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Donna: (Sobs) My baby.

Donna: My son.

Marcus: Finally, I found you.

Donna: (Sobs) It doesn't seem real. It..

Katie: "Baby Logan." The date's right. The--the time seems close to the time you mentioned.

Donna: All these years, I-I thought of you. I-I missed you. And now you're here. It-- it's like a miracle.

Donna: (Laughs)

Brooke: If you think I'm gonna tolerate this attack on my family--

Felicia: Look, I think we have some legitimate concerns, Brooke.

Brooke: Well, that doesn't justify the way you're going on and on about Donna, like she's really something terrible for this company.

Ridge: Brooke, we all appreciate the incredible contribution you've made to this company. Married or not, you're part of this family. Katie's okay, as well.

Brooke: Are you sure about that? So she doesn't factor in to the Logan-Forrester battle?

Thorne: Brooke, realistically, it's going to be a long time before Katie

Ashley: Katie isn't the problem here, and honestly, neither is Rick.

Felicia: No, it's Donna for so many reasons.

Ridge: Brooke, I'm still waiting to hear what you think she brings to the table.

Brooke: She inspires your father.

Thorne: To do what? Go out on window ledges naked?

Brooke: (Sighs)

Felicia: Ever since Dad has been involved with her, everything is a battle. Our whole family unit is shot to hell.

Brooke: Because he knows that you don't agree with his choice.

Felicia: No, you're right, I don't, and I never will.

Ridge: Bottom line is we can't work together. We just don't have any common ground.

Ashley: This is the same reason why I left Jabot and I ended up here. It's very difficult to hold a family business together when the family isn't seeing eye to eye. It's not a good thing.

Felicia: Look, all I know-- I am just fed up with this fighting, okay? It's too draining.

Thorne: Listen, if Dad was to step down, it would be a clean break, okay? He could go off and have his second childhood while the rest of us tend to business.

Ridge: Better for everyone, Logan, even Donna. Surely you see that.

Eric: Their ganging up on Donna like that is inexcusable and--and not to mention hypocritical.

Stephanie: Hypocritical? Oh. Well, they showed up at your wedding out of respect for their father. And now you think this behavior is making them hypocritical?

Eric: Yes, I do. Exactly. I thought their showing up at the wedding was at least a grudging acceptance by the family. But now I see that I was being naive once again.

Stephanie: You do know how much this company means to our children?

Eric: No more than it means to me, which is exactly why I'm excited about what Donna brings to this company. Business acumen?

Eric: That will come in time. Our children is determined no give her that chance.

Stephanie: Well, you know, I-I think you should try and see it from their point of view. They perceive her to be an interloper.

Eric: They think she's gonna bring a scandal down on our heads. Well, she's not. There will be no surprises. I trust my wife completely.

Stephanie: I know you do. And I'm happy that you're happy, and I mean that.

Marcus: Do you know how many Donna Logans are out there?

Katie: Probably quiet a few.

Marcus: I talked to dozens. No luck. I was just getting ready to bag it in when-- when I read about your wedding-- Eric Forrester marrying Donna Logan in Los Angeles. So I hopped on a plane to L.A. had to check it out for myself, you know?

Donna: I am so grateful that you took a chance. I have thought about you so many times over these years.

Marcus: Really?

Donna: I thought about the day you were born, how much I didn't-- I didn't want to give you away. It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life.

Marcus: I've thought about this day, imagined it, what it'd be like to find you and find out how much you wanted me.

Donna: (Sobs) (whispers) Oh, sweetheart. Sweetheart. (Sighs) (sighs)

Marcus: (Laughs) Don't let me go.

Donna: I won't. (Normal voice) I won't, not ever.

Stephanie: You asking me to negotiate a cease-fire with you and the children?

Eric: They all want you here running this company, and they want Donna not here at all.

Stephanie: How do you feel?

(Knock on door)

Eric: Come in.

Felicia: Mom, hi.

Stephanie: Hi.

Felicia: Boy, am I glad to see you.

Stephanie: (Laughs) Hi, sweetheart.

Ashley: Hey, neighbor. Are you enjoying your new digs?

Stephanie: Well, you know...

Thorne: Tired of being a beach bum already?

Stephanie: Well, it's those, you know, magnificent sunsets every night and that oceanís wearing a little thin.

Eric: I asked Stephanie here to, uh, talk to you all about your attitudes about Donna-- how hell-bent you are on pushing her out of the company when she could be a real asset here.

Brooke: Unfortunately, you and I are the only ones who believe that, Eric.

Eric: Yeah, I know. I'm really sorry to hear that, too.

Ridge: Dad, Thorne and Felicia and I have worked most of our adult lives to make this place a success. Brooke has contributed enormously to that effort, and so has Ashley in the short time she's been here. We'd like that to continue. We just don't know where we stand with you.

Thorne: You cast mother aside. You have a new young wife. You know she's gonna want kids.

Eric: I don't know anything of the sort.

Felicia: Then you've discussed it?

Eric: No. No, we haven't, not yet, but--

Thorne: When she does, and why wouldn't it, your loyalties will even be more divided, Dad.

Eric: Look, I can assure you uh, Donna hasn't even hinted at wanting to have children. I mean, she's really not the maternal type.

Ashley: You know, I have to say something. I think people may have thought that about me, as well, and, well, I wouldn't trade Abby for anything in the world.

Eric: I'm sure not. But look, I can assure you all that there's not gonna be any more children cropping up in this family.

Donna: All these years, I-I wondered. I-I-I w... I wondered about you. I didn't even know your name. Marcus. It's--it's perfect. It's a beautiful name. Every July 9th, I-I'd wake up at sunrise, and--and you were the first thing I'd think about. I mean, there wasn't a day that went by that you weren't on my mind, but especially July 9th, your birthday.

Marcus: You remembered my birthday?

Donna: Every year. Every single year.

Marcus: Wow.

Donna: (Whispers) This is just so... incredible. (Normal voice) I've got so many questions. I-I-I want to know everything about you, Marcus. I-I don't even know where to start. I-I have fantasized so many times over these years what--what my child was like, what--what you were like, how you were doing, if I'd ever be lucky enough to see you.

Marcus: All these years, I was in your thoughts?

Marcus: You missed me?

Donna: Yes.

Marcus: Then I just have one question. Where were you?

Eric: Look, I'm sorry if you don't like the woman I've married, but I love her, and I want her to be a part of what I've built here.

Ridge: Dad, we all cherish this company as much as you do. How long have I worked here? Thorne and Felicia have put in their time, as well. But for you to insist that we make room at the top now with someone we don't get along with, who has such little experience is just--

Felicia: You're not thinking like a businessman, Daddy.

Thorne: Look, Dad, if you want to spend time with Donna, do it. Take a trip around the world. Have a second honeymoon. Enjoy life. I mean, you've had an amazing career. Reap the rewards.

Ashley: You know, Eric, my dad got so much enjoyment out of his new marriage, and we didn't care that much for his new wife, but he loved her. And in retrospect, I'm so happy they had that time together.

Stephanie: Wait a minute. Are you all suggesting that your father should be put out to pasture?

Eric: Oh, my god.

Ridge: Dad, it's time for a change of the guard.

Eric: Meaning you?

Ridge: My work has been the hallmark of this company for years.

Eric: Are you suggesting that I haven't contributed?

Stephanie: Oh, of course, they're not suggesting that.

Felicia: Your last collection was a triumph, so why not go out on top?

Eric: Oh, I get it. So you all feel that it's time for the old man to, uh, acknowledge the fact that he's had his last hurrah and it's time for him to go to the old designers' home? Is that it?

Ridge: Dad, it's like Thorne said. Why not reap the benefits of your hard work?

Eric: Oh the young guy is ready to step forward, is that what you're saying?

Ridge: I have been your heir apparent for decades. It's now time for Thorne and Felicia and I to take control of this company.

Eric: What about you two? Are you this angry with me, too?

Thorne: Dad, I love you, okay? We all do. And I want to work here with you, but not with Donna, and that goes for the rest of us.

Felicia: He's right. Daddy, I love you, but you can't have it both ways. Mother has asked us all to try, and you know what? We have. We've tried. But being forced to coexist with mother's replacement-- we're all gonna be at each other's throats, and Forrester Creations will go under, and we can't let that happen. For the sake of our family and for the sake of your legacy, someone has to walk away.

Eric: And that "Someone" is me?

Donna: I was--I was so young when--when I got pregnant, Marcus. Uh, your father and I-- we--we couldn't be together. I-I was--I was young, younger than you, no way to support a child.

Marcus: Tell me about my father. Where is he? What's his name?

Donna: You-- you want to know?

Marcus: I want to find him. I want to meet him.

Donna: I had no idea where he is right now.

Marcus: You had a kid together. Then he, like, disappeared?

Donna: No. It-- it's more complicated than that.

Marcus: It boils down to neither one of you wanting me.

Donna: He doesn't know, Marcus. I didn't tell him.

Marcus: Till this day? Did you ever look for me, ever even try?

Donna: I never stopped thinking about you, loving you. I... hoping that you had a happy childhood. You did, didn't you? I mean, your-- your adoptive parents, what--what--what were they like? The agency said they were-- they were wonderful, loving people. It's true, is-- isn't it? Marcus?

Marcus: Another time. We're talking about you now, why you gave me away.

Donna: I-I just wanted what was--was best for you. I had nothing to give you back then. I-I wanted you to have a family, two parents. My father left us. He walked out on us. I knew what that was like.

Marcus: Your father walked out on you?

Marcus: So you were abandoned as a kid, knew what that felt like, but gave me up anyway?

Donna: But to be a teenage mom still in high school, t-trying to raise a child, I didn't want that kind of life for you.

Marcus: Yeah, or for yourself.

Donna: Marcus. Marcus, please, try-- try to understand.

Marcus: You know, isn't that the real reason why you gave me away? I mean, you could have raised me if you wanted to. Oh, but who needs the hassle, though, right?

Stephanie: Well, just a moment. Let's not forget your father owns this company now outright.

Ridge: True. But where would he be if we left?

Stephanie: You'd leave?

Ridge: Those of us who can't stand working with that woman.

Eric: Does that include you, Ashley?

Ashley: Uh, Eric, I-I love my job, and I absolutely adore working with you. I really do I have my doubts about Donna's credentials. I'm sorry.

Eric: (Sighs)

Brooke: I am not going anywhere. I belong here at Forrester.

Eric: You absolutely do.

Brooke: I spent way too much time, too much of my tenure fighting battles that I didn't think were necessary, and I don't want to have a repeat...

Thorne: Hear, hear.

Brooke: Just as I don't want Donna to have to suffer the same kind of dirty politics that I did.

Ridge: All we want is for what's best for the company, Dad. And if that means you step down and ride off into the sunset with your beautiful new bride--

Eric: I'm not gonna ride off into some sunset, Ridge. Now you said earlier that you don't know where you stand with me. (Sighs) I love you. I love all of you, and I understand that you want what's best for this company, the future of this company. I get it. We, I love my wife, too, and I trust her, I trust her so much that I'm willing to make a deal here.

Felicia: What kind of deal?

Eric: If Donna brings shame down on this family or this company, I will step aside, and Ridge can take over. I trust my wife that much.

Marcus: I used to make excuses for why my mother gave me away to strangers. Maybe her family made her do it. But that wasn't it. You could have kept me if you wanted to, except y didn't. You turned your back and walked away.

Donna: It wasn't-- it wasn't what I wanted, what--

Marcus: Oh, that's-- that's bull! You're ashamed of me.

Donna: No. No, that's not true.

Marcus: Then why when I showed up at your house asking if you were my mother, you wouldn't even admit you had a kid? Oh, and then today at your office, you rushed me out of there so no one would see me. You don't want anyone to know about me. You didn't want me when I was a helpless little baby, so why would I think you want me now?

Donna: (Sobbing) No, Marcus--

Marcus: No, liar!

Donna: Aah! Marcus: You don't. Don't you dare say that to me.

Marcus: I waited for you my entire life-- a letter, a phone call, anything. But it never happened. When I needed you, needed you most, you weren't there. You weren't there.

Donna: No. No, Marcus, please. Don't go. Marcus, please, come back. Come back! (Sobbing

Katie: Donna it's okay.

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