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[Stephanie remembering]

Taylor: If you are serious about changing, you have to go to Chicago and confront your mother.

[Phone rings]

Pam: Hello? Anybody there?

Stephanie: I'm here, Pam. It's me. I'm sorry. I ended the phone call yesterday so abruptly.

Pam: I didn't say anything to upset you?

Stephanie: No. No, it wasn't you.

Pam: I told mother that you called.

Stephanie: Oh.

Pam: She was surprised. Steph, are you there?

Stephanie: Yeah, I'm here. Listen, Pammie -- I'm going to Chicago on business, and I thought, maybe -- a visit.

Pam: Lunch at Rico's? Or maybe we should try something different this time.

Stephanie: Actually, I was thinking of coming to see mother.

Pam: When?

Stephanie: Later today. I'm going to fly in on the company plane. You'll tell her I'm coming?

Pam: Yeah, of course I will.

Stephanie: Okay, then, I'll see you in a few hours.

Pam: Okay.

Stephanie: A few hours. Oh, god.

Ann: Who was that on the phone, Pamela? Pamela?

Pam: Oh, it was Stephanie again. She wants to come visit this afternoon.

Ann: Did she say why?

Pam: She wants to see you, Mother. You're happy about that, aren't you?

Stephanie: Yes, Mark. Oh -- oh, great, so the plane's fueled and ready to go? I should be there probably in less than an hour. No, Mr. Forrester's not coming with me. I'm coming alone.

Taylor: You know why I'm here?

Stephanie: You are determined that I'm going to confront my mother.

Taylor: True. But when you left yesterday, I wasn't really sure if you were serious about doing it.

Stephanie: Let's say that getting on the plane is the first step.

Taylor: No, telling your mother what it did to you when she didn't protect you when you needed her is the first step.

Stephanie: Oh, well, that being the case, I've already done it, haven't I? And she didn't hear me.

Taylor: No, Stephanie, you will make her hear it this time. So, Eric doesn't know yet?

Stephanie: There's no reason for him to.

Taylor: Aren't you wanting honesty in your marriage? Isn't that what intimacy is all about? Stephanie, I don't understand why you came to me, asking me to help you with your marriage if you really have no plans to be truthful. Your mother's alive. That is a huge thing to keep from your husband. I know that Eric will understand. He will.

Eric: I'll understand what? Whenever you tell me what's going on here?

Ann: Why on earth would you ask such a thing? Of course I want to see my daughter. Especially if she's come to make amends.

Pam: We don't know that, Mother.

Ann: What other reason could there be? And what kind of a mother would I be if I didn't forgive

Eric: What?

Stephanie: I'm taking a trip for the day.

Eric: A trip where?

Stephanie: Chicago. I'm going to go see my mother.

Eric: You're going to the cemetery?

Stephanie: No, I'm going to go see her in person.

Eric: Your mother's been dead for 30 years.

Stephanie: No, my mother's alive.

Eric: I remember vividly when she died. You had a funeral. You cried.

Stephanie: Not because she died, but because she --

Eric: Because she what? What? For god's sake, what?

Taylor: Eric, Eric, let her finish, okay? Just let her explain. You're telling me?

Stephanie: Yes, she's alive.

Eric: Well, that's just one more secret, isn't it? A marriage just filled with one deception after another!

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I know you feel betrayed again, and I apologize --

Eric: I'm not betrayed here, I'm furious! I'm furious that I ever believed anything that you've ever told me!

Taylor: Eric, she has a reason. She has a very good reason. Just, please, listen to her. Stephanie? Stephanie, explain it. Please, talk to your husband. Talk!

Eric: Tell me, Stephanie, or I'm going to walk out this door right now. I'm never coming back. Now, what's this -- what's this about?

Taylor: It's about a little girl. A little girl who had no voice. This little girl that adored her father, and all she wanted was his love and his approval, and all she got was his anger and abuse.

Eric: What are you telling me?

 Taylor: I'm telling you that that little girl is your wife. As a child, Stephanie was abused -- physically, by her father.

Stephanie: Wait. Eric, you know as well as I do that parenting then was different. It wasn't -- it wasn't unusual for a parent to use a belt on a child.

Eric: Not all parents, not mine.

Stephanie: Well, it wasn't -- I mean, it really wasn't that unusual, in order to get a child to behave.

Eric: Are you saying that's the only way John Douglas could make you behave?

Taylor: Stephanie --

Stephanie: Look, my father loved me. Sometimes, he lost his temper when he had -- you know, some -- too much to drink.

Eric: That -- you make that an excuse? There's no excuse for a parent taking out his anger on a child, Stephanie.

Taylor: Stephanie's just now starting to realize that. Abuse is about control. And as a little girl, Stephanie never had any control, which is why she's always needing to get it now. Because, if she can control everything, then no one can hurt her again.

Stephanie: Well, don't look at me that way. I mean, in the context of everything, what my father did was wrong. Yes, but I've survived. I've survived, and any marks from the belts are long gone.

Eric: Stephanie, the emotional scars from something like this last a life time. Her mother bares as much responsibility for as her father. She knew about it and she never helped her. Stephanie asked for help, she begged for help, and she turned a deaf ear.

Eric: Wow. No wonder she's been dead to you for 30 years. And your mother -- that any mother could know that this was going on to a little girl and not do something to help to stop it -- so, this is why you're going? To confront your mother.

Stephanie: I'm going because Taylor thinks I've got to figure this all out. I guess I have to figure this thing out about control, because if I don't, I'll lose you and that's the last thing in the world that I want to have happen. So, I'll go, I'll talk to my mother, I'll talk about what she did and what she didn't do -- that'll be that.

Eric: I'm going with you.

Stephanie: No.

Eric: No arguments. I'm your husband. I love you. I'm not going to let you go out that door and face this thing alone.

Ann: Oh, look at you children. The most beautiful little girls in the world. And the happiest. Oh, and your father. Was there ever a more handsome man? Oh, john loved us all so. And now, our daughters are going to be together again. Oh, how I wish he could be here, too.

Stephanie: Thank you. No, really. Thank you. I love you. I've been thinking about Ridge and Thorne and the girls. And it might be good for them to know about this, but I think it would be too difficult for me to do it.

Taylor: Telling them about their grandmother being alive?

Stephanie: Normally, I wouldn't do something like this, but -- could you tell them? It was hard enough telling Eric.

Eric: I brought the car around. Are you ready?

Taylor: Stephanie -- I want you to remember, no matter what happens today, all of us, we all love you and we support you, okay? It doesn't matter what your mother says, or what she doesn't say. She can never take our love away from you. You're going to be fine.

Ann: Such happy memories. We should have some chocolate angel cake when Stephanie arrives. It was always her favorite. Of course, tastes change. Just like people. Stephanie certainly did.

Pam: Are you thinking about the last time you saw her? How unpleasant it got?

Ann: Things were said that should have never been said. And they better not be said again. I won't allow it.

Eric: The pilot's just waiting for final clearance then we'll take off. It will be a few more minutes. You okay?

Stephanie: Yeah. No. I'm sorry.

Eric: I'm sorry. Your mother should have held your father accountable.

Stephanie: I did go and talk to her when I was a little girl. I tried. She turned her back on me. I can see her now, just as though as she's standing right there. She started humming that stupid song. And then, when she finally turned back and spoke to me, she said, "shame on you. Shame on you." So, I kept quiet. Until I went to see her that last time 30 years ago.

Eric: We were married.

Stephanie: Yeah. I guess I needed to understand, in some way why she didn't stand up for me. I mean, I don't know what I was expecting.

Eric: You expected her to hold your father accountable for what he had done.

Stephanie: Well, I went to see her, all grown-up, a woman with her own children. And when I got there, I -- I remember thinking, "My god, I'm a little girl all over she did the same thing to me all over again. She turned her back on me. When she did that, I thought, "Okay, okay, that's the -- that's the way it is. Okay." That was the day my mother died, as far as I was concerned. I walked out that door and I never looked back. God, Eric, I try to push all those things deep, deep down inside your brain. So, that you don't have to face them and think about them, but you can't do that, can you? That are from your childhood are there every breath you take, every minute you live, every beat of your heart. And they really do affect you your whole life. They have affected me, our marriage, our children. I'm so tired of being this person that is filled with this anger and rage. We'll go see her. I'll talk to her and she's not going to listen.

Eric: Yes, she will. I'll see to it. You need to be heard. Every child that's ever been abused needs to be heard. She's going to listen to you this time. I'll be sure of it.

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