The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/8/08


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Stephanie: That's your answer?

Donna: I will not let Eric get sucked back into that black hole of despair. He deserves so much more than your constant insults and ridicule. I love him too much to let him go back to that. I love him more than you ever could.

Stephanie: More than you love your brother? Because if you don't walk away from Eric, your brother's going to go to prison for a very long time.

Taylor: Nick, I am so sick of this.

Nick: I understand, and I'm here for you.

Taylor: Brooke's already gotten what she wanted.

Nick: Well, she does have what she wants. She's with Ridge.

Taylor: No! Why can't you get this? Listen to me. She hasn't let go. That's why she manipulated this-- so she could have your baby.

Nick: Jack is our son-- yours and mine.

Taylor: What? Am I-- okay, am I--am I crazy now? What?

Nick: No. I--

Taylor: Well, I'm starting to feel like I'm crazy because I'm--I'm sick of it. You know, I-I just wanted to have my own life here with you. (Sighs) what? This is supposed to be my safe haven. It's supposed to be my home with our family. Brooke wasn't even supposed to be part of it. And--and now it's like-- it's like every time I hear the baby cry, I'm gonna hear her. It's like I-I've got some thief lurking around here.

Nick: Brooke is not lurking.

Taylor: No. No. No, because she's in here. She's in my head. She wants to take everything away from me, and I can't-- I can't lose anymore. (Voice breaks) I just can't. I can't. (Sobbing)

Eric: Is this a bad time?

Brooke: I just have a lot on my mind. (Sighs)

Eric: Has there, uh, been any news about your father's case? Well, I probably shouldn't ask, but Donna said there might be some kind of new development there.

Brooke: I-I can't really get into it.

Eric: That's exactly what Donna said.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, this is a complicated situation for all of us, and it's not gonna get any simpler.

Eric: (Laughs) well, is-- is that the solution then? Just to avoid the subject altogether? Is that-- is that what you and Ridge have been doing?

Brooke: We don't let it affect our relationship.

Eric: Good. I'm glad to hear that. It's not affecting my relationship with Donna, either. Did she tell you? I-I asked her to marry me.

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah, she told me.

Eric: (Laughs) well, you have reservations here.

Brooke: Not about your feelings for her, no.

Eric: Well, you're, uh-- you're worried. You just don't want Donna to have to do battle with Stephanie the way you did, huh?

Brooke: Eric, no. I-I know that you would protect her.

Eric: Oh, more than that. I'm--I'm gonna-- I'm gonna make her happy.

Brooke: You already have.

Eric: No more than she's made me.

Brooke: (Sighs) no, that's not true.

Eric: Yes, it is. I don't know if-- I don't know what I could do to change her life the way that she's changed mine. But we have the rest of our lives to find out.

Donna: You think you can manipulate me like the rest of my family?

Stephanie: The rest of your family is smart enough to know that I'm not bluffing.

Donna: Insulting me won't help you.

Stephanie: You have a chance to be a heroine here. One small sacrifice, and you keep your family together.

Donna: No.

Stephanie: That's what you're gonna tell your sister when you get home? Do you think she's going to be proud of you because you have the ability to--to stand up against me? What about your brother? How's he gonna feel? You weren't prepared to make a sacrifice so that he could be free?

Donna: Storm would rather turn himself in than let you dominate us.

Stephanie: Oh, I see. You think that's what he's going to be thinking about in that little, tiny cell of his, while you're here on the outside living a life of luxury and extravagances that only Eric's money can buy?

Donna: This has nothing to do with Eric's money.

Stephanie: Right. It's all about true love, and yours is a passion for the ages... stronger than the bond between brother and sister. Okay, I can see what I'm up against. We're done. (Clears throat)

Donna: You want me to leave? We don't have anything more to say. I believe I have Lt. Baker's direct dial line here. Yes. Say good-bye to your brother for me.

Taylor: You think I'm being irrational. (Sniffles)

Nick: I think you're overwhelmed.

Taylor: (Laughs) no. No, it's a lot more than that. I guess you would think being a psychiatrist that I have a little bit better handle on my emotions.

Nick: You're human, and you're scared. And I'm here to tell you that you don't have to be.

Taylor: It's like I've got this dark cloud hanging over me, and I-I try to get control, and the more I do that, the more I'm losing control. (Voice cracking) and I can't even help myself.

Nick: Well, you're the psychiatrist. What would you do if someone came to you with these problems?

Taylor: (Sniffles)

Nick: What would you advise them to do?

Taylor: I-I tell patients to identify their emotions, to try to talk about it or cry about it or yell or scream, whatever it is so that the emotions don't stay trapped, because if they do, then those become their demons.

Nick: Well, then that's what you've gotta do. You've gotta get these demons that are inside of you-- you've gotta get them out.

Taylor: Stop it. Please, stop it, Nick.

Nick: No, I-I want you to do this. I want you to do it...

Taylor: Stop it!

Nick: Just what you would tell a patient to do. You've gotta get this out. You've got to do it. Do it. Do it!

Taylor: (Sobbing) I want you to leave me the hell alone, Brooke! Stay away from my husband, and stay away from my child! I want you to leave us the hell alone!

Eric: So actually, well, I've been thinking about the wedding. You know, in my mind, I've thought all this time there would be-- that we would elope. You know, just go away together, but, uh, I don't know now. I mean, the idea of a-a private island and no naysayers, no press, anything like that. But it is Donna's big day. Maybe she would like something a little more elaborate. What do you think?

Brooke: What she wants, Eric, is a life with you, probably more so than anything else in this world.

Eric: Well, that's what she's gonna get. It's gonna be perfect-- you'll see-- absolutely perfect. Although that's a tall order, you know, given that your father's in jail right now. I mean, Donna, of course, would want him to walk her down the aisle. Maybe Storm could step in. I mean, he hasn't been our biggest supporter, but--but there's nothing that the two of them wouldn't do for each other.

Donna: You hang up that phone.

Stephanie: Oh, I'm sorry. No, I have a lot of calls to make--you know, the police... (clears throat) the press. Oh, the press is gonna love this. It's not very often you see an attorney, a successful attorney, is hauled off in handcuffs.

Donna: You know, my brother should have killed you when he had the chance.

Stephanie: Ohh, so now we're gonna take the gloves off.

Donna: Yeah, let's.

Stephanie: Fine. I want my husband back.

Donna: I didn't take your husband. You lost him.

Stephanie: No, you seduced him.

Donna: He asked me to marry him.

Stephanie: (Laughs) honey, if I had a dollar for every engagement ring that man has handed out, I'd be richer than I am-- oh. No ring? Not much of an engagement, is it?

Donna: Eric and I are committed to each other.

Stephanie: You don't know the meaning of the word commitment. Commitment is more than 40 years together. Commitment is raising your children together. It's--it's building a business together. That's what commitment is. That's why we are a team.

Donna: You were a team.

Stephanie: He will come back to me. He always does.

Donna: Not this time.

Stephanie: Yes. Yes, this time included. You can stand there and wiggle those hips and bat those lashes, honey. Believe me. He's gonna get tired of it. (Laughs) you know, Donna, one of these days you're going to be my age, and the man that you're with-- you're going to see some little chippie circling him like you're circling mine, the man that I have devoted my life to.

Donna: Your devotion is poison, Stephanie. If you really loved him, you would leave him alone.

Taylor: Go away! Just leave us alone! Leave us alone. (Sobs) I can't. It's not helping. I can't.

Nick: You can. You are.

Taylor: No, I'm just yelling out into space. It doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean anything. I don't feel any safer. I--this is pointless. It's stupid.

Nick: I think a good shrink would say that you're facing your fears, don't you?

Taylor: I've tried that. I've tried that for years, over and over and over, and I'm tired. (Voice breaks) I'm tired. And I-I'm-- I'm just emotionally spent. I don't--I don't even have anything left for the baby. I can't. (Sniffles) I...

Nick: He's got us both. You know, we're a team in this. We back each other up.

Jack: (Crying)

Nick: Come on.

Taylor: No, you go.

Nick: Okay. He probably just needs his diaper changed. I'll be right back.

Jack: (Screaming) (crying)

Taylor: (Sighs) (sniffles) (sighs)

Jack: (Crying) (screaming)

Brooke: You know, maybe this isn't the best time to be making plans.

Eric: Oh, what? You think-- you think we should wait?

Brooke: Well, Eric, there's nothing wrong with taking it slow.

Eric: Brooke, I'm serious about this, you know? I'm committed to your sister. I love her.

Brooke: (Sighs) and Donna loves you so much. I hope you know that.

Eric: She tells me that all the time. (Chuckles)

Brooke: Well, then isn't that enough? The way things are? How you've changed and how you've grown? I mean, if it all ends tomorrow, wouldn't it all have been worth it?

Eric: Well, of course. Absolutely. But what... I don't know. Maybe you're right. Maybe--maybe my head has just been in the future. You know, planning for after the wedding and--and after my divorce is final. I wouldn't have to wait till then. I could show her right now what it would be like to be married to me and what it's gonna be like for the rest of our lives. I could do that right now. That's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna start tonight.

Donna: You're holding onto something that doesn't exist anymore, Stephanie. Maybe it never did.

Stephanie: Eric and I have had more happy years together than you've been alive on this earth.

Donna: Had any lately?

Stephanie: You have no understanding about my marriage. You have no idea what it takes to hold it together-- the strength, the conviction, the love, the devotion.

Donna: The delusion and the stubbornness. You really think he held it out this long because of you? He stayed in the marriage for the children, for the business. But now that the kids are grown up and the company is in his name, what happened? The second he could leave you, he did.

Stephanie: He's caught up in a little fantasy here. He has a new, little sex toy to play with, but believe me, this novelty is going to wear off.

Donna: If you really believe that, you wouldn't be trying to make this deal.

Stephanie: I'm trying... (sighs) (laughs) Donna, I'm fighting for my family. What are you willing to do for yours?

(Cell phone rings)

Stephanie: Go ahead. Answer it. It's probably your sister checking up on you...


Stephanie: Making sure you've done the right thing. (Rings)

Donna: Hello.

Eric: Donna, hi. Is, uh--is everything okay?

Donna: Eric, I was just missing you.

Eric: Yeah. Well, I miss you, too. That's why I'm calling. Actually, I wanted to, uh, plan some special time together, just the two of us.

Donna: Do you want me to come to the hotel?

Eric: Uh, no. No. You know what? I'm gonna drive up to big bear right now tonight, and I want you to be able to drive up there and join me tomorrow. I'm planning a very special weekend for the two of us.

Donna: A special weekend in Big Bear? Just the two of us? How could I say no?

Eric: There you go. I love you.

Donna: I love you, too, my darling.

Stephanie: How typical of Eric. Well, he's certainly going to be surprised, isn't he? When you tell him it's over between the two of you?

Nick: He's dry as a bone. He just knocked the covers off.

Taylor: Oh. He's okay?

Nick: Yeah, he's okay. How about you?

Taylor: I'm-- I'm actually better.

Nick: Good.

Taylor: (Laughs) yeah, I just don't know how come I keep forgetting that our baby is a gift from God. Well, I mean, he is my baby. He came into the world through my body, and that's--that's sacred. It should mean something to me.

Nick: (Laughs) it means everything.

Donna: I won't do it, Stephanie. I won't give him up.

Stephanie: Yes, you will, and you know you will.

Donna: I love him. I love him.

Stephanie: Eric is not your family.

Donna: He will be.

Stephanie: No. Your brother is your family. Storm-- that's who your hero is. Think about all the sacrifices that he's made for you and your sisters. How much of his life has he given up for you? Maybe that's what he's really angry about.

Donna: You don't know what you're talking about.

Stephanie: And what about all that rage? You've seen it, haven't you? Or do you choose not to see it? I think it's always been there.

Donna: He's past all that.

Stephanie: Oh, I see. Shooting me-- he's gotten over it?

Donna: There is no reason to punish him.

Stephanie: Donna, he tried to kill me. You have no idea what it's like to be shot, Donna-- the trauma, the pain of it all. But that is nothing compared to what it's going to be like for your brother in prison. His career, his reputation will be ruined. Locked up away from the people that he loves? All those years of his life wasted, while what? You're out here living the good life with my husband? Are you really that selfish? Are you really that self-centered? You are the only one that can save him. So end it.

Donna: You go to the police. You'll tell them who shot you. It wasn't my brother or my father. You'll tell them that.

Stephanie: You tell Eric tomorrow. You make it absolutely convincing. You leave him no--no opening. You absolutely must make him never want to see you again. And yes, your brother gets to keep--

Donna: Okay! God, I swore that I would be the Logan to stand up to you. But you have me by the throat, and you just love it. You claim to love Eric. You love controlling him. You love sucking the life right out of him. And to think I'm gonna put him back into that-- a life with you-- oh, God, (sobbing) I am so sorry, Eric. I'm so sorry.

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