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Stephanie: How dare you come here on Christmas!

Ann: I told you this was a mistake.

Pamela: It's okay, Mom.

Stephanie: No, Pam. It's not okay. I made it perfectly clear the other day --

Thomas: Hey, you're a fast little bugger there.

Phoebe: Is everything okay, Grandma?

Pamela: Thomas, I'm your Aunt Pamela. Merry Christmas.

Thomas: Aunt Pam?

Ann: Thomas -- and you must be one of his sisters. Steffy or Phoebe?

Phoebe: Phoebe.

Ann: You're more beautiful than the pictures in Pam's cards. Alexandria, come here sweetheart.

Ridge: Just leave her there.

Ann: Ridge. Thorne!

Thorne: Grandmother?

Thomas: Grandmother?

Ann: Yes.

Eric: Yes. Phoebe, Thomas. This is your great grandmother, Ann Douglas.

Phoebe: It couldn't be.

Thomas: You're alive.

Ann: Yes -- I've been in Chicago. Your grandmother --

Ridge: Thomas, Phoebe, would you gather up all of the kids and just take them into the kitchen now, please?

Thomas: Yeah, I'll put Dino down.

Ann: Oh, wait please!

Ridge: Just let them go.

Eric: Ridge, she's never met her great grandchildren.

Ridge: She doesn't deserve to meet them, Dad. They shouldn't even be here.

Eric: Look, just hold on now. Ann and Pamela have traveled a long distance to spend the holiday's here with this family.

Thorne: Well, mother doesn't want them here.

Ridge: And neither do I.

Pamela: We didn't come here to disrupt your Christmas.

Ridge: What did you expect was going to happen? Mother told us about the abuse. How your father beat her? And grandmother here just knew all about it, and did nothing at all to protect her. So what, did you think you're just going to come in here uninvited and having us all standing here with open arms?

Eric: They were no uninvited, Ridge. I invited them.

Stephanie: You what?

Eric: This is the surprise. This is the gift I told you about.

Stephanie: Bringing my mother here?

Brooke: Eric, what were you thinking?

Eric: Well, I was thinking that it's Christmas and it's time to open our hearts to one another.

Felicia: Nice sentiment, bad judgment. I'll drive you to the airport.

Ann: No. Not until I say something to my daughter. I told you before, Stephanie. I need to tell you again. I am so sorry for what I did, sweetheart. I want to say it in front of your whole family. I am so sorry and I shamed you for my failures as a mother. But if the process of healing could begin, if there were something we could do -- that's why when Eric called, I allowed myself to hope. I knew it was unlikely. I was afraid you'd react this way. But I had to see you, darling. Every Christmas for thirty years I've wondered what it would be like to celebrate with my family. Both my daughters, with my beautiful grandchildren and my great grandchildren.

Ridge: But it's not your family. It's my mother's family. You lost your place here a long time ago.

Stephanie: Just go, please. Just go.

Eric: Honey, it's Christmas. I was just hoping that you'd reconsider.

Ridge: What, not turning her away? How many times did she turn her back on mother?

Eric: Ridge, that was a long time ago. Ann has expressed her remorse.

Ridge: She ignored granddad's abuse. She denied it even happened.

Ann: You're right, Ridge. I'm sorry.

Ridge: You're sorry? Really, you're sorry?

Ann: More than I could ever say. It tore me up when your father hit you. I wanted so desperately to do something, but I was frozen. The dutiful wife. Never to question. Why didn't I go in that room and stop it? Taking out his drunken rage out on my innocent girl. I know I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I can't live another day without you. You opened my eyes to the truth. The ugliness of our past. I refused to see it -- but I see it now. I see it. I see it --

[Ann remembering]

John: How many times have I told you not to touch other people's property.

Young Stephanie: I didn't, I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

John: What is wrong with you? You are forbidden to come in my study again. Do you understand me?

Young Stephanie: Please daddy, no.

John: Do you understand what I'm saying to you?

Young Stephanie: I'm sorry.

John: Damn it Stephanie. What is wrong with you?

[Whipping sound] Young Stephanie: I'm sorry.

John: Do you have a problem understanding me?

Young Stephanie: No. Help me mommy.

[Whipping sound]

Ann: God help me. I did nothing.

Pamela: Mom?

Eric: Ann? Sit down.

Brooke: Oh, my God--

Bridget: Take a deep breath.

Taylor: Stephanie, it took a lot of courage and humility for her to come here.

Eric: Stephanie, look around this room. We've all had conflicts, all of us. You and I especially. But here we are. Together. Stronger than ever. We forgive each other. Because we're family.

Ridge: Mother shouldn't have to forgive anything. How can someone just stand back and do nothing while their child is screaming in pain?

Ann: You're right, Ridge. I've caused you all too much pain. I'm sorry. Come on, Pamela.

Taylor: Wait, wait please. Please, will you wait -- just wait a few minutes. Stephanie, I want to talk to you. In the den.

Stephanie: No.

Taylor: Yes. Please, please come with me now. Let's go.

Stephanie: I'm not going to do this.

Taylor: Then you'll never be able to move on and neither will anyone else out in that room.

Stephanie: Anyone else out in that room? What are you talking about?

Taylor: Stephanie, if you let your mother and your sister walk out that door then Christmas is over.

Stephanie: Oh my.

Taylor: This is what Christmas is about. Once a year, something magical happens. Stephanie, Christmas is not just a holiday. It's about love. If you can't find love in your heart, then this day is no different then any other.

Stephanie: So, now I'm ruining Christmas?

Taylor: No, you're cheating yourself and your children of an incredible opportunity. Stephanie, you are the heart and soul of this family. They all look up to you. I look up to you. You know, we're watching you now. Forgive your mother.

Eric: Stephanie has to be able to put this behind her. It's the only way she'll be able to deal with her past.

Felicia: We can't force that to happen, Daddy.

Bridget: But if anyone can get through to her, Taylor can.

Thorne: This may be too much for mom to deal with.

Pamela: Do you think this is what your grandmother and I were hoping for? My mother has been separated from her daughter for over thirty years. Yes, I know, she should have protected Stephanie. I know, she failed as a mother. But she's served her sentence. I know, because I've served every day of it with her. My mother's not the monster, my father is. Everyday I watched her. I watched her face as my father broke her heart.

Ann: Oh Pamela please. I don't blame you all for being angry with me. I was so weak. But I look at Stephanie now. The way she leads her family. The way you all love her. Why couldn't I have been more like her? Why? I love your mother as much you do. But I didn't -- I couldn't -- oh god, I'm so sorry.

Pamela: Don't you see? She will never be able to forgive herself unless Stephanie forgives her first.

Taylor: Stephanie, she's given you the apology that you've been waiting for.

Stephanie: Oh, my mother wants me to absolve her of all responsibility and I can't do that.

Taylor: Nobody expects you to excuse her. But however you handle this right now, it's going to leave a lasting impression. Show your children -- show your grandchildren how to forgive.

Stephanie: I can't have her here. It hurts me. Why can't you understand that?

Taylor: I do. But I can also see your mother is hurting too. Living under that oppression all those years -- can you imagine what that was like for her? She hasn't seen her grandchildren in over thirty years! They hate her and she knows why.

Stephanie: Well, she wouldn't even know that, would she? If she hadn't just shown up.

Taylor: You've always needed to be in control. Now look at the power you have in your hands. This is the greatest life lesson you could ever teach your family. Let them see you forgive. Stephanie, let them see you let go of anger and animosity. Just go out there, and just reach out to her. Just accept her apology, that's all you have to do. This is the way to heal your past.

Stephanie: Finally -- finally, after thirty years she's admitting to it. And finally after thirty years, here she is in my home.

[Stephanie sighs] Taylor, I can't open my heart to her. I can't. And I won't.

Taylor: Do you believe she's sorry?

Stephanie: Now.

Taylor: And you don't think thirty years in exile punishment enough?

Stephanie: I'm not punishing her, Taylor.

Taylor: Well, you are. And so are your children because they're following your example.

Stephanie: I don't hate her and I don't want them to hate her.

Taylor: I know that.

Stephanie: This is what should have happened thirty years ago. When my father died. But she wouldn't listen to me. She swept it under the rug and now -- and now it's too late.

Taylor: No it isn't.

Stephanie: I'm not strong enough.

Taylor: You survived your father's abuse. I think you can handle just about anything.

Stephanie: Taylor, if you love me, please go out there and ask her to leave. Ask her to leave my home. I can't do what you are asking of me. I just can't.

Bridget: Mom, this is awful. There has got to be something we can do.

Brooke: At least Stephanie and Taylor are still talking.

Taylor: Pam. Ann. I'm so sorry. Stephanie wants you both to leave.

Pamela: Come on, Mom. Forgive us. We didn't mean to ruin your Christmas.

Ann: I can't tell you what it's meant to have seen you. Merry Christmas.

[Song playing]

What child is this who lay to rest on Mary's lap is sleeping whom angels greet with anthems sweet while Shepard’s watch are keeping this, this is Christ the king whom shepherds guard and angels sing haste, haste to bring him laud the babe, the son of Mary so bring him incense, gold and myrrh come peasant king to own him the king of kings salvation brings let loving hearts enthrone him this, this is Christ the king whom shepherds guard and angels sing haste, haste, to bring him laud the babe, the son of Mary this, this is Christ the king whom shepherds guard and angels sing haste, haste, to bring him laud the babe, the son of Mary

Stephanie: All right, Mother. All right. I forgive you.

Ann: Oh, my darling girl.

[Eric singing]

Christmas eve will find me where the love light gleams I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams

Cast: From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

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