The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 5/22/08


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Donna: What if-- what if he left and I can't find him again? What if-- what if I blew my only chance to ever know my son?

Katie: Donna, you sent him away for a reason.

Donna: I was just so overwhelmed.

Katie: You also don't know if you can trust this guy. Did he give you any proof that you're his mother?

Donna: No. No. No, that's why I couldn't sleep. I need to know if it's true, but how?

Katie: Okay. All right. (Groans) All right, let's just take a breath. We--we have to be smart about this.

Donna: You're right. You're right. Okay.

Katie: Okay, maybe I can help. Can you give me any more details? I-I'm assuming that it was a closed adoption, that you didn't want any connection, and the adoptive parents didn't, either.

Donna: Oh, Katie, maybe-- maybe it's just another Donna Logan. Maybe--

Katie: Well, where did he get that name? Did he tell you?

Donna: He found it in his adoptive parents' things, along with a baby picture. But if it's-- if it's true, Katie, if I'm his mother, I want to know him, too.

Katie: Where did you give birth?

Donna: St. Joseph's.

Katie: St. Joe's here in L.A. Okay, why don't you go to the office? I'll see if I can get any information from hospital records.

Donna: Oh, my God. The office. Eric. Eric called a meeting, a big--a big meeting. (Sighs)

Katie: Well, go. Go.

Donna: If you hear anything, the second you do, you call me.

Katie: I will call you.

Donna: Okay.

Katie: Okay.

Felicia: So who are we missing?

Brooke: Rick left a message-- said he won't be able to make it.

Ridge: Does he know how important this meeting is?

Brooke: Yes, Ridge.

Ridge: And he blew it off anyway?

Brooke: I'm sure he had a good reason.

Thorne: Listen, I have the morning from hell down in shipping.

Ashley: And the lab is really backed up.

Felicia: Fine, let's get started.

Eric: Not without Donna.

Thorne: Dad!

Eric: Well, we can hold off for a few more minutes. She's a part of this team.

Felicia: Well, maybe her priorities have changed now that she's lady of the manor.

Thorne: And what experience does she have, Dad? I mean, really?

Ridge: Look, we have a lot to do today. I don't see any reason to wait.

Eric: Do I need to remind all of you once again that this company would still be owned by Nick Marone if it weren't for Donna?

Ashley: I think I'm gonna call downstairs and see if she's arrived yet.

Ridge: It's really wonderful that Forrester Creations is back in our hands where it belongs, but now we need to focus on increasing our volume and profitability.

Brooke: And why shouldn't Donna be a part of that? In the short time that she's been here, she's contributed a lot.

Thorne: Like what, Brooke? I mean, what has Donna really brought to this company? Well, besides tension.

Felicia: And her "Oh, so sophisticated" fashion sense.

Brooke: Oh, my goodness. I see somebody took their nasty pill this morning.

Felicia: (Laughs)

Eric: I own this company. Donna's my wife. She has a place here. You will respect her.

Ridge: I just don't see Donna having any really valuable position in this company, Dad. (Door opens)

Donna: I am so sorry I'm late. Did I miss anything?

Eric: Good. You're here, Donna. Now that you're here, we can get started.

Felicia: But if there's other places you need to be, please, don't let us keep you.

Donna: I-I am so sorry if I inconvenienced anyone. Oh, is there an extra agenda? I left my copy at home.

Brooke: I've got one for you.

Donna: Thank you. Thank you.

Felicia: You know, Donna, it really helps to come prepared. Otherwise, it wastes everybody's time.

Donna: You know what? Why don't you just start? I'm--I'm sure I'll catch up.

Eric: The first item is, uh-- is the holiday collection. Look I'm already--it's may. I'm already getting calls from all the magazines about their lead time--

Ridge: Look, excuse me for interrupting, but I need to say something that's on my mind here. My dad has asked us to respect you. I think the least I can do is be straight with you.

Donna: I-I already apologized for being late. Uh--

Ridge: Late. Unprepared.

Eric: Ridge...

Ridge: You don't belong at Forrester Creations, Donna. Your sisters, yes. My mother, absolutely. You, no. All you've brought is negative publicity to this company.

Felicia: And this family.

Brooke: You're all forgetting, who inspired one of Eric's most successful collections? Donna, that's who.

Ridge: One collection. One collection, Brooke. Where are we headed now?

Eric: All right, Donna's my wife. You will all treat her with the respect that she deserves.

Thorne: We are.

Eric: You listen to me, all of you. This whole company looks to you for leadership. You set the tone. Whatever example you set relative to Donna, everyone else will follow.

Felicia: Daddy, the employees respected mother, but she's gone, and they all know why.

Eric: Your mother's mistakes ended our marriage.

Thorne: Mistakes you could have worked through hadn't it been for her.

Ridge: What about you, Dad? What about your mistakes? Everyone in the industry saw you standing naked out on that balcony outside of your little love nest. Now that might be good business if you're Jackie Marone, but excuse me. I thought Forrester Creations was supposed to be above that.

Eric: If I shamed this company, if I shamed this family, it's because all of you and your mother forced me to hide my feelings. Well, that's finished now. That's gone. Everything has changed. Donna is now Mrs. Eric Forrester. No more secrets, no more lies and no more of this garbage from all of you. You will treat everyone in this company in a civil manner, and that includes my wife. When you're ready to do that, you let me know. But until then, this meeting is adjourned.

Katie: Hi. Is this the records department? (Groans) great. Good. Uh, I'm trying to get some information on a child that was born at your hospital. I don't have his name. I just have the birth mother's name. He was given up for adoption. Right. I know. I know those records are normally sealed, but what if the child and the mother want to find each other? If you could just point me in the right direction, it would mean a lot to both of them.

Eric: Ridge, Thorne and Felicia--I'm fed up. I'm just fed up with how they're behaving and how they're talking.

Donna: Can you blame them? I mean, everywhere they look, I-I'm in their faces.

Eric: Well, they're just gonna have to deal with it in some other way, other than acting like spoiled brats.

Donna: But for the sake of the company, maybe it's best if I just make a graceful exit.

Eric: Is that what you want?

Donna: No. My God, no. Not at all. But if my being here is bad for our reputation, Eric--

Eric: All right, just stop it then. Stop right here. All this talk about scandal and what may have happened in the past, I guarantee you none of that matters-- not to me or anybody outside this company. I have complete faith in the woman I married.

Marcus: Excuse me. I'd like to see Mrs. Forrester, please.

Eric: Mmm. (Sighs)

Donna: I don't ever want to disappoint you, Eric.

Eric: You never could, even if you tried.

(Knock on door)

Woman: Excuse me. Ms. Forrester, there's a young man here asking for you, says you want to see him.

Donna: Oh. Well, just tell him I'll be right with him.

Woman: Okay.

Eric: Who's that?

Donna: Oh, I'm just, um, interviewing freelance P.R. People to fill in for Katie.

Eric: Oh, I should have known you'd take care of that. Good.

Donna: Yeah.

Eric: Thank you.

Donna: Could I use your office? Do you--do you mind?

Eric: No, that's all right. I have a meeting. I'll be gone for an hour anyway. Good.

Donna: Okay.

Eric: See you then.

Woman: Tell Pam I'll be back in about an hour.

Woman: Okay.

Donna: Come in.

Marcus: Thank you. I wasn't sure you'd see me.

Donna: It's--it's so good that you stopped by. I had--I had no idea how to get ahold of you.

Marcus: Well, I'm surprised that you want to. I told you I wouldn't see you again, and I got the feeling that you were fine with that.

Donna: If I hurt your feelings, Marcus, I apologize. I just--I just was so stunned by what you told me. I...

Marcus: You said I was mistaken about being your son. Was I?

Ridge: I know we're all busy, but this can't wait.

Brooke: Well, just how insulting are you planning on getting, so that I can prepare myself?

Felicia: Well, except for you, Brooke, it seems to me we're all in agreement. Donna has no place in this company.

Brooke: You're being so unfair.

Ashley: I don't understand what's unfair about expecting your corporate leadership to have just a little experience.

Brooke: Excuse me? Are you family? I don't even understand what you're doing here anyway.

Ashley: Actually, I'm the head of the cosmetics division, Brooke, and Ridge asked me to be here.

Ridge: Let's just stay on the topic, please.

Brooke: Yes, crucifying my sister.

Felicia: If Dad insists on Donna working here somewhere, why doesn't she take over Pam's job as receptionist?

Brooke: (Scoffs)

Thorne: Before anyone mentions receiving and shipping, I don't need the headache.

Brooke: I'm surprised nobody said scrubbing floors or cleaning toilets.

Ridge: All right, come on. This is not a vendetta, Brooke. It's strictly business.

Brooke: And I'm supposed to believe that, Ridge?

Ridge: If you feel that Donna has any area of expertise that would help lead and guide this company, please, enlighten me, because I'm not seeing it. And while we're on the topic of personnel, Rick's worn out his welcome, as well.

Brooke: (Gasps) Oh, my God, this is ludicrous! What is this, "Attack Brooke's family" day?

Felicia: I'll tell you who does need to be here-- our mother, and she won't be answering to the likes of Donna Logan.

Donna: Do you have any kind of proof?

Marcus: Do I need it? Because it seems to me, you wouldn't even have to ask me that question if you haven't had a kid. So have you? (Cell phone rings) (rings)

Donna: I'm--I'm sorry. I have to take this. (Rings)

Donna: Hi. What do you have for me?

Katie: You sound like you can't talk.

Donna: Correct.

Katie: I've been doing some research.

Donna: Uh-huh.

Katie: There may be a way to get some answers.

Donna: Are you alone?

Katie: Yeah. Why?

Donna: We'll be right over.

Katie: "We"? Donna!

Marcus: Was that about me?

Donna: Look, um, there are some things that we need to discuss, but it can't be here.

Marcus: Fine. Tell me where to meet you.

Brooke: Since we're all being so candid here, I would just like to tell you that I am shocked about you just verbally abused my sister, especially you, Ridge.

Ashley: Ridge is only saying what the rest of us are thinking. Is it really appropriate for Donna to have been given such an important role as the one Eric gave her? I mean, come on! You're a businessperson, Brooke. You're not just Donna's sister.

Ridge: I agree with Ashley. You are being very biased here.

Brooke: I'm just trying to support my family, Ridge, which happens to be falling apart at the moment.

Ridge: Brooke, you will always have a place in this company. Katie, too. But Donna is not a good fit, and never will be.

Felicia: If Dad wants to spend all of his time with her, groovy. That's his business, but just not here.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: Felicia actually just hit on the real topic here. As painful as it might be, it's time for a new leader.

Thorne: Wow. His last collection was a smash. I mean, guys, he could go out on top.

Ridge: Ashley, what do you think?

Ashley: Well, um, you know, Eric is the Forrester brand to a lot of our buyers. I would hate to lose his design talent. I mean, I have to admit, though, I don't have a lot of confidence in his management skills at the moment.

Felicia: Go ahead, Ashley. You can say it. Our father hasn't been thinking with his brain lately.

Thorne: No. And it won't be easy to convince him to step down.

Ridge: Look, now that he's found his soul mate, why not kick back, enjoy life, let the rest of us Forresters run the damn company?

Felicia: Now that you mention it, I don't see the name "Logan" on the door anywhere.

Brooke: Well... (sighs) I'm a Logan. Should I take the hint and start looking elsewhere?

Ridge: Oh, Brooke, don't be so defensive. You're one of us. You're a Forrester.

Brooke: Am I?

Ridge: You're the mother to three Forrester kids. I'd say that is a yes.

Brooke: Ridge, you take a stand against my family, you take a stand against me.

Katie: I can't believe he just showed up at the office like that.

Donna: Yeah, I was just so relieved. I mean, the timing couldn't have been worse. Eric's kids are-- are on a rampage again.

Katie: What now?

Donna: Oh, the usual. You--you know what? It doesn't matter. You said you had answers.

Katie: I have information, and I don't have a whole lot of that. The adoption records are sealed. If both parties want to open them, then there's a possibility that can happen, but--

(Doorbell rings)

Donna: Hi. Come in.

Marcus: Nice place.

Donna: It belongs to a friend of mine. Um... Marcus, this is, uh, my--my sister Katie.

Katie: Hi. Um, it's nice to meet you.

Marcus: Yes, I remember you from the service the other day. I'm sorry about your brother.

Katie: Thanks.

Marcus: So... before you hustled me out of that office, I asked you a question. Have you ever had a kid?

Donna: Look, I-I know it seemed like I wasn't being straight with you, but I had my reasons.

Marcus: Is that a yes or a no?

Donna: Yes. Yes, I had-- I had a baby...

Marcus: (Scoffs)

Donna: A baby boy I gave up for adoption. He's about your age, I guess. I don't know. It was so--so long ago, I-I thought I'd never see him again. I-- but h-how would I know it was you?

Marcus: Well, if you wasn't in such a hurry to get me out of your mansion, you'd have your proof.

Katie: What proof?

Marcus: What do you remember about when you gave birth?

Donna: Um, it-- it was early in the morning. There-- there was a beautiful sunrise come--coming through the window. It was about-- about 5:30.

Donna: (Sobs) It was-- it was a gorgeous morning in July, the 9th. (Sobs) (sobs) (gasps)

Marcus: My birth certificate, the original, before the adoption.

Donna: (Sobbing) "Baby Logan. 5:37 A.M. July the 9th." (Sobs) (sobbing)

Donna: (Sobs)

Donna: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. It's true. You're my son... (sobs) my son. (Sobs) (Sobbing)

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