The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 2/20/08


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Stephanie: Accept it? Accept this? Is that what you're asking of me?

Eric: I don't want to fight with you.

Stephanie: No, you just want to get rid of me so you can have you have your precious Donna.

Eric: I don't want to be married to you. I don't want to live my life this way.

Stephanie: Sneaking around, hiding on a window ledge-- is that what you mean?

Eric: Being dominated by you and controlled by you. Being told what to think and what to do by you, what to feel-- that's my relationship with you. I don't think you could change even if you wanted to.

Stephanie: You lie to me. You betray me. You-- and you have the... to stand there and make this somehow all my fault? Shame on you. Shame on you, Eric, and shame on me for ever listening to you and believing you in the first place. Oh, God. (Sighs)

Brooke: Oh, there you are! You missed the entire meeting. What happened? Where were you?

Ridge: I got tied up visiting Mother and Dad.

Brooke: Oh. Is everything okay?

Ridge: Far from it.

Brooke: Really? What happened?

Ridge: Donna's what happened.

Brooke: (Sighs) if you're worried about Donna seeing Eric, don't be. They broke it off awhile ago.

Ridge: Really? Then how do you explain this?

Brooke: (Gasps) Oh, my God. (Sighs) Storm...

Ridge: Storm? What does Storm have to do with this?

Donna: Why won't Storm just go to Europe? I mean, it would be a hell of a lot easier if he just got out of town.

Katie: None of this would have happened if you had just stayed away from Eric.

Donna: I don't need you to tell me, "I told you so." You were right. I was wrong, okay? Eric and I messed up. Now Stormy's gonna pay the price. (Sighs)

Katie: Let's just hope that Stephanie doesn't see that photo. Maybe Eric was able to get her on that plane to Tahiti. At this point that's the only thing that's gonna keep Storm out of jail.

Stephanie: This is just so pathetic. This little charade, pretending that you broke up with her-- it's such a total disregard for everything that we have ever shared.

Eric: I'm pretending? What kind of a woman resorts to, uh, blackmail to get her husband back? Donna told me how you, uh, offered to keep Storm out of jail if she promised to end her relationship with me.

Stephanie: Oh, I'm sure that's what she told you.

Eric: Donna and I  don't have to hide things from each other. We trust each other. (Laughing) oh, my God. How can you not see that? You cannot win somebody's heart through blackmail. That's not how you win somebody's love. You know, Donna-- Donna has my heart because she has faith in me, and that's something I feel from her that I never felt from you in all those years. The real shame here is that I didn't realize until now that I deserve to be loved the way Donna loves me.

Stephanie: No, the shame of it is that you don't see that I do. I always have. Tell me something, Eric. When you found out he'd put a bullet in me-- the mother of your children, the woman who's always stood by you all these years-- was it really so easy to take his side?

Eric: It doesn't matter. End result is the same.

Eric: Don't you think it kills me to walk away from this family? Don't you think I planned on spending the rest of my days by your side? You think I planned on reaching out to somebody else? And I didn't reach out to somebody else for some kind of a thrill, you know? I reached out to find somebody who would treat me as an equal, the way you never treated me in all the years we were together.

Brooke: I have to tell you something, Ridge, something about your mother.

Ridge: What about my mother?

Brooke: She's been blackmailing Donna.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: Yeah, she-- she knows something about Storm, and if the truth gets out, it could really tear our family apart, and believe me when I say, Storm's life will be over.

Ridge: What can my mother know about Storm that would, uh, make it possible to blackmail Donna?

Brooke: Storm was the one who shot her. He never meant to kill her. He was just trying to set Dad up. He was very angry with him for abandoning us when we were children, and I guess his rage just boiled over. Ridge, he knows what he did was wrong, and he's getting help for it, and prison certainly isn't the place for him. And you know what your mom did? She made a deal with us. She said she wouldn't go to the police and tell them what Storm did if Donna ended it with Eric. I mean, can you believe that? Can you believe that your mother would actually do that?

Ridge: What I can't believe is that your brother shot my mother, and you didn't tell me.

Donna: Well, maybe-- maybe Eric got to Stephanie in time. Maybe they're in Tahiti with no damaging photos in sight.

Katie: Oh, come on, Donna. You can't keep her on a tropical island plied with banana daiquiris for the rest of her life. At some point, she's gonna come back, and she's gonna see that photo.

Donna: Okay, we'll-- we'll just say that the photo in the paper was doctored, that--that it's a fake.

Katie: You're really grasping at straws. I've gotta do something. I'm gonna find Brooke. I've gotta stop Stephanie from ruining our brother's life.

Donna: (Sighs) (whispers) Oh, Storm, what have I done?

Eric: You're gonna stop threatening to send Storm to prison.

Stephanie: It's not a threat. It's a consequence of Donna's actions and your actions. Moving back into the house with me, telling me that you wanted to have a reconciliation-- you liar.

Eric: No, you don't like being lied to, do you?

Stephanie: (Sighs)

Eric: Well, people don't like being blackmailed, either, and certainly not the Logan family, the way you've treated them over the years. It's gonna stop right now.

Stephanie: Oh, stop it. This hasn't got a damn thing to do with my treatment of the Logan family, and it has everything to do with you wanting to have sex with a surgically enhanced young girl. (Sighs)

Eric: Boy, you don't listen to a thing I say, do you? Well, that shouldn't surprise me. Not really.

Stephanie: (Laughing) (sighs)

Eric: Would you really have been happy getting me back by your side through blackmail? I mean, that's what's wrong with our relationship here is your heavy-handed tactics with everybody.

Stephanie: This wasn't blackmail, Eric. It was a simple agreement. Donna would leave you alone, and I would leave her family intact. She couldn't keep up and keep the agreement, so her brother's gonna go to prison.

Eric: Did you hear-- do you hear what you're saying here? He's not going to prison. That boy is not going to prison.

Stephanie: You have nothing to say about it, Eric. He's going to prison, where he belongs. At least some justice will be served out of this whole fiasco. 

Stephanie: This is you, you caught naked-- naked on a window ledge at some seedy Hollywood apartment. Don't you think you're getting a little old for this, Eric? For God sakes... (sighs) you're a grandfather. I mean, it-- this photograph alone is-- it's proof of everything I've always said to you. You need me if only to save you from yourself.

Eric: Look, you're not gonna send this young man to jail.

Stephanie: He's going to jail. You're not gonna stop me.

Eric: You want revenge. You feel betrayed.

Stephanie: I have been betrayed. I have been betrayed by you and this new love of your life. What did you say to her? Oh, I can just hear you now. "Don't worry. Dumb old Stephanie-- we can have sex right under her nose. She'll never catch on." Isn't that what you said?

Eric: I've told you, it's not what this-- that's not what it's about.

Stephanie: I know. I know. It's not about sex, is it? It's about finding someone that you--you can relate to, someone who doesn't bully you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard this all before. (Sighs) If you say it often enough, I think, eventually, you will believe it. I have always listened to you, Eric. I have always heard every single thing that you've ever said. You're the one that doesn't hear. I know I'm manipulative. I know I'm controlling. I wonder why that is. But I have tried to change. I really have.

Eric: (Sighs)

Stephanie: You're the one that doesn't want to hear it or see it.

Eric: So when you set up Brooke, that setup that ended up with her being raped, was that before or after you were working so hard on changing? And this wonderful new Stephanie who's working so hard on compassion and caring for other people-- how is she gonna feel when this young man goes to jail for the rest of his life?

Stephanie: He pulled the trigger. He's going where he belongs. And Donna didn't keep her part of the deal.

Brooke: How was I supposed to tell you, Ridge?

Ridge: I think you could have found a way.

Brooke: Well, it's not something that easily comes up in conversation. "Oh, hi, honey. How was your day today? And by the way, my brother shot your mother."

Ridge: You might have trusted me at least enough to tell me.

Brooke: I shouldn't have trusted Stephanie. That's for sure. She said she would do anything for me after what happened with the rape. So I went to her and I begged for leniency for Storm, and she turned me down flat.

Ridge: Well, of course, she did, Brooke. Why would she give leniency to a guy who shot her?

Brooke: Yeah, but then she came back, and she accepted my offer once she knew that she could take advantage of it. Ridge, she's doing the same thing that Stephanie always does-- manipulate, get revenge.

Katie: I'm glad you're both here. Ridge, we need you. My family needs you more than ever.

Ridge: What do you mean?

Katie: Call off your mother. Tell her not to go after Storm, please.

Donna: Oh, Storm, you've got to change your mind. We have got to get out of the country, today. (Doorbell rings)

Donna: Oh, my God. Please, let that be Storm with a suitcase in your hand. Stephanie.

Stephanie: I bailed out over Hawaii. You know, I have to give it to you, Donna. You're an absolutely amazing liar. You're also one of the most selfish people I've ever met. (Laughs) and as a result, your brother's gonna go to prison.

Donna: (Scoffs) I have no idea what you're talking about.

Stephanie: Really? Oh. Well, I thought we had an arrangement. You'd leave my family alone, and I would leave your family intact? But you couldn't keep it, could you? You just couldn't stay away from Eric. So your brother's gonna go to prison.

Ridge: You want me to call off my mother.

Katie: Yes. She has been holding us hostage ever since she found out that Storm was the one who shot her.

Ridge: Well, gee, I wonder why.

Brooke: She's blackmailing us, Ridge. That's illegal.

Ridge: So is attempted murder, Brooke.

Brooke: (Sighs)

Ridge: How could you keep this from me? Your whole family kept the damn secret.

Katie: Well, let's not forget that the victim kept this from you as well. She was more than happy to keep this from everyone in her family if it meant breaking up Eric and Donna.

Ridge: Well, then I guess she wasn't thinking very clearly, was she? What's to prevent Storm from coming after her again? I think she's crazy for lettin' that psycho stay on the streets.

Brooke: I told you, Ridge, he's getting the help that he needs. He has no intention of hurting Stephanie or anybody else ever again.

Ridge: Oh, come on, Brooke. He could snap at any moment.

Katie: That's not going to happen.

Ridge: How do you know that?

Brooke: Because we do.

Ridge: Really? You can guarantee it? Wouldn't you have said the same thing six months ago, before he put a bullet in my mother? No. Storm is really messed up.

Brooke: You're absolutely right. He has issues, serious issues, but the answer isn't prison.

Ridge: Well, that's not for you to decide, Brooke. It's not for my mother to decide, either. Storm needs to go before a judge. That's all there is to it.

Katie: (Whispers) oh...

Brooke: Ridge, you say that he's a psycho, and you say that he's messed up. How is prison going to fix that?

Ridge: Because he has to pay for what he's done!

Katie: Oh, please, just-- just think about this. Prison is not the answer for any of us. Please, Ridge, you have to try to explain this to your mother.

Ridge: Yeah, well, I don't think I can explain much to her now. As far as I know, she and Dad are on their way to Tahiti.

Brooke: Tahiti?

Ridge: It's Dad's way of trying to keep her from seeing that damn photo in the paper.

Brooke: (Scoffs) Eric can take her as far away as he wants, but she's still gonna come back, and she's gonna see that photo, and she's gonna want to have Storm put away for good. Ridge, Storm was there for us when our father wasn't. He raised all of us girls. He had to become a man at an early age just to take care of us, so, please, I am begging you, do this for our family. I need you to talk to Stephanie and try to get through to her.

Ridge: I'm sorry, Brooke. (Sighs) I really am. This has gotta be a very difficult time for all of you, I know. You're afraid for your brother, but you should be. Storm did the crime. He needs to do the time. He shot my mother, Brooke. Storm has gotta go to jail.

Donna: Oh, you saw the picture of Eric in the newspaper on the ledge of my apartment. I mean-- well, the nerve of someone to doctor the photo. I--the paparazzi in this town are just horrible.

Stephanie: You know, in a way, I was actually willing to put my life at risk for your family's happiness.

Donna: Oh, bull. This has nothing to do with my family's happiness and you know it.

Stephanie: No, no, no, no. It was an arrangement that would have benefited everyone, but it doesn't matter now. Look, I'm not here to make any sort of judgments. I just came by to tell you what's going to happen.

Donna: How can you be so cruel?

Stephanie: I'm not the person that sacrificed her brother. Isn't this the young man that you said was the real father to you and your sisters-- your protector all these years?

Donna: That's exactly what he is.

Stephanie: And this is the way you repay him? You sell him out? What was it? The money? The sex? The fame? Everything Eric had to offer was just too much to resist?

Donna: Don't. Don't you dare make our relationship out to be cheap, because it isn't. We are in love. It has nothing to do with fame and fortune.

Stephanie: Oh, well, whatever it is, is it worth the cost?

Donna: (Whispering) no... Stephanie. (Normal voice) Stephanie, please, just don't-- don't do this.

Stephanie: When you go to see your brother in prison, and I'm sure you will, he'll know that you put him there. He'll never forget that, and I'm sure you'll never forget it.

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