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Nick: Can we just calm down, please?

Taylor: She is doing this to get me upset and get--make me lose it. I just need to go home with the baby. Please, I just need to have him one night.

Ridge: I want you to find Storm Logan and escort him out the building immediately. He's been terminated. And please inform the rest of the security team, too. Thanks.

Bridget: Hi.

Ridge: Hey, Bridget. What's up?

Bridget: I just wanted to come by and say "Hi" and-- did I catch you at a bad time?

Ridge: No, no, it's never a bad time for a visit from you.

Bridget: Ohh. Well, I was really hoping to hear some news, some good news.

Ridge: Let me guess-- about your mother and me?

Bridget: Well, I mean, honestly, Ridge, what's the deal? Are you just getting cold feet? 'Cause it that's the case, I'll go pull some really cozy warm socks for you to wear.

Ridge: You know, I really wish it were that simple, Bridget.

Bridget: Well, why isn't it?

Ridge: (Sighs) Kiddo, I'd love nothing more than to marry your mother and have a life with her.

Bridget: So why are you hesitating? Or do I even need to ask?

Ridge: You know how complicated the situation is.

Bridget: Well, it doesn't have to be, especially now that Nick and I are spending so much time together again.

Ashley: This is a surprise. What brings you to my door?

Phoebe: Uh, it's been quite a while, hasn't it?

Ashley: Yeah. How you doing? How's school?

Phoebe: It's great. Just one more paper to finish up, and I'm officially on spring break, so--

Ashley: Lucky you.

Phoebe: Yeah, I can't wait, especially since--

Ashley: Especially since what?

Phoebe: Look, I kind of want to go on record with you about something.

Ashley: Okay.

Phoebe: It's about Rick and me.

Ashley: Rick and you?

Phoebe: Yeah, I want to get back together with him. I-I mean, I think it's happening.

Ashley: Really?

Phoebe: You sound doubtful. I mean, you're not still--

Ashley: No, no, no, no, no, we're not seeing each other.

Phoebe: Okay. Sorry, sorry. I-I had to ask.

Ashley: No, that's okay. No competition from me.

Phoebe: Well, is there from anyone, I mean, that you know of?

Ashley: You know, quite honestly, Rick and I haven't been that close lately, so I'm not sure about his dating situation at the moment.

Phoebe: Right. Well, that's good, I guess. (Laughs)

Ashley: (Laughs)

Phoebe: I-I tried dating some guys at school. It's just--

Ashley: Nothing special?

Phoebe: Yeah. And after I saw how he's been with my mom-- I mean, he was by her side through this whole mess with Nick-- the--the hearing and everything.

Ashley: Yeah, he's been very concerned about your mom, that's for sure.

Phoebe: Well, so what do you think? I mean, how can I--how can I keep ignoring my feelings for a guy who treats my mom like that?

Taylor: Nick, I'm the baby's mother. Please, just one night. You said you would never keep him from me. You promised me. You agreed.

Rick: She's right, Nick. All she's asking for is one night.

Nick: Well, how do you fit into this, anyway? This is about my son. I don't understand why you're even involved.

Rick: I'm not involved personally, but I-I'm here to support Taylor. She's the boy's mother, for God's sake.

Brooke: This whole time you've been waiting in the car? Why? So you can go back to her place with her?

Rick: Mom, you're being completely unreasonable. All she's asking for is a night with her son. Where's the harm in that?

Brooke: Honey, she is not ready to be alone with Jack.

Rick: She's not going to be alone with him. I will be there with her.

Brooke: Just the fact that she's involved with you proves that she's--

Nick: I gotta agree with Brooke. I mean, your involvement tells me you're not thinking too clearly.

Rick: Ni-Nick, who are you to talk? You've involved with my younger sister.

Nick: Don't even compare the two. Bridget and I were married.

Rick: All right, you know what? Forget I said anything, okay? Th-I don't care about you and Bridget. This is not about you. This is about Taylor. Come on, Nick. She's the boy's mother. You were once in love with this woman. You know she's a good person. If you're the man that I know you are, she-- you'll let her have one night with her son.

Bridget: I know that you're not moving forward with Mom because of Nick and Jack. But I get it. It's a sore subject for you.

Ridge: I still believe that your mother's feelings are divided. I just want to make sure that she's fully committed to me and our life together before we get married. And I just have to take it slowly.

Bridget: And at other people's expense?

Ridge: What do you mean?

Bridget: I know that you're holding back. Of--and I understand it to a certain extent. But you realize that you're also holding back other people's lives, as well?

Ridge: You talking about you and Nick?

Bridget: We all want closure, Ridge. Yes, and if you move forward with Mom, that allows other people to move forward in their lives, as well.

Ridge: Bridget, I understand where you're coming from. But Jack is a reality that we all have to deal with, including you.

Bridget: I know that. I'm the one that made the stupid mistake in the lab. And if it wasn't for that, you and Mom would have been married months ago.

Ridge: You can't keep blaming yourself for that.

Bridget: Well, how can I not? Please, it's-- think about how different everyone's life would be if that mistake had just never happened.

Nick: Rick, I hear what you're saying, but this is a complicated situation, one that you couldn't possibly understand.

Rick: Nick, come on. I've seen Taylor and how heartbroken she's been since you took her son away from her. That's all I really need to understand.

Nick: I want what's best for my son. First and foremost, that's what I want.

Taylor: I'm his mother. I'm what's best for him.

Nick: Well, I'm sorry, I can't help but see this situation the same way Brooke does.

Taylor: I don't know why it surprises me that you're backing Brooke on this.

Nick: Your involvement with him is wrong on so many levels.

Taylor: Why is it wrong for me to have somebody to care about me? Why is it wrong for somebody to help me get through this rough time? Well, I'm sorry, I'm not giving up my son, and I'm not giving up your son, Brooke.

Brooke: This isn't about support or friendship or whatever the hell you want to call it. This is revenge. I take your son, you take mine. That's what this is about. And it's sick.

Taylor: Oh, bel--oh, God. Believe it or not, Brooke, but two people can have a connection without having sex. We happen to care about each other. It's a real feeling.

Brooke: Oh, my God, I am not gonna stand here and listen to anymore of your delusional speeches coming out of your mouth. You're gonna leave here immediately, or else I'm gonna call the police. And you're leaving without Jack and without Rick.

Rick: You know what, Mom? Fine, call the police. Call the cops. And make sure you tell them that Taylor has an accomplice driving the get-away car, and that would be me. If you're gonna throw Taylor in jail, you might as well throw me in right along with her.

Nick: All right, that's enough. This is getting ridiculous. Brooke, step aside. Taylor, go up and get Jack.

Taylor: Excuse me. You heard him. I said "excuse me." Thank you, Nick. Thank you.

Brooke: (Scoffs) Why? Why are you doing this? Why do you feel so compelled to be Taylor's protector? Honey, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into.

Rick: Mom, listen to me. I am so sorry about this, okay? But somebody has got to help Taylor out. Nobody's concerned about what Taylor needs right now. She just wants to spend a night with her son, Mom, a night. Is that really too much to ask for, I mean, really?

Taylor: Jack will be just fine, I promise.

Nick: I want him home tomorrow morning-- 10:00 A.M. Sharp.

Taylor: Okay. Thank you, Nick.

Ashley: Here you go.

Phoebe: Thank you. Thanks. So I'm--I'm curious, Ashley, what's been going on with you? I mean, anyone new?

Ashley: (Laughs) You mean like a man?

Phoebe: Yeah.

Ashley: I've been kind of keeping things low-key ever since your dad and I split.

Phoebe: You really cared about him.

Ashley: Why, sure. But it wasn't meant to be.

Phoebe: That's how it seemed.

Ashley: Seemed?

Phoebe: I'm just-- I'm surprised he and Brooke aren't married yet.

Ashley: Well, I think your dad's surprised about that, too, actually.

Phoebe: Look, I-I'm just gonna come out and say it, okay?

Ashley: Okay.

Phoebe: I've been keeping an eye on my dad and, you know, trying to look out for him.

Ashley: Aww, you're a good daughter.

Phoebe: I just--I want him to be happy, you know?

Ashley: I'm sure you do.

Phoebe: But you know what? I think that he was, Ashley, when he was with you. But now--I don't know. He's not happy anymore. I mean, it's like he's always dodging a bullet with Brooke.

Ridge: You're talking to a guy that knows a thing or two about marriage and love. I'm older, hopefully wiser. I've been around the block a few more times than you have, kiddo. I'm just trying to be realistic here. And I think you should, too.

Bridget: I'm attempting to be as realistic as I possibly can. We're taking it day by day.

Ridge: You know as well as I do that marriage doesn't always solve problems. Sometimes it compounds them. Your marriage to Nick didn't work because of his feelings for your mother. My relationship with your mother isn't working because of her feelings for Nick.

Bridget: But Mom has sworn up and down she doesn't have feelings for Nick anymore.

Ridge: But she does, Bridget. She does. I can't deny that. And she shouldn't either. And neither should you. Being Jack's biological mother is just drawing her closer and closer to a relationship with Nick and that boy. Look, I'm just trying to go into this with my eyes wide open. I think you should do the same.

Bridget: What--what are you trying to tell me, Ridge?

Ridge: I'm trying to tell you be very careful going into this relationship with Nick. It could be the biggest mistake you ever make.

Brooke: How could you let them leave with Jack?

Nick: Brooke, would you let this go? The boy is over at his mother's house tonight. That's it.

Brooke: Aren't you worried?

Nick: No, I'm not.

Brooke: Well, what if something happens? What if Taylor starts drinking again?

Nick: I highly doubt if that's going to happen. She's grateful to have time with her son. She's not gonna jeopardize that by doing anything stupid.

Brooke: Maybe we should have somebody go over there and check on him.

Nick: No. She has a right to have time with her son. Jack's over there. That's it.

Brooke: If I were you, I never would have let Taylor walk out of here with Jack.

Nick: Well, it's really not up to you, Brooke. Actually, you don't have a say in this. You don't have a right to make any demands on Jack.

Brooke: Why? Because I'm just his biological mother? I'm just the egg donor? Is that what you're trying to say, Nick?

Rick: Okay.

Taylor: Oh, look here, we are home.

Rick: (Laughs)

Taylor: See right over there, sweetheart? There's your toys, your favorite books. And then over there I've got your crib so you can take a nap with your favorite teddy bear.

Rick: (Laughs) That little guy looks like he's knows he's home.

Taylor: Yes, he does. He has a home at Nick's, but, uh, this is his real home.

Rick: Well, let's just hope he'll be spending a lot more time here in the future.

Taylor: Yeah, you will be. I've just missed him so much. You know, when you brought him over to the office, I couldn't believe how much he had grown. I just realized I'm missing the best part of being a baby, and he's growing up so fast.

Rick: Well, look, Nick kept his promise, and he let you have Jack for the entire night. You deserve that, right?

Taylor: I don't care if he keeps me awake all night.

Rick: (Laughs)

Taylor: I don't care if we play or laugh or talk or cry or sleep. I'll just watch you sleep if I have to. All I want to do is be his mother.

Rick: Taylor, you are his mother. And don't think for one second he doesn't know that.

Jack: (Cooing)

Taylor: Yeah, you do, don't you?

Jack: (Cooing)

Taylor: Yeah, you know who your mommy is.

Rick: He's a lucky little guy...

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Rick: To have such a loving, caring, beautiful woman as his mommy. (Laughs)

Taylor: (Laughs) Well, I feel pretty lucky, too, and grateful for every moment I have, especially this moment right here right now. This is awesome.

Jack: (Blowing bubbles)

Rick: He's just having a great time with that thing.

Taylor: And it's all because of you. It's everything that you've done for me. That's why.

Rick: Look, I just-- I want what's right, and this--this situation right here-- this is what's right, right, Jack?

Taylor: (Blowing bubbles)

Rick: I want you to know, Taylor, that I-I see us as a team...

Jack: (Coughs)

Taylor: Oh, what?

Rick: You know?

Taylor: I still can't believe the way you stood up to your mother.

Jack: (Fussing)

Taylor: You didn't have to, but you did. I can't believe you did that.

Jack: (Fussing)

Taylor: Oh.

Rick: Well, seeing you two in this very moment-- it makes it all worthwhile.

Taylor: You've done so much for me. I mean, you're the one person who's been there for me, and I just can't tell you how thankful I am.

Rick: (Laughs)

Taylor: This is it. This is all I wanted. This is what I've dreamt about. (Sighs) I'm just so happy you're able to share this with me.

Rick: There's no place I'd rather be.

Taylor: (Chuckles) thank you, thank you for making this happen.

Rick: It's all because I love you, Taylor. Look, this is where Jack belongs. I don't have a doubt in my mind.

Taylor: I don't either.

Rick: Look, you have him now. And I'm sorry to say this, but it--you do know this is only temporary?

Taylor: Let's just be in the moment, and let's just enjoy what we have right here right now.

Rick: But see, that's what drives me crazy. It shouldn't be that way. You're this child's mother. And I don't care what my mom or--or--or--or Nick has to say about this situation. You have to fight to get Jack back. And you know what? I'm gonna fight with you right beside you.

Taylor: You are absolutely amazing. I-I don't know what I would do without you. You've been right here by my side. You're--you're the only person who even understands me.

Jack: (Cooing)

Rick: (Laughs)

Taylor: (Laughs)

Rick: Look, Taylor, I just-- I want you to know that I-I really believe that you and I could have a wonderful life together-- you, me and--and Jack here. We could have this forever. And I think we will. And don't even think about arguing with me. We will.

Ridge: I just don't want to see you get hurt again, kiddo.

Bridget: I appreciate that you're so concerned about me, but I-I'm a little worried about you, too. If you spend so much time making this decision, you're gonna lose Mom. And, Ridge, you might lose her to Nick.

Ridge: You're right. That could happen. But I'd rather lose her now than after we're married.

Bridget: But what if you solidify the commitment? That's gonna make Mom a lot less likely to go back to Nick.

Ridge: I don't want Brooke to be tied to me because of some piece of paper.

Bridget: (Sighs heavily)

Ridge: I want her to feel a real commitment to me and our relationship. But I am gonna be very cautious before I ever get married again.

Bridget: I guess you're just listening to your mind and not just your heart, which is probably something I should do a little more of.

Ridge: Well, when the situation's as complicated as this, you gotta use your head. Has Nick said anything to you? You guys have obviously been intimate.

Bridget: We're just spending time together, seeing where it takes us.

Ridge: Has he been good to you? Has he treated you well, been sweet?

Bridget: Yeah.

Ridge: How could he not be? You're adorable, sweet, kind. He'd be a fool to let you go.

Bridget: Oh.

Ridge: But has he made a commitment?

Bridget: We're just keeping that door open. No, no promises, no commitments, no.

Ridge: Okay, well, just take it slowly. These are tricky times. Just be careful.

Bridget: I love that you care so much about me.

Ridge: Don't you ever forget that you are one spectacular woman. You deserve a man who will love you for all that you are.

Nick: I don't see you only as Jack's donor.

Brooke: But you just said I don't have any say when it comes to our son.

Nick: Oh, come on, what are we talking about here? You want to be honest about this? I made it clear how I feel. I wanted the three of us to be a family, Brooke, but clearly, that's not what you wanted.

Brooke: It wasn't easy for me to walk out of here, Nick.

Nick: But you did, and now you're with Ridge. And the door to this house is closed to you.

Brooke: I didn't walk out on Jack. I could never do that.

Nick: I-I don't want to discuss this anymore. I want you to go.

Brooke: No, I don't want to leave.

Nick: Well, what is there to talk about? I want all of you, not just a part of you, all of you. And you made it clear I can't have all of you.

Brooke: Please, don't do this. Don't shut me out of your life or Jack's.

Nick: I didn't do that, Brooke. I didn't shut you out. You did that all on your own.

Brooke: Nick, I may not be able to be in your life, but we will always share a child. And nobody can ever break that connection for as long as we both shall live.

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