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Brooke: Yeah, sure, Katie. I'll come take a look at it right now. Oh, um, Rick just walked in, so I'll be over there in a little bit. Hi, honey. What's going on?

Rick: It's over. Taylor claims that nothing will ever come of our relationship, so I guess you got your wish.

Brooke: My wish wasn't to see you hurt. I'm just glad that Taylor came to her senses before you two got too involved.

Rick: Well, she had a lot of help, didn't she? A lot of outside forces influencing her decision? Like Ridge, for example-- last night, I overheard him working his magic on Taylor. You know, h-helping her to suppress her feelings for me.

Brooke: Suppress her feelings? Wait, wait, Rick.

Rick: No, no, no. Seriously, he was laying it on really thick. But you would know everything about that, right? Because you're the one who sent him over there. Just--it-- it drives me nuts, Mom, because you know, Taylor and I had something real, something--something good, something special. And you know, I-I-I'm just not gonna give up. I'm gonna hold out hope until she's-- well, at least until she changes her mind.

Taylor: (Sighs) I'm sorry, Rick, but it can't happen for us. It would never work.

(Doorbell rings)

Taylor: (Sighs)

Taylor: Hi, James.

James: Hello.

Taylor: (Sighs) Thank you for coming over so quickly.

James: Well, you made it sound important on the phone.

Taylor: It is.

James: What's going on?

Taylor: This is going to sound a little off the wall, but... (sighs) I think I've fallen in love.

James: Really? With whom?

Taylor: (Sighs) Rick.

James: Rick Forrester, Rick?

Taylor: Dear God, help me. I think I've fallen in love with Brooke's son.

Brooke: Sweetheart, you can't be serious.

Rick: Yes, in fact, I am very serious, Mom.

Brooke: Taylor is finally doing the right thing, and now you want her to change her mind?

Rick: Because I want a future with this woman.

Brooke: You have no idea what you'd be getting yourself into.

Rick: You can be so unbelievably self-righteous sometimes, can't you?

Brooke: It's basic instinct for a mother to want to protect her young.

Rick: Yes, and it-- it's also very basic instinct for that young to grow up and be let go by the mother.

Brooke: Oh, my God. Is there nothing that I can say?

Rick: You can say that you approve of my relationship with Taylor.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Rick: No? This relationship makes you uncomfortable. It drives you crazy why?

Brooke: Yes, can't you see what she's doing? She is driving a wedge between us.

Rick: No, she's not, Mom. That's not Taylor. You are driving the wedge. Let me ask you something. H-have I ever had a relationship that you've--you've approved of?

Brooke: Well...

Rick: Doesn't that worry you just--just a little bit? What is this constant need of yours to get involved in my love life?

Brooke: Honey, you haven't exactly chosen wisely.

Rick: (Laughs)

Brooke: Your first relationship with Amber-- that went awry. She had you wrapped around her little finger.

Rick: Oh, my God.

Brooke: And now I'm afraid that it's happening again. I just don't want to see you hurt.

Rick: You don't want to see me happy, either.

Brooke: No, I do want to see you happy, but it's not going to be with Taylor. That's just a recipe for disaster.

Rick: All right, you--you know, this--this--conversation is over because it's not going anywhere.

Brooke: Fine. You know, I have to meet Katie anyway, and I'm late.

Rick: All right, just--just go. There's not gonna be a meeting of the minds here anyway. Mom, Mom, I'm....

Brooke: (Sighs)

Rick: (Sighs) look, I'm sorry. I need you to know how much I love you, okay? But I-I don't want you to dwell on this. I don't want you to worry about me. I'm not your little boy anymore.

Brooke: Honey, that's where you're wrong, because you will always be my little boy.

Rick: (Laughs)

Rick: Ugh. Taylor, hi. It's, uh--it's me. It's Rick. Um, I miss you. And, um, I-I know that you said there can't ever be a-a future for us, but I-I would really like the opportunity to change your mind. I love you.

Man: (Speaking indistinctly) Excuse me.

Donna: (Grunts)

Man: Pardon us.

Man: (Speaks indistinctly)

Man: (Laughs)

Pam: Donna, hello. Oh, you poor thing. Would you like a pastry?

Donna: Uh...

Pam: Unfortunately, some of them were left in the oven a little too long, but I guess you'd know all about that, wouldn't you?

Donna: (Scoffs) uh. (Slams door)

Katie: All right, will do. Hi.

Brooke: Hi, Donna.

Donna: Hey.

Katie: Everything okay?

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Katie: What's with the getup?

Donna: Uh, well, you know, I, uh, sort of had an accident.

Brooke: What kind of an accident?

Katie: Ooh.

Brooke: Oh, my God.

Katie: Wow, what happened?

Donna: (Sighs) You know, I went to a tanning salon. You know, just to get a little color. My wedding's coming up, and I want to look my best, and this-- this stupid idiot clerk didn't know what she was doing. And I got stuck in there, and it kept-- it kept spraying and spraying and spraying. And I mean, it was awful.

Brooke: Oh, honey.

Donna: (Sniffles) I mean, I look ridiculous. And--and then I went home to wash it off, and I--you know, I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed until my skin got raw and then... nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing takes it off!

Brooke: Well, you know what? I-I think in a few days, it should fade. So why don't you just try to go about your business and keep your head held high, okay?

Donna: Okay. Yeah, okay. (Sniffles) I mean, I do have a-a hair appointment. Maybe--maybe that will make me feel better, right?

Brooke: Yeah.

Katie: Mm-hmm. You know what they say-- "change your hair, change your luck." But don't forget, we've got that "eye on fashion" interview and photo shoot.

Donna: What? No. No, no, no, no. No way. I-I'm not doing that. I'll be the laughingstock of the fashion industry.

Eric: Hello, Pam. Have you seen Donna?

Pam: Oh, yeah, she's in your office with the other ho-gan sisters-- Logan sisters.

Eric: Thank you.

Pam: Are you hungry? I've got cranberry oat scones, blueberry bliss biscuits, and brownies with peanut butter topping and lemon bars-- always have lemon bars for you.

Eric: Always have lemon bars, yeah. You know what? It's very, very tempting, but I'm trying to stay slim for my wedding. You know what? Jarrett Maxwell is coming in to do an interview with Donna and me. Why don't you make this available to him and his crew?

Pam: You got it.

Eric: Oh, and tell Jarrett, no, um--no photo session today. I don't want him bringing the photographer in. No pictures at all. You know...

Pam: I understand.

Eric: Donna's feeling a little self-conscious about her skin. I am gonna have one of these, this one right here. Thank you.

Pam: Mm-hmm.

Donna: I can't do it!

Eric: Hello, everyone.

Katie: Hi.

Eric: Hi.

Brooke: Hi.

Eric: Hi, Donna. You ready for this interview?

Donna: Oh, Eric, I-I don't think I can do this. I mean, look at me. I--

Eric: No, no, it's just-- just gonna be Jarrett. No photographer, all right?

Donna: (Sighs)

Eric: We'll schedule this session for another time.

Donna: Really?

Eric: Really.

Donna: Okay. All right, then I-I guess it sounds good.

Eric: (Laughs) Good. Good.

Donna: Thank you for being so sweet. I just don't know how something like this could have happened to me. It...

Pam: Mr. Maxwell, how are you?

Jarrett: Wonderful. Thank you. I-I have an interview scheduled with Eric.

Pam: You certainly do. Would you care for a brownie?

Jarrett: Um, sure.

Pam: Mr. Forrester will be right with you.

Jarrett: Right. And Donna, too, right? I mean, that's our story there-- upcoming nuptials.

Pam: Oh, yes. She'll be there, too.

Jarrett: Great. My photographer should be up in just a moment. He's just getting his gear from the van.

Pam: Oh, actually, um, that won't be necessary. Mr. Forrester doesn't want any pictures today.

Jarrett: Oh. Why? Is something wrong?

Pam: Um, you'll see for yourself.

Taylor: I care about you. I do. I care about you so deeply. It's just that I can't let it happen. I can't. I can't. Please, just go. Please.

Rick: I'm not giving up on us, Taylor. I can't.

James: You've fallen in love with Brooke's son?

Taylor: I know. I know it's wrong for a lot of reasons.

James: Well, wasn't Rick involved with Phoebe?

Taylor: Well, he was the first man she fell in love with. Believe me, I've thought a lot about how this could affect her.

James: My guess-- this will affect her quite a bit.

Taylor: (Sighs) See, the thing that has me so confused, though, James, is that, you know, she's the one who ended the relationship with him. She moved on, and--and in all reality, he is a part of her past.

James: So you're intending to move forward with a relationship with Rick?

Taylor: No. (Sighs) no--well, I don't know. (Sighs) I tried to end things with him last night, and then I stayed up all night missing him.

James: But, uh, isn't he rather young?

Taylor: Yes. I-I know he's young, but it doesn't feel like that when we we're together. You just--you can't believe how he's been there for me, helping me through, getting my life back together, and I've just gotten very close to him. I mean, really, he's a lot more mature than some of the other men I've been with.

James: But you ended it with him last night?

Taylor: Yeah, and when he left, it was awful. He just--he looked so betrayed and like I had led him on. And I didn't want to hurt him like that, and I know he's probably waiting for me to call and--and tell him I didn't mean those things.

James: Well, why don't you call him? Why don't you call him now and tell him everything that you've told me?

Taylor: I can't. It's too hard. (Sighs) I don't know what to say. I-I get lost in the middle of it. So I had done some journaling, and I wrote down how I really feel and why I feel that way. And I thought maybe if I gave him that, like a letter... and I thought maybe it would help him understand how I feel after he reads it.

Eric: Jarrett, Donna went to a tanning booth yesterday, and, uh, I'm not sure how it happened, but she sort of got stuck in the booth, and as a result, she is a little overdone today.

Jarrett: Oh, how dreadful.

Eric: Yeah, she's all right, actually. She's just a little embarrassed by the whole thing, so I'd appreciate it if you, uh-- if you don't say anything. Uh, in fact, if you would, uh, just sort of pretend you don't notice.

Jarrett: Absolutely. Mr. Forrester, you have my word. I won't say a thing.

Donna: (Laughs)

Jarrett: Oh, dear God.

Donna: (Sighs) 

James: So you've written Rick a letter?

Taylor: There are just so many things that I had to say and share with him, I-- that was the only way to do it.

James: Well, that's good. I think it's good you expressed your feelings. I mean, I don't believe it's advisable to withhold your feelings in any relationship and particularly one such as this with its inherent problems.

Taylor: I agree. That's why I've gotta do this.

James: Do what? What do you have to do?

Taylor: I've just gotta explain all of my feelings and--and give it to him in the letter. I just hope it's not too late.

Pam: Oh, Rick.

Rick: Hey, Pam. How do you like your new job?

Pam: Oh, it's wonderful. Thank you for asking.

Rick: Ooh, lemon bars.

Pam: Oh, don't take the corner piece. (Chuckles) It's just that your--your father loves the corner piece.

Rick: I'm sorry.

Pam: Here, have that one.

Rick: Um, you know what? I think I'll pass. Thank you, though.

Pam: Oh. Oh, by the way, a-a-a letter came for you. Here it is.

Rick: Thank you. (Phone rings)

Pam: Oh, duty calls. Excuse me. Forrester Creations. Yes.

Rick: Dear Rick, I've given a lot of thought to our relationship, and I'm glad that we've taken things slowly. There may be a large age difference, but I realize that I'm in love with you. You've wanted to make love to me, but I wasn't ready, and now I am. Come by the house for the greatest night of our lives... me.

Rick: Oh, Taylor, I knew you felt the same way.

Jarrett: So... is there a date set?

Eric: Oh, we're looking at several dates right now.

Donna: Well, we do have to wait for Eric's divorce to be final.

Jarrett: Yes, of course, yeah. There's a-a lot of controversy about that in the tabloids-- Eric leaving the matriarch of his beloved family for you. I must say, you know, you must have really developed an awfully tan skin--thick skin, thick, thick skin. Sorry.

Pam: Okay, Felecia. You and Ashley try to have some fun out there in Genoa City. I'll pass your message on to your dad. See ya soon. Bye. Can I help you?

Man: Yeah, I have an appointment with Donna Logan. Uh, I'm a little early.

Pam: Oh, you must be Raphael, here to do her hair?

Raphael: Yeah, that's right.

Pam: Uh, she's in an interview at the moment.

Raphael: Okay, I'll wait.

Pam: Can I interest you in a brownie?

Raphael: Uh... (chuckles) sure.

Pam: They're homemade.

Raphael: Oh, cheers.

Brooke: Raphael, hi. Are you doing Donna's hair today?

Raphael: Mm-hmm, sure.

Brooke: Good, because she really needs a pick-me-up. You'll see what I mean. (Laughs) Have you met my sister Katie?

Katie: Hi, how do you do?

Raphael: Oh, no. Hello, darling. How are you?

Katie: Nice to meet you.

Raphael: Very nice to meet you, too.

Brooke: Yeah, now you don't need to do her hair.

Raphael: No, no, no, I don't.

Katie: I don't know. I've been thinking maybe some highlights.

Raphael: Or bring yours out. 

Donna: Thank you so much, Raphael, for coming here to do my hair.

Raphael: Oh, not a problem, sweetheart. Uh, listen, Donna, love, a little of that does go a long way. It might be something to remind for the next time.

Donna: (Laughs) Yeah, for the record, I-I didn't mean to be this dark. It--it-- something horrible happened, and I'm just counting the days for it to fade.

Raphael: Oh, thank God. What a relief. I thought you'd lost your marbles.

Donna: (Laughs)

Raphael: Right. Let's have a look. Okay, it think this is what we're gonna have to do. We're gonna have to darken your hair down a bit. If we, uh, if we go, like, a darker blond, it'll lessen the contrast of the skin.

Donna: Okay, you think so?

Raphael: Girl, I know so.

Donna: Okay, then let's do it. (Laughs)

Raphael: Great. You're gonna look fantastic. I'll get set up.

Donna: All right. You know, I've been meaning to try these, uh, teeth whiteners. And, you know, I figure if you're doing my hair, I might as well do my teeth. (Laughs nervously) maybe, uh, brighter teeth and, um, different hair will make me forget about this tanning fiasco, you know, right?

Rick: Hello?

Katie: How does Donna get herself into these situations? She's got the worst luck-- locked in the steam room, locked in the tanning booth.

Brooke: (Laughs) I don't know. I guess some people are just accident-prone.

Katie: (Laughs) she's always so meticulous about how she looks, and she wants to look perfect. This has gotta be a blow.

Brooke: Yeah. Thank God Raphael is here today to do her hair. I mean, he is the best. So maybe a new color will help lift her spirits... (laughs) a little.

Katie: (Laughs) Oh, God.

Raphael: Pam, have you ever considered going red with your hair?

Pam: Me? A redhead? Oh, I don't think so. (Laughs)

Raphael: Mm-mm-hmm. I think it would look smashing.

Pam: Oh, you're too much. Go on. (Laughs)

Raphael: Oh, it's time.

Pam: Oh, Donna's done?

Raphael: Yeah, she's cooked. Time to check on my handiwork. Wish me luck.

Pam: (Laughs)

Raphael: Okay, Donna, my love, it's time.

Donna: Oh, great. I can't wait to see. You know, I was devastated about this tanning situation, you know? I really was. And now I'm starting to look on the bright side. How's it look?

Raphael: Uh--

Donna: Raphael, say something. Please. How's it look? Aaaaaah!

Phoebe: I'm so glad you're here. I see you got my letter.

Rick: Your letter?

Phoebe: I've waited a really long time for this night.

Rick: (Exhales deeply) (gasps)

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