The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/16/08


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Rick: Nick, please. Just do the right thing. Just sign it. Tell the court that you believe Taylor and her son should be together.

Eric's voice: No, no, no, no. It's only bad luck if the groom is not your personal designer.

Donna's voice: Personal designer? My, my. Do my perks never end?

Eric voice: (Chuckles)

Donna's voice: (Giggles)

Eric's voice: I'm still waiting on a yea or nay on this, uh, Malaysian silk I want to use for your gown.

Donna's voice: Well, I say we fly the jet over there and pick it up ourselves.

Eric's voice: Well, now that's an idea.

Donna: Pam.

Pam: Yeah? Hi.

Eric: Do you have something you want me to sign?

Pam: Oh. No, I was just tidying. Whenever I see anything trashy, I just can't resist the urge to clean it up.

Eric: I didn't realize I was that messy.

Pam: (Scoffs)

Donna: Don't you have some doilies to knit or something?

Eric: Pam.

Pam: Yeah? Oh.

Eric: Do you mind?

Pam: No. I-I'm leaving. I'll just be at my desk if you need me, Eric. (Laughs)

Felicia: (Laughs) Mmm. Aunt Pam, these lemon bars are so tasty.

Thorne: I think everyone on this floor makes excuses to pass by your desk five times a day.

Pam: They're sugar-free.

Felicia: Mm.

Thorne: Mmm. No way.

Pam: Way. I tinkered with the recipe. Well, everyone around here is so worried about gaining half an ounce.

Felicia: Mm. Fashion biz-- nature of the beast.

Tiny: (Panting)

Thorne: Speaking of beasts...

Pam: Tiny's no beast. He's my sweet, little puppy-wuppy, aren't you, sweetheart?

Thorne: You know, Dobermans get such a bad rap. This is one of the best-behaved dogs I've ever been around.

Pam: Did you hear what Uncle Thorne just said, sweetheart? Thank you.

Felicia: Mm. Aunt Pam, I hate to eat and run, but I have to get to a meeting.

Thorne: Mm. Yeah. Me, too. Uh, I'll just grab one more for the road there.

Pam: (Laughs) enjoy, you two.

Thorne: Yep, we will. Bye.

Pam: (Laughs) Mmmm.

Donna's voice: So is my honey bear in the mood to lock the door?

Pam: That's her, baby, our favorite person.

Eric's voice: No. You know what? Your honey bear appreciates the generous offer so much, but, uh--

Donna's voice: So, what? You're turning me down?

Eric: Mm.

Donna: Even after I do this?

Eric: Oh, no. No, no, no. That's not fair.

Donna: (Giggles)

Eric: It's not fair.

Donna: Yes, it is fair.

Eric: No, it's not fair if I can't-- if I can't do it right now, no.

Donna: Okay. Fine.

Eric: (Sighs)

Donna: Whatever.

Eric: Donna, I'm booked the rest of the day. I...

Donna: Yeah, well, it wouldn't be the first time that, uh, you had something else to do when I wanted to make love.

Eric: Oh. If this is about me zonking out on you the other day, well...

Donna's voice: It's not exactly good for a girl's ego when, um, her lover is snoring before she even makes it to the bed.

Eric's voice: Uh, Donna. Donna...

Donna's voice: Yeah, I had a wonderful afternoon planned for us, but I guess I should just be thankful that you showed up at all.

Eric's voice: (Sighs) What is this? What--what-- where is all this insecurity coming from?

Pam: We did good, Tiny. It's hard to tell one little pill from another when you're distracted.

Eric: You know, it's not like it was, uh, one of my "Proud as a peacock" moments, you know. But it's not like it ever happened before. I mean, it never did.

Donna: I don't know. Maybe, uh-- maybe you had your fill, right? Maybe, uh, I just don't turn you on anymore.

Pam: Hang in there, sis. It is all workin'. Eric is coming back... to you.

Nick: I'm gonna need some time.

Rick: To do what, Nick?

Nick: I need some time to think.

Taylor: Nick, why are you hesitating? Please, just--just help me understand.

Katie: Look, if you ask me, I--

Rick: We didn't ask you.

Katie: I think it's smart that Nick doesn't let you steamroll over him. There's a lot to consider here.

Taylor: Like what, your sister's vendetta against me?

Katie: Or the fact that you were drinking again.

Taylor: No, I-- that's not true. I have not been drinking, not for weeks.

Nick: Taylor, you know that I think you're a capable parent when you have it together.

Taylor: I do.

Nick: I wish I could believe that, but--

Rick: You can believe her, Nick. Look at her. Just listen to the words coming out of her mouth. Is she--is she asking for anything unreasonable? She's just a mother who wants to be with her child.

Katie: Or perhaps this is a preemptive strike to cut Brooke out of Jack's life...

Rick: (Sighs)

Katie: Without considering the impact on Jack. That's who this really has to be about.

Taylor: I hope you've been listening, because that is who we've been talking about. We've been talking about Jack. (Sighs) Nick, we came to you because you know the truth. You know in your heart who the baby should be with, and you can convince the judge of that-- that he should be raised by the two of us, you and I, as his parents.

Rick: Yeah, it's-- it's--it's hard enough growing up with one mother in this world, let alone two.

Taylor: And then what about when--when there's stepparents involved and--and the million other things that will happen as he grows up? He needs to understand exactly where he fits in in the world.

Katie: I would agree with everything that you're saying. However, I don't think that--

Taylor: Oh, you know what? I don't know why you keep talking. You don't have any say in this.

Rick: Because she's obviously biased to her sister.

Katie: I'm biased toward that baby up there. If you hadn't had a complete meltdown, which you did, I would say, "Nick, go ahead. Sign those papers." But I think in this case, if we're not completely sure that you can share custody, I think he has a lot to consider.

Taylor: Who are you to judge me?

Rick: Yeah, I'd really like to know that, too.

Nick: (Shouting) would anybody mind if I speak? (Normal voice) let's make sure we're clear on one thing. I'm Jack's father. I have sole custody. Therefore, Brooke's involvement or your involvement in his life will be completely up to me.

Rick: Then do it, Nick. Just make your decision and make sure it's the right one.

Taylor: Nick, you know in your heart what that is.

Nick: Wait here.

Katie: (Sighs)

Woman: You know, Pam, I think the best part of my new job at Forrester is these lemon bars. They are addictive.

Pam: Thank you, Madison.

Madison: Mm-hmm.

Pam: That's what they're here for. Just help yourself. But not for you, tiny, do you hear me? No sweets for tiny. Mm. Hi, Donna. Lemon bar?

Donna: I'd rather eat strychnine.

Pam: Is there something different about you today? (Gasps) oh, I know what it is. You don't look like a freak anymore. (Laughs) well, maybe that's pushing it.

Donna: You'd better stop pushing me, okay? I know you're the one behind all those silly stunts, and so does Eric, so just give it a rest.

Pam: (Laughing) that's a good one.

Donna: Excuse me?

Pam: "Give it a rest"? That's funny.

Donna: (Laughs)

Pam: Very, uh, apropos.

Donna: Of what?

Pam: Oh, nothing. Oh, no. Wait, you-- no, no. You didn't.

Pam: Didn't what, dear?

Donna: I'm not your dear, you old bitch, okay? And if I find out that you had anything to do--

Tiny: (Growling)

Donna: (Gasps) God!

Pam: Anything to do with what? What, did something happen? Is that why you're off your feed today? Mmm. Mmm. These are really scrumptious. You should try one, Donna. But not you, tiny. You know you can't have any. I swear, if I didn't put a lid on these, he'd eat the whole tray. But you know sweets are no good for you, right, sweetheart?

Donna: Well, they're only about as fit for a dog, aren't they?

Pam: If I were you, I-I wouldn't try to belittle me. It just isn't wise. Tiny and I are the hit of the executive floor, in case you hadn't noticed. (Laughs) Come on, sweetie, let's go for a walk. Come on. Come on. (Cell phone rings)

Donna: Oh, Dan. Hey, how are you? Did you get the prices? Oh, wait one--one second. Let me just, uh, write this stuff down. Okay. Go ahead. Shoot. Uh-huh. Great. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Tiny: (Growls)

Donna: Oh, my--

Tiny: (Growling)

Pam: Tiny, darling, don't be mean to Donna.

Tiny: (Growling)

Pam: We wouldn't want to frighten her now, would we?

Tiny: (Growling)

Taylor: It never fails, you know? I get my hopes up. I try to be positive.

Rick: Taylor, please. He hasn't said no yet.

Taylor: (Sighs) When your mother showed up on my door and said she was going to protect Jack, I knew it. It was really no surprise at all. I knew one day she'd go back on her word.

Rick: That's why we had the document drawn up in the first place.

Taylor: I know. I knew there weren't any guarantees, but...

Rick: Look, just--just think about the fact of--of the statement that we're gonna make. Nick walking into court with that signed document? Think about it.

Taylor: Yeah, I'm afraid that we're living in some kind of fantasy world right now, though, while your mother's out there getting hard evidence against me.

Rick: Okay, Nick did not expect to get hit with this today. He'll do the right thing. Just give him a little time to process.

Taylor: I don't know what there is to process. He knows that I'm the mother. He knows that. (Sighs) What the hell is Katie in there saying? She's probably giving him all kinds of sage advice. (Sighs)

Katie: (Clears throat)

Nick: Well, are you just gonna stand there or do what you want to do, which is come in and tell me what you think I should do?

Katie: I kind of thought I had said too much already.

Nick: According to prince valiant.

Katie: Yeah, you know, that relationship kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Nick: I think there's a pill for that.

Katie: For Taylor to be so attached to Brooke's son, and--and Brooke is so up in arms about protecting Jack?

Nick: You took my son, I took yours. You think that's what's going on?

Katie: Do you want me to shut up?

Nick: Most of the time.

Katie: Obviously, you think I'm off base.

Nick: I didn't say that.

Katie: Yeah. You know, I can't figure out where you stand most of the time. I--maybe you're just trying to be mysterious.

Nick: Or it's just stupidity.

Katie: Well, whatever it is, women seem to eat it up.

Nick: Could we just stick to the point?

Katie: Sure.

Nick: Do you think I should sign this?

Katie: I think that if you have any doubts about Taylor being ready, then no, I don't think you should sign it. .

Nick: Taylor and I-- we were supposed to raise Jack together. I never wanted this.

Katie: Of course not.

Nick: He needs a mother. He needs a woman to love him. I don't want to deny him that.

Katie: I'm sure you won't have to.

Nick: Do you think that there's some poor, unsuspecting female that may come along and want to take up with a wreck like me?

Katie: Well, it would be a project.

Nick: (Scoffs) painfully so.

Katie: Mm. Then again...

Nick: Everyone needs a hobby?

Katie: Right. I mean, I'm sure you could find someone who would be up to the challenge...

Nick: That's very reassuring. Thank you.

Katie: Especially considering what she would get as part of the package. It would be totally worth it.

Nick: Right-- money, big house, a plane, the "Marlin."

Katie: No. Jack.

Nick: Right. Jack.

Katie: I'm sure you could find plenty of women who would love your son and be able to give him everything that he needs growing up. You would be the tough part.

Nick: I'll remember that.

Katie: Hmm.

Pam: Yoo-hoo. Special delivery.

Eric: Thank you, Pam.

Eric: Is there something else?

Pam: Actually, yes, there is, if you'd only listen. Eric, there's still time. You don't have to marry Donna. There is still time to call it off.

Eric: Look, I know I don't have to marry Donna. I want to marry Donna.

Pam: That makes no sense to me. I mean, if you were into inflatable dolls, I suppose she'd be a slight improvement, but, Eric, you have so much to offer. You're an intelligent, caring, decent person, just like my sister.

Eric: You just won't give up, will you?

Pam: No, not while there's still hope. Please, Eric, just give Steph one more chance.

Nick: You want me to sign this paper? You want me to say it's something that I wrote and I believe it?

Taylor: Are you saying you don't?

Nick: I think I'm saying for someone who spent their life analyzing people's feelings, you seem to be skipping someone's.

Taylor: Are you talking about Brooke?

Nick: No. I'm talking about me, my feelings.

Taylor: How? How have I not acknowledged your feelings?

Nick: Taylor, I was committed to you. I wanted to have a life with you and me and Jack. That was the plan, and then a few things happened, and it all started to fall apart.

Taylor: Like what "things" exactly are you referring to? Like when you let Brooke spend time with the baby when I was out of town, after you knew how I felt about that? (Sighs)

Nick: I did what I was advised to do to save this marriage, Taylor.

Taylor: (Sniffles)

Nick: I told the truth. Quite frankly, you fell apart. You walked out on me and my son, and that is where my feelings were and are involved. And it would be irresponsible of me if I said that I knew you had a grip and you were capable of helping raise this boy.

Taylor: (Sighs)

Nick: (Drops pen) now I don't mean to be cruel and I hate keeping you away from him, but it is what the court has decided what's best for now.

Taylor: (Sobs) just say it. Just say you're not signing it. Just tell me you don't want to give me a place in my son's life. (Scoffs)

Tiny: (Barks) (growling)

Donna: God! Leave me alone. Just eat these lemon bars, you stupid dog.

Pam: Stephanie is a remarkable person, Eric.

Eric: (Sighs)

Pam: Donna is just a--

Eric: Pam, that's enough.

Pam: There is no comparison. Can't you see that? What would I have to do to open your eyes?

Eric: You know, I can tell you what you're gonna have to stop doing. You're gonna stop playing these silly pranks on my fiancée.

Pam: Eric, I didn't have anything to with--

Eric: Look, I've been defending you, Pam, and that's finished. I'm not gonna defend you anymore. You stop playing these games. Now I'm sure you have work to do. I know I do.

Tiny: (Whining)

Pam: Tiny?

Tiny: (Crying)

Pam: Are you okay, sweetheart?

Tiny: (Whimpering)

Pam: Are you not feeling well? Tiny?

Tiny: (Cries)

Pam: What is it, Tiny?

Tiny: (Crying)

Pam: Darlin', are you okay?

Tiny: (Whimpering)

Taylor: I came over here praying that you would do the right thing. (Sighs) but once again, I'm at Brooke's mercy. Once again... (sighs) you're not protecting me.

Nick: Taylor, did you not listen to a word I said?

Taylor: (Sobbing) No, this is killing me. This is my whole life that's going to be on trial. How embarrassing!

Nick: I don't want to hurt you.

Rick: Then don't, Nick! Do the right thing, man. Come on. Taylor has suffered and endured so much in her lifetime. But she doesn't have to go through it alone anymore because now I'm here for her.

Rick: I love this woman. She is going to get her son back, and nothing is gonna stand in our way.

Nick: You really think so?

Rick: Yeah, I do. You want a war over this child? You got one, and it's a war that we're gonna win.

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