The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 4/4/08


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Taylor: So you just happened to be in the neighborhood, and you stopped by?

Rick: Yeah, out of the blue. And I have it on very good authority that Phoebe will not be here tonight. She's staying in the dorms.

Taylor: Why are you telling me that?

Rick: Because tonight is a very big night for you, and I need to be here.

Taylor: Oh, yeah?

Rick: Yeah.

Taylor: Why?

Rick: You said you're gonna give Nick a call and ask him if you can have Jack for an overnight stay.

Taylor: I'm talking about if Phoebe had been here just now with you stopping by.

Rick: I don't think she would think anything of it. I mean, she knows I've been very supportive of you. Taylor, I'm--I'm not gonna pressure you into a relationship. If you need this to be over. If you can't take this any further, I'm not gonna push it. But there's something that I want to do, and it can't wait any longer.

Taylor: What's that?

Rick: You've been here alone, fighting a very unjust and unfair situation. You want to see your son tonight, right?

Taylor: If I can get Nick to go along with it, yeah, I'd like to have Jack all night.

Rick: Yeah, well, that's--that's my point. Nick will go along with it. Taylor, I want you to remember who you are. You're Jack's mother. You have a very basic human right to be with your son. So if Nick tries to--to stand in your way or prevent you from taking Jack for the night, well, then he's just gonna have to answer to me.

Taylor: (Laughs) thank you.

Rick: I want you to know that I understand your need to protect Phoebe. I respect that. But I also want you to know that I can't just turn off my feelings. You deserve to be with your son. So let's give Nick a call right now.

Ridge: Did you hear me, Storm? I want you out of the building. We're hiring a new firm to handle the new fragrance line. So pack your stuff and get out. I'll give you 15 minutes to be out of the building.

Storm: Well, uh, technically, you don't have the authority to do that.

Ridge: Oh, but I do. The last time I looked at the front of the building, the name says "Forrester creations."

Storm: Ah. And the last time I checked, your dad still runs the, uh, company. So I'll need to hear it from him.

Ridge: You don't need to hear it from him. You're hearing it from me, and I'd be happy to say it again. You're fired. Now get the hell out.

Ashley: Guys, what's going on out here?

Taylor: Nick, hi, it's Taylor.

Nick: How are you?

Taylor: I'm fine, and I could be a lot better, um, if I could see Jack.

Nick: Oh, well, sure. Why don't you, uh, why don't you come on over and spend some time with him today?

Taylor: Well, I'd like to see him overnight.

Nick: Overnight? Oh, I don't know. Uh--

Taylor: Nick, I'm his mother. I'm--I'm not drinking anymore, and my home is a very safe, stable environment. You have the right to give me that. You know, you can grant it to me, because the judge gave you the court order, and he said that it would be okay if--if you decided how much time I spent with him. So just, please, just for one night. I-I promise I'll check in with you. Everything will be fine. Just for one night.

Nick: Okay. Okay, one night.

Taylor: Thank you. Thank you so much. Okay, I'll--I'll be there in just a little bit. And thank you. Thank you for coming through for me once again.

Woman: Dr. J. Hamilton, Dr. J. Hamilton.

(Phone rings and rings)

Nick: I want you to be part of Jack's life. And I think Nicole would want that.

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: Taylor?

Bridget: Um, it's--it's Bridget.

Nick: Oh, I'm sorry, Bridget. I guess it's my day for calls. (Chuckles)

Bridget: From your ex-wives, evidently, huh?

Nick: Oh, yeah. Taylor's coming over to pick up Jack. She's gonna have him for the evening.

Bridget: Oh, okay. I was actually calling to see if you might want any help with him tonight, but I guess--I guess not. (Doorbell rings)

Nick: Somebody's at the door. Can I get back to you?

Bridget: Nick?

Nick: Yeah?

Bridget: I, um, uh, nothing, nothing. I-it's--it's good to hear your voice.

Nick: You, too.

Nick: Hello.

Brooke: I want to talk to you, Nick.

Nick: Okay.

Brooke: How long did you think it would take for me to get the news?

Ridge: It's nothing you need to worry about, Ash.

Ashley: What's this? These are the belief papers. What happened?

Storm: Well, apparently, Ridge has a problem with them, so--

Ashley: You do? I'm surprised. I mean, I know we had more work to do on it, but I thought we were on the right track.

Ridge: You've already seen that?

Ashley: Well, yeah. Storm and I had lunch today.

Ridge: The two of you had lunch?

Ashley: (Laughs) Yes, we had lunch.

Storm: Is that a-- is that a problem, Ridge? (Beeper beeps)

Ashley: Oh, I'm late for a meeting with our packaging director. Is it okay for me to leave you two alone? Yeah? Ridge, would you mind locking up? I'm really late.

Ridge: Sure.

Ashley: All right, you guys be good.

Ridge: You stay the hell away from Ashley Abbott.

Taylor: Well, I better get going.

Rick: Can I come with ya? I'll wait in the car if you want.

Taylor: No, that's okay. Um, I'm just gonna be a few minutes. I'll be right back.

Rick: No, Taylor, I-I-I'd really-- I'd really like to come. I mean, I'm not gonna take "No" for an answer. (Laughs)

Taylor: It's not that I don't want you to. If you do, let's get something straight. We can't be looking at each other like that in front of Nick.

Rick: Yeah, it's gonna be a lot easier for you. Look, you know how much I love you. I'm t-- I'm not gonna create any waves. I-I just--I want to be there for you.

Taylor: Well, I'd like you to be there for me, although I do feel guilty about it.

Rick: We have nothing to feel guilty about.

Taylor: I'm sure your mother could give you plenty of reasons for me to feel guilty about that. Let's just hope she's not there.

Rick: Yeah, that's not gonna be pretty. I think we can both count on that one.

Woman: I used to sit in my window looking at the same old star wishing for someone to love who I could trust with my heart now here we are baby holding on so close underneath that same old star but I need to know are you that someone that special someone sent down to love me out of all the somebodies? For worse or for better will you love me forever?

Nick: Marry me? Say that it's true my someone is you

Nick: Okay, so you--you want to talk. Who's gonna go first?

Brooke: (Sighs) I don't really want to talk about it anymore.

Nick: Oh. How's the wedding going?

Brooke: As of now, there is no wedding date.

Nick: Oh. Why not?

Brooke: We still have some issues we need to resolve.

Nick: No kidding.

Brooke: I can't believe that you've taken up with my daughter again.

Nick: Is that what we're gonna talk about?

Brooke: Do you have any concerns for my feelings whatsoever?

Nick: Bridget and I are adults. We were married. She came to me.

Brooke: You know, I can barely look at you knowing that you're seeing her again.

Nick: I could be with you, Brooke, but I'm not gonna be a puppet on a string. I put my heart on the line. You could have stepped up to the plate, and you didn't. Now is there anything else that you want?

Brooke: (Sighs) I want to see Jack. I brought something for him.

Nick: What would Cliff say?

Brooke: Ridge has forbidden me from associating with you and Jack.

Nick: Well, obviously, you're not listening.

Brooke: Well, therein lies the dilemma. That's why I don't have a wedding ring on my finger.

Nick: I see.

Brooke: But Ridge will soften. So where's Jack?

Nick: He's upstairs. I was just getting ready to pack him a bag.

Brooke: Why?

Nick: Because Taylor's gonna take him.

Brooke: That seems kind of silly. She has him for a few hours. Why shuttle him back and forth like that?

Nick: She wants him for the night, and I agreed.

Brooke: What? You agreed? Wh-why would you do something like that? Taylor is still very unbalanced. You can't let her take Jack.

Storm: (Sighs heavily) You know, who I see and when I see them is none of your business, Ridge.

Ridge: But it is, Storm. You see, I know who you really are. I know what you're capable of. That's why I want you out of this building. You shot my mother, and then you tried to blame the whole thing on your father. How pathetic. That you could even show your face in this building is beyond my comprehension. I don't even know why I'm having this conversation with you. Get the hell out.

Storm: You know what your problem is, Ridge? You've always looked down upon my family. You think you're better than everybody else.

Ridge: No, Storm, it's not your family. It's you I look down on, because I know who you are. You're a very angry, very disturbed man.

Storm: Oh, gee, sorry, I just--I just had visions of, uh, Shane McGrath. You remember Shane, don't you, Ridge? You see, we've all done things that we're not proud of, Ridge.

Ridge: You're not welcome around here. I want you out of here. I don't want to risk the well-being of everybody I care about in this building. And that includes Ashley Abbott.

Storm: (Groans)

Ridge: Also stay away from hope and R.J. the thought of you around those kids really scares me. So I'll say it again for your benefit, Storm. Stay the hell away from Ashley Abbott.

Storm: (Scoffs)

Nick: Brooke, Taylor has come a long way. She's doing much better, and she's got a right to spend time with Jack. I know what a good woman and a good mother she really is.

Brooke: I agree. I think if she's stable, she is a fine mother, but right now she isn't stable.

Nick: Well, why do you say that?

Brooke: (Sighs) because she is involved with Rick. They've been seeing each other.

Nick: Romantically? She's romantically involved with your son?

Brooke: Yes. I wish it weren't so, but it's true. They were even kissing each other in front of me. And she is doing this just to get back at me. But she is disturbed. She is completely off balance. (Doorbell rings)

Nick: That must be her now.

Taylor: Hi, Nick.

Nick: Hey, come in.

Taylor: Good to see you, Brooke. Well, I'll just, uh, get Jack, and I'll be on my way.

Nick: Taylor, I've had a change of heart. I think it's best that you stay with Jack here.

Taylor: Why? You can't mean that.

Nick: I'm afraid I do.

Taylor: Why? On the phone you said it was fine, that I could just come on over. What changed? Was it something I did or something someone said?

Nick: Brooke told me about your situation.

Taylor: What situation?

Nick: Your situation with Rick. (Scoffs) Are you involved with him?

Taylor: (Sighs) First of all, Brooke, you have no right judging my personal life. Wasn't it enough that you ruined my marriage and got my son taken away from me? I'm not supposed to have any friends, no one to support me, no one to care about me?

Brooke: Are you going to stop seeing my son or not?

Taylor: I didn't come here to have a conversation with you. Now I am taking my son, Nick. Please! Haven't I been punished enough? I just need to spend one night with him. Please.

Storm: So what are you gonna do, Ridge? You gonna run me out of town just like your mother did to my parents?

Ridge: That's a good idea, Storm. Go stay with your family in Europe. Go--thousands of miles away. That's a very good idea. Just stay the hell away from me. Stay away from my family, and stay away from everybody I care about.

Storm: Why don't you get away from me, Ridge, huh? You always need to win. You always need to be on top, right? I think it's time we reverse those roles. What do you think, huh, Ridge?

Ridge: Again, I think that's a very good idea, Storm.

Storm: Ugh! Ohh.

Ridge: What are you gonna do now, Storm, huh? What are you gonna do? I'll tell you what you're gonna do. You're gonna get the hell out of this building. You're fired, Storm. I want you out of here. You got one minute before security ushers you out. (Door slams shut)

Storm: (Exhales deeply) (chuckles) (exhales deeply)

Ashley: It's not a problem. Just promise me I'll have it by next week.

Storm: (Clears throat)

Ashley: Hey.

Storm: Hey.

Ashley: You're still here.

Storm: Yeah, Ridge and I were just having a little discussion. He had to go back to his office.

Ashley: Oh.

Storm: (Sighs)

Ashley: Anything I can do for you?

Storm: Uh, yeah, actually. Uh, I actually have to go now, but, uh, I was wondering if you, uh, if you'd like to have dinner tomorrow night?

Ashley: Tomorrow night?

Storm: Yeah.

Ashley: Um, well, actually, my daughter's out of town, so I won't even need to get a sitter. Yeah, why not?

Storm: Great. (Phone rings)

Ashley: Sorry.

Storm: Sure.

Ashley: Ashley abbot.

Storm: So you think you can tell me what to do, huh, Ridge?

Brooke: You are not leaving the house with the baby, Taylor.

Taylor: Why? Because you're upset that I've gotten close to Rick?

Brooke: Frankly, yes, I am upset.

Taylor: So it has nothing at all to do with me being a good mother? That is ridiculous. For your information, your son is helping me be a stronger and better mother.

Nick: Taylor, let's get real here. He was involved with your daughter not too long ago.

Taylor: Nick, you're really not one to talk. You were involved with her daughter Bridget not that long ago. Please don't judge me.

Brooke: Please, let's not debate this.

Taylor: We're not debating anything. Oh, but I forgot, your entitled to criticize everybody. Isn't that what you're doing over here? You came over here to give Nick a report that I'm still an unfit, crazy mother, just like you did in court? You testified against me, caused me to lose the baby. Well, guess what? You don't have a say. You don't have a say, Brooke, because you signed off on Jack a long time ago. I'm going to get my son, and you can just deal with it.

Brooke: No, Taylor, you're not. You claim to be healthy and stable. Well, I'm not buying it. And what you're doing with my son--it is sick and inappropriate and dripping with revenge. Until you're able to acknowledge that, you're not ready to take care of this little baby. You are a woman in crisis. You are not taking Jack anywhere. You're not taking him home.

Taylor: You have stood in my way long enough. You are not going to stand between me and the baby. That is a very dangerous place to be. Now get out of my way. Nick, tell her to move. Tell her to move! I mean it! This is wrong! Please, I need to be with my son. I am begging you.

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