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Donna: I'm going back to the hospital.

Brooke: No, you're not.

Donna: Why won't you let me tell Nick I saw Stephanie shove his mother?

Brooke: Because like I said, it's a very volatile situation.

Donna: No, Brooke, it's a crime.

Brooke: Are you absolutely certain, Donna?

Donna: I know what I saw. Jackie didn't trip or stumble, or try to kill herself. Stephanie pushed her. Why are you protecting her?

Brooke: I'm not.

Donna: Then let me tell Nick what happened.

Brooke: What you think happened.

Donna: Are you questioning me?

Brooke: Donna, first of all, you were downstairs, outside the patio door. Now, maybe Stephanie did push Jackie --

Donna: There's no maybe about it.

Brooke: But are you absolutely certain she intended to shove her over the balcony?

Donna: I --

Brooke: Intent, Donna. That's a difference between an accident and a crime.

Donna: She was in a rage. She was out of control. And you've seen her that way more times than you care to remember.

Brooke: It doesn't mean she would do something that drastic.

Donna: Look, I realize your relationship with Stephanie isn't as quite as heated as it once was, but for you to dig in your heels and defend her -- what's going on with you?

Brooke: If this blows up, it could affect everybody.

Donna: One person in particular. Ridge.

Brooke: We are talking about his mother.

Donna: We are also talking about Nick's mother.

Brooke: Yes, exactly. And Jackie is lying in a hospital bed, unable to move. Maybe permanently. Don't you think Nick should concentrate on helping Jackie get better? Please, don't stir the pot.

Donna: So, you're protecting Nick? Because you're planning on staying in the marriage with him?

Brooke: I know what you're doing, Donna.

Donna: You won't even tell me what man you're going to be with. This effects me, too, Brooke.

Nick: I'd say it affects a lot of people.

Brooke: Please.

Donna: Good luck.

Nick: I didn't know when we'd get into this. But I guess if you can talk to your sister about it, you can talk to me about it.

Brooke: How's Jackie?

Nick: Let's not change the subject.

Brooke: Nick, not now.

Nick: Brooke, do you want to try to make this marriage work or not?

Stephanie: Honey.

Ridge: Hey, Mother. Just to let you know, that marriage is dead, dead, dead.

Stephanie: Brooke spent the night at the hospital last night.

Ridge: I would expect nothing less from Brooke.

Stephanie: Sometimes a crisis can bond people together again.

Ridge: If Jackie hadn't gone over that balcony, Brooke and I would already be together. She's not going to go back to Captain Ahab just because his mother had an accident. It's just a little speed bump in the road, that's all. I'll give you a little update. Brooke told me she has to be true to herself. Not true to Nick, not true to her wedding vows, true to herself. Brooke is never going to love anyone the way she loves me, and she knows that. So, being true to herself means coming back to where she belongs. Take my word for it right now. It's a done deal.

Stephanie: Well, I hope you're right. Because I just want you to be happy. And if it means being with Brooke, then so be it.

Ridge: Does this possibly mean you see in her what I see in her?

Stephanie: I wouldn't go that far. Let's just say I accept the idea. What I don't see, though, is why she wants her sister around. And I don't see why Donna should be here at Forrester Creations any longer.

Ridge: Because the sale of "Brooke's bedroom" has gone through the roof since she's been on board. That's why?

Stephanie: Some sales are not worth having.

Ridge: I'll quote you at the next board meeting.

Stephanie: Please feel free to, if you find it necessary. Honey, Donna has a huge crush on you. And I'm concerned that she's going to try to undermine her sister's relationship with you. That's why I think we should just pack her up, send her off -- I mean, I'd be happy -- happy to buy a plane ticket, first class to -- oh, Paris, London? I have another suggestion, but I'm sure you might not like the temperature.

Brooke: I wanted to have both you and Ridge here.

Nick: Well, it's just me now. It's just me and you, the way it should be. Because the marriage is between the two of us. Our future should be decided by the two of us. Tell me that means something to you.

Brooke: Yes. Yes, of course it does, Nick. But our marriage -- it hasn't really been working in so many ways, you know that.

Nick: Have you honestly asked herself why? Well, I want it to work. And I am willing to try harder. If you are.

Brooke: I've come to a very important realization. I -- I can't really love anybody right now. I mean, if I am to be in a really meaningful relationship, I need to learn how to be strong, for myself, and stand on my own two feet. I can't -- I just can't be married to anybody right now, Nick. That is what I was going to tell you and Ridge. I'm sorry. I really just need to be alone, and I need to spend time with myself, and with my children. I don't know for how long. I need to do that in order to figure out the next step.

Nick: I believe that we were meant to be together. I'm the man that makes you whole. Regardless of what's happened, I believe that. And I know, deep down, you believe that, too.

Donna: It's a well known fact that people who call other people names are just talking to themselves into the mirror. It's really how they feel about themselves.

Stephanie: Ooh, you must have taken that your freshmen year at college. Psychology 101. That's when you were on a full scholarship, right? Oh, wait a minute, forgive me, I've got the wrong sister. You were the high school dropout, right?

Ridge: My mother is a tad protective.

Donna: No kidding. And I graduated with honors.

Ridge: I know you did. I'm sorry, please, just never mind that.

Donna: Don't give it another thought, okay? It's only words.

Ridge: That's right.

Donna: She's hurt you more than she's hurt me, fighting your relationship with Brooke all these years. Of course, if she hadn't, then you and I never would have had a chance. What am I saying? You and I never did have a chance.

Ridge: Donna, in another lifetime, I would have really loved that.

Donna: Yeah, maybe. Me, too. Speaking of which, I just came from Brooke's house. Nick showed up, so I made myself scarce. My guess is she was about to tell him something.

Ridge: Yeah, I have no doubt about that. And I have no doubt that it would probably change all of our lives.

Nick: Well, I'm going to go pack a few things. I'll send for the rest later.

Brooke: Nick -- I never had more fun, loved so honestly, felt more secure. And you really touched hope and R.J.'s lives. You gave us everything.

Music playing: Take a look around and look at what we found and know that we can be what we want to be it may be over, but it will never end.

[Brooke remembering]

Brooke: I'll make you really happy. And I know you're going to be a great father to my kids. Open up your eyes tell me what you see is there a place for me inside of you

Nick: You are it for me.

Brooke: You're it for me, too, buster.

Nick: Did you know I fell in love with you the first day I met you?

Music playing: Forget the past and let today begin I'm going back again I'll take it to the end remember where we've been and where we have to go

Nick: We did it!

Music Playing: Take a look around look at what we've found and know that we can be what we want to be I'm going back again every other day I think of what to say but the words the words are just a part of it I run into a wall and then I see it all and I dance alone and think of you I'm going back again I'll take it to the end remember where we've been and where we have to go take a look around look at what we've found and know that we can be what we want to be I'm going back again I'm going back again I'm going back again

Donna: Stephanie, what are you doing?

Stephanie: You don't represent Brooke's bedroom line or Forrester Creations.

Donna: Like hell I don't.

Stephanie: You used to, but no longer. Jason! Jason here was kind enough to pack up all of your things so that you can exit gracefully and as quickly as possible.

Donna: Isn't she cute? It isn't your decision. Brooke owns this company.

Stephanie: Thank you, Jason. She's busy right now, so I'm saving her the trouble.

Donna: She's my sister. Do you really think she's going --

Stephanie: I think she regrets that. And look, she doesn't want you or need you here panting over ridge like a -- well, I won't go into that.

Donna: You have no idea what you're talking about.

Stephanie: Oh, I know all I want and need to.

Donna: You know, that's what ignorant people always say until reality comes down on them like a ton of bricks.

Stephanie: Take your box, honey, leave, and go as far away as possible.

Donna: You are going to regret treating me this way, Stephanie. I mean, really regret.

Ridge: Donna told me Nick was here.

Brooke: He's gone.

Ridge: Must've been hard.

Brooke: Yeah, it was.

Ridge: It was for the best. I think you know that.

Brooke: I just hated hurting him.

Brooke: Ridge, I --

Ridge: The future is an open book for us, Brooke. It can be anything we want it to be.

Brooke: I can't.

Ridge: We can.

Brooke: No, I can't be a part of us. That's what I wanted to tell you.

Ridge: You need time, I understand that. With the situation with Jackie, you want to be sensitive to nick. That's one of the amazing thing about you, Logan. That's how aware you always are of everybody else's feelings. But I can see it in your eyes. I can hear it in your voice. You are back. When this crisis with Jackie is finished, you and I can be together, the way we were always supposed to be. I'll let you get back to the hospital. I love you.

[Phone ringing]

Brooke: Hello?

Donna: It's me. And I'm telling you, I can't take it anymore. Stephanie just packed up all my things, had me fired from Forrester Creations.

Brooke: What? She can't do that.

Donna: That's what I said. But she just doesn't care. The way she just pushes everyone around. I'm not waiting, Brooke. I am telling nick what she did to his mother.

Brooke: Donna, I thought we discussed this.

Donna: Why are you defending the woman? After the hell she's put our family through? Jackie is fighting for her life. You see what this is doing to Nick. He has to be told that Stephanie deliberately pushed his mother over that railing. Stephanie is going to pay for her crimes, and I'm going to make damn sure she does.

Brooke: Donna, wait --

[Phone hangs up] Donna

[Phone ringing]

Nick: How you doing? This is Nick.

[Answering machine beeps]

Donna: Nick, it's Donna. There's something you need to know about your mother and Stephanie -- about the accident. It was no accident.

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