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[Missing the first 10 minutes of the show. Sorry about that.]

Nick: Feeling better?

Jackie: Oh, I hate worrying you like this.

Nick: Well, I hate seeing you in pain.

Jackie: I'm fine now.

Nick: I want you to go home. I want you to get some rest.

Jackie: I will, but there's just a few more things I have to do around here. I'm fine, really.

Taylor: Am I interrupting?

Nick: Hi.

Jackie: Oh, another session? So soon.

Taylor: Yes, your son and I were making real progress. At least, we were starting to.

Jackie: Well, I was just leaving, so --

Nick: No, Mother, please, you ought to stay around. Maybe Taylor's psyche can help you dig into the deep, dark secrets of your past.

Jackie: Please, don't joke about such things.

Nick: What?

Jackie: Taylor might get the wrong idea. Bye.

Taylor: Apparently your sense of humor is lost on your mother.

Nick: Yeah, well, that's how we survived, especially after Frank died.

Taylor: The man you thought was your father?

Nick: That's the one. Left us penniless. But you know what? All of that said and done, I think it even brought us closer.

Taylor: I think that's an excellent place for us to start our session today. What was it like growing up in Seattle, you and your mother against the world?

Eric: Thank you.

Ridge: So, how long do these session's with Popeye usually last?

Thorne: You're asking the wrong person.

Felicia: Nick swore to secrecy?

Thorne: Have you ever heard of doctor/patient confidentiality?

Ridge: Obviously she thinks she's doing some good here, otherwise she wouldn't continue seeing the guy.

Thorne: You make it sound like they're dating, Ridge. This is strictly professional.

Stephanie: Well, of course it is. I've already said to you, I don't trust him. I wouldn't put anything past him. And I think it's dangerous for her to be around him, in more ways than one.

Nick: That's really not how it was. Me and my mother against the world.

Taylor: Oh, how was it then?

Nick: Sounds like you want me to say that we got a raw deal.

Taylor: No, you said it -- more than a few times6-- that you were penniless after Frank died.

Nick: How times have changed.

Taylor: Yes, now you have power. You have wealth. But you're still not happy. It really never is easy when we lose something important to us. Even if we're the reason that it happened. I don't think you've ever really processed what it did to you when you lost Brooke. I think she was everything to you. You had to be devastated.

Nick: Is that how you felt when Forrester left you for Brooke?

Taylor: We're talking about you.

Nick: I hit a nerve.

Taylor: Is that what you were hoping to do?

Nick: I was hoping that you'd open up about yourself a little bit.

Taylor: You're not analyzing me. You're the one in therapy.

Nick: Oh, not really. I mean, am I? I mean, come on, it's not like I'm in your office on the couch. Can't we bend the rules just a little bit here?

Taylor: You like bending rules?

Nick: Just as much as you like following them, especially when someone asks you something you're uncomfortable answering.

Taylor: Nick, my marriage falling apart is not the issue here. Although, I guess I would be less than honest if I didn't say that there are certain parallels in our situations.

Nick: Now we're getting somewhere.

Taylor: You know, this isn't all fun and games. Broken hearts, broken families -- it still --

Nick: It hurts. It hurts, no matter who you are. And now you, you're moving on. You've moved on to Thorne, Forrester's brother. I guess the question is -- are you going to marry him because of obligations? Is he a substitution?

Taylor: I told you, I love Thorne.

Nick: No, I heard that. There's a difference between love and guilt. Do you feel guilty because you robbed his daughter of a mother?

Thorne: Dangerous?

Stephanie: We've seen what lengths he's gone to to get back at me. Why wouldn't we think this is more of the same?

Felicia: Except, Taylor approached Nick, right? It wasn't the other way around.

Stephanie: Even so, don't underestimate him. You brother did, and he paid a steep price.

Eric: And we don't want the same thing to happen to you, Thorne.

Thorne: You're actually suggesting that Nick might be a threat to my relationship with Taylor?

Ridge: Well, the guy's on the rebound, ever since he lost Brooke. I wouldn't put it past him at all trying to use Taylor in yet another way to stick it to this family.

Thorne: You know what? Stop, okay? Cause this is crazy. Marone is not a threat to what i share with Taylor, okay? No, I don't like the fact that she's interacting with the guy any more than you do. But you heard what Taylor said. She really believes that she can help this guy, and get Forrester Creations back. That's a win-win situation.

Stephanie: I hope you're right, honey. But --

Thorne: But you still think there's a catch?

Stephanie: Well, he might work some angle that she doesn't see. I hope I'm wrong. But if it were me, I'd keep my fiancée as far away from him as possible. Why don't you set the wedding date, tie the knot?

Taylor: I'm going to make a boundary with you. My personal life is off limits.

Nick: Really? Even if it's related to what we're discussing?

Taylor: If you've got a problem with that --

Nick: Okay. It's all new for me. I got it. You're the shrink, I'm the shrinkee.

[Nick sighs] So, so, so --

Taylor: So, the last two sessions, you've ended them rather abruptly.

Nick: I've had things to do.

Taylor: Is that the only reason?

Taylor: The last time we were talking, you were telling me about Captain Kramer. And he had done some nice things for you. He had gotten some pearl earrings for your mother so you could give them to her for Christmas. And that was very nice of him.

Nick: Well, like I told you, we were buddies.

Jackie: Oh, damn, you can't hear a thing.

[Jackie scoffs]

Taylor: Buddies? He must have thought a lot of you.

Nick: Well, he was captain of the biggest ship in the harbor. The pacific star. Everybody looked up to him.

Taylor: Including you?

Nick: I remember -- it was after he brought those pearl earrings in --

[Nick remembering]

Nick: My mother had just gotten home. I'm pretty sure she was all beat up from pounding the pavement that day, looking for work. So, I brought her her slippers, as usual.

Young Nick: Sorry you didn't have any luck today, mom.

Jackie: Oh you mustn't worry about that, sweetheart. Mommy will find a job. I will. Come here, my little man. Everything's going to be all right. Promise.

Nick: Just about then, i heard the pacific star's horn.

Young Nick: He's back, he's back. Captain Kramer's back.

Nick: Probably a half hour, for sure, I was just glued to the window. And then, finally, I saw him, in his uniform, heading right towards our place, his arms loaded down with presents from all over the world. My face lit up like fireworks on the fourth.

Nick: But at some point, that changed. I would hear the sound of that horn.

[Horn sounding]

Nick: I hated it.

[Nick remembering]

Nick: I'd go to the window, my stomach was in knots. Just hoping, praying to God Kramer wouldn't show. Praying that he'd just stay the hell away.

Taylor: Why Nick? Why didn't you want him to come around anymore? What happened at the apartment? Something did. What was it? Think. Remember.

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