won't want to go. (Brooke, Donna and Katie giggling)

Beth: So how's the patient?

Katie: Hey, Mom.

Brooke: A whole lot better now that you're here.

Katie: We were just talking about those picnics we used to have at the beach. Do you remember?

Brooke: Those little tea sandwiches you use to make.

Katie: The ones you used to make for the catering company?

Donna: Well, we were thinking about having another one-- getting all the grandkids together.

Beth: Well, what about Katie?

Brooke: What about Katie?

Beth: Oh, you're not strong enough for that yet, are you? Don't you need your rest?

Katie: Oh, come on. I'll be sitting on the beach, not running a marathon.

Brooke: Mom, I think she's gonna be fine. I mean, look at how happy she is.

Katie: I do feel so much better. I've missed you so much. So much has happened without you.

Donna: We're just really glad you're here now, Mom.

Brooke: It's gonna be so great for you to see all the kids.

Katie: It's like you always told us when we were kids-- "Nothing in this world-- not fame, not money-- nothing is more important than family." Now our family is finally reunited. I'm so grateful for that.

Beth: Yes. It was that day at the airport.

Donna: Mom, it means so much to Katie that you're here. I mean, it means a lot to all of us, but especially Katie.

Beth: Well, I-I should have come sooner.

Donna: Why didn't you, Mom, after all that happened?

Beth: Well, I just-- I-- I'm sorry. You know, it would be wonderful if everything could be the way it was, but I am just so glad that you and your sisters are getting along and that you are all here together.

Donna: Yeah, it's great. A family reunion all because of you.

Beth: Oh, no, it isn't.

Donna: Oh, yes, it is. It's because of how you raised us, Mom-- always putting family first. "Don't fight, girls," and, "you're sisters," "it's more important than any silly argument." You must have said that ten times a day.

Beth: Did I?

Donna: Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but the point is, if--if you ever wondered if we were listening, we were, and that must mean a lot, huh? Being a mom and knowing that your children grew up remembering their childhood lessons?

Beth: Oh, it's...

Donna: Oh, Mom, come on. Don't be so modest. Mom, you were wonderful. Take credit for it.

Beth: Thank you.

Donna: You must be so exhausted. I-- I've never seen you this quiet.

Beth: You know, I am a little.

Donna: Okay, why-- I-I have to check my messages. You take a nap. There's--there's plenty of guest rooms upstairs.

Beth: Oh, no, no, no. This is--I'm not sleeping. This is my time with you and the girls.

Donna: Okay.

Nick: Look at you. You got so much color in your face. Is that rouge? Is that what that is?

Katie: It's joy.

Nick: Joy? Is that the brand name--joy? Is that what you use?

Katie: It's how I feel.

Nick: I'm so happy for you.

Stephen: And your mother. I know she's gotten as much joy out of this as you.

(Cell phone rings)

Beth: Oh, Pascal. I'm so glad it's you. No, that's fine. 8:00 is not too early. Yes. So book it, yes, please. Right. One way. I won't be returning. Thank you.

Brooke: Mom, are you going back to Paris... tomorrow morning?

(Cell phone rings)

Marcus: Hey. Thank god you're here.

Donna: I'm so sorry, Marcus. I just got your message. What's this about a shipment to Texas?

Marcus: That's just it. There isn't any shipment to Texas.

Donna: Well, then why would Ridge say there was?

Marcus: No, no, it was the look he gave me. It was like he was trying to send me a message.

Donna: That you're being shipped to Texas?

Marcus: Yeah, and then he goes around saying that there may be two shipments.

Donna: You and me?

Marcus: Look. I don't know, but something's definitely going down. Look, maybe it's just time I just cut bait, you know, just blow outta here. And then you can just tell Eric that it's not true.

Donna: No, you're not going anywhere, Marcus.

Marcus: Then what are you gonna do?

Donna: I'm gonna introduce Eric to my son... tonight.

Ridge: Close the door, Felicia. Dad's on his way up.

Felicia: Moment of truth time?

Thorne: Exactly.

Ridge: I told mother earlier.

Felicia: How'd she react?

Ridge: How do you think she reacted? She wasn't surprised at all. That woman's been causing havoc ever since she got here.

Thorne: You know Dad's not going to see it that way.

Ridge: Thorne, it's gotta be done anyway. What's the alternative-- letting him continue being married to a liar?

Eric: All right. Good, you're all here. Let's get this over with. Let's be brief. I'm gonna tell you at the onset, if this is another Donna-bashing session--

Ridge: Dad, it has nothing to do with bashing Donna. The hard fact is your new wife is causing problems for this company.

Eric: Oh, god. This again?

Felicia: Dad, please, hear us out.

Thorne: You need to listen to us.

Ridge: This isn't just us. Jarrett was here earlier trying to warn us that the press is gonna come down heavy. Now you may not care about that, but we do, because we care about you and what it's gonna do to you.

Eric: Look, I can tolerate just about anything that Jarrett and the press are gonna lob at me, believe me.

Ridge: Well, that's the problem, Dad, because this time the lying's not gonna be done by the press. It'll have been done by your wife.

Eric: (Scoffs) Mmmm... what are you eating?

Katie: Okay. You should, too.

Nick: There's a bedroom down the hall if you want to shut it down for a while.

Stephen: I may take you up on that. I'll check in with you later.

Katie: Okay.

Nick: You know, he's a good guy. We've had a chance to get to know each other.

Katie: You just don't stop, do you?

Nick: Stop what?

Katie: Taking care of me and my sisters and my dad and my mom.

Nick: Please, I really have got nothing else to do.

Katie: Well, in case you haven't noticed, I'm extremely grateful.

Nick: Not a problem.

Katie: But you don't have to take care of me anymore. You should focus on Bridget, on your future. My mom is here for me now.

Brooke: No, you can't be. You wouldn't. You're leaving tomorrow?

Beth: Yes.

Brooke: Why?

Beth: I need to. I need to be on that plane.

Brooke: No, Mom. We need you here. Can't you see that?

Beth: You and your sister, your father--you're all here for Katie.

Brooke: What's with you? Don't you want to spend time with us?

Beth: It's not that.

Brooke: Well, then what is it? Because I'm certainly not gonna go upstairs and tell Katie that you're leaving tomorrow. I just won't do that. Mom, she almost died, and she's not out of the woods by a long shot. Can you really get on that plane knowing that you may never see your daughter again? Can you do that? Katie is your youngest daughter, and you love her you do love her, don't you?

Beth: Of course I do!

Brooke: Well, then how can you do this? How can you do this to Katie?

Eric: How long do you think I'm gonna stand here and listen to you call my wife a liar?

Ridge: We have proof, Dad.

Eric: You've got nothing.

Felicia: Yes, Daddy, yes, we do.

Eric: Well, what is it then?

Ridge: Marcus Walton.

Eric: M-Marcus-- what does he have to do with it?

Ridge: Donna hired him without a background check.

Eric: She was very impressed with him. So was I.

Thorne: Oh, it's more than that.

Eric: Oh, it's more than that. What, are you gonna tell me she's having an affair with him, is that it?

Felicia: Uh, no, no, definitely not an affair.

Eric: Of course not! Look, that's enough, all right? I'm finished here. And don't do this to me again.

Ridge: He's her son.

Eric: What? What'd you say?

Ridge: Marcus is Donna's son.

Eric: (Chuckles) Oh, god, the three of you are really something, you know that? Boy, you're really a force to be reckoned with, aren't you? Is that the best you could come up with? What's wrong with that picture? Oh, good, you're here. We can go home. I can't believe what Ridge just said to me. I mean, these people-- they will say anything to get back at you. They told me that Marcus here is your son. Do you believe that? The sad thing is that they don't understand what we have together and that there are no secrets or lies between us. Donna?

Donna: Yes, it--it's true. Marcus is my son. I gave him up for adoption when he was born. But now we've found each other, Eric. God, I-I should have told you. I know I should've. I wish I did, but I was scared. Please, Eric. Eric, I need your understanding, your commitment. I mean, this--this could all work out. Please don't turn your back on me. Don't turn your back on us.

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