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Nick: Hey.

Jackie: Nick?

Nick: Yeah.

Jackie: Nick?

Nick: I'm right here. How are you feeling? You know, you better hold off on that answer. They did a little brain surgery on you, Mom. So, it might take a little time for that noodle to start working. They had to go in and relieve a little pressure. That's it. Just pump your bilge. Reef your mainsail -- nothing to it. She tried to said to say something.

Dr. Hillman: This is going to take some time.

Nick: We're talking a full recovery here, right? Doc, what's the story?

Dr. Hillman: We did the best we could to relieve the pressure. But she could have a long recovery to acceptable level of functionality, or she can have a quick recovery to something, something quite miraculous. It's impossible to predict this, this soon. Mr. Marone, listen to me. Listen to me. I understand that this is difficult. I know that. But we just have to wait and see. I'll check back shortly. Why don't you give her some rest, okay? She needs all the strength she can muster. And don't give up hope. I've seen miracles happen.

Nick: Damn you, Stephanie.

Nurse: There has been no change, as far as I'm aware.

Stephanie: Have you spoken to the doctor recently?

Nurse: Well, the charge nurse did, a few minutes ago.

Stephanie: And how was the surgery? Was it successful?

Nurse: It's probably too early to say.

Stephanie: Oh.

Brooke: Thanks, Donna.

Donna: For what?

Brooke: For the change of clothes.

Donna: Oh, sure. No problem. Did you sleep any?

Brooke: A little.

Donna: Where's Nick?

Brooke: He's probably with his mother. He didn't leave her side all night.

Donna: There's something you -- you and nick both need to know, Brooke. I started to tell you last night, but the nurse interrupted us.

Brooke: Something about, "There's never any accidents with Stephanie?"

Donna: I meant that. Literally.

Brooke: Are you suggesting that she pushed Jackie?

Donna: I saw it with my own eyes. Stephanie pushed Jackie, shoved her right over the banister. Hard.

Jackie: You are the most despicable --

Stephanie: Let go of me.

Jackie: Shame on you.

Stephanie: Take your hands off me.

Jackie: Shame on you.

Stephanie: I'm telling you stop!

Eric: Stephanie? Are you all right?

Stephanie: I'm fine.

Eric: You left the house so early this morning.

Stephanie: I wanted to check on Jackie. I mean, after all, it happened in our home.

Eric: Yeah.

Stephanie: Although, maybe you're the one that should be checking on her. I mean, you've been friends for a long time now.

Eric: What's that supposed to mean?

Stephanie: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just tense.

Lt. Baker: And why would you be tense?

Stephanie: My goodness, lt. Baker, you pop up like a groundhog everywhere. With the same serious expression on your face everywhere.

Lt. Baker: I was here for another matter.

Stephanie: Oh.

Lieutenant baker: But I did hear about Jackie Marone. She was injured last night? Rather seriously?

Eric: There was an accident. Why don't you do the tax payers a favor, and just let this one drop?

Lt. Baker: I haven't picked it up yet.

Stephanie: Well, I can tell you what happened, Lieutenant. I mean, if you want take the time to listen. I'll tell you exactly what happened.

Nick: Who's going to speak for my mother? Hmm? Who's going to tell her version of the story?

[Eric remembering]

[missing what Eric said to Jackie here.  I don't know why it didn't pick it up.]

Donna: Anyway, things looked like they were going to heat up, so I took the kids out to get some ice cream. Anything to get them away from a cat fight.

Brooke: Thank you for thinking of that.

Donna: Of course. But Jackie had parked me in, so I went back in to get the keys to move her car -- and that's when I saw it.

Brooke: What?

Donna: The whole thing. Stephanie and Jackie at the top of the stairs, right in each other's face. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but you can see harsh words flying back and forth. There was a little tussle and then Stephanie shoved her.

Brooke: Oh, my God! Over the banister?

Donna: She's a strong woman. I was there, sis. It was no accident. Jackie was pushed -- period -- by Stephanie.

Lieutenant Baker: Mr. Marone, I'm Lieutenant baker. How is your mother?

Nick: She's not good, Lieutenant. She can't talk right now, she may never walk, but they think she's going to live.

Stephanie: Oh, God, Nick, I'm so sorry.

Nick: What am I supposed to do with sorry, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Calm down.

Nick: Don't tell me to calm down!

Lt. Baker: Mr. Marone, please, I would like to hear what she has to say.

Nick: So would I. Go on, Stephanie. Talk.

Stephanie: Mrs. Marone came to the house last night unexpectedly, because I hadn't invited her. She was very upset about the fact that she thought I was interfering with her son's marriage to my ex-daughter-in-law. So, we got into an argument. I asked her to leave several times and she didn't. A matter of fact, well, what happened, she followed me up the stairs, she grabbed my arm, I reacted, she lost her balance, I mean, my God, it happened so fast. I couldn't even grab for her.

Donna: That's not true. Stephanie pushed her.

Brooke: Donna, no.

Nick: Well, now that you've heard how this woman was an innocent bystander, who speaks for my mother? Who tells her version of the story?

Stephanie: Well, it was an accident, Nick. And your mother will tell you that when she's able to. And for any reason that she doesn't, then she wouldn't be telling the truth.

Nick: You calling my mother a liar? You bitch, you! You are calling my mother a liar?

Brooke: Nick --

Nick: I'll get proof --

Brooke: Stop it! Nick, come on!

Stephanie: He's frightened. That's understandable, he's very concerned about her. But that was a little over the line.

Donna: Oh, you liar, Stephanie. And I'm going to see to it that people find out about it. Just imagine, Stephanie Forrester in jail -- for attempted murder. She can barely talk, barely move. And she may be like that the rest of her life. And I'm not supposed to blame who's responsible?

Brooke: I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.

Nick: Somebody else been have -- if somebody else had just seen what had happened.

Stephanie: Donna? What are you doing here? Ridge isn't scheduled to make an appearance today, if that's what you're hoping.

Donna: What's with you? What happened to make you like this?

Stephanie: Well, I don't suffer fools gladly, if that's what you mean. I am exactly what I am, and I make no apologies for it.

Donna: You don't apologize for anything?

Stephanie: Not unless there's a reason.

Donna: How could there be? You don't do anything wrong, do you?

Stephanie: I try not to. Well, if you excuse me, this conversation is rather tedious.

Donna: I heard what you told the lieutenant. That you and Jackie were fighting when she fell.

Stephanie: We were arguing. Arguing doesn't cause someone to fall. I already told you Ridge isn't going to show up, so he's the only thing you're interested in.

Donna: And that bothers the hell out of you, doesn't it?

Stephanie: I don't want you in his life, Donna.

Donna: 'Cause I'm a Logan, right?

Stephanie: No, because he's spoken for. And you're not good enough for him.

Donna: Such strong language. You're a bully, Stephanie. You bullied my sister, my father, my mother, and now you're trying to bully me, too. But watch out. One day, someone's going to stand up to you. And that someone might just be me.  

Stephanie: Did you get him calmed down?

Brooke: He has a right to be upset.

Stephanie: Yes, he does. Because he's frightened about his mother. But he has no right to blame me for her falling. And what's with Donna? I'm sorry, I know she's your sister. The truth is, she wants Ridge. I get the impression she will play any card in her hand to get him.

Brooke: What do you want me to do?

Stephanie: Send her home.

Brooke: I don't run her life.

Stephanie: Well, maybe you should. She's underfoot.

Brooke: Oh, Stephanie, enough!

Stephanie: Let's not mince words, okay? I believe you're going to take ridge back. That being the case, you don't need Donna around, making problems for the two of you.

Brooke: Don't worry. I can handle Donna.

Stephanie: Maybe. Maybe not. I think she's going to be nothing but trouble.

Donna: Look what she did to you. You poor woman. She's not going to get away with this. I won't let her. Stephanie is one of those people who think the rules don't apply to her. She's too smart, too special for the rules. I promise you, Jackie. She's going to learn that the rules apply to her just like everyone else. Nick, um, I was just talking to your mother.

Nick: Why were you talking to my mother?

Donna: Look, I know we're not the best of buddies, but this should have never happened.

Nick: Well, that we agree on.

Donna: I know you blame Stephanie --

Nick: Don't make excuses for that woman.

Donna: Nick, no, I want to help.

Nick: The help I need I'm not sure you can give me. That's of course, you can fix her.

Donna: No.

Nick: Well, if you don't mind -- hey. How are you doing? Good. Good. I want to see that smile all the time. I'm going to let you rest for a while, okay? I just wanted to check in. I want you to get back to your old self. That funny, smart, beautiful, generous woman that you are. I want all of you back. You work on that, will ya? I know you will.

Donna: I tried to tell Nick what saw.

Brooke: Don't, Donna. Look, I may not be a big fan of Stephanie, but just let's see how everything turns out, okay?

Donna: Why? Because you're afraid you'll upset Ridge?

Brooke: Just do as I ask.

Donna: Look at him, Brooke. This is killing nick. But if I tell him what I know, maybe --

Brooke: No, Donna.

Donna: Why not?

Brooke: Because, we should be focusing on Jackie right now. Not on whether Stephanie did it or didn't do it.

Donna: I know what I saw.

Brooke: Can you be absolutely certain?

Donna: Yes. Don't you see? This is another injustice at the hands of Stephanie Forrester. Think of everything she's done to our family. Sending our parents away to Paris, berating you for years. Almost killing Jackie. The woman needs to be stopped. This is finally our chance. We can do this. Stephanie has lived her life controlling and manipulating others. Now, we can put her where she belongs, behind bars. I'm not letting Stephanie get away with this. I'm telling Nick right now.

Brooke: Donna, no!

Donna: Damn it! He has a right to know. The sooner Stephanie pays for this, the better. And she will pay.

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