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Stephanie: I just hope that we didn't make a mistake keeping Storm on this case.

Eric: Storm knows this case. He will see it through.

Storm: And I'll win it, too. All I need is my star witness.

Phoebe: What, Shane isn't here yet?

Thomas: Yeah, I didn't see him at the house, either.

Ridge: That's because he didn't stay there last night. He's been showing a little too much interest in your sister. I told Shane to keep his distance.

Storm: Well, let's just hope he shows up.

[Shane remembering]

Phoebe: Tomorrow, after we've testified and told the jury the truth about what happened, after it's all over, then we can celebrate.

Shane: Now we're talking.

[Knocking at door]

Dante: Coming. Coming. Hey, Bridget, what's going on?

Bridget: Hey, do you have a minute?

Dante: Well, actually, I'm running late. I got to meet Felicia at Taylor's trial. Are you going?

Bridget: No. I just really need to talk to you.

Dante: Sure.

Bridget: There's something I've got to tell you.

Hector: Hey, you've got to keep Phoebe away from Shane. Where is he?

Henry: I don't know, he's not here yet.

Hector: Not here? He better show up. 'Cause without his testimony, Taylor doesn't stand a chance.

Phoebe: Come on, Shane, where are you?

Shane: Ah, it looks like somebody missed me, huh?

Phoebe: Hi. I was afraid you overslept or something.

Shane: Overslept? Are you kidding? I could hardly close my eyes all night.

Phoebe: Are you worried about your testimony?

Shane: My testimony? I'm excited about our celebration. Phoebe, we are still on tonight, aren't we?

Phoebe: Yeah, yeah.

Shane: Are you excited, or what?

Phoebe: I just -- I can't think about anybody besides my mom right now. I'll feel better after you testify.

Shane: All right.

Phoebe: I'm gonna go in.

Phoebe: Storm, we have to make sure that Shane testifies today.

Storm: Well, the prosecution goes first today. I can't promise anything.

Bailiff: Be seated. Los Angeles county versus Dr. Taylor Hayes is about to be heard.

Harry: Phoebe, what's going on?

Phoebe: I didn't tell you last night, 'cause I didn't want you to overreact, but I promised Shane I'd celebrate with him tonight.

Harry: What do you mean by "celebrate"?

Phoebe: I just want my mother to come home.

Bailiff: All rise! Los Angeles superior court is now in session. Judge Owens presiding.

Judge Owens: All right, you may be seated. Bring in the jury. Ms. Tartaro, is the prosecution ready to present its case? 96598 -- County of Los Angeles vs. Dr. Taylor Hayes.

Ms. Tartaro: Yes, your honor.

Judge Owens: Very well, let's get on with it.

Ms. Tartaro: Members of the jury, you may feel like you know this defendant. Maybe you've bought her books, or seen her on TV. Dr. Taylor Hayes is a well-known psychiatrist, a member of one of LA's most prominent families. And as I'm sure the defense will tell you, the devoted mother of three children. But there's another side to dr. Hayes. I'm going to prove she's also a liar, and a killer.

Dante: I have to finish getting ready. So, tell me, what's going on?

Bridget: Could you please stop that for one minute?

Dante: I'm gonna be late.

Bridget: It's about the baby. I went in to see Dr. Caspary this morning, and she did an ultrasound.

Dante: Why didn't you tell me? I would have gone with you.

Bridget: Because I didn't want to worry anyone. I wasn't even sure --

Dante: If you're worried about my relationship with Felicia, don't be, okay? She totally understands that I want to be a part of this child's life.

Bridget: It's not about that.

Dante: Look, I really think that the three of us can find a way to raise this child together.

Bridget: There is no child.

Dante: What?

Bridget: I was bleeding this morning. And so I went to get checked. She couldn't find a heartbeat. I lost the baby.

Ms. Tartaro: On the night in question, Dr. Hayes got into her car, after consuming alcohol, and struck down her own sister-in-law, Darla Forrester. What dr. Hayes did that night left Darla's husband stricken with grief and his little girl without a mother. But it's what she didn't do that may be even more shocking. If there was really nothing dr. Hayes could have done to avoid her victim, she would have come forward. But she didnít. Instead, she chose to lie. She lied to her victim's husband, she lied to her own family, and most importantly, she lied to the LAPD. Now, you must ask yourselves, "Are those the actions of an innocent person?"

Storm: Dr. Hayes had no intention of leaving her home that night, but her teenage daughter was stranded alone on PCH. And at the very moment that Phoebe called her mother for help, Phoebe was approached by a stranger, a homeless man who came out of the dark. Phoebe was frightened and she dropped her cell phone. Now, I ask you, if you were in dr. Hayes' place, what would you do? Would you let the glass of wine keep you from rushing to your daughter's aid? I don't think so. Was it the smartest decision? Maybe not. But it was an understandable decision, and it certainly was not the cause of Darla Forrester's death. As a matter of fact, we have an eyewitness -- an eyewitness who will testify that Darla Forrester fell back into the road at the very moment that Dr. Hayes came around the curve. Darla Forrester's death was a tragic, but unavoidable, accident. Now, the prosecution talked about the victim's daughter losing a mother. I agree. There's possibly nothing worse that could happen to a child. But if you send dr. Hayes to jail for this, you will be robbing three more children of their mother. This woman before you is not the monster that the prosecution wants you to see. Dr. Taylor Hayes is a loving, caring mother who made a couple of very regrettable mistakes. And I know -- I know that when you've heard our witness, when you really understand what happened, I know you'll make the right decision and set Dr. Hayes free.

Judge Owens: Ms. Tartaro, prosecution may present its case.

Ms. Tartaro: I know you're busy people, and you want to get back to your lives, so I'll make this as straightforward as I can. Rather than stand here and tell you what I think happened that night, I'll let the defendant tell you herself. Your honor, I'd like to present evidence, exhibit one, the signed confession of Dr. Taylor Hayes.

Judge Owens: Bailiff, present this to the jury.

Ms. Tartaro: It's all there in black and white. The defendant admits to drinking, driving and killing her sister-in-law. She takes full responsibility for Darla Forrester's death.

Storm: Your honor, counsel wasn't present at the time that confession was made.

Ms. Tartaro: Dr. Hayes waived that right.

Judge Owen: The prosecution may continue.

Ms. Tartaro: Do I really need to say anything else? The defendant has admitted her guilt. I'm just asking you to hold her to it.

Dante: I can't believe it. Our baby.

Bridget: I'm so sorry. I just feel like such a failure.

Dante: No, you're not. Okay?

Bridget: I lost two babies, Dante.

Dante: Did it have something to do with the problem that you had before?

Bridget: No, it didn't. I was fine. The baby, my hormones, everything --

Dante: Then what?

Bridget: I'm a doctor -- I know these things just happen sometimes. And maybe under the circumstances, with things the way that they are with me alone and you with Felicia, maybe it was just for the best.

Dante: No, no, don't say that. Bridget, don't say that, okay? You accepted Felicia's child, okay? She would have done the same thing for you, so don't think for one second that we didn't want this baby, because we did. I did.

Lt. Baker: I encountered Dr. Hayes at the hospital shortly after the hit and run.

Ms. Tartaro: What did you notice about Dr. Hayes that night, Lieutenant?

Lt. Baker: She had alcohol on her breath.

Storm: Did you administer a breathalyzer test?

Lt. Baker: I would have if dr. Hayes had admitted --

Storm: That issue has already been dealt with, lieutenant. Is there any evidence to suggest that Dr. Hayes' blood alcohol was above the legal limit on the night of the accident?

Lt. Baker: No.

Ms. Tartaro: Mr. McGrath, were you present at the scene of the hit and run that killed Darla Forrester?

Shane: Uh, yes, I was. And let me just say that she --

Ms. Tartaro: How far away were you from the scene?

Shane: Well, I was close enough to see.

Ms. Tartaro: Were you standing on the shoulder?

Shane: No, I was in the bushes.

Ms. Tartaro: So your view may have been obscured?

Shane: No --

Ms. Tartaro: Was there a light, a street lamp?

Shane: On PCH?

Ms. Tartaro: So it was dark?

Shane: Yeah, it was real dark. It was foggy, too, that night.

Ms. Tartaro: If you really saw what you claimed, why didn't you come forward? Surely, you must have seen the case in the paper.

Shane: Well, you know, you don't exactly get a paper delivered on your front porch when you're homeless.

Ms. Tartaro: So you were desperate for money and a place to live?

Taylor: Can you make her stop?

Ms. Tartaro: Where are you living now, Mr. McGrath?

Shane: Oh, I got my own place.

Ms. Tartaro: But you've been living somewhere else the last few months, haven't you? Remember, you are under oath.

Shane: Taylor and her family, they took me in --

Ms. Tartaro: Oh, you -- you're living with them.

Shane: Well, I was working as their gardener, and then I got hurt. And I had a big cut --

Ms. Tartaro: Would you consider yourself a loyal employee?

Shane: A loyal employee? Yeah, sure.

Ms. Tartaro: Loyal enough to see and say anything to help protect the people responsible for getting you off the street?

Storm: Your honor, objection!

Ms. Tartaro: Withdrawn. Thank you very much, Mr. McGrath. Your witness.

Bridget: Maybe I'm just not supposed to be a mother.

Dante: Don't say that.

Bridget: Well, first, Nicole, and now our little baby.

Dante: Look, look, listen to me, okay? You got pregnant twice, and both times ended sadly. And that's hard. But you're a doctor, okay? And you know, next time, it could be different. I mean, lots of women have multiple miscarriages, and they go on and have families, right? Right?

Bridget: That's true.

Dante: I mean, couples try to have kids all the time, for years. And when they give up -- when they finally give up, it happens, okay? And believe me when I tell you, it's going to happen to you.

Bridget: Oh, when it does, I just hope the father is as warm and caring as you are.

Storm: Mr. McGrath, you said the Forresters took you in. Why would they do that?

Shane: Um, I got a job on their gardening crew, and then I got injured, and I couldn't work anymore. I didn't have any health insurance. And that's when phoebe and Taylor came to my rescue, and they paid my bills. And they gave me a place to stay. I mean, they were really incredible people.

Storm: At this point, did you tell anyone that you'd seen the accident?

Shane: No.

Storm: When you got the job at the Forrester home, did you tell anyone then what you'd witnessed?

Shane: No.

Storm: So Dr. Hayes took you in believing you were a complete stranger, or at least, unrelated to this incident in any way?

Shane: Yeah, that's right.

Storm: But you were involved? You were there that night?

Shane: I was. I saw phoebe that night with a flat tire, so I decided to offer up some help to her. And I didn't exactly look the same as I do now. I was really scruffy and I was dirty, and actually, I scared her. So I decided to keep a close eye on her from a distance.

Storm: Is it fair to say then, being concerned for Phoebe's safety, that you wanted to stay close by to see her clearly?

Shane: Yeah, that's right. And that's when I saw Darla --

Judge Owens: Excuse me. Counselors approach. We'll resume testimony tomorrow.

Storm: Your honor, I hadn't finished my cross.

Judge Owens: Yeah, I'm sorry, but a matter's come up that needs my immediate attention. We're done here today. This court stands in recess until 10:00 A.M. tomorrow morning. Mr. McGrath, you can step down. Bailiff, take the jury out.

Phoebe: No, no, no, they have to let him finish.

Bailiff: All rise!

Thorne: Taylor, everything's going to be okay. You'll be home tomorrow.

Taylor: I don't believe this. I wanted this over with today.

Thorne: I know, I know.

Phoebe: Mom, he's right. It's just one more night.

Shane: I am really looking forward to tonight.

Phoebe: The prosecutor was really hard on you. Are you sure you don't want to rest or -- get prepared for tomorrow?

Shane: Rest? Rest? What are you -- you're kidding. You're kidding, right? Phoebe, tonight is our night, sweetheart.

Phoebe: It's just not gonna be much of a celebration with my mom still here.

Shane: Sure, it will. Listen, tomorrow, your mom's gonna be free, once that jury hears what I have to say, okay? I will get your mom off tomorrow. Tonight, it's about us, okay? Come here.

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