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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 5/29/08

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Nick: (Blows horn)

Katie: (Gasps)

Bridget: Oh, my-- don't scare the heart patient!

Nick: (Laughs) Happy birthday!

Katie: If you want me to have another one, you better not do that again.

Nick: You just made it through another year. I think that's worth celebrating. Don't you agree?

Katie: Mmm.

Bridget: Would you like me to throw him in the dumpster on my way upstairs?

Nick: (Blows horn)

Katie: No, that's okay. But I want to be clear-- no celebrating.

Bridget: (Clears throat)

Katie: I don't even want to see a cupcake in this house, okay?

Bridget: Mm-hmm. Right. Well, I made no promises. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Katie: Thanks, Bridget. (Sighs)

Nick: She's got something planned. You know that.

Katie: I know. And you have to talk her out of it.

Nick: I have no chance of talking her out of it. You know that.

Katie: She's too good for you.

Nick: Well, yeah, true.

Katie: Don't you forget it.

Nick: I wo--

Katie: (Laughs) Ow.

Nick: I won't. (Blowing horn)

Thorne: I think this will end badly.

Felicia: It's only a matter of time before Donna lands our family back in the tabloids.

Ridge: Amazingly, Dad doesn't think that's gonna happen.

Felicia: But that's just it. He's not thinking. He's skipping around in happy honeymoon land.

Thorne: Well, I think Dad knows what the stakes are.

Ridge: Well, if Donna does cause a scandal, Dad's out of the company.

Felicia: (Laughs) We might as well start packing up his office now.

Thorne: Well, Donna's no dummy. She's going to be on her best behavior. I can guarantee that.

Felicia: Okay, but sooner or later, she's gonna mess up, and I, for one, vote for sooner. Losing his place in this company will force him to come to his senses.

Eric: Is that right? Rule number one-- when planning a mutiny, close the door. Rule number two-- know your enemy. And from what I've heard, you don't know my wife at all.

Felicia: Maybe you don't know her as well as you think you do.

Donna: I need to hire a private investigator to help find my son. No, I-I haven't filed a missing persons report. He--he's not missing. No, I-I just-- I don't know how to locate him.

(Knock on door)

Donna: I'm--I'm sorry. Um, one second, please.

Donna: Thank you. Uh, he-- he just came back. Marcus, you're back. Come in. Please. I'm so happy to-- to see you.

Marcus: Yeah, I thought you should know that, um, some receptionist from your husband's company tracked me down. It seemed like she wanted to make trouble for you.

Donna: She was the blond?

Marcus: Yeah.

Donna: Thank you, and thank you for-- for coming back.

Marcus: Well, I just wanted to come by and tell you that, that she contacted me. So I better get going.

Donna: No, please. Please, just tell me where you're going. Tell me how to get ahold of you.

Marcus: Why?

Donna: You're my son, Marcus.

Marcus: Look, I have a life in Texas, okay? Job, friends...

Donna: Please, don't. Don't pull away from me. I know I hurt you, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I-I haven't handled any of this well, but--but I do want you to be part of my life. I want to be part of yours.

Nick: You say you don't want to celebrate your birthday. I mean, people are gonna take your word for that. Careful.

Katie: I wish they would.

Nick: No presents? No party? No birthday stuff?

Katie: I-I'll tell you what. If you want to celebrate, you take Bridget out someplace nice, just the two of you.

Nick: No chance, and we're not going anywhere without you. If you don't come with us, we don't go. That's just the way it is.

Katie: Don't you think that's a little bit strange?

Nick: Does that feel strange to you?

Katie: I got to be honest. I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to stay here.

Katie: (Sighs) Look, Nick, you and Bridget have... (groans) been so nice letting me stay here, but I am in the way. I-I am not taking care of Jack. I-I can't even make my own bed.

Nick: Not to mention you're costing me a ton in groceries.

Katie: (Laughs)

Nick: You're not going anyplace. You're staying here. Besides, Bridget would be devastated if you left, and I can't be responsible for that.

Katie: The longer I stay, the harder it is for everyone.

Nick: What's going on? What's the matter with you?

Katie: Nothing. I just--I-I love Bridget, and I-I don't want to interfere in her happiness.

Nick: Having you here makes her happy.

Katie: For now. But that might change, and--and I don't want that to happen.

Nick: Well, I'm sorry, you can't go anywhere, so you're stuck with us.

Bridget: Nick, are you-- oh, hey. Honey, I just need you to help me upstairs for a second.

Nick: A man's work's never done.

Bridget: Well, I... (whispering) would like you to wrap some presents.

Nick: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Bridget: (Scoffs) (normal voice) Katie, are you okay? You-you're really looking flush.

Katie: No, I'm good. I-I'm fine.

Bridget: You met with Dr. Patrick today, right? He did some tests. What did he say?

Katie: Nothing. I just--I'm--I'm tired. I'm gonna go lay down outside for a little bit.

Bridget: Okay. Well, call me if you need anything. Do you hear me?

Katie: Yeah.

Bridget: (Whispering) How does she seem to you?

Nick: You know, it's your nature to worry.

Bridget: (Laughs)

Nick: So maybe we oughta just leave well enough alone, okay, Doc?

Thorne: This is not a mutiny, Dad.

Felicia: (Sighs) We don't want you to leave the company.

Ridge: But if you insist on backing Donna, you're not leaving us much choice.

Eric: Ridge, you're the one who insisted that Donna and I be a-a package deal.

Felicia: Uh, no, Dad. Actually, that was you. You're the one who's hell-bent on Donna having a prominent position in the company.

Thorne: Because she's your wife, not because of experience or expertise, which she has none of. And that worries the hell out of us, Dad.

Ridge: Listen, Dad, we all feel like Donna's got a lot of... baggage that could be very detrimental to the company and our family.

Eric: You know, I'm getting just a little sick of all this talk about scandal. Donna's not gonna bring shame down on our family or this company.

Felicia: But if she does and you step down like you promised, you know, you could always come back.

Eric: Oh, once I realize that she is, uh, the albatross around my neck?

Ridge: Look, everybody in this room has brought their share of bad press to the company. We're not saying we're better than Donna. We just have a bigger stake in the company, Dad. This is our legacy. We're just trying to protect it.

Eric: So you admit that you're holding my wife to a higher standard than you hold yourselves? My God. Could any of you withstand that kind of pressure, that kind of scrutiny? I mean, would you be able to stand being watched 24 hours a day?

Ridge: Look, as long as Donna doesn't have any skeletons in the closet, she's got nothing to worry about.

Donna: I want you to meet my whole family.

Marcus: I met them at your brother's funeral.

Donna: No, but th-they didn't know who you were.

Marcus: That's because you didn't tell 'em you had a kid.

Donna: I know. I should've.

Marcus: Look, you don't-- you don't have to say anything. I'm not gonna go to the tabloids or anything. I'm pretty sure you don't want it to get out.

Donna: Marcus, I-I'm not ashamed of you. That's not why I gave you up for adoption. I was young. I was scared. I was terrified of--of raising a child alone.

Marcus: You didn't think your family would help? You didn't think they would accept me.

Donna: No, they would've, just as my husband will now.

Marcus: You've told him?

Donna: No. But I will. I will today.

Marcus: Well, if you really thought he'll be cool with it, you would have told him already.

Donna: No, no, it--it's not him, Marcus. It's--it's his family. It's his kids. They hate me, Marcus. It's complicated.

Marcus: No, look, you don't have to explain. I get it.

Donna: No, no, you don't, you don't. It's not what you think.

Marcus: I'm out of here.

Donna: No, no, please, Marcus, please, just hear me out. Eric's kids-- they want me out of his life. They think I'm a liability. They will take away his company if I cause any kind of a scandal.

Marcus: (Chuckles) You mean, um, a scandal like me?

Katie: (Exhales deeply)

Nick: Well, yeah, of course. I want you around as much as you want to be around.

Katie: (Laughs) You may regret those words.

Nick: I doubt it.

Katie: You just want me around 'cause I laugh at your bad jokes.

Nick: Well, you haven't been laughing much lately.

Katie: It hurts to laugh.

Nick: So you do all your laughing on the inside then.

Katie: I have a lot going on on the inside. Most of it doesn't make me feel like laughing.

Nick: I'm aware of that.

Katie: There is one bright spot, though. It gives me hope, makes me feel like I have a life that's worth living.

(Doorbell rings)

Katie: Oh, hi.

Stephanie: Happy birthday.

Katie: Oh, thank you. Um, you--you shouldn't have.

Stephanie: Well, you're welcome anyway. I think I saw Nick's car out there.

Katie: Oh, yeah, you don't have to worry. The, uh, coast is clear.

Stephanie: He's not here?

Katie: No, no, he's here. He's up with Bridget.

Katie: So let me guess. You're lonely out there at the beach, and you've come to lure me to Malibu?

Stephanie: Oh, are you hoping to be lured to Malibu?

Katie: I'm just wondering why you're here. And don't tell me it's because of my birthday.

Stephanie: You went to your brother's funeral.

Katie: I did.

Stephanie: I was surprised.

Katie: You weren't the only one.

Stephanie: Well, the last time I saw you and we spoke, you were having such a difficult time adjusting to his death. And, uh-- but obviously you've gotten on with your life.

Katie: Yeah, it seems that way.

Stephanie: I have to admit to being curious about something. Um, why did you decide to move in here with Nick and Bridget?

Katie: They insisted.

Stephanie: Really? That makes me all the more curious.

Katie: Well, it was Bridget's idea.

Stephanie: Of course.

Katie: Right. You know, stray puppies and sick relatives-- she couldn't resist.

Stephanie: How is she?

Katie: So it's not just me you're curious about.

Stephanie: (Chuckles) Well, the last time that she was involved in a relationship with Nick, it ended up disastrously. And I'm--I'm a little concerned that she may not have made the best decision for herself.

(Door opens)

Nick: Take this off.

Bridget: I do?

Nick: Take it off.

Bridget: No, I-- we have to get ready...

Katie: Yeah, I don't think you need to be concerned about that.

Eric: You say you don't want me to leave the company, but you're all standing around just waiting for Donna to make some kind of a mistake.

Felicia: If that's what it takes to make you see reason.

Eric: (Sighs heavily) Your mother would be so proud.

Thorne: Mother wasn't always wrong, Dad, okay? Yes, she sometimes goes too far, but she has a very good sense of people.

Eric: Well, clearly, you all share your mother's sense about Donna. Well, that's too bad. The Donna I know is a warm wonderful person. The Donna I know would show more compassion to a stranger on the street than any one of you has shown to her.

Donna: Please try to understand my position. I'm newly married to a very famous man.

Marcus: No, I know. And you don't want to freak out his family.

Donna: No, no, but they really-- they really, really hate me. And his--his ex-wife will use anything to discredit me and--and worm her way back into his life. An-and there's the press, Marcus. The--the press-- the way they--they twist things and--and sensationalize things.

Marcus: Look, I-I told you I won't sell you out.

Donna: But I know people who will, people who would love to see my face on--on the cover of every gossip magazine in the supermarket.

Marcus: You mean that nosy receptionist?

Donna: Yes, and her--and her evil crazy sister.

Marcus: You know what? Look... (chuckles) let's just drop it, okay, forget that I was ever here, all right, because I don't want my business for the whole world to know either.

Donna: But that's--that's why we have to be honest with Eric. He'll know how to handle this.

Marcus: Yeah, but what if he can't?

Donna: He will. He's a good man, Marcus. He loves me.

Marcus: Enough to give up his company? I mean, isn't that what you said would happen? Listen, I-I really appreciate that you're trying to make me feel like I matter to you, but this whole family sounds very messed up to me.

Donna: Look, I will tell him the truth, Marcus. I'm gonna tell my husband the truth whether you leave L.A. Or not.

Marcus: You don't have to say anything if I just go.

Donna: No, just-- please, just don't. Don't go, not until w-- we at least get a chance to know one another. Is that too much to ask?

Felicia: Do you know how much this hurts me, Daddy?

Eric: (Sighs heavily) Then stop it.

Felicia: When Donna lets you down, your family's still gonna be here for you because we love you, and we will always love you. And believe it or not, that includes Mother. Come here. (Sniffles)

Eric: Oh, honey.

Felicia: (Sniffles)

Katie: Uh, you don't mind if I turn on some music, do you?

Stephanie: Not at all.

Katie: Great.

(Music plays softly)

Katie: So, uh, where were we?

Stephanie: You were just telling me not to worry about Bridget.

Katie: Oh, yeah. Um, she and Nick are very happy together.

Stephanie: Well, you'd know, wouldn't you?

Katie: I'm very supportive of that relationship. I encouraged it.

Stephanie: Who did you encourage-- Nick or Bridget?

Katie: Both. Both of them.

Stephanie: I didn't know you were such a matchmaker.

Katie: I think Nick is the right man for Bridget.

Stephanie: And is she the right woman for him?

Katie: Of course. She's the right woman for anyone. She's amazing.

Stephanie: Obviously, he shares your opinion of her.

Katie: Absolutely.

Stephanie: Would you rather be the woman up there instead of Bridget?

Katie: (Laughs) I-I don't quite know where-- where this is coming from, but, um, would I rather be, uh, running around and--and having fun? Sure, I would love to be healthy enough for that.

Stephanie: You know what it did to her when he slept with her Mother?

Katie: Yes, I do, and nothing like that is ever going to happen again.

Stephanie: Because you're not like her mother?

Katie: Because this doesn't have anything to do with me.

Stephanie: But you're living here with them in this house.

Katie: I was invited. They are concerned about me. I don't now why you're trying to turn this into something ugly. It isn't. Bridget helped save my life. I would never do anything that would cause her any pain.

Donna: Don't you understand? I just--I just wanted a chance to get to know my child.

Marcus: At the risk of losing your marriage?

Donna: Eric won't walk away from me, and he won't allow anyone to disrespect my son.

Marcus: Even his kids?

Donna: Look, I know this sounds really complicated, and it might be. It might be for a while, but I know it's gonna be worth it. St give me a chance to get everything out into the open-- you and me, the adoption. I know I can make this right.

Marcus: That's why I came here to meet you, have some time together. That's all I wanted.

Donna: I want more than that. If I'm coming on too strong, I--I'm sorry.

Marcus: Look, I just came to warn you about that nosy blond lady. That's all.

Donna: Marcus, wait, wait. You're scared. I am, too. It's confusing. But d-don't leave. Don't go.

Eric: Donna? What's going on here?

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