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Rick: Knock-knock. Oh, sorry. Now that is a beautiful sight.

Taylor: It's been great. We had the best morning.

Rick: Um, I-I brought us a little something to eat. How'd it go last night?

Taylor: It was great. It was amazing. And it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't stepped in.

Rick: I really think you need to give yourself some credit. I mean, you really stood up for yourself, and for your rights as Jack's mother.

Taylor: No, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you.

Rick: Okay, I think that I need to remind you, because you've forgotten somewhere along the way how special you are. Now look, I don't want to hear any excuses about how there's an age difference thing or the fact that I am Brooke's son or you're Phoebe's mother and that we happened to have a-a romantic relationship in the past. I don't want to hear any of that. I'm here for you and to help you get your life back on track and to get this little guy back in your life for good.

Taylor: No, I already know that you're committed to helping Jack to be with me.

Rick: Well, I have to admit, I do have an ulterior motive.

Taylor: What would that be?

Rick: I like the idea of sharing my life with you. No, serious. I-I-I want to protect you and spoil you and stand up for you, and when you're ready, I believe that it will happen. And when it does, I promise you you're gonna have everything you've ever wanted. You're gonna have a new lease on life. You're gonna be so happy.

Taylor: (Scoffs) I promised myself I wouldn't let anybody back in my heart. But you're making it very hard to keep that promise.

Rick: Really?

Ridge: Rick and Taylor were together at Nick's?

Brooke: (Sighs) Yes. And when I say "Together," I mean together.

Ridge: This doesn't make any sense.

Brooke: Ridge, Taylor is completely out of her mind. She's unstable, and she shouldn't be taking care of Jack. And now she's got Rick thinking that the two of them have some kind of relationship. I mean, this whole situation is just wrong.

Ridge: I'm very surprised. Taylor gave me her word that it was over with Rick.

Brooke: Well, obviously, she was lying to you.

Ridge: Not "Obviously." But the whole thing seems very strange. I mean, this is not the behavior of the Taylor I've always known.

Brooke: That Taylor is long gone. This Taylor-- she keeps getting worse every single day. She's sick, Ridge.

Ridge: I'm gonna ask you, what were you doing over at Nick's last night anyway?

Brooke: I was concerned about Jack. I am worried about him, and I'm worried about our future. I'll always have a connection to him, Ridge. And I just wish that you could separate your feelings from Nick and from Jack. I mean, he's just an innocent little baby. He shouldn't have to suffer because of your hatred for his father.

Ridge: Brooke, I don't have anything against that child. My concern is that your feelings for him would ultimately send you back to Nick.

Brooke: No. Nick is Jack's father. Any relationship I have with Nick is only because I'm worried about that child.

Ridge: Well, the more I hear about what Taylor's been up to, the more I think your instinct may be right. You've always been an incredible mother, Brooke, and your tie to Jack is no exception. I will try to separate Nick from Jack. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize my future with you. I want us to move on with the life that we want. I want us to move on together.

Brooke: I know, I know. I want that, too, Ridge, so much. Thank you. Thank you for understanding. (Sighs)

(phone rings)

Rick: Hello.

Nick: Hey, Rick, how's Taylor doing?

Rick: Oh, she's doing well. She's actually with Jack right now. They had a wonderful night last night.

Nick: Oh, well, good, good. Glad to hear that. But I do expect him home this morning.

Rick: Yeah, I know. The--things are just going so well. I mean, last night Taylor sang Jack to sleep, and I got here this morning with breakfast, and she had the baby in her arms and-- Nick, this is just so what she needs right now.

Nick: Well, I'm glad to hear that it's going well, but we did have a deal that he'd be home this morning.

Rick: Yeah, I know you had a deal, but what's the harm in letting Taylor just spend a few extra hours with him? Look, your son needs two parents, and Jack is really content right now, and--and it would just mean the world to Taylor.

Nick: All right, all right, she can have him till this afternoon. Make sure he's home this afternoon.

Rick: Thanks, Nick. I appreciate it.


Katie: Hi.

Nick: Hello, Katie Logan.

Katie: What's up with you?

Nick: Nothing.

Katie: Are you sure, 'cause you seem like you're kind of in a mood. Does if have anything to do with Bridget, because I think that it's time that you two call it quits.

Brooke: (Exhales deeply) I am so thankful for your support, especially now that Nick is getting swept up in Taylor's life. I mean, how is this going to affect Phoebe? Taylor's really lost it. She's changed. She's--somewhere along the line, she just snapped.

Ridge: She's definitely not herself.

Brooke: No, and this isn't just affecting Taylor. I mean, there's a little baby that's in the middle of all of this.

Ridge: I'm worried about Phoebe. This has got to stop before she finds out. I don't want her finding out what her mother's been up to.

Brooke: Messing around with my son. This isn't just a coincidence, Ridge. She's doing it for revenge. She's trying to get me back. And then she even convinced Nick to take little Jack home with her. You know, I could barely sleep last night. I was so worried, thinking about that little baby.

Ridge: So what do you want to do, Logan?

Brooke: (Sighs) I would like to go over to Taylor's and check on him.

Ridge: That's probably a good idea. And I'll go with you.

Brooke: Ohh.

Phoebe: Hi, Mom. Rick, wow, you're here again? Uh, thanks.

Rick: Thanks?

Phoebe: For--for being here for my mom.

Taylor: Phoebe, um, I wasn't expecting you. Don't you have class today?

Phoebe: Well, yeah, something's come up that I need to talk to you about, actually.

Taylor: Is everything okay?

Phoebe: Yeah, totally. It's--it's nothing bad.

Taylor: Well, um, what's going on?

Phoebe: It's actually really great news, and I'm so excited about it. I just hope you will be, too. Uh, uh, it's--it's Constantine. He called and-- Rick, don't--don't get upset, but he's--he's been on tour and gone all around the world, and it's been incredibly successful. And guess what?

Taylor: What?

Phoebe: He wants me to meet him on the next leg of his tour in Australia. What do you think?

Taylor: Wow, that's a--that's a really great opportunity. That's great.

Phoebe: Yeah, it's such a great opportunity, Mom. And--and Rick, it's actually perfect that you're here. Because I wanted to talk to you about it, too. Um, I know we're just starting to see where things might go for us again, so I-I want to make sure you're cool with this. How--how do you feel about me going on tour with Constantine?

Nick: You want me to end things with Bridget?

Katie: Yeah, I think so, like, now.

Nick: Wh-why?

Katie: This just isn't working out the way I thought it was going to.

Nick: Oh, well--well, how did you expect it to work out?

Katie: I-I don't know. I guess I just-- I didn't expect the casual sex and the dating and the-- it just seems like you're using her because she's sweet or because you're trying to get back at Brooke or fulfill your manly needs, whatever.

Nick: I missed the part about how this became any of your business.

Katie: I love Bridget. I want what's best for her. And I think it's clear that you don't love her the way she loves you.


Phoebe: Oh, I-I'll get it. God, I am so excited I'm going back to Australia and singing again. Hey.

Ridge: Hey.

Ridge: Hey. Oh, I'm--I'm glad you're here. I was just telling Mom and Rick the great news.

Ridge: What's going on?

Phoebe: Well, a lot is going on. Constantine's invited me to go on tour with him.

Ridge: Well, that sounds like fun. But what about school?

Phoebe: It's fine. Spring break's in a couple of days anyway, so I'll only miss a few classes. And I've already cleared it with my professors.

Ridge: Well, I can see how excited you are.

Phoebe: I'm beyond excited, dad. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. There's--there's really just one thing. I-I want to make sure it's okay with Rick. Um, look, I know that we're just starting to explore our feelings again. So I-I want to make sure this is okay with you. I won't go if you don't want me to.

Rick: No, I-I-I think you should go. Look, dinner the other night was--it was very special. But I don't want to hold you back.

(Doorbell chimes)

Phoebe: I can't believe I'm going back to Australia. Rick and I always said we'd go back there together. Hey, look, I know that you're probably really busy, um, and this is last minute, but I-I would love it if you could come with me.

Rick: That's just the thing. I mean, it--it is last minute, and, um, it's just hard for me to get away when that happens. I have a lot of commitments here.

Phoebe: It would just be so much more fun if you were there.

Rick: I-I know, I know. But, you know, you're gonna have a great time. Don't even--don't even think about me at all.

Phoebe: Well, that's easier said than done. All right.

Rick: Have a safe trip.

Phoebe: I will. Bye. All right, I have a lot of packing to do before my flight, so I should probably go.

Taylor: Okay. I'm so excited for you, sweetheart.

Phoebe: Thank you. I love you.

Taylor: I love you.

Phoebe: All right, bye.

Ridge: Don't forget to call us and check in.

Phoebe: I won't. I won't. I promise. Bye. I love you.

Ridge: Bye.

Phoebe: All right, see you later.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Brooke: Your daughter still has feelings for Rick and you're involved with him?

Taylor: Oh, please, don't go there. You, of all people, don't even go there.

Nick: Uh, Katie, let me, um, clear a few things up for you. Bridget and I have discussed this, and we decided to go slowly, which means no commitments, no promises. I'm still going through a divorce. I'm not ready to jump right into something else, and Bridget understands that.

Katie: She may understand that in her head, but not in her heart. She is way more wrapped up in this relationship than you are. And I think you know that.

Nick: What she's told me is that we're on the same page, and that's what I have to go by. Besides, what happens between me and Bridget is between us.

Katie: It's actually rather nice, Katie-- no strings attached. There's a certain freedom for it. You ever had something like that-- a relationship with no strings?

Katie: I'm not exactly the no-strings kind of girl.

Nick: Well, don't knock it until you try it.

Katie: So are you sleeping with anyone else?

Nick: No. No, I'm not. But if I chose to, I could, given that I'm a man going through a divorce. Those are the rules, right? If I chose to play the field, I could. I could just act on my impulses. And that's what happens, you know? It happens all over the world. Animals do it. They act on their impulses. Men and women have impulses, and they act on them, unless, of course, you're a priest or a Tibetan monk. But me, being just a mere mortal man, I have a tendency to act on my impulses.

Katie: (Scoffs)

Ridge: Taylor, if our daughter has feelings for Rick, which obviously she does, it's a very unhealthy situation for you to be seeing him behind her back, behind all our backs.

Rick: Ridge, just wait a second. Wait a second. List--I had no idea in hell that Phoebe had feelings for me, all right? She dumped me months ago. We haven't seen each other since then, certainly haven't been close to dating each other.

Ridge: You just said that you had dinner the other night.

Rick: She surprised me, Ridge, out of the blue. I had no idea. The last thing in the world I expected to hear was that she wanted to get back together with me.

Ridge: Well, it makes it pretty convenient for you, doesn't it...

Ridge: Shoving her out of town like that?

Rick: Yeah, that's it.

Taylor: What are you talking about? Of course she should have some kind of opportunity for herself. What are you talking about?

Brooke: Taylor, you are being so blatantly self-serving.

Taylor: Oh, you know what? I would be quiet if I were you, please. I mean, with your history with your daughter's husbands, you don't have any room to talk.

Rick: You know, Mom, she kind of has a point there.

Brooke: Honey, you are so far in over your head you can't even see it. Taylor is using you.

Taylor: How could I be using him? We just care about each other. We have feelings. Whatever.

Ridge: Look, the bottom line, Taylor, is that now that we all know that Phoebe has feelings for Rick, this relationship has to end. It's a train wreck just waiting to happen.

Taylor: (Scoffs)

Brooke: Can't you see what an unhealthy situation this is? This is no place for a baby.

Ridge: I agree. This is not a good place for Jack to be right now.

Rick: Are you kidding me with that? Ridge, y-you fought tooth and nail to keep Jack away from my mother, and now you're siding with her? You want to take him away from Taylor?

Taylor: The baby has permission to be here.

Brooke: I'm glad that you see this situation for what it really is. This is not a stable home, nor is it a good environment for a child. I don't want Jack exposed to any of this. Ridge and I are taking Jack home to Nick immediately.

Rick: Like hell you are. Mom, stop. You're not taking Jack anywhere.

Katie: You are a caveman, aren't you?

Nick: A caveman?

Katie: Yeah, a caveman.

Nick: I take that as a compliment.

Katie: Ohh.

Nick: Just because you don't, just because you don't act on your impulses and I do doesn't make it wrong.

Katie: Oh, you don't know me very well. I might have a little cavewoman inside of me.

Nick: (Laughs) I would love to see that. I would love to see you come out from behind that little shell that you live behind-- that--that 16-year-old pimply face girl that you referred to that all the kids made fun of. I mean, let go of her, will ya? You're not the 16-year-old pimply face girl anymore. You're beautiful. You're hot. You're sexy. Don't you ever have impulses? Don't you ever have desires that make you all crazy?

Katie: Crazy impulses?

Nick: Yeah, yeah. You should listen to 'em sometimes. Let 'em take you where they want to take you.

Katie: Okay, I will.

Brooke: This is none of your business, Rick.

Rick: I'm making it my business, Mom.

Brooke: Why? Why are you getting involved in this?

Rick: Because someone has finally got to come to Taylor's defense.

Brooke: You're only going to end up getting hurt. Taylor is in no shape to start some kind of love affair with you, and she is in no condition to take care of Jack.

Rick: Why are you doing this?

How are you doing this? You legally signed your rights away to Jack. Taylor carried this child for nine months. She gave birth to him. Now you want to take him away. We won't allow that.

Ridge: There is no "we" when it comes to you and Taylor, Rick. That child needs to go home.

Taylor: Neither you or Brooke have any say whatsoever in what happens to Jack. Just like you have no business asking Rick and I questions. But the fact is, if you must know, we do care about each other. We've gotten very close. We have feelings for each other.

Brooke: Oh, my God. That is ridiculous, Taylor. How could you care about my son?

Rick: Thanks a lot, Mom. You know, show some respect for me, please. I'm not some naive little boy anymore.

Brooke: Honey, that's not what I'm saying. I know you aren't. But you obviously can't see what Taylor is doing here. She is using you.

Taylor: Oh, my God. Would you give him some credit? For God sakes. He's a caring, compassionate man. He's helped me get back on my feet again. I feel like I have a future again because of him. And I think I might like to have him in it. He makes me a better person. He's the kind of man I could fall in love with. And I do--I do love you. I love your son, Brooke.

Rick: I love you, too.

Brooke: This is-- this is wrong. This is sick, and I am not going to allow this to happen. This is not going to happen. Do you understand me?

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