The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/20/08


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Nick: Here you go.

Katie: Um, thanks.

Nick: So, you need anything else? You chilly? You want a blanket or something? Or...

Katie: No thanks, Florence Nightingale.

Nick: It's not gonna be like this every day, okay? So enjoy it while you can.

Katie: At the nursing facility, I would have had 24-hour care.

Nick: You'd also have a roommate.

Katie: Here I have two.

Bridget: Make that three.

Katie: Oh, hello! Hello, my sweetheart.

Bridget: Say, "hi!" We just wanted to stop by and say hello before our bath.

Katie: Hi, sweet pea. Well, can't he stay and play just a little longer?

Nick: No, no, no.

Katie: I got your feet!

Nick: Bedtime, bath time-- very strict schedule around here, girls.

Katie: Oh, it is like a nursing facility.

Bridget: It's even stricter. But I will bring him back right when we're done.

Katie: Okay.

Bridget: Mwah, mwah, mwah.

Katie: Enjoy your bath.

Nick: A kiss for the main man, hmm? Mwah!

Katie: (Laughs) Bye-bye.

Bridget: Say, "Bye, Aunt Katie."

Katie: Thank you.

Nick: It's my pleasure.

Katie: (Sighs) The last thing you and Bridget need is a third wheel.

Nick: (Scoffs) You're not a third wheel. You're more like a pain in the neck.

Katie: (Chuckles) I promise I will give you as much privacy as you need, especially tonight-- first night under the same roof.

Nick: Well, even if you weren't here, we wouldn't have privacy tonight. Eric and Donna are on their way over.

Marcus: Are you my mother?

Eric: What's that?

Donna: Oh, uh, it's just, um, you know, another photo for our album.

Eric: Look at you.

Donna: (Sighs) I-I can't wait to show Katie that, you know? I-I wish I could show the whole world how happy I am. (Sighs) you know, sometimes I, uh, I-I can hardly believe that this is my life. You know, I'm exactly where I want to be. I finally have everything I-I ever dreamed of.

Eric: Oh, honey.

Taylor: There's a half-naked man in my bed.

Rick: Good evening, Dr. Hayes.

Taylor: Oh, sweetie. We can't. We can't. Not tonight. We can't.

Rick: (Clears throat) Because of Phoebe.

Taylor: We have to talk to her first.

Rick: Well, she gets home tomorrow, right?

Taylor: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. That's what her e-mail said.

Rick: Okay, so that gives us tonight, one last night. You and me alone with no crisis to deal with, you know?

Taylor: Listen, I-I want to take it to the next level with you. I do. But I just want to be honest with my daughter first. Okay?

Marcus: (Clears throat) Excuse me. Do you mind? There's no place else to sit.

Phoebe: Sure, yeah.

Marcus: Thanks.

Marcus: I'm Marcus. No, don't worry. I'm not gonna hit on you or anything. You obviously have a boyfriend.

Phoebe: I hope so.

Nick: Hey, come in.

Eric: Yes.

Donna: Hey!

Nick: Welcome.

Eric: Look at you. Hi.

Nick: Nice.

Bridget: Oh, hey.

Donna: Is everything okay?

Bridget: Just giving your sister a checkup.

Eric: Yeah?

Katie: Yeah, one of the perks of having a doctor in the house.

Eric: Now there's one thing this house has that ours doesn't. Here.

Katie: Thank you.

Donna: Yeah, not the only thing.

Nick: Want to hold him?

Donna: Oh, no. No.

Bridget: Why not? You're great with Hope and R.J.

Donna: Yeah, but they're-- oh, really. They're not babies. They're all, you know, tiny and fragile and...

Eric: Katie, I hope you know you would have been welcome to stay with us.

Katie: Oh, thank you so much, but you guys are newlyweds.

Eric: Well, so are Nick and Bridget in a manner of speaking, unless I've misconstrued the living arrangements.

Bridget: Dad!

Nick: You know, Eric, it's really not the honeymoon thing this time. It's more about Jack. Katie needed a place to stay, so we opened our door.

Katie: I was gonna go to a recovery center.

Jack: (Whines)

Katie: I didn't want to be a burden to anyone, but Nick and Bridget wouldn't hear of it. And I can't tell you what it means that you've opened your home to me. Being around people I love. The doctors stitched me up, but you guys are gonna help me heal. Thank you.

Marcus: So... that isn't your boyfriend?

Phoebe: I-it's my ex.

Marcus: Hmm. A girl as hot as you? What's his problem?

Phoebe: Uh... I wasn't ready to get serious. But I've been away for a little bit, and I've grown up. I think maybe if we got back together, things would be different.

Marcus: Maybe it will last?

Phoebe: I don't want to get ahead of myself, but he's the type of guy any woman would want to marry.

Rick: Sparkling cider for the lady?

Rick: Here.

Taylor: This is all very romantic, but Phoebe will be here tomorrow, and then after we all sit down and we talk--

Rick: And tomorrow is going to be too late. Listen to me for a second. Here. I know how much you love your children. I know you don't want to hurt your daughter. I don't want to hurt Phoebe either. But there's a very, very good chance that Phoebe's going to be devastated by this, and I need you to remember how much I love you and how much we have to look forward to.

Katie: Oh, this smells so good.

Donna: I mean, who knows what could happen, right? That's what everyone was thinking with Pam and-- and Stephanie, and, well, Eric's kids. It turned out beautiful.

Bridget: Oh, you look so pretty!

Donna: Thank you.

Eric: No, no. No thanks, Nick.

Nick: You're not staying?

Eric: No, I have to get back to the office. Emergency conference call from Singapore on their clock.

Nick: I see.

Eric: Just wanted to drop off Donna and check up on Katie.

Nick: And Bridget, maybe?

Eric: And Bridget, yeah. What's she doing here? What--what's your intention having her move in?

Nick: Eric, I would never hurt her.

Eric: I don't believe you would intentionally.

Nick: You're her father. I know you want some type of assurance. All I can give you is that until we know what's going on with this relationship, I really have nothing to give you except that I love your daughter.

Eric: Well, that's about all the assurance I can ask for right now, isn't it? I'll say my good-byes.

Nick: Thank you.

Eric: Goodnight, you kids. I'm leaving.

Bridget: You have to go right now?

Donna: Oh, he has, um, a phone call to China.

Bridget: Oh...

Eric: You have the number of the driver, right?

Donna: Yes.

Eric: Yeah?

Donna: He takes such good care of me. You can go. I'll be fine.

Eric: Katie, um, just know that my family wishes you our best.

Katie: Thank you.

Bridget: Well, I'll see you out.

Eric: Good. Good.

Donna: Bye.

Eric: Bye, sweetie. See you later.

Donna: Okay.

Eric: Do you hear that?

Bridget: Uh, I-I didn't--

Donna: Oh, sorry.

Katie: What's this? Whose baby is this?

Donna: Give me that.

Bridget: And the colors are really pretty. Oh... oh, how sweet.

Nick: White and black?

Donna: You know, it's-- it's getting kind of late. (Sighs)

Bridget: You're right, actually, and we should make sure Katie gets her rest.

Katie: I'd really like to spend a little bit more time with my sister. Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please let me stay up past my bedtime.

Bridget: (Chuckles)

Nick: She's gonna be a bad influence on Jack.

Katie: Donna can get me settled in my room and then lock up when she leaves.

Donna: Yeah, I-I can't stay long.

Bridget: Well, all right, but just this once.

Nick: Night.

Katie: Goodnight.

Donna: Well, you know, I-I really, uh, should probably get going, you know? And you--you need to get your--

Katie: Um, not so fast. What's going on? You've been freaking out ever since I found that picture. What are you hiding?

Taylor: I just don't know what to do. I love you so much, and I want to be able to express it to you, but I just--I can't. Not the way I want to.

Rick: Just a few more days. That's all.

Taylor: You are my daughter's ex-boyfriend. She is not going to get over this in just a few days.

Rick: Well, who knows? Maybe she met some gorgeous Australian guy and--and she's fallen head over heels in love with him, and she's forgotten all about me.

Taylor: (Sighs) That would be wishful thinking.

Rick: It's worked for me so far.

Taylor: We can't. We-- (sighs)

Rick: Okay.

Taylor: We just-- it can't go anywhere tonight.

Rick: Okay, well, then how about we just-- we stay just like this?

Katie: What's the matter?

Donna: Nothing.

Katie: Really? Because you've been acting pretty tense since I saw that photo. Now spill it.

Donna: You're right. You're right. I-I do--I do-- I ne--I need to talk to somebody. I just--I just--I'm not--

Katie: Donna. Donna. I'm your sister. I'm your family. You can tell me anything. You're really starting to worry me.

Donna: There... (sighs) there was this caterer at Storm's funeral. He was young, handsome. I mean, we-- we spoke for a minute, and he--he seemed-- he seemed really nice.

Katie: Donna, you didn't do anything with this guy?

Donna: Oh, God, Katie, no! I would never do that to Eric! My God, no! No! You don't-- you don't understand.

Katie: Well, help me. Help me understand. What is the matter?

Donna: He came by the house again today.

Katie: What did he want?

Donna: At first I didn't-- I didn't know, and then... and then the way that he was-- he was looking at me... he said that...

Katie: What? What did he say?

Donna: He's my son.

Katie: Well, honey, that's ridiculous. You've never had a baby b-- Donna? Donna, did you have a baby? Donna!

Donna: I only-- I only told mom and Storm.

Katie: Oh, my God! Your-- your semester away in high school.

Donna: I stayed with Aunt Bonnie, and she homeschooled me. She took care of everything.

Katie: Oh, my God, honey.

Donna: God, I was just so young. Katie... I couldn't take care of a baby. I could barely take care of myself. All I wanted was a good home for him.

Katie: You gave him up for adoption. You have a son.

Donna: Oh, my God, Katie.

Donna: This could be my son. It could be my boy, Katie. What if after all these years he--he found me.

Katie: So you're not sure if this guy is your son?

Donna: It's been years, Katie. Someone shows up out of the blue and-- and says I'm his mother? What am I supposed to think?

Katie: What did you say?

Donna: I told him he was mistaken.

Katie: Did he buy that?

Donna: I think so.

Katie: So you don't believe him?

Donna: I-I don't know what to believe, Katie. I just married Eric Forrester who's an extremely wealthy and famous man, and--and suddenly, this long-lost son shows up out of nowhere? And--and then--then I thought maybe--maybe it was just some guy that Pam hired to mess with me.

Katie: Pam? How would she know that you had a kid? I didn't even know you had a kid.

Donna: Katie, I just thought it was one of her stunts to get Eric to doubt me. Katie, if it's true, if Marcus is really my son... he was right there in my living room, and I rejected him again. I told him it wasn't possible. I-I just--I just was so overwhelmed, Katie. I just--I wasn't thinking. What have I done?

Katie: What about the picture?

Donna: I don't know. I mean, it-- it was just so-- I don't know, it was so long ago, Katie. I-I spent most of my life just-- (sighs) trying to get rid of those memories. I mean, I-it could be.

Katie: Did you tell the father?

Donna: I don't want to talk about that.

Katie: Do you know who the father is?

Donna: Katie. Katie, yes! My God. The point is my son could have been in my home. And I didn't hug him. I didn't tell him how many times I've thought of him over these years. I sent him away.

Donna: And now I-- I may never see him again.

Bridget: You just cannot get enough of that boy, can you?

Nick: I can't. I just stare at him while he sleeps.

Bridget: Is he good?

Nick: Yeah, he's perfect.

Bridget: Did you see Dad and Donna? They loved getting to spend time with him today. And Donna--she's obsessed. She couldn't take her eyes off of him. I think he's just already got your looks and your irresistible charm.

Nick: Well, that kid's gotta be careful around those ladies. You know, charm like that carries a lot of responsibility.

Bridget: Oh, and you would know that from experience?

Nick: No, we have a heart patient in the house. Too much excitement could be very dangerous.

Bridget: Oh. I like danger.

Nick: Well, you must if you're in this bed.

Bridget: (Giggles)

Rick: Come here. Come on.

Taylor: You need to go.

Rick: Come--I know. Let me just--let me stay a little while longer, okay?

Taylor: I'm trying to stay in control.

Rick: I know. Me, too. So am I.

Taylor: Well, that's not helping.

Rick: Mm.

Taylor: Mm.

Rick: No, it's not at all. Let me just stay a few more minutes, okay? What's the harm in that?

Taylor: If you keep doing what you're doing there, uh, it's not gonna be a few more minutes. It's gonna just be a second.

Rick: I know. That's the idea.

Taylor: (Sighs) Did you hear something?

Rick: Um, no. I didn't hear anything.

Taylor: Oh, I thought-- I thought I heard something on the stairs outside.

Rick: That's a nice try. You know, you're gonna have to try a lot harder if you really want to distract me. Mm.

Phoebe: Mom, are you up here? What's going on? Why are the lights off? Mom-- oh, my God. What are you doing?

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