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Brooke: Katie, listen to me. You're going to make it.

Katie: (Sobbing) No.

Donna: He saved your life. He died so you could live, Katie.

Katie: (Sobbing) Oh, God.

Donna: He's a hero. Oh, Katie, you know how much that he loved you.

Katie: Storm! Ohhh!

Bridget: Please, don't, Katie.

Katie: (Gasping for breath)

Bridget: Relax, relax, relax. Sweetheart, you need to breathe. Breathe, Katie. Take a deep breath for me.

Katie: Storm, please, Storm. (Gasping)

Brooke: She wants to see him.

Bridget: She needs to relax. Take a deep breath for me, Katie, please.

Brooke: She wants to see our brother.

Katie: (Crying)

Woman: Dr. Norris, dial 1-18, please.

Eric: It's just such a terrible tragedy for everybody.

Stephanie: One that could have been avoided.

Stephen: Excuse me, I'm looking for my daughter-- Katie Logan.

Eric: Stephen, Stephen.

Stephen: Eric, where are they?

Eric: Katie is in I.C.U., all right? Donna and Brooke are with her. Now listen, um, your daughter's had a heart transplant.

Stephen: A what? Donna said it was a major surgery, but-- how is she?

Stephanie: Well, she survived the surgery. Be thankful for that.

Stephen: Wh-where are they?

Eric: It's, uh, look, it's just down this hall. You need to have a-a-a gown and that sanitizer before you go in. Go on. (Sighs heavily)

Katie: (Crying)

Nick: Katie, honey, you gotta listen to Bridget. You gotta settle down. You gotta do your best.

Brooke: You need to breathe.

Katie: Storm.

Bridget: I've gotta get her a sedative.

Brooke: He loved you so much.

Katie: (Crying)

Stephen: Katie, honey?

Brooke: Oh, Dad.

Stephen: Ohh.

Katie: (Moaning)

Stephen: Honey, I-I-I came as soon as I got your sister's message. I was so scared. Ohh, I was--I was praying. I was begging. Oh, honey, if I could trade places with you, I would.

Katie: (Crying)

Stephen: What--what is it? Where is your brother? Where's Storm? On the phone, you said that he was involved. Is he hurt?

Donna: Dad, Storm was-- Storm was very brave. He-- what--what he did for Katie-- (crying)

Brooke: He's dead. He died. Storm shot himself.

Katie: (Crying)

Stephen: No.

Bridget: Grandpa, Grandpa, I did everything I could to--to try to fi-find a donor for Katie, but there just wasn't enough time. There wasn't enough time. She was on the pump, and we had to take her off. If we took her off, she would have died. She needed a new heart.

Katie: (Crying)

Bridget: So Storm gave her his.

Stephen: Ohh.

Donna: (Crying)

Katie: (Crying)

Stephen: Storm is-- my son is dead?

Katie: I'm sorry, Dad. (Gasping)

Donna: He knew it was the only way to save her.

Stephen: (Crying)

Donna: He didn't want to leave us, Daddy, but he couldn't live with himself if--if he just let her die.

Stephen: (Exhales deeply) Oh, honey, I'm-- I'm not blaming you. I don't blame you.

Katie: (Crying)

Stephen: I'm so grateful that you're here. I love you so much. It's all right.

Katie: (Moaning)

Stephen: Ohh.

Bridget: Just brea-breathe, honey. You know, Mom, she needs to be alone and relax and regain her strength right now. I'm sorry.

Brooke: Okay. Yes, o-okay.

Stephen: (Crying)

Brooke: Dad?

Stephen: Yeah, yeah.

Katie: (Breathing heavily)

Bridget: Just breathe.

Katie: (Gasping)

Bridget: There you go.

Stephen: Storm-- I need to see my son.

Brooke: Yes, yes, Dad, of course.

Stephen: Well, uh--

Brooke: Here.

Man: Michael Crawford-- 3-4-0. Michael Crawford, please call 3-4-0.

(Phone rings) (rings)

Donna: Eric?

Eric: Hey. (Chuckles) it's okay.

Donna: (Crying) I didn't want Katie to see me like this, but-- (exhales deeply) I'm--I'm so happy that she's alive, but--but Storm, my family, my poor dad.

Eric: Yeah. Is he, uh, is he still in there?

Donna: He wanted-- he wanted to say good-bye to Storm.

Man: All right, you can go right in.

Stephen: (Inhales sharply)

Stephen: (Sobbing)

Stephen: Ohh.

Stephen: Oh. Oh, son. (Crying)

Stephen: My brave, generous boy.

Stephen: What you did for your sister Katie--

Stephen: People who don't know you won't understand...

Stephen: But I do. It's who you are. (Sniffling) it's what you've always been for your sisters your whole life. Whatever they needed, you didn't hesitate. No sacrifice too great.

Stephen: But it wasn't your job! It wasn't your job. (Sniffling) (sighs) It was mine.

Stephen: And I just ran away and left it to you.

Stephen: You're a better man than I am, son.

Stephen: But for what it's worth, I'll take care of them now.

Brooke: (Crying)

Stephen: I'll be here for them. And you can rest. (Crying, sobbing, and sniffling)

Brooke: (Crying)


(Siren wailing)

Bridget: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Bridget: You're still here.

Nick: Yeah, yeah. I know you're in the middle of this. I know you haven't let any of this sink in yet.

Bridget: I'm just afraid to. I have to be strong and hold it together for my family.

Nick: Well, you're doing great.

Bridget: Thank you.

Stephen: I'm sorry, honey. Did--did I wake you?

Stephen: Storm loved you so much. It took a-a tremendous amount of faith and--and devotion for him to do what he did-- to give up his life for a chance to save yours.

Stephen: It was his last great act of love...

Stephen: 'Cause that's the kind of man he was. And you know that. You know it because you knew him better than any of us.

Katie: I, uh, doubted him.

Stephen: No, it didn't matter. He loved you. He loved you. And that gift was his way of showing you just how much.

Katie: (Moaning)

Stephen: What's going-- what's the matter, honey?

Katie: (Moaning)

Stephen: Hello? Honey, just a minute.

Woman: Sir, please step back.

Stephen: What's going on?

Woman: Katie, do you feel sick?

Katie: (Moaning)

Woman: Are you dizzy? I'm paging your doctor right now.

Katie: (Moaning) (beeper beeping)

Bridget: Oh, no.

Nick: What is it?

Bridget: It's Katie. I've gotta go.

Woman: Yes, Dr. Patrick, they need you in Katie Logan's room stat.

Bridget: What's going on?

Woman: The patient is feverish and short of breath. She's complaining of chills and dizziness.

Bridget: Have you paged Dr. Patrick?

Woman: He's on his way.

Brooke: (Scoffs)

Bridget: Mom, you're gonna have to wait outside.

Brooke: Tell us what's happening.

Bridget: Well, I'm not gonna know until we take more tests, but it looks like that Katie's body might be rejecting the new heart.

Katie: (Breathing heavily)

Dr. Patrick: Your sister has a temperature of 103. Her pulse rate and blood pressure are elevated. These are the first symptoms of an acute rejection event.

Brooke: But Storm was a match. You did all the tests.

Bridget: Mom, Katie has had foreign tissue introduced into her body. Rejection events after a transplant surgery aren't uncommon, but it doesn't mean that the heart won't work.

Dr. Patrick: But it is reason for concern.

Donna: Bridget said that you had to do a blood test to--to see if there wasn't an infection.

Dr. Patrick: I think the tests will confirm the rejection.

Brooke: Can you stop it?

Dr. Patrick: We can adjust her medications, increase the dosage of steroids. Beyond that, it's a waiting game.

Bridget: What about another blood culture?

Dr. Patrick: Let's see where we are in an hour or two. Storm was a healthy man with a strong heart. He and Katie were as good a match as I've seen. If this rejection becomes chronic, it won't be because his tissue was incompatible.

Brooke: What else could it be?

Dr. Patrick: For all we know about the human body, it's still an incredibly mysterious organism. What I've seen as a transplant surgeon tells me there's only so much medicine can do. We give the patient every opportunity to survive, but in some cases, it comes down to will.

Donna: But she wants to live, doctor.

Dr. Patrick: Katie's body may be willing to accept Storm's gift, but she... might not be.

Nick: Eric, have you heard anything?

Eric: I was gonna ask you the same thing.

Nick: Bridget just got paged, so something serious is going on with Katie.

Bridget: Katie, we're lowering your fever, and we're gonna up your antirejection medication. I need your help. I need you to focus on getting better right now. I want you to breathe and relax and just rest. That's the most important thing.

Donna: No, no, no, you have to fight.

Bridget: Donna, Donna.

Donna: No, no, I know you are sad. We are all sad. But you cannot just give up.

Stephen: Donna's right, honey. And you heard what the doctor said. Medicine can't do it all.

Donna: You can do this. You can do this. Storm would not have made this sacrifice if he didn't think that you could handle this. He wanted you to live, Katie. He wanted that more than anything in this world. Just accept his gift.

Katie: (Breathing heavily)

Donna: Please, please. (Crying)

Stephen: Honey, honey, I know how you feel. I know how you feel. It's--it's a burden. This thing he's given you-- his--his heart, his life-- you want to be grateful, but you can't. And you're angry with him. But this decision didn't come from a place of guilt or depression. It came from love, his love for you. Katie?

Brooke: Katie, Storm wanted you to survive. You need to know that. And he would do it all over again for any one of us if he had to. You know that. And if he were here, he would tell you the exact same thing. So you need to fight. You need to hang in there. He loved you enough to give you his heart. (Crying) Do you love him enough to accept it? Do you?

Katie: (Gasping)

Brooke: Honey, it's a way that you can honor him. It's a way that you can make his sacrifice make sense. You just have to get better and move on with your life and make something of it, because that's exactly what Storm would want. Can you do that? If you can't do it for yourself, you do it for him.

Katie: (Breathing heavily)

Katie: It... was... wrong. Wrong.

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