The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/30/08


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Nick: There we are. Did you talk to your mother?

Bridget: Yep. She's on her way.

Nick: What about the fiancÚ? Does he still hold that title?

Bridget: Yes, Ridge is coming. Please, please, be nice.

Nick: Whatever.

Bridget: Here. It's Katie's birthday. I just want everything to be as perfect as it can be.

Nick: Me, too.

Bridget: And I don't want any drama.

Nick: Very significant birthday, too.

Bridget: Well, it is, actually. It's her first birthday with the new heart, and I don't want too much excitement for her. She's still very much in recovery mode.

Nick: She's gonna be fine. She's got the best medical staff there is--you.

Bridget: (Sighs) Well, I'm watching very closely for any signs of rejection. She's not out of the woods at all.

Katie: (Sighs) Well, I see I have absolutely no say as to how we celebrate my birthday.

Nick: That's right, you don't.

Brooke: It's nothing big, but it's very important for Katie.

Ridge: That sounds good. She deserves a party after everything she's been through. How's she doing?

Brooke: Bridget says so far, so good, but she hasn't been out of the hospital very long.

Ridge: Well, a heart transplant is kind of major, isn't it?

Brooke: Yes. That's why we are celebrating her life today.

Ridge: So who else is gonna be there?

Brooke: I can tell you who's not going to be there-- Rick and Taylor.

Ridge: Good. What about Donna?

Brooke: I'm assuming she'll come with Eric. I'm not so sure, though. She left the office early today. She seemed a bit on edge.

Ridge: That's not surprising.

Brooke: Well, with all of you ganging up on her...

Ridge: Logan, if your sister is clean and stays clean, she's got nothing to worry about.

Donna: Marcus, don't leave. Please, don't go.

Eric: Donna? What's going on here?

Donna: Um...

Eric: You're from, uh-- you're from the catering company, aren't you?

Donna: Yes. Uh, this-- from Storm's memorial service. This is, uh, Marcus.

Eric: Marcus, hello. You were here the other day. Is there a problem?

Donna: Well, yes, there is a problem.

Eric: What?

Donna: Well, you--you just sort of ruined the surprise.

Eric: A surprise?

Donna: I was planning on, um, a special dinner for us in a few days with the catering service. But I mean, now that you're home... Marcus, could you just give us a minute, please?

Marcus: Of course. This-- from Storm's memorial service. This is, uh, Marcus.

Eric: Marcus, hello. You were here the other day. Is there a problem?

Donna: Well, yes, there is a problem.

Eric: What?

Donna: Well, you--you just sort of ruined the surprise.

Eric: A surprise?

Donna: I was planning on, um, a special dinner for us in a few days with the catering service. But I mean, now that you're home... Marcus, could you just give us a minute, please?

Marcus: Of course.

Katie: Yeah, I didn't really want a big party.

Bridget: It's not gonna be a big party.

Katie: Mm. I didn't really want any party.

Nick: Well, look at it this way. Even though this isn't a big significant party to you, to your family and friends and Bridget and me, it's a way for us to celebrate a life that has been miraculously given back to us-- yours. That would be your life we're talking about.

Katie: Thank you.

Bridget: He's right. This is as much for us as it is for you. Here.

Katie: Oh. You--you didn't have to get me anything.

Bridget: Stop. Stop. Don't. Just open it.

Nick: You didn't have to, you know?

Bridget: Right. I know. But you know, it's just...

Katie: (Groans)

Katie: (Gasps)

Bridget: It's the Chinese symbol for life.

Katie: It's beautiful. Thank you.

Nick: Well, this has a little less significance.

Katie: (Laughs) Thanks. Strange presents. (Laughs) Oh, oh. Okay, I see.

Bridget: (Laughs)

Katie: I see where this is going.

Nick: It's gonna be a long time before I lose to you on the real court out there.

Katie: Right. So in the meantime, you can lose to me right here in the living room.

Nick: I'm not throwing any games. I'm serious.

Katie: Okay.

Nick: I'm not throw--

Katie: I-I'm not throwing any games, either, so you better get ready. Thank you. Thank you, both.

Brooke: (Sighs) I really don't want to argue about Donna.

Ridge: Neither do I.

Brooke: Let me ask you something. Are you hoping to find some skeletons in her closet so you can break up her marriage to Eric?

Ridge: No, Brooke, I'm not, because once that comes out, Dad's gonna be crushed, and I don't want him to be crushed. And even worse than that, I don't want you to go through that either. I don't want you to feel any more pain ever again.

Brooke: I appreciate that.

Ridge: That's how I feel.

Brooke: (Sighs) Sometimes I just forget.

Ridge: Forget what?

Brooke: (Sighs) How much you love me, how much I love you.

Brooke: Mm.

Ridge: I never forget that, never.

Brooke: (Laughs)

Ridge: Come on. Let's go to your sister's birthday party.

Brooke: Okay. (Intercom buzzes)

Ridge: Yeah? What? Oh, no. I thought that was tomorrow. Okay. No, I--okay. I got it wrong. Okay, thanks. Well, then I've got to do it. Bye.

Brooke: (Scoffs) What is it?

Ridge: I have this other conference call to the Philippines in 15 minutes.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: I've got to do it.

Brooke: All right. Okay, I'll go alone.

Ridge: Are you sure?

Brooke: Yeah, I'm sure. We'll have Katie over for a barbecue with the family sometime soon. But you know what? You owe me, mister.

Ridge: I will pay you back tonight. I promise.

Brooke: Mm. I'm gonna hold you to that.

Ridge: Good.

Brooke: Mm.

Ridge: Tell her hi for me.

Brooke: I will.

Eric: So what's this big surprise you have for me?

Donna: (Laughs) Oh, honey bear, I love you so much.

Eric: (Chuckles)

Donna: I hope you know how much you mean to me.

Eric: Every time-- every time you hug me like that, I do.

Donna: (Laughs)

Eric: You know, I think I know what this is all about.

Donna: You do?

Eric: Mm-hmm. You're pregnant, aren't you? You and I are about to become parents.

Katie: This is beautiful. I love it. Thank you so much.

Thorne: Good. I'm glad you like it. Listen, I know these past few weeks have really been tough on you with the way things are going down, and--

Katie: It's okay. Let's not talk about that. Let's just have a good time.

Thorne: Okay. Are you okay?

Katie: Yeah, I'm just, uh--

Thorne: You're perspiring a little bit.

Katie: Yeah, I know. I-I--it's the excitement.

Jackie: (Sighs) I was hoping to see my grandson today.

Nick: Taylor took him to the zoo.

Jackie: What?

Nick: Don't worry, Mother. He's in good hands.

Jackie: Hmm. Well, you seem to be in pretty good hands yourself.

Nick: I don't even want to know what that's supposed to mean.

Jackie: Living with Bridget and Katie. Oh.

Nick: Katie's recuperating, Mother.

Jackie: Oh, it doesn't matter. Of course, she could be recuperating with one of her sisters.

Nick: Well, if one of her sisters were a doctor, she would be.

Jackie: Oh, how convenient.

(Doorbell rings)

Nick: Enough, Mother.

Bridget: Oh, I'll get it.

Nick: Please. Thank you. (Whispers) Good to see you.

Jackie: You, too.

Nick: (Normal voice) You look beautiful.

Jackie: Yes, of course.

Bridget: Oh, Mom. Hi.

Brooke: Hi, honey. Wow, you look gorgeous.

Jackie: Well, look who's arrived. Now it is a party.

Brooke: Hello, Jackie, Nick.

Jackie: Hi.

Brooke: Oh, there you are.

Katie: Hi.

Brooke: Happy birthday, little sis.

Katie: Thank you. Thank you.

Brooke: Ridge couldn't make it. He had a business emergency.

Katie: Oh.

Brooke: How you feeling? Good?

Katie: I'm--I'm good. Fine.

Dr. Patrick: Hello, Bridget.

Bridget: Oh, Dr. Patrick, I'm so glad you were able to make it.

Dr. Patrick: Well, I can't stay, Bridget. But I needed to see you.

Bridget: Why?

Dr. Patrick: Katie's checkup this morning-- her test results are not good.

Bridget: (Whispers) Oh, no.

Dr. Patrick: She's showing signs of rejection.

Bridget: No.

Brooke: So you  feels like legs like pure pure silk shave cream conditions and moisturizes

Katie: Oh, my gosh. This is so cool!

Brooke: So you like it?

Katie: I love it. Thank you so much.

Brooke: I like all the shiny little sparkles.

Thorne: The tattoos go on your arms now.

Katie: It's awesome. And it'll go with my scarf.

Thorne: Yeah.

Dr. Patrick: I'll call you this evening.

Bridget: Please do, yeah.

Dr. Patrick: In the meantime, see that she gets plenty of rest.

Nick: Dr. Patrick.

Dr. Patrick: Nick. I'll call you this evening.

Bridget: Okay. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Nick: What's going on?

Bridget: Um, nothing, I-- (sniffles) I just--I had asked him to-- to stop by.

Nick: What's the matter? You look upset.

Bridget: (Whispers) Not now, Nick. (Normal voice) We have a party, remember?

Donna: You think I'm pregnant?

Eric: Are you?

Eric: Look, sweetheart, I know that, uh, I know I said that I was finished having children and-- and of course, we've taken all precautions, of course, but if you are--

Donna: No, Eric, I'm not pregnant.

Eric: You're not?

Donna: That's not what this is all about.

Eric: Well, then-- then why all the fanfare? Wha--

Donna: Honey bear, this marriage means more to me than-- than anyone could ever know. And it's not-- it's not all this. I mean, I-I could be in a 1-room apartment with you and be just as happy, just as fulfilled. But there's-- there's something else that's going on in my life, something-- something truly amazing. It's an answer to a mystery that I've had since I was a teenage girl. I-- my life was so different back then, Eric. Some things happened. And I handled it the best I could, but I was-- I was so young, Eric.

Eric: Donna, what-- wh--wh--what is this? What are you talking about?

Donna: This is hard for me to say because I-I don't know how you're gonna take it. I don't know what you're gonna think. I-I just hope it doesn't change your opinion of me. (Cell phone rings)

Eric: Donna-- (rings)

Eric: Oh, God. Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I have to take this. (Rings)

Eric: Yeah, hello?

Ridge: Okay, fine. But think about it. I'll give you 24 hours, and we're placing our order elsewhere. Bye-bye.

Ashley: Wow, you're mean. Working hard as usual, I see.

Ridge: Oh, there's so many things going on.

Ashley: Yeah, I know. How's Katie?

Ridge: Hanging in there. I'm supposed to be at a birthday party for her right now, but I had to handle this damn phone call. Brooke's over there.

Ashley: Speaking of Brooke, how are things going with the two of you?

Ridge: Uh, they would be fine, except for one thing that's making me a little nuts.

Ashley: Donna Logan?

Ridge: Donna Logan Forrester.

Ashley: What? You think there's trouble ahead?

Ridge: Maybe. Part of me feels a little paranoid.

Ashley: What about the other part?

Ridge: I just don't like being at odds with Dad over this.

Ashley: I don't blame you, but sometimes you can't help it, you know? You're looking out for your family, so...

Ridge: That's what I think.

Ashley: But Brooke doesn't.

Ridge: Well, we're talking about her sister here.

Ashley: Yeah, the Logans are very loyal. But then again, so are the Forresters.

Ridge: You're absolutely right on that one. There's just one problem.

Ashley: What?

Ridge: Where are Dad's loyalties? With is family, or with his new family-- the Logans? Somehow, I don't think he's gonna side with us.

Ridge: You never said why you came by.

Ashley: Oh, come on. I need a reason to check in with one of my very favorite people? Okay, maybe I do. I was actually wondering, have you seen the plans for Donna's sky lounge on the Forrester roof?

Ridge: Oh, yeah.

Ashley: What do you think?

Ridge: Great idea. Terrible timing. We're in a sales slump. The economy's bad. But Donna sure worked her magic on Dad, because he signed off on the whole thing. It's just one more way she's ingratiating herself in here. She's making it harder for us to get her out.

Ashley: Oh, come on. The way your dad has stuck to her like glue, I don't know how it's gonna happen anyway.

Ridge: I just don't see what he sees in her. I mean, she seems so plastic, so unreal. I don't get it.

Ashley: Well, is he happy?

Ridge: He thinks he is. But he better open his eyes.

Ashley: Well, for your sake, I hope it happens soon.

Eric: No, I don't want to talk about that right now. Pam, I'm finished for the night. I'll take care of this in the morning. I want to spend an evening with my wife. Thank you. (Sighs) I'm sorry. Now you listen to me. I know you're worried about me losing the company, but that's not gonna happen. It's simply not gonna happen, all right? And I don't want you moping around here pouring your heart out about some mistakes you made in your past. That's not what I want for you. You know if I-- if I was held hostage to every mistake I made in my past, I would be in a real mess.

Donna: Thank you so much, Eric. You're--you're wonderful, but... there's something I really do need to tell you.

Eric: What? What is it?

Marcus: Um... (clears throat) excuse me.

Eric: Marcus, would you just give us another couple of minutes, please?

Donna: No, uh, Eric, I-I'd like him to stay.

Eric: Why?

Donna: Well, be-- because it involves him.

Eric: It involves him how?

Marcus: You know, um, maybe I should tell him.

Donna: No. No, this is my responsibility.

Eric: What is it? What is this? I'm starting to get a really bad feeling about this.

Donna: Marcus is my son. He's my son.

Bridget: Okay, it's time for the birthday cake. But before we cut it, there is something I would like to say.

Nick: Go ahead, honey. We're listening.

Katie: Oh, come on. Come on, no speeches. I hate that.

Bridget: Yeah, I know you do. I know you don't like being the center of attention. And Mom always talks about you-- you being the quiet one growing up. But today we just want to shed a little-- a little light on you.

Katie: You don't have to. I don't need it.

Bridget: Well, maybe I need it. Maybe we all need this moment to just tell you how grateful we are and how blessed we feel to have you in our lives. Because we almost lost you a few weeks ago. If that tells us anything, it tells us how precious each moment is in our lives, 'cause that's all we have. It's all we can be sure of-- this moment, right here, right now. Happy birthday, my beloved Aunt Katie.

Katie: (Laughs)

Bridget: May you live a very, very long life. We love you.

Katie: Thank you. I love you, too.

Katie: (Laughs)

Brooke: Happy birthday, sis.

Katie: Thank you so much. I-I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. Thank you all so much.

Nick: You better blow those out before this place burns down. It's solid wood.

Brooke: (Laughs)

Bridget: (Laughs) Don't forget to make a wish. I know what my wish for you is. Oh, God! Katie? Katie?

Nick: Katie?

Bridget: Oh, my God, Katie!

Brooke: Katie?

Bridget: Katie, can you--can you hear us?

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