The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 12/15/06


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Ann: Stephanie, I know what i did was wrong.

Stephanie: You didn't do anything, mother. You knew he was abusing me.

Ann: I failed you.

Stephanie: Oh, and now you want me to forgive you?

Ann: Yes, sweetheart. I do.

[Nick remembering]

Taylor: You're not the

kind of guy who responds to

B.S., So I'm not going to

throw any at you.

Bottom line, you're not


You're looking for something

and you still haven't found


You lost brooke and your


You want children, but you

don't have anyone

to have them with.

You're kidding yourself

if you think you can replace

having a deep, emotional

relationship and family

attachment with --

with what?



Nick: I hate this.

I really hate this.

Taylor: I know you do.

Which tells me that

there really is something

there you don't want to find.

Rita: Dr. Hayes, how are you?

Taylor: Rita, hi. How are you?

Rita: A little blue. We all miss the forresters so much.

Taylor: Oh, I know. They miss you, too.

Rita: Will you tell them that all of us in the sewing room say hello?

Taylor: Yes, I'd be glad to.

Rita: It's a shame we won't be making your wedding dress. That was always one of our favorite traditions around here.

Taylor: Well, you never know. By the time I have my wedding, the forresters might be back here.

Jackie: Rita, mr. Marone sent down some notes about the gown with the so-called plunging neckline. Would you take a look at them?

Rita: Yes, mrs. Marone.

Jackie: Thank you.

Rita: It was a pleasure seeing you, dr. Hayes.

Taylor: You, too. Take care. You're looking well, jackie.

Jackie: Thank you. One of my better days.

Taylor: Are you still having headaches?

Jackie: They come, they go. You know. So, what brings you by?

Taylor: I'm seeing nick.

Jackie: Oh, another therapy session? He told me. You must really enjoy a challenge.

Taylor: Why do you say that?

Jackie: Because my son likes to keep things to himself.

Taylor: Well, given how unhappy he's been lately, maybe it's time for him to try a new strategy.

Jackie: Like you are? He told me that, too. Your grand plan. You bring him to some kind of revelation, he'll see the light and hand forrester creations back.

Taylor: I don't know about that. I am trying to help him. He's been very unhappy in his life. And I don't know, maybe it could be something from his past he's never dealt with. And maybe if he did, it would probably change the way he views life.

Nick: Don't put that briefcase down.

Taylor: We have a scheduled session.

Nick: Schedules change. I want to go to chuck's, get a bucket of wings, a couple of beers -- colas -- go to my boat and have lunch on the deck.

Taylor: Are you trying to avoid our session?

Nick: Why would you say that? I love therapy.

Stephanie: So, now you want my forgiveness? I came all the way to chicago, and you just wanted to bury it.

Ann: I was wrong.

Stephanie: You actually said that I should appreciate the fact that he was so strict with me.

Pamela: Steph, she didn't mean that.

Stephanie: She said it.

Ann: If I could take it back, I would. I'd take back everything I said that day. Everything I've said to you since you were a girl. All the excuses, the justifications --

Stephanie: There were no justifications.

Ann: No, there weren'T. And that's what I've come here to tell you.

Stephanie: Why?

Felicia: Mom, she's trying to apologize --

Stephanie: I don't care, felicia.

Ann: Seeing you again after all these years was a shock. I missed you. But until you were standing in front of me, I had no idea how much. 30 years! I missed seeing my grandchildren grow up. All the holidays and birthdays -- and all because I couldn't tell the truth. I'm an old woman, stephanie. I'm ill. But before I die, I want one thing -- to be forgiven by you. I understand if you can'T. But I'm hoping, I'm praying that you can.

Stephanie: Pam, I want to be alone with mother for a moment.

Nick: You know, it's amazing to me how you shrinks -- you like to read something into everything, don't you?

Taylor: You're not avoiding our session?

Nick: Just changing the venue.

Taylor: You want to discuss your psychological health at chuck's bar?

Nick: Look at it this way. You can dig into the deep, dark psychosis of my mind on the boat.

Taylor: I can do that here.

Nick: I'm more relaxed on my boat.

Taylor: Mm-hmm. I could see you were a little tense at our last session. I knew you might be reluctant about today. You did cut it a little short.

Nick: I just don't see anything interesting about my childhood. Now, you want to talk about the sea, the ocean -- you know, that's a different story.

Taylor: Oh, yeah, yeah, tell me about that. I'm good with that.

Nick: So we don't have to talk about my childhood?

Taylor: No. You know what? I would really like to hear about the sea. I would like to hear about why you love it so much.

Nick: All right. Well, it's too bad we've only got an hour here, shrinky. That subject could take us all day.

Pamela: Thank you for letting us in.

Felicia: I just hope I don't end up regretting it.

Pamela: So do I.

Felicia: So, did you know your mother was going to confess?

Pamela: Felicia, my mother made a big mistake in her life --

Felicia: Yeah, I know. And she wants my mother to forgive her for it.

Pamela: All she can do is ask.

Felicia: She could have done a lot more than that.

Pamela: Stephanie wanted to throw us out.

Felicia: Do you blame her?

Pamela: No, I don't blame her. But I'm curious as to why you let us in.

Felicia: Because I'm curious. My grandmother is out there, and I know next to nothing about her, aunt pam. And I don't know much more about you. Now, family is the most important thing to my mother. So I've got to ask myself, what kind of people you must be for her to slam the door in your faces?

Stephanie: You missed me?

Ann: More than I can ever say.

Stephanie: I missed you, too, mother. I thought it would be easier pretending that you were dead. But I was wrong. There were holidays, birthdays -- there was always an absence in my heart. You should have been there.

Ann: Oh, I wish I had been. Of course, I understand why I wasn'T.

Stephanie: Do you?

Ann: I think so.

Stephanie: I wonder. I really didn't want to shut you out of my life, mother. But the truth is, you didn't give me any choice.

Ann: I know, I'm so sorry.

Stephanie: Sorry that you ignored my pleas for help?

Ann: Yes. Yes, I'm sorry for everything. Stephanie, I'm not being melodramatic or manipulative when I say, I don't know how much more time I have left. But what time I do have, I want to spend with you and your family. But that can't happen if you can't forgive me.

Stephanie: You had 30 years, mother. You could have come to me. But you didn'T. And when I finally came to you, what did you do? You denied it all over again.

Ann: I'm admitting it now.

Stephanie: Well, the damage has been done. Not just to me, but to my family, to my children. My children are my blessing. And you don't deserve to be part of their lives. I want to treat my osteoporosis.

Nick: The sea has been part of my life since I can remember. I used to pass the docks when I'd go to school. I used to hang out with the sailors that were on those big ships. They used to show me around. They'd take me onboard and they'd show me the engine rooms and the bridge. They taught me how to drink beer, tie knots.

Taylor: How old were you?

Nick: Oh, I don't know. I was a kid. Probably not even a teenager.

Taylor: Ummm --so, they liked having you around? Nick chuckles lightly]

Nick: Well, I think they were just showing off. But you know, to me, they were heroes.

Taylor: Because they taught you how to tie knots?

Nick: Well, it might have been the beer. You're probably thinking these aren't great role models, right? Because they're teaching a young kid how to, what, drink and curse and spit? And you're right, they weren't cultured. These weren't educated men. But they did one thing -- they looked out for me. And that was big, in my book.

Taylor: No, that makes sense. The man you thought was your father had died, you had no other men in your life. So they were like father figures to you.

Nick: Father figure? You know, on their worst day, these men were better than my father would ever be.

Pamela: Your mother never talked about us?

Felicia: She talked a lot about lake forest. Made it sound like shangri-la.

Pamela: That's how I always thought about her life here in los angeles. She was so much happier. At least, I thought she was.

Felicia: Well, she wasn't getting beat up. That was an improvement.

Pamela: You blame me, too, don't you?

Felicia: No. No, aunt pam, I don'T. And neither does my mother.

Pamela: It's okay. I blame myself.

Felicia: So, is that why you've done penance, taking care of your mother?

Pamela: Penance? When our father died, and stephanie left, there was no one to take care of my mother. Stephanie had you all and eric. Mom only had me.

Felicia: She's lucky she had anybody at all.

Pamela: Families take care of one another.

Felicia: Really? I guess your mother didn't get the memo.

Pamela: Stephanie is so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love her so much --

Felicia: No, aunt pam, we're the lucky ones. Because my mother is an incredible woman, and she's so strong. You know, it's really, I think, a shame, because if your mother had been more like my mother, all of our lives would have been a whole lot different.

Stephanie: As much as I want to forgive you, I can'T.

Ann: I've accepted responsibility. This isn't about fault anymore.

Stephanie: I was never about fault. It was about truth. Truth that you refused to see.

Ann: You're punishing me, is that it? Well, you want to punish your children, too? I mean, if they've suffered because of my mistakes, I want a chance to make it up to them.

Stephanie: It's too late.

Ann: No. You want me to admit my failings. That's what you said in chicago. Well, that's what I'm here to do.

Stephanie: Well, I accept the apology. But I'm not a priest. So, all the confessing in the world, I'm not capable of absolving.

Ann: Eric said I should use the time I have left to be a wiser woman. Stephanie, we share the same awful history. It binds us together.

Stephanie: Not anymore. You can go back to chicago.

Ann: I don't understand.

Stephanie: We're finished!

Ann: But we have so much more to talk about. I want to see my grandchildren. I want to apologize to your family.

Stephanie: I don't want you anywhere near them.

Ann: But -- they're my family, too, stephanie.

Stephanie: No. No, they're forresters. You're a douglas.

Ann: So are you.

Stephanie: That little girl that you ignored. She was a douglas. That little girl whose father abused her and you ignored, she was a douglas. I'm not that little girl anymore. I'm a forrester. (Cough)

Nick: Frank payne was a loser. You know, he never really was my father.

Taylor: But you didn't know that until a few years ago.

Nick: He couldn't hold a job down. When he did get a paycheck, he'd just gamble it away and come home drunk.

Taylor: Did he abuse you? Your mother?

Nick: I actually think he was out to destroy himself.

Taylor: His death didn't effect you?

Nick: We were better off without him. We were poor. We were poor. But I guess that made the little things we did for each other mean more. You know, I do remember this one christmas. I just surprised the hell out of my mother. One of the sailors, his name was jerry -- he was captain, actually. And he had told me that I can get pearls dirt cheap from these divers down in australia. So the next time he came into port, he brought a set of pearl earrings with him. So I gave them to my mother. And when I gave them to her, she just started crying. Really crying. And she said, "I can't take these. I just can't take them." And jerry said, "no, I want you to take these." So, jerry started coming to dinner. And my mother, she used to -- she was so excited. You know, she'd get all dressed up for dinner, and she'd put those earrings on. God, she loved those earrings.

Taylor: Nick -- nick, are you all right?

Nick: Listen, I just realized I've got an appointment. I've got to talk to one of these designers here. I forgot about that.

Taylor: Well, I can wait. I'll wait right here --

Nick: It may take some time. So we'll pick this up -- just make an appointment with my assistant, thanks.

Pamela: What our parents did to your mother was so wrong. It can never be undone. But if she could just find it in her heart to forgive mom -- we could all be a family again.

Felicia: Hey -- maybe we should go check on them.

Ann: You're washing your hands of me?

Stephanie: I'm moving on.

Ann: Well, let's move on together. Stephanie, I came here to make amends --

Stephanie: All I wanted was an admission, and you've given it to me.

Ann: Oh, but I could give you so much more. All the things I didn't give you as a girl. You needed a mother. Deep down, I think you still do. You've spent your life carrying this secret. But you're not alone anymore. I'm here now. Your mother's here. Oh, stephanie, dear, please -- let's not waste the precious time we have left arguing. Let me back in, sweetheart. Let me be the mother I wasn'T.

Stephanie: No, I can'T.

Ann: Stephanie, please.

Stephanie: I have accepted your apology. I can't forgive you. And I want you to leave.

Ann: Oh, you can't mean that.

Stephanie: Oh, I do. I do. Pam, come and get your mother now.

Ann: I'm your mother, too.

Stephanie: No.

Pamela: Stephanie -- come on.

Stephanie: I can't forgive her.

[Door closes] It's funny. It's just too late. It's too late.

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