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Woman: Dial line three. Dial line three.

(Telephone ringing)

Bridget: I've called every organ and tissue bank within a 3-hour radius, and there are no hearts available.

Donna: So that's it? There's no more hope?

Brooke: Bridget, you need to keep trying.

Bridget: Mom, listen. This is killing me, too, but we have got to be realistic here. There--there isn't going to be a transplant, okay?

Bridget: The--the surgery was over three hours ago, and the pump that Katie's on is not meant to keep patients alive indefinitely. We're gonna have to turn it off. And when we-- when we turn it off...

Brooke: So that--that's it? That's the end?

Storm: No. We're not gonna do that.

Bridget: Storm, please don't--

Storm: Katie needs more time, she's gonna have more time. You're not turning off that machine, you understand me? Katie's gonna live.

Man: Affirmative. C.S.I. has arrived on the scene, and we're currently waiting on the detectives.

Ashley: God. It was just so surreal, Storm showing up the way he did, telling me that he shot your mom and pulling out the gun, Katie rushing in and trying to wrestle it away.

Storm: Listen to me!

Katie: Let go!


Storm: Oh, my God!

Katie, Katie!

Ashley: Katie!

Storm: Please, Katie!

Ashley: It's just so tragic. I hope she's gonna make it.

Bridget: Well, who else do you think I could call? Are there any other hospitals in the area? No, I already put it in the system, and it came up empty. No, I don't know what to do. If you can think of anything, please just let me know. Well, thank you for trying.

Storm: Damn it, Bridget, there's got to be a way.

Bridget: How, Storm? You tell me how.

Storm: Well, my sister cannot die. That's all I know, so you've got to find a way to save her. Please, Bridget, please.

Lt. Baker: So who had the gun first?

Ashley: Storm Logan had the gun first, but then Katie ran in...

Ridge: Logan, I'm on my way over. How's Katie?

Brooke: Not good. The doctors say that there's nothing else that they can do for her.

Ridge: Oh, Brooke, I'm so, so sorry.

Brooke: Donna's here and Storm, too.

Ridge: Don't let him leave.

Brooke: Why?

Ridge: I'm at Ashley's. Lieutenant Baker is here. I'm gonna tell him the truth, Logan. I'm gonna tell him that Storm is the one responsible for this.

Brooke: I understand.

Ridge: I'm afraid your brother is going away for a very long time, probably the rest of his life. (Telephone rings)

Woman: Paging Dr. White.

Dr. White, call your office.

Brooke: Dr. Brauer?

Dr. Brauer: If you'd like to have a little time with Katie before we remove her from the equipment--

Brooke: Don't you dare. You do not have my permission.

Dr. Brauer: There is not a device in this hospital or any other that can keep her alive. Katie's heart is far too damaged.

Brooke: Then find her one! Find her a new heart! I don't care what you have to do. Just do it, but you are not taking her off that pump, do you hear me? Please, please, doctor. You have to do something.

Dr. Brauer: I'm so sorry.

Bridgett: Well, I'm not just gonna give up.

Woman: We've already called all the organ banks, doctor. I don't--

Bridgett: So call them again! I don't care what you have to do. Just go and do it. Wake people up if you have to. Find the administrators. This is my aunt we're talking about!

Storm: We're not gonna be able to find a heart in time to help Katie, are we?

Bridgett: I don't know, Storm, but I'm not gonna give up.

Brooke: Ashamed?

Brooke: You should be.

Nick: You know what they say about long shots-- they come in sometimes.

Donna: If what Dr. Brauer says is true, Katie probably shouldn't have survived this long.

Donna: But here you are still fighting. You always were the strong one in the family, weren't you? Katherine? She hates being called that. Come on. Tell me to shut up. Just open your eyes, just a little.

Brooke: We all went to bat for you. We kept you out of jail. Katie pleaded to Stephanie on your behalf, and this is how you repay her?

Brooke: What kind of a fool takes a loaded gun to a home where a woman and a child live? What were you thinking? I don't care if it was an accident. How could you do this to our baby sister? (Echoing) Our baby sister, baby sister, baby sister, baby sister, baby sister...

Brooke: The police are coming here, and they know that you shot Stephanie, and now Katie. And they're gonna take you to jail, Storm.

Brooke: Are you even listening to me?!

Storm: (Sobbing) Katie.

Woman: Dr. Valentino to the O.R., please. Dr. Valentino.

Lt. Baker: Excuse me, nurse. L.A.P.D. were looking for Storm Logan.

Charlie: His sister was admitted earlier. Gunshot wound.

Lt. Baker: We need to speak to him.

Woman: I haven't seen him in a while, detectives. I'm not sure where he is right now.

Brooke: What? What is it?

Nick: Bridget was just here. There isn't gonna be a heart for Katie, not in time to save her, Brooke.

Brooke: Oh. Oh. Oh, Katie. Katie.

(Storm remembering)

Storm: My sweet sisters. So beautiful. You are so beautiful to me...

All: Ring-around- the-rosy pocket full of posies you are

All: Ashes, ashes so beautiful...

All: We all fall down

Brooke: There's Stormy. Hi, Stormy. Come on, Katie, let's show him again. Can't you see? Ooh

All: Ashes, ashes we all fall down you're everything I hoped for you're everything I need... all: (Giggling)

(Music playing)

You are so beautiful to me you are so beautiful to me can't you see? You're everything I hoped for you're everything that I could need

Brooke: Hi, Stormy!

(Music playing)

You are so beautiful to me

Bridget: I'm so sorry, Aunt Katie. I have looked everywhere. I've looked everywhere. I just can't find you a heart.

Nick: Godspeed.

Donna: I love you so very much. You'll always be alive in my heart. And you keep looking out for me, okay? 'Cause heaven knows I could use it. Someday, you and I-- all of us sisters-- will be together again.

Brooke: Katie, it's me. Brooke. We're all here for you, sweetie. We all love you so very much.

Brooke: I used to take your hand-- your big sister. But now I have to let you go. (Sobbing)

Brooke: I am so, so very thankful for everything that you brought into my life.

Brooke: Donna's right. One day, we'll all be together again. We'll be there. You'll be there, my sweet sister, reaching out for me, taking my hand.

Bridget: Mom...

Bridget: Mom, don't you think that one of us should go find Storm before we do this?


Donna: My God, what was that?

Brooke: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Brooke: Oh, oh. Oh...

Donna: Aah! Oh, my God!

Bridget: Oh, my God!

Donna: Oh, my...

Bridget: Mom...

Brooke: He gave her his heart. He-- he gave her his heart.

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