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Taylor: You know, I'm not normally like this, Brooke. I've always been in control. I've always... been able to keep it together. (Laughs) I've always been able to rise above my fears. (Sighs) I went through a lot of loss as a kid. (Sighs) and I learned how to rise above that. That's why I wanted to be a psychiatrist, because I wanted to help other people. I wanted to help them with their pain and their loss. And I know how to help myself. That's what I'm trying to do. (Sniffles) that's why I know I'm gonna be a perfect wife. And I am going to be the perfect mother for Jack.

Jackie: Hello?

Nick: Mother?

Jackie: Oh, you're there.

Nick: Hi. Jack's at the park with Phoebe. You should have called first.

Jackie: Ohh. Where's Taylor?

Nick: She said she had to run some errands.

Jackie: You mean you don't know where she is?

Nick: She's a big girl, mother. I don't have to sound the alarm when she leaves.

Jackie: (Laughs) well, of course not. It's just that I was here earlier, and I saw her, and I have to say--

Nick: Mother, she's doing better. I don't want to hear you undermine her. Thanks.

Jackie: No. Oh, my, what have we got here? Ahh. Photos of you and Brooke and the children. Oh, my goodness. Look at hope in this one, darling. Doesn't she look adorable? What are you doing with these?

Nick: They were just in some storage boxes. Taylor saw them and really wasn't comfortable having them around the house.

Jackie: Don't tell me you were going to destroy them. Nicky, these are memories of some of the happiest days of your life-- when you were with Brooke and--and the babies and you dreamed of being a family.

Nick: No, mother, I'm not gonna destroy them.

Jackie: (Laughs) well, whatever you were going to do with them, they shouldn't be lying around this house, not with Taylor in her current state. It would just be--

Nick: Right you are. They shouldn't be here.

Jackie: Tidying up the past is not an easy task, is it? I know that you believe you're doing the right thing for Taylor, but what about what you want? What about what is right for the baby? (Sighs heavily) you're just pushing yourself into an unbearable situation. You know, you won't find happiness. Taylor will not find happiness. It's just too late for that. You can't turn back the clock and make Jack's mother an anonymous donor again, because we know that Brooke is Jack's biological mother. And if you think that I am being overly conscious of that, you're right. But it has nothing to do with the unbearable weight that this is going to be on Taylor in the years to come.

Nick: We're planning on Jack's christening being tomorrow. I hope you'll be there.

Jackie: (Sighs heavily) (sighs)

Brooke: You can't imagine how happy I am to hear you talk this way, because you can do it. You can be a great mother to Jack. You just need to get a grip on yourself. I mean, our lives are so interconnected. We're all gonna be affected.

Taylor: I know that. I've got a grip on everything. I know--I know everybody could be affected-- Nick, Ridge, all of the kids, especially Jack. I know that. I mean, all these insecurities are already going away. I'm gonna be just fine. I'll be fine. I'll--I'll have the kind of life that--that most people just dream about.

Brooke: Taylor, you already have that life. You have older children that are amazing. You have the man of your dreams. You have a new little baby that needs his parent's love, both his parents. All of that is at stake.

Taylor: I know that. I know. That's the only thing I should be concerned about. It's all about the baby, not me.

Brooke: And I'm not a threat. I never will be. You have to accept that. Be the strong woman. Don't let Nick see your weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Your family really needs to see you strong right now, Taylor.

Jackie: (Whispering) Best little grandson in the whole wide world. (Normal voice) Yes, you are. I love you so much. I do, I do, I do.

(Door opens)

Jackie: Hi.

Taylor: Jackie, what are you doing here? Where's Nick?

Jackie: Um, well, Nick had to go out for a while, so I thought that I would just--

Taylor: Just come by and check up on me?

Jackie: (Laughs) Why would you think that?

Taylor: I don't know. Just a little vibe I picked up on when you were here earlier, like maybe you think I'm not really equipped to be a good mother.

Jackie: Oh, please, I--I--I never said anything...

Jack: (Fussing)

Jacking: Of the sort. It's okay, sweetheart.

Taylor: No, you said something like how I'll never be able to get over that Brooke will always be a part of my life.

Jackie: (Laughs) I hope she won't.

Taylor: Otherwise my marriage might fail?

Jackie: (Scoffs) Now you're putting words into my mouth.

Taylor: No, I started thinking about this after you left, and, um, I'm pretty certain you said those things to make me feel insecure, because maybe you--you think it would be better if Nick was with Brooke.

Jack: (Fussing)

Jackie: I would just like all three of you to be happy, actually, particularly this little guy.

Jack: (Crying)

Taylor: And you're convinced I won't be able to make him happy.

Jackie: Ohh. I'm convinced that you are going to try to be the perfect mother. But Taylor, can you honestly tell me in your heart that you believe that you were ever going to separate this child from Brooke?

(Knock on door)

Nick: Can I come in?

Brooke: Oh, Nick, what are you doing here? Yes, of course, come in. Uh, look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I-I never would have sent that text message if I knew that Taylor was gonna read it.

Nick: Taylor read the text you sent me?

Brooke: Yes. You didn't know? She came here and confronted me.

Nick: No, I didn't know. How bad was it?

Brooke: Well, uh, at first she came on pretty strong, but I think it turned out to be a good thing. I-I think she believes that I'm not gonna be a threat anymore. I really talked to her and tried to get through to her. And I think she's gonna be better. She understands what it's all about.

Nick: How long is she gonna go through this? It seems like this is never gonna stop.

Brooke: I know. (Sighs) I know. But I-I think she'll get through it soon. She knows what's at stake.

Brooke: What do you have there?

Nick: Oh, these are some photos of Hope and R.J. and the two of us. I thought that you should have them.

Jackie: (Whispering) There you go, sweetheart. (Normal voice) Taylor, I understand the enormity of what you're facing. I don't think Nick does. That baby has Brooke's D.N.A., and if it is still bothering you months after Jack's birth, then it is going to bother you for a very long time.

Taylor: Oh, my God. I can love that baby regardless of his D.N.A. That was never a factor. Otherwise I wouldn't even have considered having an egg donor.

Jackie: Don't--don't you see? Through no fault of your own, you have just been pushed into an impossible situation.

Taylor: Why do you have to define it as "impossible"? Unless you have some kind of agenda. I don't know.

Jackie: No. I'm speaking to you from my heart, as a woman and as a mother. I-I've never seen anything more clearly. Taylor, you're never going to be able to accept Jack as anyone other than Brooke's.

Taylor: Stop it! I want you to stop it. I'll tell you what I'm seeing clearly. I'm seeing that you want Nick back with Brooke. You've always wanted that.

Jackie: (Laughs) I want my son-- I want my grandson to be happy, yes.

Taylor: You know what? If you can't respect me and my marriage in my home, then you're not welcome to come back here.

Jackie: Ahh.

Taylor: You won't be coming back here. And if you want to have a relationship with your grandson, then you better find a better way to treat his mother. All right? Because I am his mother, and I'm your son's wife. And you should find a way to accept that.

Nick: Taylor found a box of my personal stuff with these photos in it of you, me and the kids. I just thought maybe you should have them. I can't really throw 'em out, but I can't really keep 'em at the house either.

Brooke: (Giggles) That's funny. Remember that face you used to try to get R.J. to make when you guys were playing pirates?

Nick: Yeah.

Brooke: I think that's what he's doing there.

Nick: Right.

Brooke: Oh, little Hope. That dress you bought her for her birthday--remember?

Nick: Yeah.

Brooke: She's so cute there.

Nick: I know.

Brooke: She really misses you.

Nick: When we get a handle on all this, I'll spend some more time with her. I promise.

Brooke: Yeah, she'd really like that. Well, thank you for bringing me these. (Laughs) They were some really special times.

[Taylor remembering]

Taylor: Don't you dare come in here and try to take my baby away.

Brooke: I'm not.

Nick: Brooke, maybe this isn't the time to--

Taylor: Get out!

Brooke: No, all I want to do is tell you--

Taylor: I don't care!

Brooke: Taylor, you really need to listen to me.

Taylor: No, I want you to stay away from me. And don't you dare go near my baby. Now get out!

Brooke: Are you drinking again?

Taylor: No, no, I didn't. I s-I swear, I didn't. I didn't, I swear.

Brooke: Well, then what the hell is this? I could smell the liquor a mile away.

Taylor: I-I poured it, but I didn't-- I didn't drink it. I didn't.

Brooke: How dare you, Taylor. How could you order me out of your house and say that you're capable of taking care of this little boy? That little boy is your responsibility.

Taylor: But how many times do I have to tell you this? I wasn't drinking. I didn't drink anything. I mean, if I'm--I'm a little emotional right now, it's because of her. It's always because of her. And now you won't even help me. You won't even stand by me. You just--

Nick: I-I'm standing by Jack is what I'm doing, because the thought of you drinking in that house with that boy scares the hell out of me. And it should scare the hell out of you, too.

Taylor: It does scare me. You know what? This isn't the way my life was supposed to be. I wanted just a family-- you, me and the baby-- to all be one happy family. That's all I wanted. But then she ruined it. She killed my dream.

Brooke: Be the strong woman. Don't let Nick see your weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Your family really needs to see you strong right now, Taylor.

Taylor: Brooke does not exist. Brooke does not exist.

Brooke: (Humming a lullaby)

Brooke: (Humming a lullaby)

Taylor: Brooke is not here. It's only in my mind. She is not in my home. She is not in my house. (Sighs) Brooke does not exist.

Brooke: These were magical times.

Nick: I look at you sometimes and...

Nick: I'm sorry. I shouldn't even be talking like that.

Brooke: No, don't be sorry. This is a difficult time for you. You just need somebody to talk to.

Nick: You know, I go home, and everything is just-- it's just a mess. And I really don't know what else to do. I try to reassure her, but nothing seems to work. I tell her that I'm committed to her. I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall, and all I want is somebody to love my son.

Brooke: You're under tremendous pressure trying to keep your family together, and you need somebody to talk to. You need a friend. Let that person be me.

Nick: Oh, I just don't know if I'm doing more harm than good asking her to accept this situation. Maybe it's out of my control. Maybe she's really not capable of loving and nurturing this boy e way he needs.

Brooke: No, she is. She can, and she will.

Nick: (Sighs) well, we're planning a christening for Jack. There'll be family and friends around her, and we'll be able to celebrate this christening of Jack Hamilton Marone, and maybe she'll feel more like his mother. Who knows?

Brooke: Oh. That's gonna be a very important day for Jack. I wish I could be there. I know I can't. But I really do love that boy. I know it's forbidden, but I do.

Nick: I know you do.

Brooke: I just want everything to work out for you and Taylor and the baby. (Sighs) and everything seems so difficult right now, and--and you're under so much stress. And I can't help but feel kind of responsible, 'cause if I didn't donate that egg, then none of this would have happened.

Nick: No, no, no, no, please, d-don't do that, okay? This is not your fault. I wouldn't have Jack without you-- the son that-- the son I've always wanted. So I actually can't begin to thank you enough.

Brooke: And it's all gonna work out, isn't it?

Nick: I hope so.

Taylor: Go away. Get out of here. Get off of him, Brooke. Get off of my husband.

Brooke: Taylor will keep it together, Nick. I'm sure she'll get through this.

Nick: I hope you're right.

Taylor: Go away! Go away! Get out of here! Leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone! Leave me alone! (Crying) leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. No! No! (Sobbing) (breathing heavily)

Taylor: (Exhales sharply)

Taylor: Mm. Ahh. (Breathing heavily)

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