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Nick: Your son's dead, and your daughter almost followed him into the grave. What's it gonna take to get Beth Logan to come home?

Beth: I am not about to discuss this with you. Now please leave.

Nick: you wouldn't discuss it with Katie either. She called you, and you hung up. I was just curious as to why.

(Indistinct conversations)

Steffy: Oh, wow. I haven't been here in so long.

Marcus: Okay, can I take you any place in L.A. That you haven't been already?

Steffy: (Laughs) sure. I was in London when I turned 18. Lots of places I haven't been.

Marcus: Mm-hmm. Thank you. Well, we're not starn' off with the adult-only places, okay?

Steffy:  (laughs) You know, you don't have to take me out to dinner to keep me quiet.

Marcus: Well, thank you.  Bribing you I couldn't afford.

Steffy: Most of the employees at Forrester-- we don't know who their mothers are, and we don't ask.

Marcus: If your father knew mine was Donna, then--

Steffy: You know, when I think about it, I-I can't see why it would be that big of a problem, other than her not telling anyone.

Marcus: Okay, I ran into your dad today. He hates her guts.

Steffy: That's an overstatement.

Marcus: Okay, so she married your Granddad. I mean, it wasn't like, what, he was handcuffed or drugged, right? I mean, so what makes her the villain?

Steffy: if I try to start explaining my family, we'll be here till morning. I'd much rather hear about you.

(Knock on door)

Katie: Nick?

Bridget: Oh.

Katie: Oh.

Bridget: It's just me. Nick had to go out of town for the day.

Katie: Oh.

Bridget: What are you doing?

Katie: Uh, it's the closest thing I can get to exercise.

Bridget: (Sighs)

Katie: So is it just, uh, the two of us in the house?

Bridget: Yeah. Jack actually is spending the night with Taylor.

Katie: Oh... are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Girls gone wild." Whoo!

Bridget: Oh, right, 'cause you and I have "wild" written all over our faces.

Katie: We could do each other's hair...

Bridget: (Squeals)

Katie: Maybe have a pillow fight.

Bridget: That would be excellent for your condition.

Katie: Or we could plan your wedding. That's always fun.

Bridget: Oh, I have been there done that. We'd have to plan the engagement first, so...

Katie: So Nick hasn't asked you. So what? Ask him.

Bridget: I'm not sure that we're there yet.

Katie: Of course you are. You are, aren't you? Bridget, Nick adores you. I can, anyone can see it.

Bridget: I know

Katie: And no other woman would stand a chance.

Bridget: Including you? Is that the message?

Beth: I didn't hang up on anyone. I had to go. I said so, and I am saying so now.

Nick: Have you retired from the job of parenting?

Nick: We going for a walk?

Beth: I told you I have an appointment, and now I am very late. So please show yourself out, and have a safe trip home.

Marcus: (Laughs) east Texas is a place. It's not a general direction.

Steffy: Okay, that's where your town is?

Marcus: Right, Beaumont. That's right.

Steffy: Which is near what I might have heard of?

Marcus: Houston. But when you're growing up, Houston can seem like a million miles away.

Steffy: Is your family there? Your adoptive family?

Marcus: They moved away. But I moved away first.

Steffy: Where to?

Marcus: Austin.

Steffy: University?

Marcus: Yeah, you see, that was my dream-- to play ball for the longhorns. I mean, I knew I could have, because I was that good.

Steffy: Is that basketball?

Marcus: Uh, do I look like a football player?

Steffy: Okay, you're tall. But you're not freaky tall.

Marcus: All right, U.T. thought. You see, I got accepted and I was on scholarship, then, you know, politics kicks in.

Steffy: But you made the team, right?

Marcus: Well, money was tight. I would have had to work. I mean, I couldn't work and play ball at the same time. It was pretty much impossible.

Steffy: So what? You never tried out? You didn't play?

Marcus: No, I didn't go.

Steffy: Wait, but you just said--

Marcus: No. I moved to Austin, yeah, and I saw every Longhorns game, as well, just not on the court. You see, was selling chilidogs.

Bridget: This conversation was bound to happen.

Katie: Oh, God.

Bridget: No, Katie, just listen. What we've all been going through is so surreal. You're my family, and you were-- you were dying. I could only think about two things when you we sick-- how I could help you what I could do to make the most of the time that you did have left. So I encouraged Nick to spend time with you 'cause I knew that than you were really getting on.

Katie: You're right. It's true.

Bridget: I'm not blind. I-I know the two of you have connection. But Nick and I have a very deep bond, too. I--we have so much history, and the memories that we share-- no one can replace those or take them away from us. You know, we-- we make each other better people, and I think we're a pretty good team together. Like, I-I knew what I could do to help you, but I also knew what Nick could offer you. 'Cause you were just so angry, and you felt betrayed by life, and all these feelings of guilt-- I was afraid I was just gonna try to fix those things, but Nick has this ability to just let people be.

Katie: (Sighs) It's more than that.

Katie: I fell for him... hard. I-I just I want to be up front with you, I-I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. I'm sure I've been painfully obvious. But I want you to understand that I value you and your friendship more than anything else. I hope you know that. I hope nothing has changed between us.

Nick: I'm sorry, Stephen, to take you away from whatever it is you were doing, but something's not right here.

Stephen: I-I don't think Beth sees many people anymore.

Nick: Katie called her, and she hung up.

Stephen: Transatlantic phone calls are dropped all the time, Nick.

Nick: Stephen, she hung up on her, Now be honest with me. Have you been in touch with your ex-wife since you've been in Paris?

Stephen: Yes. We've been talking about her coming back to L.A. With me for a while.

Nick: And?

Stephen: We're still discussing it.

Nick: You mean she won't go. Are you making excuses for her?

Stephen: I haven't wanted the girls to know.

Nick: To know what? To know what? What is going on with your ex-wife?

Steffy: So couldn't you just play at another school?

Marcus: Well, not everything works out. You see, I'm not in the shape now like I was then.

Steffy: You no out of shape. But I know what you mean. I was the athlete in my family. Could have been competitive at college level.

Marcus: Oh, yeah which sport?

Steffy: Track and swimming.

Marcus: Oh, think you can do it by yourself.

Steffy: But there wasn't real support or any precede for being a serious athlete in my world. Being a Forrester is about brains and beauty. My sister was the pretty one, so I kinda had to be the smart one.

Marcus: Well, couldn't you be the pretty one and the smart one?

Steffy: Phoebe models. She has a fragrance named after her. Wherever you see her, a wind machine isnít far behind.

Marcus: All right I get the feeling I don't have to ask you why you stayed in London .

Steffy: You know, I love my sister, but it was kind of nice being on my own. Not the smart one-- the only one. Okay, is that obnoxious?

Nick: You know you have to answer that. Don't answer it. It's fine. That losing Storm would hit Beth hard. And it did. She wouldn't come back for the memorial. I-I assumed she just needed more time to pull herself together before seeing Katie.

Stephen: It was simpler to tell the girls she wasn't well.

Stephen: Nick, you have to understand that this hard for her. She stayed and raised those children.

Nick: I have no right to what here, Stephen?

Stephen: To criticize her.

Nick: I'm sorry, this is about your daughter, and she needs both of you.

Stephen: All right. I just figured that maybe I wasn't communicating we enough with her over the phone, so I came to see her she seemed fine, But things haven't been easy between us for years, so I wasn't shocked by that. But when I would talk to her about Brooke or Donna or-- or fill her in on what was going on with Katie, as like she didn't care. She would just stare at me. Can't describe that look. Nick, this is a woman who lived her life-- who dedicated her life to her children, and-- and now, I-I don't know.

Nick: Do you have any idea ere she might have gone?

Stephen: No. Listen, I'm just sorry you came all this way for nothing.

Nick: I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving till I get my answers.

Stephen: (Sighs)

Bridget: (sighs) Nick and I have just been through so much, Katie. And I have to know that whoever is going to end up being with Nick has to understand that he cares with his whole heart.  Once he lets someone into his life, he doesnít let go, and it's one of the things that I love about him. Itís also one of the things that drives me crazy. But it's good that I understand that. But, you know, he knows me really well.

Katie: I know. Bridget, I love you. Youíre like my sister. It feels safe talking to you. It-- I know that you understand that regardless of how I feel for Nick, I will never, ever act on it.

Bridget: I'm glad that you can be straight with me. And you are an incredible woman, you know that, and I know that Nick knows that. But he's with me, Katie, 'cause he wants to be with me.

Katie: You know, um, I should move out before Nick comes back.

Beth: Oh God, Nick you're still here. Why?

Nick: Your son's dead, and your daughter almost died, and she needs you. What do you want to do about that?

Steffy: (Sighs) (clears throat)

Marcus: (Sighs)

Steffy: Thanks for dinner.

Marcus: Oh, thanks for coming.

Steffy: Kinda. (Laughs) Uhófeel like everybody' watching you?

Marcus: Well, they probably know who you are, huh? And who's the guy with the tattoos?

Steffy: (Scoffs) No way!

Marcus: Well... are too cool for that. They all got tattoos you can't see.

Steffy: I'm thinkin' about getting one.

Mars: Don't.

Steffy: Why not? Yours looks good on you.

Marcus: 'Cause... you're perfect already.

Bridget: Are you really feeling that uncomfortable?

Katie: No, it's not that. It's--

Bridget: Well, are you thinking I'm gonna watch you like a hawk?

Katie: I know your not.

Bridget: Then why would you leave? You just told me why you were feeling awkward, so now you won't need to feel that way anymore.

Katie: I can't stay here forever. You and Nick have a life to get back to.

Bridget: Well, of course we do, and we will, and you're gonna eventually want to get back to your own place, too. But while you're still recovering, I don't know why you wouldn't stay with us. It's either here or a skilled nursing facility, and we love having you here, my goodness, Katie you and have I   become really close friends, and I don't know if you've exactly noticed, but I' donít have that many friends that come around and-- you know, -- anyway, it's really nice to come home and have you here.

Katie: I've never felt so loved as I do here.

Bridget: Katie, what?

Katie: Oh... I just--I'm-- I'm so emotional right now. And I-I guess I just wish I would hear  something from my mother. I don't know, a phone call or a letter or something.

Bridget: I was wondering why she's been so absent. I hardly know the woman, yet I--she's my grandmother.

Katie: Well, Dad says I'm not sure. I called her, I told her how much I wanted see her.

Bridget: What'd she say?

Katie: She said that she had to go, and she hung up.

Bridget: What?

Katie: Yeah, and she hasn't called back. I guess it's not so hard to understand. Iím alive and Storm isnít.

Bridget: (Whispers) Katie... God... no, don't say that.

Nick: Where'd you run off to?

Beth: That's none of your business you know, I can wait you out if I have to.

Nick: Your afraid of something, aren't you? And it's not me. Are you in some sort of trouble?

Beth: (Scoffs) What kind of trouble?

Nick: I don't know. What would cause you to abandon your daughters?

Beth:  No one. Just because I don't live up to your expectations--

Nick: Then come back to L.A. with me.

Beth: No, I, um-- I can't do that.

Nick: Why? Why? What happened? Where's the Beth Logan that I know would sacrifice anything? The woman who raised a son and three daughters and always had a shoulder for people to cry on?

Beth: May I'm not as strong as I used to be.

Nick: Well, then let m tell you Because when Katie was told that she was dying, she didn't cover her ears up and pretend not to hear it, and she didn't shake her fist at God and say, "Why me?" She accepted it with dignity and grace. She doesn't need you, Beth. She wants you there cause you're her mother and cause she loves you. Do you have any idea what kind of honor it is to have someone love you like that? Can you love her back?

Nick: Come with me, Beth. Your daughter wants her mother. Don't deny her that.

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